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California’s first surgeon general prioritizes children and addressing health disparities

Addressing the adverse physical and mental repercussions of childhood trauma has been the highlight of Dr. Nadine Burke Harris’s career as a pediatrician. And it’s an issue that will take center stage during her tenure as California’s first-ever surgeon general. Gov. Gavin Newsom appointed Burke Harris in January soon after he unveiled several health initiatives during his inaugural address, including expanding health care coverage and lowering prescription drug costs. Only three other states — ...
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Calling all angels: Inspired by their own experience, siblings launch nonprofit to support families battling melanoma

Tyler and Tricia Halstead grew up quickly, in a home centered around a mother who spent her last decade dying of melanoma. “We did not have what you would call a normal childhood,” said Tricia, 27, now an attorney living in Huntington Beach. “But our mom made it as normal as possible by developing a support group to take care of us when she couldn’t.” Her parents, Travis and Cindy Halstead, called the posse their “angel network.” Siblings Tricia and Tyler Halstead in Huntington Beach, CA, on F...
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Deadline to enroll for health care coverage in California is Jan. 15

The deadline to enroll for health care coverage through Covered California is Jan. 15 and its executive director, Peter V. Lee, will be riding a bus through Southern California starting Saturday, Jan. 12, to spread awareness about the importance of getting health insurance. Lee said the number of people buying insurance through Covered California has dropped, with enrollment down about 10 percent from last year, largely because Congress did away with the individual mandate requiring everyone to ...
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Be careful with Apple Watch’s new electrocardiogram app, doctor warns

An Orange County cardiologist is warning Apple Watch users to be careful when using the wearable fitness tracker’s new electrocardiogram app, which the company unveiled Dec. 6. Dr. Brian Kolski said he was woken up in the middle of the night last week when one of his patients called him, panicked. The patient had looked at an ECG reading on his Apple Watch and believed something was wrong. “He texted me the strip and it was completely normal,” Kolski said. “This was a healthy 45-year-old man who...
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9 brain surgeries can’t – doctor, parents won’t – stop high school football player

One play. That’s all he’s guaranteed in varsity football for the last three games of the season. On Oct. 19, when JSerra faces Mater Dei on “Senior Night,” the coach said he will put every senior in the game for at least one play. Playing on the Varsity squad during their 49-7 drubbing of Corona del Mar, Zach Round, left, battles with the Sea Kings’ Luke Sullivan at JSerra High in San Juan Capistrano on Friday, August 17, 2018. (Photo by Kevin Sullivan, Orange County Register/SCNG) Trainer...
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DR1VEN is what a suicide prevention movement on social media might look like

“I’ll talk to you soon.” Those were the last words Eric Zink of La Palma heard his father, Dr. Barrett Zink, utter over the phone from Charlotte, Mich., where he had served as a family physician for 30 years. On Aug. 5, 2017, Barrett Zink was found dead in his car, parked on a desolate road. “When my brother called in the middle of the night and told me my dad had died, I thought it was a heart attack,” said Eric Zink, 38. “But, when he told me it was suicide, I was shocked.” Eric Zink of La...
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Southern California emergency room use has actually risen after the passage of Obamacare. Here’s why

First in a four-part series that examines emergency room use in Southern California. Homeless people and a growing number of newly insured young adults are flooding Southern California’s emergency departments for non-life threatening illnesses, years after proponents of the Affordable Care Act promised that better health coverage would divert people away from ERs, according state data and public health experts. State data show the opposite has happened: Emergency department visits, including th...
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After child’s cancer sends family into ‘tailspin,’ Miracle Manor near CHOC makes home ownership possible

ORANGE — Bags of clothing, crates of toys and a box of Christmas decorations sat in a pile awaiting their relocation. The assorted possessions soon would be making their way onto a rental truck headed from Orange to Perris. Wednesday, May 16, marked a milestone for Beto and Griselda Gonzalez. Although a little behind on their self-imposed deadline, they are finally moving into their very own house. Only two years ago, the Gonzalez family was on the verge of homelessness – their savings depleted ...
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Her brothers were molested by a priest as kids. Now she’s trying to reconcile with the Catholic Church

For Jennifer Wortham, the process of reconciliation with the Roman Catholic Church began with a six-page letter to Pope Francis. Wortham’s two younger brothers were molested by their parish priest more than three decades ago. In December 2016, the Rancho Mirage resident and healthcare executive faxed the letter to Francis talking about how his acknowledgement of the church’s transgressions touched her deeply. A year ago, Dr. Jennifer Wortham sent a fax to the Vatican about her family’s angui...
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This mom with ALS hopes a groundbreaking UCI clinical trial will let her see her 2 kids grow up

Lisa Wittenberg says her “free fall” began about two years ago — in boot camp, with a box jump. She did that jump just as she had a hundred times before. Stood with her feet shoulder-width apart. Dropped into a quarter squat. Extended her hips, swung her arms, and pushed her feet through the floor to propel herself onto the box. She felt a tiny tug in her lower back. “It felt like a pulled or torn muscle,” she said. The pain returned when Wittenberg did sprints or jumping jacks, or really, any h...
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Southern California hospitals grapple with flu patients — and one has set up a tent

Southern California emergency rooms are seeing a surge of flu patients, and at least one hospital has set up an outdoor triage tent to handle the overflow of people with the flu or other illnesses. “We’ve never had so many patients,” said Adrian Cotton, chief of medical operations at Loma Linda University Health in San Bernardino County. Benjamin Paz keeps an eye on his mom, Dominga Vanessa Xirum, as she gets a flu shot at the Orange County Health Care Agency in Santa Ana, on Thursday, Janua...
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Flu-related deaths in California continue to rise, making it among ‘worst seasons’ in 10 years

Flu-related deaths are climbing across California, where 27 people under the age of 65 have died, state officials said Tuesday during a news conference. The number may be much higher, however, since the state does not record the death rate among senior adults 65 and older, said Dr. Gil Chavez, state epidemiologist for the California Department of Public Health. “We are still early in the season, but several indicators are worsening,” said Dr. James Watt, Chief, Division of Communicable Disease C...
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Is Social Security cheating the disabled? The wait time to get a hearing is nearly 2 years

Rebecca Schraeder, 37, got her first job in high school, selling popcorn at an Irvine movie theater. As an adult, she worked as a book store cashier, a hotel desk clerk, a customer service representative and a mortgage firm administrative assistant. But in the past few years Schraeder, who was born with Crohn’s disease, underwent seven surgeries removing parts of her intestines, followed by severe arthritis and bleeding ulcers. Then, as bad luck would have it, a car accident damaged her spine. D...
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8 Southern California doctors, health providers suspended from workers’ comp program

A convicted child molester, a physician possessing child pornography, a doctor with dementia, and a healthcare marketer who participated in a $600 million kickback scheme are among those suspended from California’s Workers’ Compensation program in the latest enforcement round. The 8 Southern California providers include an Orange healthcare marketer along with physicians in Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, Covina,  Moreno Valley, Desert Hot Springs, and West Covina and a Palm Springs nurse, the sta...
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How 21 Brands Use Color to Influence Customers

Color is everywhere, and the way we interpret it can be categorized into pretty clearly defined areas. Did you know that red can excite you while blue has been shown to soothe? Black breathes an air of sophistication, whereas a bright yellow feels playful and fun. With that in mind, it is no surprise that understanding the impact that color has on a person is important when selecting the colors for your company’s logo. A brand’s logo is its principal design element, acting as a visual repres...
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Greenblender x FP w/ Moon Juice

In partnership with smoothie delivery service, Greenblender, we’re bringing you two easy-to-make recipes, easy because the only thing you need is…well, a blender.  One of the best ways to improve your skin is to do it from the inside out, and with that in mind, we’re including a dash of Moon Juice Beauty Dust in this vitamin-C packed smoothie. This all natural supplement (which you can find on Free People’s new wellness boutique) includes Rehmannia, a flowering plant that has been used in Chi...
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Greenblender x FP w/ Nicole Granato

In partnership with smoothie delivery service, Greenblender, we’re bringing you two easy-to-make recipes, easy because the only thing you need is…well, a blender.  First up, we’ve got a delicious detox recipe, courtesy of our friend Nicole Granato and her Detox supplement, an all-natural combination of herbs and roots that include dandelion root powder, milk thistle powder, peppermint seed powder and turmeric root powder. The list of ingredients in this Detox blend specifically target the orga...
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Monkeys who eat human food get sick

You can read in this research study that monkeys who eat human food get sick. It seems we can draw several conclusions here. The human food that they were eating isn’t as healthy as their natural food. The monkeys who did not eat the human food rarely were sick. The human food they were eating was preferable to their natural food in taste, they choose it, but taste alone doesn’t determine if something is good for us. Monkeys are no smarter than humans in choosing appropriate food choice. There...
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My Favorite Color is Yellow Meaning

My Favorite Color is Yellow Meaning Wondering what your favorite color yellow means? This infographic has your answers. The post My Favorite Color is Yellow Meaning appeared first on
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