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We got our hands on filings that show $3.2 billion health-insurance startup Oscar Health is plotting an expansion into another city

Oscar Health just posted its financials for the first quarter of 2019. The company said Wednesday that it had taken in $354 million in gross premium revenue.  According to filings reviewed by Business Insider, Oscar has filed as an insurer in three new states: Illinois, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, plans to operate plans in Philadelphia and Delaware counties.   Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Oscar Health is headed for another metro area.  The startup health...
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Pennsylvania House tries anew to ban Down syndrome abortions

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is launching another effort to outlaw abortions because of a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, passing legislation Tuesday that faces a veto by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, if it even reaches his desk. The vote comes amid a wave of abortion restrictions advancing in more conservative […]
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Hard-hit Pennsylvania to sue drugmaker over opioid epidemic

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The attorney general of Pennsylvania says he’s filing a lawsuit accusing a pharmaceutical giant of fueling the opioid epidemic. Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office said it would announce details of the lawsuit Tuesday afternoon. Pennsylvania is one of the states hardest hit by opioid addiction. Shapiro’s office two years ago joined with […]
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Watch “Critical Living,” a Stop-Motion Film Inspired by the 1960s Movement That Rejected Modern Ideas About Mental Illness

Along with Michel Foucault's critique of the medical model of mental illness, the work of Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing and other influential theorists and critics posed a serious intellectual challenge to the psychiatric establishment. Laing’s 1960 The Divided Self: An Existential Study in Sanity and Madness theorized schizophrenia as a philosophical problem, not a biological one. Other early works like Self and Others and Knots made Laing something of a star in the 1960s and early 70s,...
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Scientists find several shifts in Pennsylvania tick population over the last century

The prevalence of the most abundant species of ticks found in Pennsylvania has shifted over the last century, according to Penn State scientists, who analyzed 117 years' worth of specimens and data submitted primarily by residents from around the state.
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Podcast: What’s it Like to Work in a Psych Hospital?

 It’s a sad fact that many people still think a psych hospital is like what they saw in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. But modern psychiatric care is nothing like that. This week’s guest worked for years in a psychiatric emergency facility and joins us to share his thoughts about the experiences he had while employed there.   Subscribe to Our Show! And Remember to Review Us! About Our Guest Gabe Nathan is an author, editor, actor, playwr...
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Study tracks Pennsylvania's oil and gas waste-disposal practices

More than 80 percent of all waste from Pennsylvania's oil and gas drilling operations stays inside the state, according to a new study that tracks the disposal locations of liquid and solid waste from these operations across 26 years.
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Millions of rehab records leak, including patient names – nearly 150,000 affected

Millions of patient records for drug and alcohol rehab were leaked, in a data breach that affects an estimated 150,000 individuals, CNET reports. “Records for potentially tens of thousands of patients seeking treatment at several addiction rehabilitation centers were exposed in an unsecured online database, an independent researcher revealed Friday.” Here's the security researcher's source material, from Here's an excerpt from CNET's report: The 4.91 million documents include...
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Pregnancy and Addiction: Overlooked and Undertreated

If one needs proof that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing, look into the eyes of a woman who knows her behavior is harming her baby but still can’t stop. With one in three individuals with opioid use disorder passing through the criminal justice system annually, court dockets across the country are overflowing with cases of illegal behavior fueled by addiction. Though such cases wrangle with the complexities of punishing individuals afflicted with what is increasingly seen as a dis...
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Self-insurer Walmart flies its sick employees to out-of-state specialists to avoid local price-gougers

Walmart self-insures its workforce, rather than relying on an outside insurer like Cigna or Blue Cross; this means that it gets to make judgment calls that other firms cannot, and that has led the retail giant to a pretty weird place: for certain procedures that it believes to be overused by local hospitals, it flies its employees (even front-line, low-waged employees) to see the nation's top specialists in out-of-state facilities where they receive "concierge, white-glove care that was reserve...
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Teens should be able to get vaccines without consent from parents, say NY lawmakers

Teens 14 and older should be able to get vaccinated on their own, says a new bill in New York.Lawmakers were inspired by Ethan Lindenberger, an Ohio teen who fought to take vaccines against his mom's wishes.Anti-vaccination attitudes have been blamed for recent measles outbreaks. None Should kids who are old enough be allowed to make their own vaccination decisions? Such is the proposal being considered in New York, where a new bill would allow teens over 14 to get some vaccines without having t...
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Lack of funding, legal battle in Pennsylvania could impact Seattle’s safe-injection site plan

Seattle and King County also need to find a stable source of funding for safe-injection sites.
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Cocaine, meth on rise in Pennsylvania’s early warning areas

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Methamphetamine and cocaine use are on the rise in Pennsylvania while prescription drug and heroin deaths are leveling off in some areas, data that appears to reflect nationwide trends. Jennifer Smith, secretary for Pennsylvania’s Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, told a state Senate committee Monday that the state is seeing […]
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It’s time to switch to a four-day working week, say these two Davos experts

Working less would have a range of benefits for workers and employers and the world should embrace the four-day working week, was the message two experts brought to Davos 2019.Adam Grant, a psychologist from the Wharton School in Pennsylvania, said: "I think we have some good experiments showing that if you reduce work hours, people are able to focus their attention more effectively, they end up producing just as much, often with higher quality and creativity, and they are also more loyal to the...
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Podcast: Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, and Valentine’s Day

 Valentine’s Day comes but once a year and is experienced in different ways depending on your age, gender, or whether or not you are in a relationship. Not surprisingly, mental health status plays a role in the way this holiday is experienced, as well. Listen in as our hosts play the ever-popular Two Truths and a Lie to describe all they went through being depressed while dating. SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “You don’t tell a girl, ‘Don’t take that pill.’” – Michelle Hammer   H...
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"Zombie Deer" disease scare

Chronic wasting disease of the deer or CWD has been nicknamed “Zombie deer disease”. It has been affecting deer across Pennsylvania and has also been noted in Lancaster County.
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Podcast: New Year’s Resolutions from a Bipolar and a Schizophrenic

 Just because your living with mental illness, doesn’t mean you don’t believe in all the weird superstitious customs our society loves so much. In this episode our hosts discuss their hopes for the new year, the resolutions they made, and how to have a good 2019 in spite of living with bipolar or schizophrenia. Listen in now!   SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “If you’re not going to keep your resolutions, don’t beat yourself up by making them!” – Gabe Howard   Highlights From ‘Bip...
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Pennsylvania nurses inspired by teachers’ strikes to ‘fight the same fight’

After about 370 nurses protested drastic changes from hospital management, union officials expect more across the US in 2019Deep in the heart of Trump country, Indiana, Pennsylvania, the hometown of Jimmy Stewart served as the inspiration for Bedford Falls in the hit holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life. However, this year nurses say that one of the town’s largest employers, the Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC), is turning Stewart’s hometown into a Pottersville, the dystopian alternative ...
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One implant, two prices. It depends on who’s paying.

Kim Daniels didn't have to pay a penny for her double mastectomy or the reconstructive surgery she had after treatment for breast cancer in June 2018. Her health insurance, PennCare, administered through Independence Blue Cross in Pennsylvania, fully covered both procedures.
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U.S. nixed FBI checks on staff at growing migrant teen detention camp

By GARANCE BURKE AND MARTHA MENDOZA TORNILLO, Texas — The Trump administration announced in June it would open a temporary shelter for up to 360 migrant children in this isolated corner of the Texas desert. Less than six months later, the facility has expanded into a detention camp holding thousands of teenagers — and it shows every sign of becoming more permanent. By Tuesday, 2,324 largely Central American boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 17 were sleeping inside the highly guarded faci...
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Record numbers of West Nile virus cases reported in parts of US

Warming temperatures and flooding driven by climate change is heightening the risk of contracting the disease, experts warnParts of the US have reported record numbers of West Nile virus infections, with experts warning that warming temperatures and flooding driven by climate change is heightening the risk of Americans contracting the debilitating disease.Cases of West Nile virus have been reported in every US state except Hawaii so far this year, leading to deaths in , surging numbers of patie...
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Attendee registration for 70th annual Pittcon is now open

Registration for the 70th annual Pittcon is now open. The leading conference and exposition for laboratory science will be held in Philadelphia, Pa. at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from March 17-21, 2019. A discounted registration fee of $190 is available through February 25, 2019.
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A physician’s immigrant patients

In the living room of the house where I grew up hangs a framed copy of a 17th-century map of Pennsylvania. The land is divided into tiny plots, each painstakingly labeled with a family name. When I was little, I’d stand in front of the map and search for the little squares labeled “Sharples” — the original version of my last name. I’d imagine my distant ancestors, John and Jane Sharples and their seven children, dressed in bonnets and breeches as they sailed across the Atlantic in 1682. As Quake...
Tags: Health, England, Atlantic, Pennsylvania, John, Sharples, William Penn, Primary Care, Physician, Jane Sharples

Therapeutic Ethics: A Sacred Bond of Trust

As a licensed Social Worker (MSW, LSW), I am required to take an ethics class every two years as part of my continuing education. These guidelines were established by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), for the purpose of framing behavior that is both beneficial to our clients and does no harm to them. Each time I sit in the classroom and go over scenarios and structure, the take home message is, if it breaks confidentiality, don’t do it. If it puts the client in a lesser pos...
Tags: Psychology, Trust, Personal, Treatment, Therapy, Trauma, Pennsylvania, Ethics, Spirituality, Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Alliance, Therapeutic Relationship, Ethics & Morality, Confidentiality, National Association of Social Workers NASW

Young people's attitudes toward marijuana have become more positive in recent years, report shows

With Pennsylvania now among the majority of states in legalizing medical marijuana, a new report shows that young people's attitudes toward pot have become more positive in recent years.
Tags: Health, Pennsylvania

Justice Kennedy, abortion and the legacy of a third choice

Sherry F. Colb is Professor of Law and Charles Evans Hughes Scholar at Cornell Law School. When I clerked for Justice Harry Blackmun in 1992, his practice was to have breakfast with his law clerks every morning. One day, after we sat down to eat, the justice handed me a letter and asked me to read it aloud. I read the first paragraph and looked up uncertainly. The writer had said Blackmun was in the third trimester of his life, ready to enter the abortuary in the sky. I asked whether we should h...
Tags: Health, Texas, Featured, Supreme Court, Law, California, Planned Parenthood, Senate, Reagan, Pennsylvania, Ronald Reagan, Nebraska, Liberal, Kennedy, State, Roe

Justice Kennedy: A justice who changed his mind

Daniel Hemel is an assistant professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School. Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion in the online-sales-tax case South Dakota v. Wayfair was his final — and most significant — decision involving the dormant commerce clause doctrine, which prohibits state and local governments from passing laws that discriminate against or unduly burden interstate commerce unless Congress consents. Wayfair also was a sharp break from Kennedy’s dormant commerce clause ...
Tags: Health, Texas, Maryland, Law, Congress, California, Planned Parenthood, Newegg, Walmart, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, South Dakota, Davis, North Carolina, Kennedy, Thomas

Study: 70,000 opioid-related deaths not reported owing to incomplete death certificates

Several states are likely dramatically underestimating the effect of opioid-related deaths because of incomplete death certificate reporting, with Pennsylvania leading the pack, according to a new analysis by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.
Tags: Health, Pennsylvania

Suicide and the Workplace – Shining a Light on a Unspoken Issue

It was the last semester of my senior year in college – right after Spring Break – when I heard the news that would forever shape my views on mental illness. A friend and fellow editor of the college newspaper I worked for, Steven Ochs jumped to his death from one of the many bridges near his hometown in Pittsburgh, PA. A group of us ended up driving out there across the fields of Pennsylvania to mourn his passing. It was the first time I was a pallbearer at a funeral and I knew then that was so...
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How Iowa anti-abortion bill activists eye Roe v Wade – and the supreme court

Activists helped legislators pass a law banning abortion after fetal heartbeat is detected – and hope to challenge a landmark rulingInside the Family Leader’s office near Des Moines, Iowa, photographs of Republican presidential contenders past grace the walls. Housing secretary Ben Carson, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, Texas senator Ted Cruz all stand frozen onstage, informing visitors of the Family Leader’s influence. Alongside them is the group’s president, Bob Vander Plaats, a me...
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