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Developing Empathy in Kids Using Behavioral Skills Training

If you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it. – Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) I plopped down with a deep exhale after trying to negotiate with my 18-month-old who was currently flailing his limbs about while howling on the carpet. The foam couch cushion scrunched beneath me like a...
Tags: Psychology, Parenting, Disney, Empathy, Personal, Forgiveness, Responsibility, Children And Teens, Perspective Taking, Atticus Finch, Daniel Goleman

6 Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and 6 Ways to Recover

According to a 2013 study published in JAMA Psychiatry, one out of seven mothers suffers from postpartum depression (PPD). That’s 14 percent of all new moms. Katherine Stone, founder of Postpartum Progress, makes a good point that more women will suffer from postpartum depression and related illnesses this year than the combined number of new cases for men and women of tuberculosis, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy. Even though, according to Dr....
Tags: Psychology, Parenting, Pregnancy, Self-help, Depression, Apathy, Women's Issues, Mental Health And Wellness, Postpartum, Depressive Episode

This Chatbot Helps You Talk to the Vaccine Deniers in Your Life

Parents who don’t want to vaccinate their kids may seem so distant from the rest of us that it’s hard to understand how they formed their views. But they all probably had friends and family who were around at the time, but didn’t know what to say. Read more...
Tags: Health, Kids, Parenting, Relationships, Friendship, Conversation, Social Gps, Lifehacks, Vaccines

How to Turn Criticism into an Opportunity to Strengthen Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

It has often been said that it takes a village to raise a child. Problem is, others may not agree with how you choose to raise your child, and you won’t always be able to control how they consider a child “should be raised.” Inspired by John Gottman ’s studies, “Emotion Coaching” has been found to lead to fewer behavior problems, better academic outcomes, better self-regulation, and greater emotional and physical health. Put differently, t here is no doubt that treating your child’s emoti...
Tags: Psychology, Students, Parenting, Communication, Child Development, Perfectionism, Emotional Intelligence, Children And Teens, Success & Achievement, John Gottman, Rosenthal, Maturity

On the Phone: Teaching Your Teen Better Communication Skills & Self-Control

You might have to communicate differently and get serious about your limits. Parenting teens is a challenge, especially when it comes to communicating with them. Sometimes, it seems like they’re not the best at listening, especially when you ask them to get off their devices. How do you get them to stop looking at their phone for a second and not have to ask them twice? There are two problems in this scenario: communication and self-control. Adolescence is a crucial time in every teenager’s l...
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Help for picky eaters from a reformed picky eater | Spawned ep 149

This week’s Jacky Lamenzo is a health coach with a focus on picky eating, to help make mealtime less stressful. We like that while we’ve gotten some great picky eater tips in the past, Jacky has a more kid-centered approach, focusing on how kids feel, and why some of the “tricks” we try as parents […]
Tags: Health, Food, Podcast, Parenting, Shopping, Healthy Living, Jacky, Cooking for Kids, Food + Recipes, Spawned Podcast, Jacky Lamenzo

Challenges for Moms Who Have OCD

I have written before about the challenges children face, and the lessons they can learn, when one of their parents is dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder. In this post I’d like to focus more on moms who have OCD, and the difficulties they might deal with. I won’t be focusing on postpartum OCD, but rather on moms who have already been diagnosed with the disorder and have been living with it for a while. Some of the most common types of obsessions in OCD involve various aspects of c...
Tags: Psychology, Parenting, ERP, Women's Issues, Motherhood, OCD, Obsessions, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Compulsions

7 Considerations When Leaving Your Marriage, Part Two

This is Part Two in a series, to read Part One click here. In the last article I highlighted three important considerations to think about before leaving your marriage: Be sure, be kind, and the guilt you might experience about leaving. These three considerations are very much about you and your internal dialogue and in this post, we’ll see how the next stages are very much influenced by those around us. You’re Going to Be Seen as the Bad Person: Your partner (and Children) will see yo...
Tags: Psychology, Parenting, Relationships, Friendship, Communication, Divorce, Self-help, Perspective, Doubt, Marriage And Divorce, Projection, Don

The New AAP Guidelines for Introducing Your Baby to Food Allergens

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated its recommendations for introducing peanuts to infants, continuing the decades-long shift in practice from delaying the introduction of food allergens to introducing them early and often.Read more...
Tags: Health, Kids, Parenting, Lifehacks, Allergies, American Academy of Pediatrics AAP, Food Allergies, Peanut Allergy

Can astrology help you find more direction in life? It can when you look at it this way. | Spawned episode 148

Whether you’re a skeptic, an astrology devotee, or just curious about the science behind it, we had the most fascinating chat with Mimi Truong, a life coach, trained lawyer by background…and an astrologer. She combines strategic coaching expertise with her extensive knowledge of astrological natal charts to help clients create lasting change, find more joy, […]
Tags: Health, Podcast, Parenting, Shopping, Healthy Living, Cool Websites, Working Parents, Spawned Podcast, Mimi Truong

9 Tips and Tricks for Creating a Calming Bedtime Routine When You Have Kids

It’s safe to say that everyone knows about the importance of having a bedtime routine for helping us get a good night’s sleep. But when you have kids, things can get tricky, because there are plenty of competing factors. Sometimes, it takes forever, plus an hour, to get your child to bed, and by that point, you’re exhausted — and restless. Maybe you find yourself zoning out on the couch or staring at the ceiling, thinking about the 100,000 things you need to do. And maybe you start doing the...
Tags: Psychology, General, Parenting, Sleep, Children, Habits, Self-help, Hyperactivity, Mental Health And Wellness, Robinson, Clark, Sleep Habits, Sara Robinson, Sleep Hygiene, Bedtime, Keely Clark

Psychology Around the Net: April 6, 2019

This week’s Psychology Around the Net dives into how to stop worrying about what other people think of you, ways to defeat procrastination, why pets can help boost physical and mental health (especially in older adults), and more. Enjoy! Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You: 7 Tips for Feeling Better: The fear of rejection is at the root of caring what someone thinks of you. Learn how to understand what “rejection” really means, use rejection (when it actually happens) as a brilliant ...
Tags: Psychology, Family, Parenting, Suicide, Pets, Mothers, Research, Self-help, Guilt, Fear Of Rejection, Trauma, Self Harm, Procrastination, Fear, Women's Issues, The Joker

How to Help Kids (and Ourselves!) with Worry: A Mindful Practice for All Ages

As a child, and much into my adulthood, I spent countless hours worrying about things that I could not change, things that I had no control over, and often things in the future that never even happened.  This created a lot of suffering for me — often unnecessary suffering — that I had difficulty finding a way out of. We all can get caught in this kind of mental “time traveling.”  This is part of our human conditioning, and one of the places our mind defaults to when we have down time. We rumi...
Tags: Psychology, Parenting, Mindfulness, Motivation And Inspiration, Children And Teens

On Stage on the Spectrum

About three years ago, I got an email publicizing a drama school called the Center for Applied Drama and Autism, C.A.D.A. I was instantly interested. A year before, my 10-year-old son Tommy had been diagnosed with autism. I had always wanted him to get into acting because I’d acted as a child, having been in shows such as Gypsy and Fiddler on the Roof at local dinner theaters. Tommy seemed as though he would be a natural because he had the ability to memorize scripts (he was an avid scripter; p...
Tags: Psychology, Parenting, Drama, Personal, Child Development, Autism, Theater, Stigma, Akron, Children And Teens, Aspergers, Akron Ohio, Tommy, Improvisation, Tommy He, Peer Support

Free Mom Hugs: How a Mother’s Love for Her Son Turned into a Revolution

Sometimes the spiritual dark night of the soul can bring forth radiance that emanates from the individual experiencing it and gets carried out into the world and inspires others. Sara Cunningham from Oklahoma found herself in such a dilemma. Her religious upbringing was devoutly Christian. She felt she lived it in all aspects of her life. Then her beloved son Parker came out to her as a Gay man. She was in a tailspin,  as she attempted to reconcile those two realities. As a result of many...
Tags: Psychology, Google, Parenting, Interview, Support, Personal, Gay, Transgender, Spirituality, Homosexuality, Christianity, Lgbtq, Oklahoma, Discrimination, Jamie Lee Curtis, Bisexual

7 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Trying to Help Their Depressed Teen

Parenting is hard, and children don’t come with manuals. There are lots of moments where parents make mistakes while learning the job of parenting. Then, when you realize that your teen is depressed, it’s likely that you’ll make a few more of those parental mistakes again, despite your best intentions to help them. Although experts say that  teen depression is the most common mental illness among teens today, many parents are caught unawares. You might want to help your teen overcome the i...
Tags: Psychology, Parenting, Teen Depression, Mood Disorder, Children And Teens

Should You Let Your Kids Eat Their Boogers?

A post on The Soccer Mom Blog has been informing parents that it’s probably okay for kids to pick their noses. And then eat their boogers. Eating boogers, the post says, is actually good for kids because nose-picking/booger-eating leads to happier, healthier lives.Read more...
Tags: Health, Kids, Parenting, Lifehacks, Nose Picking, Gross Habits

34 Uses For Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular oils—and for good reason! Check out these 34 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil to learn more! Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular oils—and for good reason! It’s versatile and can be used to flavor food and beverages, clean your home, uplift your mood,... Read On → The post 34 Uses For Lavender Essential Oil appeared first on All Things Mamma.
Tags: Health, Parenting, Natural Living, Essential Oils, Young Living, Whole Living, Lavender, Lavender Essential Oil, Healthy You

Do Not Vape Around Your Kids

A new study by MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) researchers found that many parents perceive e-cigarettes to be safer than regular cigarettes. Parents who vape were much more likely to vape in their homes and cars with their children present than parents who smoke traditional cigarettes, they concluded.Read more...
Tags: Health, Kids, Smoking, Parenting, Vaping, Lifehacks, MassGeneral Hospital for Children MGHfC

On Prophetic Wisdom and Speaking to Children in Times of Distress

By Rania Awaad, M.D. A remarkable trademark of the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, was that he spoke to children at their age-appropriate levels. To draw inspiration from the Prophetic wisdom on how to speak to young people, particularly in times of distress, one need only reference the Prophet’s gentle interaction with his young companion, Abu ‘Umayr, upon recognizing the child’s grief about the death of his pet. Perhaps the most striking lessons we learn from this interaction was that...
Tags: Psychology, Parenting, Life, Relationships, Stanford, Religion, Mental Health, Terrorism, Prophet, Stanford University, San Francisco Bay Area, Muhammad, Berkeley CA, Damascus Syria, Stanford University School of Medicine, Shafi

How Parents Can Model Healthy Behavior for Their Kids & Teens

Parents want their children to grow up healthy both physically and emotionally but are unaware that the best path for achieving this is for them to model these behaviors. Parental influence is powerful and lasts well into adulthood. Your children are always watching, and while what you tell them is important, your example has a stronger impact on them. What you do serves as a template for your kids’ behavior, and they often emulate it. This goes for anything from how to cope with emotions, de...
Tags: Psychology, Technology, Students, Parenting, Habits, Children And Teens

6 Mental & Emotional Flaming Hoops You Jump Through for Your Kids

Few parents, if any, will say that parenting is a walk in the park. The truth is that parenting is real, raw, and involves a great deal of hard work. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. While the happy moments are certainly there, they tend to get overshadowed by moments of anxiety, frustration, and fatigue. Our lives change once kids come on the scene and nothing is ever the same again. From dealing with the toddler tantrums to the taxing teen years and their eventual adulthood, nothing a...
Tags: Psychology, Parenting, Self-help, Guilt, Peer Pressure, Shame, Adolescence, Motivation And Inspiration, Children And Teens, Reneau, Risky Behaviors

On Accepting My Autistic Son

I don’t think of my 14-year-old, autistic child as a special needs kid. I think of his as, well, my kid, Tommy. But recently I’ve been more cognizant of his disability, and it’s been much easier on both of us. Instead of getting impatient when he gets anxious or displays characteristics of an autistic child, such as obsessive thoughts about, say, Thomas the Train, I tell myself, “My child is a special needs child.” This makes me a little more understanding of him and allows me to love him a ...
Tags: Psychology, Parenting, Personal, Autism, Autism Spectrum, Grinch, Patience, Children And Teens, Thomas, Tommy, Atypical, Special Needs Parent, Bravo Tommy Keep

8 Vital Ways Dads Can Support Their Partners’ Mental Health Postpartum

You’ll be bringing your baby home soon. Or maybe you already have. And you want to be there for your spouse. You know that having a baby not only affects your wife’s body, but it also affects her mental health. You want to be supportive, encouraging and helpful. But you’re not exactly sure how to do that. What does it look like to support your spouse’s mental health? Where do you start? What should you avoid? Here, you’ll find suggestions from Kirsten Brunner, MA, LPC, a perinatal me...
Tags: Psychology, Books, Family, General, Parenting, Friends, Pregnancy, Self-help, Salmon, Child Development, Fatherhood, Mental Health And Wellness, Chapman, Brunner, Postpartum, Gary Chapman

When Your Teen is Struggling with Anxiety

Since she was 10 years old, Sophie Riegel felt like something was off. “My friends all seemed so carefree. And I had the weight of the world holding me down.” Riegel writes these words in her beautiful, invaluable new book, Don’t Tell Me to Relax: One Teens’ Journey to Survive Anxiety (And How You Can Too). Shortly after, in middle school, Riegel was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), trichotillomania, generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. As a parent, you a...
Tags: Psychology, Family, Parenting, Disorders, Self-help, Anxiety, OCD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Adolescence, Mental Health And Wellness, Anxiety And Panic, Panic Disorder, Children And Teens, Natasha Daniels, Daniel, Duke University

The Psychology of the Fake Momo Challenge & Other Hoax Child Internet Memes

The latest internet meme supposedly targeting children is called the Momo challenge. It had parents very concerned, just as they were about the Blue Whale challenge before it. Parents spread the news that someone had hacked childrens’ videos on YouTube with a message from “Momo” directing the child or teen to take their own life. It turns out, however, that the challenge wasn’t actually real. YouTube videos have not been hacked and there’s no evidence that any video was ever posted that had Momo...
Tags: Psychology, Google, Technology, General, Parenting, Youtube, Suicide, Atlantic, Children And Teens, Violence And Aggression, Don, Ben Collins, Momo, Minding the Media, Taylor Lorenz, Blue Whale Challenge

Do participation trophies hinder child development?

Coaches, parents, and pro athletes malign participation trophies for teaching children the wrong life lessons. Psychologists argue it is more beneficial to praise a child's efforts over their achievements. But proponents who use participation trophies as emotional Band-Aids will find they do their children no favors either.Controversial subjects brim with intense emotions. Abortion, the death penalty, climate change, gender identity, assisted suicide, bring up any one of these subjects and you'r...
Tags: Psychology, Motivation, Parenting, Children, Youth, Happiness, Sports, Success, Society, Innovation, Santa Claus, Jones, Bosch, Goal-setting, University of Louisville, Fader

How To Balance Mom Life and Working From Home in a Healthy Way

If you are a mom, you know it’s hard balancing everything in life. From bringing kids to school and sports, to meal planning every week, to making sure everyone has clean underwear. It’s a tough job being a good mom! Add working from home to that to-do list and you have yourself a sure-fire recipe for stress! We’ve got 5 tips to help you find balance between mom life and working from home so you don’t lose your mind. Finances come first Budgeting, re-budgeting and staying on t...
Tags: Health, Work From Home, Fashion, Parenting, Work-life balance, Working From Home, Working Moms, Work At Home, Don, Mom Life, Home Life, Healthy Home, Working Mom, Stay At Home Moms

ADHD: Parenting Beyond Behavior, Beliefs, and Grades

When we look at the whole story of children diagnosed with ADHD, we find that hindsight reveals deeper challenges that have not received attention. While the average age of presentation is between 3 to 6 years of age with the average age of diagnosis coming at 7 years of age, developmentally, other pictures emerge. In taking history we learn of symptoms and challenges that were present from an early age. Eventually, those children diagnosed (and undiagnosed) have endured labels very different...
Tags: Psychology, Students, Parenting, Self-esteem, Adhd, Grades, Berger, Stigma, School Performance, Children And Teens, Success & Achievement, Adhd And Add, Rapoport, Gilliam, Melamed J Cassuto

Creating a Family Culture Around Emotional Self-Regulation

Most of us know a family that speaks a foreign language at home. Children in these families can switch seamlessly between the language they speak with their parents and the one they speak with their peers, teachers, and other adults. This facility with multiple languages benefits children in numerous ways, including in being able to navigate a multicultural world. When I’m working with parents whose children struggle with emotional self-regulation, I try to frame self-regulation as a type of...
Tags: Psychology, Family, Parenting, Child Development, DMV, Children And Teens, Self Regulation, Emotion Regulation, Sara, Emotion Dysregulation

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