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Why David Duke Is Allowed on Twitter, Polynesia and iOS 14: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Well folks, as I’m sure all of you are aware, life is a bit rough right now. Although many of you probably do this already, I’m going to share what I do to cope with the news that the world is burning every time I wake up (or at least that what it feels like.) I scroll through TikTok, and then I am reminded that there…Read more...
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Bill Gates, a Billionaire, Says Covid-19 Drugs and Vaccines Should Not Go to ‘Highest Bidder’

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, a billionaire, said a good and right thing on Saturday. Gates called on leaders to make sure that future covid-19 drugs and vaccines to the people and countries that need them most, and not just to the highest bidders.Read more...
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Florida Records 15,000 New Covid-19 Cases in a Day, the Most for Any State During the Pandemic

Florida broke the nation’s covid-19 single-day case record on Sunday, reporting 15,299 new infections, the most new cases ever reported by a state during the pandemic. The news underscores the raging state of the coronavirus crisis in the U.S., proving once again that the virus will not simply “sort of just disappear…Read more...
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Immunity to Covid-19 could be lost in months, UK study suggests

Exclusive: King’s College London team found steep drops in patients’ antibody levels three months after infectionCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coveragePeople who have recovered from Covid-19 may lose their immunity to the disease within months, according to research suggesting the virus could reinfect people year after year, like common colds.In the first longitudinal study of its kind, scientists analysed the immune response of more than 90 patients and healthcare workers ...
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One-Third of All Coronavirus Tests Came Back Positive in Miami-Dade County on Thursday

One-third of coronavirus tests came back positive for the novel virus in Miami-Dade County, Florida on Thursday, with a 14-day average of 24.87 percent, according to CBS News. Even 20 percent would be considered very high.Read more...
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Bill Nye Shows How Face Masks Actually Protect You–and Why You Should Wear Them

Like many Americans of my generation, I grew up having things explained to me by Bill Nye. Flight, magnets, simple machines, volcanoes: there seemed to be nothing he and his team of young lieutenants couldn't break down in a clear, humorous, and wholly non-boring manner. He didn't ask us to come to him, but met us where we already were: watching television. The zenith of the popularity of his PBS series Bill Nye the Science Guy passed a quarter-century ago, and the world has changed a bi...
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Coronavirus unlikely to be spread by children, research suggests

As schools contemplate reopening amid rising COVID-19 cases, an awkward truth is emerging: We’re the problem, not our kids. For months, we’ve kept children carefully isolated, pleading with them to behave, wear masks, wipe their boogers and not hug Gram and Grandpa. We’ve assumed this new virus acts just like the flu and common cold — so classrooms full of kids would create one giant cootie colony. But a growing body of research suggests young children aren’t responsible for most viral transmiss...
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WHO's Covid-19 inquiry is a shrewd move in a sea of disinformation

Its findings should illuminate global responses amid conspiracy theories and Trump’s mudslinging In the world of epidemiology it’s sometimes said that pandemics are lived forwards and understood backwards.We encounter them head-on, chaotically, trying to fathom the disease in real time even while trying to mitigate its impact. Lessons generally come later as the evidence accumulates. Continue reading...
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CDC Says It Won't Revise School Opening Guidelines to Placate Trump, Just Release 'Additional Information'

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention won’t revise its guidelines for schools during the coronavirus pandemic despite the president’s depraved threats of retribution if they don’t fully return to in-person classes, the agency’s director Dr. Robert Redfield said on Thursday. But he did say additional…Read more...
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Kernel raises $53 million for its non-invasive ‘Neuroscience as a Service’ technology

LA-based bio science startup Kernel has raised $53 million from investors including General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures, Eldridge, Manta Ray Ventures, Tiny Blue Dot and more. The funding is the first outside money that Kernel has taken in, though it’s a Series C round, because founder and CEO Bryan Johnson has provided $54 million in investment for Kernel to date. Johnson also participated in this latest round alongside external investors. The funding will go towards further scaling “on-demand”...
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How to stop your glasses steaming up – and 19 other essential facts about face masks

How often should you wash a cloth mask? And how effective are the disposable ones? The expert guide to choosing, wearing and caring for your face coveringThe British have been slow to embrace face masks, despite calls from public health experts. Uptake has been just 25% in the UK, compared with 83.4% in Italy and 65.8% in the US. The president of the Royal Society, Venki Ramakrishnan, said this week that wearing one “is the right thing to do” and that a refusal to do so should be seen as sociall...
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Trump's Plague Rally 'More Than Likely' Boosted Coronavirus Surge, Top Tulsa Health Official Says

That Donald Trump rally inside Tulsa’s BOK Center on June 20 has now resulted in precisely what the president and his re-election campaign were repeatedly warned about, according to Tulsa County’s top health official: a coronavirus spike in the city.Read more...
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Even Mild Covid-19 Can Sometimes Cause Hallucinations and Other Brain Problems

Doctors are starting to see the sort of serious brain problems that scientists had previously warned would become more common because of the covid-19 pandemic. A new study published Wednesday details patients who caught the coronavirus and went on to develop neurological complications, including cognitive impairment,…Read more...
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Scientists join forces to investigate airborne risk of coronavirus

WHO adviser says results from well-designed studies are needed before it changes its adviceCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageA major research effort is under way to understand whether Covid-19 can spread through tiny airborne particles that are released by infected people and remain suspended in the air for hours.Scientists are working alongside sanitary engineers at the World Health Organization to investigate how tiny aerosols bearing the virus may be released into th...
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Vintage Science Face Masks: Conquer the Pandemic with Science, Courtesy of Maria Popova’s BrainPickings

If you don’t floss or brush your teeth, they will rot and fall out. If you don’t eat fruits and vegetables, you will get scurvy or some other horrible disease. If you don’t use protection… well, you know the rest. These are facts of life we mostly accept if we care about ourselves and others because they are beyond disputing. But the idea of wearing a cloth mask when in public during a viral pandemic spread through droplets from the nose and mouth—a practice endorsed by the CDC, the World Healt...
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Who might the government seek to blame for the UK's Covid-19 failings?

Ministers have been accused of trying to shift the narrative over response to pandemicCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageWhile ministers insist that it is too early to fully consider what lessons might be learned from the coronavirus outbreak, the UK’s death toll – the highest in Europe – is expected to prompt an inquiry into the handling of the pandemic.In recent weeks, the government has been accused of seeking to pre-emptively shift the narrative on responsibility for...
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ICE Threatens International Students With 'Immigration Consequences' if Schools Go Online-Only

International students in the U.S. will be forced to attend at least some of their fall semester classes in person during the coronavirus pandemic, or their visas to enter the country will be revoked, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) announced on Monday.Read more...
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What Would It Mean If the Coronavirus Is Airborne?

COVID-19 is known to be transmitted mainly by respiratory droplets. This is the reasoning behind physical distancing, since it’s hard for those droplets to travel more than a few feet. But scientists are debating whether very small droplets—small enough to float through the air—are common enough and infectious enough…Read more...
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OK, Sure, Let’s Just Add Some Bubonic Plague to the Mix

On Sunday, officials in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of China, recorded a case of bubonic plague, otherwise known as the Black Death, while another case was reportedly detected in neighboring Mongolia. Thankfully there’s no need to freak out about a pandemic yet—other than the one we are currently facing and…Read more...
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Coronavirus: world treating symptoms, not cause of pandemics, says UN

Ongoing destruction of nature will result in stream of animal diseases jumping to humans, says report Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe world is treating the health and economic symptoms of the coronavirus pandemic but not the environmental cause, according to the authors of a UN report. As a result, a steady stream of diseases can be expected to jump from animals to humans in coming years, they say.The number of such “zoonotic” epidemics is rising, from Ebola to Sa...
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Researchers Claim Coronavirus Is Airborne in Letter to the WHO, Accuse It of Failing to Convey Risk

A group of scientists will publish an open letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the coming days with an alarming claim: The novel coronavirus is airborne, meaning that it can linger in the air long enough and in enough quantity to infect others.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Infectious Diseases, World Health Organization WHO, Coronavirus, Covid 19

Having anxiety and agoraphobia holds you back. But there are positives to be found…

If I hadn’t experienced anxiety and agoraphobia and the therapy that resulted from them, I wouldn’t now understand human complexities as I do, writes Charlotte LevinI sometimes wonder about my parallel life: the one in which I attended drama school, became a respected actor, travelled the world and ended up marrying Louis Theroux after meeting him at an awards ceremony. The life in which I didn’t develop anxiety and agoraphobia.In 1995, aged 23, after years of auditions, my application had been ...
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'I'm cautiously optimistic': Imperial's Robin Shattock on his coronavirus vaccine

Team is using new approach that could be cheap and scalable and become the norm within five yearsProf Robin Shattock would have liked slightly longer to develop the revolutionary approach to vaccines that he is pretty sure will not only save lives in the Covid-19 pandemic but become the norm for vaccine development within five years.His team at Imperial College were working on Ebola and Lassa fever vaccines using new technology but had not got as far as human trials when a novel coronavirus star...
Tags: Health, Science, Society, Medical Research, Vaccines and immunisation, Imperial College, Wuhan China, Coronavirus outbreak, Robin Shattock

Coronavirus vaccine tracker: How close are we to a vaccine?

More than 140 teams of researchers are racing to develop a safe and effective coronavirus vaccineResearchers around the world are racing to develop a vaccine against Covid-19, with more than 140 candidate vaccines now tracked by the World Health Organization (WHO). Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Science, World news, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Vaccines and immunisation, Coronavirus outbreak, COVID, World Health Organization WHO Continue

New Zealand Health Official Resigns Over Two Covid-19 Cases Imported From Britain

New Zealand’s top health official stepped down on Thursday following a relatively minor scandal that shows the enormous difference in how the U.S. and other wealthy countries are dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. Read more...
Tags: Health, Florida, Texas, Science, California, Britain, New Zealand, Vaccine, Donald Trump, David Clark, President Trump, Jacinda Ardern, Coronavirus, Covid 19

I feel fine: fans of world-ending films 'coping better with pandemic'

Researchers say apocalyptic movies prepare people for Covid-19 and make them more resilientCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFor those of you who whiled away hours on the sofa watching society crumble in the face of marauding zombies, deadly aliens and infectious diseases – it’s time to reap the rewards.Psychologists have found evidence that fans of apocalyptic movies – where global order is upturned – may be more resilient and better prepared to deal with the coronavir...
Tags: Health, Science, Film, Society, World news, Culture, Infectious Diseases, Contagion, Coronavirus outbreak

When Video Chat Is the Only Thing Holding Your Family Together

Lizmarie Oropeza imagined that when her 17-month old foster son, Caden, hit his milestones—pointing, learning to walk, speaking his first words—his biological family would be able to celebrate alongside her. Then coronavirus hit. In Oropeza’s home-state of Connecticut, visitation between families and children in the…Read more...
Tags: Psychology, Science, Technology, Children, Connecticut, Foster Care, Video Chat, Cps, Child Protective Services, Caden, Oropeza, Virtual Visits, Lizmarie Oropeza

Air pollution likely to make coronavirus worse, say UK government advisers

Experts say further investigation of link is urgently required and may be relevant to managing pandemic Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAir pollution is likely to be increasing the number and severity of Covid-19 infections, according to the UK government’s expert advisers.In a report published on Wednesday, the experts said further investigation of the link between dirty air and the coronavirus pandemic was “urgently required” and may be relevant to how the pandemic ...
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Air pollution likely to make coronavirus worse, say UK experts

Government advisers call for urgent investigation of link between dirty air and pandemicCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAir pollution is likely to be increasing the number and severity of Covid-19 infections, according to the UK government’s expert advisers.In a report published on Wednesday, the experts said further investigation of the link between dirty air and the coronavirus pandemic was “urgently required” and may be relevant to how the pandemic is managed. Cont...
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US buys up world stock of key Covid-19 drug

No other country will be able to buy remdesivir, which can help recovery from Covid-19, for next three months at leastCoronavirus – latest US updatesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe US has bought up virtually all the stocks for the next three months of one of the two drugs proven to work against Covid-19, leaving none for the UK, Europe or most of the rest of the world.Experts and campaigners are alarmed both by the US unilateral action on remdesivir and the wider ...
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