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How to change the mind of an anti-vaxxer

Talking to people who have experienced vaccine-preventable diseases changes minds. Seventy percent of Brigham Young University students shifted their vaccine-hesitant stance. This research arrives during a year in which 880 measles cases have been identified in America. None There is no greater teacher than experience — or the experience of others, it turns out. Educating the anti-vaxx population has proven to be challenging, yet a new intervention conducted by researchers at Brigham Young Univ...
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Environmental Effects on the Mind and Body: Depression Relief

Nature is an important aspect of our daily lives that is too often taken for granted. Now, in our technologically-driven society, we are often shut away from nature, and the times that we are out in nature, we are unable to appreciate it in its entire splendor. It is hard to truly separate yourself from the rest of the world, considering we are always “on”, but the effects of doing so prove beneficial to your general well-being and emotional clarity. “[We]  are all a part of nature. We are bo...
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Podcast: What’s So Inspirational About a Bipolar and a Schizophrenic?

 Throughout our lives, we are inspired by many people, from our parents to our teachers to celebrities to great thinkers of the past and present. And sometimes, we find ourselves being an inspiration for others. Also, sometimes, this fact surprises us. In this episode, Gabe and Michelle talk about both being inspired by others and how it feels to be an inspiration to others.   SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “In the right light, all of us are fantastic. In the right light, we all suck.”...
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Twitter launches new search features to stop the spread of misinformation about vaccines

As measles outbreaks in the United States and other countries continue to get worse, Twitter is introducing new search tools meant to help users find credible resources about vaccines. It will also stop auto-suggesting search terms that would lead users to misinformation about vaccines. In a blog post, Twitter vice president of trust and safety Del Harvey wrote “at Twitter, we understand the importance of vaccines in preventing illness and disease and recognize the role that Twitter plays in ...
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US measles cases still climbing, topping 800 for year

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. health officials say this year’s count of measles cases has surpassed 800, a growing tally that is already the nation’s highest in 25 years. A total of 839 cases were reported as of last week. That’s the most since 1994, when 963 were reported for the entire year. The Centers […]
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Podcast: Social Anxiety, Delusions, Rejection, and Mental Illness!

 Most people suffer from certain social anxieties. Just the idea of speaking in front of a crowd can make otherwise confident people break into a nervous sweat. Fear of rejection is also very common in society… just ask any teenager who’s too afraid to ask out their crush. In this episode, we talk about these common feelings from the perspective of having additional mental illness thrown in, creating a blend that is no one’s favorite.   SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “You’re afraid of ...
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MTV launches ‘Save Our Moms’ campaign to combat mortality

NEW YORK (AP) — MTV is launching a campaign aimed at stemming the rise of maternal mortality in the U.S. Thursday’s launch of “Save Our Moms” comes as Mother’s Day approaches and will feature original content and educational resources across all MTV platforms. The centerpiece will feature a video produced by actress Lena Waithe’s Protest […]
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Health officials say NYC measles cases reach 466

NEW YORK (AP) — The number of measles cases in New York City has reached 466 since the outbreak began in October. The city’s health department said Tuesday that 43 new cases were recorded since it last reported figures in April. The new cases include two public school students who do not identify as members […]
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US measles count rises to 764, driven by New York outbreaks

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. health officials say at least 60 more measles cases have been reported, increasing a 2019 tally that is already the highest in 25 years. Officials on Monday said 764 cases have been reported as of last Thursday. It’s the most in the U.S. since 1994, when 963 were reported. New […]
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2 new measles cases in Orange and Los Angeles counties reported involving infant and UCI grad student

SANTA ANA – Orange County’s health care agency confirmed two new measles cases on Saturday – one involving an infant under 1 too young to be vaccinated and the other a vaccinated UCI graduate student who lives in Long Beach. The infant, who has been hospitalized and has had no history of international travel, was seen at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County emergency department while infectious, officials said. Orange County residents may have been exposed to measles at the CHOC emergency de...
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New York City to pay $3.5M settlement in Rikers inmate death

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City has reached a $3.5 million settlement in a lawsuit filed over the 2014 death of a Rikers Island inmate who records show was deprived of seizure medication. The Daily News reports the city agreed last week to pay the money to the girlfriend of Rolando Perez, mother of […]
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NY officials issue fines, close schools in measles fight

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — As part of their efforts to contain a significant measles outbreak, officials in New York closed more schools, issued more fines and lobbied the Legislature Monday to eliminate religious exemptions for required vaccinations. Federal officials have reported 704 measles cases so far in the U.S. since Jan. 1, the most since […]
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Judge: Former opioid advocate can testify against industry

A federal jury will be able to hear from a doctor who spent decades advocating for broader use of powerful prescription painkillers before turning against the opioid industry. A special court master had ruled earlier this month that the testimony of Dr. Russell Portenoy, a professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, […]
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US measles cases top 700, with many illnesses among kids

NEW YORK (AP) — Measles continues to spread in the United States, with more 704 cases reported so far this year in 22 states. U.S. health officials on Monday updated the national tally. It has already eclipsed the total for any full year since 1994, when 963 cases were reported. The Centers for Disease Control […]
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Podcast: Self-Care for Your Mental Health

 Self-care is important for everyone, but our hosts feel it is extra important for people managing mental illnesses and other mental health issues. It stands to reason that, if you don’t take care of yourself, then the symptoms of an illness will have an easier time making our lives miserable. In this episode, our hosts discuss what self-care is, what self-care isn’t, and what they personally do to care for themselves. Listen now!   SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “Would it be self-c...
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AP-NORC Poll: Many blame drug firms for opioid crisis

NEW YORK (AP) — About two-thirds of Americans believe drug companies are to blame for the opioid crisis, although nearly as many hold drug users themselves responsible, a new poll finds. The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll showed many people also fault doctors who prescribed opioid pain pills and government officials who […]
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Feds: Ex-CEO is first drug exec indicted in opioid crisis

NEW YORK (AP) — The former head of a drug distributor has been indicted on what federal prosecutors say are the first-ever criminal charges against a drug company executive stemming from the opioid crisis. The indictment unsealed Tuesday alleges former Rochester Drug Co-Operative CEO Laurence Doud III ordered subordinates to ignore red flags about certain […]
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New York outbreaks drive US measles count up to 626

NEW YORK (AP) — Outbreaks in New York state continue to drive up the number of U.S. measles cases, which are approaching levels not seen in 25 years. Health officials say 71 more cases were reported last week, with 68 of them from New York. That brings this year’s total to 626. That is already […]
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Antivax Parents Sue Over Mandatory Vaccination Order in New York (Which Has a Major Measles Outbreak)

A group of five unnamed mothers are suing the city of New York, trying to get it to block a mandatory measles-mumps-rubella vaccination order city officials ordered earlier this month in specific ZIP codes in Brooklyn amid a major measles outbreak.Read more...
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Kindbody raises $15M, will open a ‘Fertility Bus’ with mobile testing & assessments

Kindbody, a startup that lures millennial women into its pop-up fertility clinics with feminist messaging and attractive branding, has raised a $15 million Series A in a round co-led by RRE Ventures and Perceptive Advisors. The New York-based company was founded last year by Gina Bartasi, a fertility industry vet who previously launched Progyny, a fertility benefit solution for employers, and, an information platform and social network for people struggling with fertility....
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Do calories even count? Research counters a longstanding assumption.

In a new article in 1843, Peter Wilson argues that counting calories is an outdated form of weight management. Research shows that labels are up to 20 percent off true caloric totals; 70 percent in frozen processed foods. Not all digestive systems are created equally; humans process foods at different rates under varying conditions. None Quantifying workouts has resulted in an increasingly suspect trend in the fitness industry. The gamification of exercise is one thing — if hitting 10,000 daily...
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US measles cases surge nearly 20% in a week, CDC says

555 cases recorded in 20 states since start of 2019Parents in New York sue city over health emergency ordersThe number of confirmed cases of measles in the United States this year jumped by nearly 20% in the week ended 11 April, in the country’s second-worst outbreak in nearly two decades, federal health officials reported on Monday.As of 11 April, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recorded 555 cases of the disease since the beginning of the year, up from 465 cases confirme...
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Tackling the $190 billion physical therapy market, Sword Health raises $8 million from Khosla Ventures

The U.S. healthcare system spends roughly $190 billion every year on physical therapies prescribed to treat muscular and skeletal disorders, and Sword Health has raised $8 million in a new round of financing to slash those costs. The New York-based company was founded in Europe four years ago and recently relocated to the U.S. where spending on musculoskeletal disorders has skyrocketed to become the second most costly ailment in America, the company said. Sword Health focuses on five key patholo...
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Podcast: Bad Habits and Vices Related to Mental Illness

 Everyone has bad habits. Even your sainted Granny who seems perfect to you has some bad habit that only your grandfather knows about. Bad habits, like everything, exist on a spectrum, from biting your nails to snorting cocaine – and everything in between. In this episode, our hosts discuss bad habits that many people with mental illness seem to have – from smoking, to alcoholism, to drug use and, you guessed it, everything in between.   SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “90% of people...
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As Ebola kills in Africa, in the west lies over vaccines beguile the complacent | Mark Honigsbaum

The epidemic in the DRC has been impossible to contain because of the spread of anti-vax mythsWith the possible exception of quinine, for centuries the only treatment for malaria, and antibiotics, vaccines have saved more lives than any other intervention in medical history. Yet, from New York’s Brooklyn to Camden in north London to Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, vaccines are in retreat, shunned by populations who seemingly have little sense of the risks they are running with thei...
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Increase in measles cases nationally has doctors, public health officials on alert

An uptick in measles cases in California and other parts of the country, coupled with resistance to vaccines, has physicians and public health officials concerned that a potentially fatal disease, which was declared eradicated in the United States nearly two decades ago, might create a public health crisis. As of Wednesday, April 10, 21 measles cases have been reported in California including one in Los Angeles County. On Wednesday, Long Beach health officials announced that a person recently tr...
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Herbal supplement kratom is tied to more US deaths

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. health officials say overdose deaths involving the herbal supplement kratom are more common than previously reported. A government report released Thursday said kratom was a cause in 91 overdose deaths in 27 states. Officials previously said they knew of 44 nationally. Most who died had also taken heroin, fentanyl or […]
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Public health startup Cityblock raises $65M Series B

Redpoint Ventures has led a $65 million Series B in Cityblock, a healthcare company focused on providing improved care to low-income neighborhoods. The business launched roughly 18 months ago out of Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, an urban innovation incubator known for projects like mobility data startup Coord, which itself raised a $5 million round in October. “We’re a tech-enabled services company focused on caring for a population that has been traditionally overlooked by the innovation commun...
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Lawyer: Challenge to NYC’s vaccination order in the works

NEW YORK (AP) — A civil rights attorney says opponents are planning a lawsuit this week over New York City’s order requiring everyone in a heavily Orthodox Jewish neighborhood to be vaccinated for measles. Lawyer Michael Sussman said Wednesday that the city overreached its authority by threatening to fine residents of four Brooklyn ZIP codes […]
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Hilaria Baldwin describes decision to share miscarriage news

NEW YORK (AP) — Hilaria Baldwin says she chose to share that she had a miscarriage because it would hurt if she “went through it in silence.” The author, yoga instructor and wife of actor Alec Baldwin wrote on Instagram on Tuesday “there was no heartbeat today at my scan…so it’s over.” The 35-year-old mother […]
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