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ADHD: Parenting Beyond Behavior, Beliefs, and Grades

When we look at the whole story of children diagnosed with ADHD, we find that hindsight reveals deeper challenges that have not received attention. While the average age of presentation is between 3 to 6 years of age with the average age of diagnosis coming at 7 years of age, developmentally, other pictures emerge. In taking history we learn of symptoms and challenges that were present from an early age. Eventually, those children diagnosed (and undiagnosed) have endured labels very different...
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How & Why I Encourage My Teens to See a Therapist

Everyone needs a good therapist, that’s my personal opinion anyways. We are comfortable taking our cars for occasional tune-ups, and we regularly scan and update our various devices to ensure that they’re in good working order — so why not do the same for our mental health? That’s why I encourage my teens to see a therapist. I want them to understand that going for counseling is healthy, positive, and beneficial. I don’t want them having a completely outdated mindset that only crazy people n...
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Frequent Problem Behavior in Your Child? This Might Be Why

Having to deal with problem behavior in your child can leave you feeling frustrated and helpless. But what if this behavior was sparked by anxiety? A number of studies have found that children’s inability to process difficult emotions often leads to what commonly comes across as “problem” behavior. This may look like uncontrollable tantrums, unpredictability and impulsiveness, extreme clinginess, an inability to do what is expected (for example, an inability to follow simple instructions in ...
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Parenting Teens: 5 Key Developmental Principles to Keep in Mind

While the child before us has transformed into a maturing teenager, remembering where they are on the developmental path is critical to parenting in this stage. Despite the evolving physical features and push for independence, teens are still straddling an ever-changing position. Typically, they have one foot back in childhood and one foot in adolescence and require a holding environment to help them cross that chasm toward young adulthood. In this holding environment, we provide a bridge of s...
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Do Personality Tests Really Mean Anything? 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Are you an Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging personality (INFJ)? Maybe you’re an ENTJ or INTP? Don’t know what I’m talking about? You obviously haven’t checked your Myers Briggs personality type. We love a label in our society. It’s so much easier to identify where we belong, whom we belong with and why when we all have tidy labels to our names. Whether it’s the vagueness of your horoscope, the procrastinating fun of the  What Hogwarts House are you?  quiz , or the slightly more credib...
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Intelligent or Wise?

Good grades are all the rage these days. They’re supposed to measure how intelligent and industrious you are. Students strive for a high GPA, with the goal of being admitted into a top college. When they get that acceptance letter, all that hard work seems to have paid off. Time for celebration! You’ve made it! You’re set for life! Yay! Except when you’re not. Being intelligent and industrious is not everything. It is simply the ability to think logically, understand concepts, know formulas ...
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Bright But Different: How to Best Help Your Child with Learning Differences to Succeed

All children are smart in their own way. Some children, however, have individual learning styles that don’t allow them to succeed with traditional learning methods. These children are not disabled. They’re quite capable of learning everything their peers learn. They just learn in a different way. But children with learning differences are often robbed of their confidence and joy. It can be tremendously difficult for parents to accept that their child may have a learning challenge that int...
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5 Good Reasons to Drop Out of College

It’s January. If you are in college, January is a month where you can take a breather. First semester is over. So are the holidays. Now there is time to think. Have you been having doubts? Do you want to return for second semester? It is a choice, you know. There are many good reasons both for personal growth and for long term financial health to stay in school. But college isn’t for everyone. It may not be for you or for you at this time. It’s not only okay but important for the return to se...
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Podcast: How to Make the Transition to Adulthood Easier

 The transition from youth to adult is a difficult one for most people, filled with unexpected events and changes that we are ill-prepared for. Many find themselves seriously lacking not only the life skills needed, but also the psychological and emotional tools that would make this huge change easier. Our guest this week explains how we can use mindfulness to develop these tools and make adulting much less intimidating. Subscribe to Our Show! And Reme...
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Psychological & Environmental Components That Lead to Behavioral Disorders in Teens

Even the most well-behaved teens can have moments where they’re difficult and challenging, pushing their parents’ buttons and testing boundaries. It’s a normal part of growing up and becoming autonomous individuals. However, parents sometimes notice a much more serious pattern of ongoing negative behavior from their teens. The teenager becomes uncooperative, hostile, defiant and argumentative especially towards authority figures. These behaviors end up disrupting not only the teens’ life but...
Tags: Psychology, Students, Parenting, Children And Teens, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Juvenile Delinquency, Conduct Disorder, Neurobehavioral Disorder

Research Links Sleep Deprivation to Risky Behaviors in Teens

It’s a battle that goes on in most households nearly every morning—the alarm goes off, and teens struggle to get out of bed while harried parents try to hurry them along. We are just glad to get them out of the door and on their way to school, never giving more than a passing thought to their sleep deprivation. But maybe we should. New research now shows that sleep-deprived teens are more prone to risky behaviors than their peers who get a full night’s rest. When considering factors that con...
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Could Your Child’s Little Quirks Be Signs of OCD?

A friend of mine recently brought up a concern he had and was worried that he was overreacting. His son, who is friends with my youngest daughter, was beginning to struggle in school. It wasn’t that the educational material was beyond him. The problem was that his son refused to turn in the work he had already completed. In the beginning, my friend was just confused. The teacher sent a note home explaining that his son was doing the work but not handing it into her. When she had asked why, hi...
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The Pressure Cooker Before College: How to Navigate and Actually Help Your Teen

The senior year countdown to college brings out parents’ worries and fears alongside teens’ own anxieties and self-doubt. During this time of escalating pressure and stress in families, parents can fall into common traps that defeat their intention to help and interfere with teens developing capacities that are the foundation for succeeding once they’re at college. When the dynamics associated with these traps are at play, parents become part of the problem rather than a resource for help. Ap...
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​​You Can Help Your Teen Cope with Social Anxiety in Public Places

​​ Social anxiety is finally becoming a more understood disorder. In the past, it was treated with less than stellar seriousness in both the professional and non-professional world. Often mistaken for shyness or even antisocial qualities, we now see that this is a very real phobia that can have a painful impact on the sufferer’s life. Teenagers and Social Pressure Teenagers are one group that is especially prone to social anxiety. The myriad of social stigmas associated with adolesc...
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Discipline Without Fear

Proponents for corporeal punishment (spanking, paddling, kneeling on grits or rice, etc.) often claim that it taught them obedience and respect for elders when they were young . If it was good enough for them, they think, it’s good enough for their kids. In fact, studies have shown that about 50% of U.S. families do use physical punishment. But just because half of families use it doesn’t make it a useful or effective tool for managing children’s behavior. Although it may make a lasting i...
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​National Bullying Prevention Month: Help Your Kids Understand The Difference Between Bullying & Teasing

What makes a bully ? Is it a malicious desire to hurt another person? A person lashing out because of problems at home? A need to seem tough in a world that is out of their control? There is no single formula for those we have come to see as bullies and the definition is pretty broad. The facts about bullying are less vague. According to Stop Bullying , as many as one in three children has reported being bullied at some point in their life. While some of this is done in elementary and ...
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7 Helpful Tips to Get Your Kids to School on Time

It’s 7:00 am and your 10 year-old was supposed to be up 15 minutes ago but is still lying in bed. The bus leaves in 10 minutes and you are the only one concerned and stressed out that she won’t be ready on time. You drag her out of bed and throw some clothes on her while you attempt to shove a cereal bar and banana into her backpack because it’s now too late to eat breakfast at home. On top of that you find yourself constantly repeating to your 8-year-old to brush his teeth, but instead he con...
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​Encourage Your Teen to Practice Self-Care

We have a serious problem affecting our teens and no one is talking about it. Every year, teens are facing a crisis thanks to an increase in pressure to be perfect. Competitive college programs, unpaid internships for industry entry, mountains of homework, extra curricular activities, struggles within their social group, family and home life troubles. It is enough to make anyone teen depressed . In fact, there are disturbing statistics around teen suicide. Suicide has become the sec...
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Understanding the Link Between Anxiety and Problem Behavior in Young Kids and How You Can Help

We now know that children’s behavior is always driven by emotions, but what if whatever is driving those emotions is invisible? There are many reasons why kids sometimes behave in ways that leave us in despair and one of these reasons is anxiety. One thing we know is that many children will go through anxiety at some stage in their lives. Although many of these anxious phases may be difficult to deal with, they are normal phases that mark children’s development. According to the Anxiety an...
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Getting Beyond “Get Over It”: Supporting the Emotional Development of Boys

Considering the idea that boys, as opposed to girls, “get over it” in terms of relationship conflicts, things not going their way, disappointment, and the associated feelings, there is a process reinforcing this myth that needs to come to light. The process both overtly and covertly points boys in the direction of “it doesn’t matter” when the emotionally challenging experiences are left disconnected in terms of skills and personal narrative. In the important formative years of childhood, we ...
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Let Go of Perfectionism with These 3 Shifts

In the real world there are no gold stars for effort or report cards to gauge your progress. Yet a common mistake is treating work like school. As CEO and author, Sallie Krawcheck points out, “Let’s not confuse what made us successful in school for what can make us successful in our careers.” While an honor roll mindset can translate into a drive to succeed that lands you deals and accolades, it can easily lead to workaholism and burnout. The industriousness that served you well in school ma...
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Surviving Back to School Anxiety

The end of summer brings about an assortment of mixed feelings. For families with school aged children one of those feelings is often anxiety. Both parents and children alike may be worried about the new school year, and for many those worries can be tough to handle. A little nervousness as the school year begins is normal. Both parents and kids will have concerns about the new expectations, academic challenges, social environment and managing the new, likely hectic, schedule. But when does s...
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Parents Guide for Disciplining Kids with ADHD

Receiving our son’s diagnosis of ADHD shed light as to why standard parenting advice wasn’t really working in our home. Understanding our son’s non-neurotypical condition enabled us to be more effective parents as we researched beneficial parenting techniques for children with ADHD. For those parents who have been struggling to discipline their children with ADHD, I will go through the research we found which revolutionized our parenting practices and helped our son improve his behavior....
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Psychology Around the Net: September 1, 2018

Happy September! Let’s kick it off with the latest on a professor who created a Harry Potter college course to help her students better understand developmental psychology, why it’s so easy for the human brain to hold a grudge, how on-again, off-again relationships cause psychological distress, and more. This Professor Uses ‘Harry Potter’ in a Magical Way to Teach Psychology: Professor Georgene Troseth of Vanderbilt University discusses how she came to create her college course “Harry Potter...
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Laptops & Smartphones May be Hurting Your Ability to Learn in Class

It’s odd to me that society seems to embrace technology first, and asks questions later. We only conduct psychological research on its impact in our daily lives long after we’ve adopted our behaviors and habits to its use. No matter even if that use may negatively affect our relationships, social interactions, and even our ability to learn and retain knowledge long-term. We just assume something that makes it easier to take notes in the classroom, for instance, would make learning easier. But ov...
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How You Can Help Make the Transition Back to School Easier

Most children love summers. But for children with mental health problems, the summer time doesn’t just signal fun in the sun. For these children, summer time is a time of emotional and physical relief. Which is why going back to school is so hard. Asking children with mental health issues to think during school is like asking them to run when they just finished a marathon. With mental illness, the brain is on overdrive all the time. So when it is time to think about other things – like tests, h...
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Psychology Around the Net: August 25, 2018

Happy Saturday! School just started back in my neck of the woods, so in addition to the connection between brain function and heart health, the psychology of food, and other mental health news, this week’s Psychology Around the Net takes a look at some important kid-specific topics like dealing with back-to-school anxiety, the impact of mental illness on teen friendships, and why doctors are going to start prescribing playtime! How to Help Your Kids Cope With Back-to-School Anxiety: Some worr...
Tags: Psychology, School, Business, Teens, Students, Children, Friends, Research, Brain Function, Anxiety, Heart Health, Friendships, Appetite, Brain And Behavior, Anxiety And Panic, Children And Teens

​An Honest Look at Behavioral Modification Programs for Troubled Teenagers

I have an adopted son. When we were approved, my wife and I were over the moon. This little boy, whom we had already fallen in love with, was going to be under our care and in our family for good. We couldn’t think of anything more perfect. It was only a couple of months in when we started to really grow concerned. He was angry, threw constant tantrums that would last for hours and could become violent. While his actions were manageable when he was little, we worried about what would happen ...
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Mental Health Challenges of College Students

College students are vulnerable to a wide variety of mental health challenges, and there is no one inoculation against any of these possible experiences. Clinical conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even panic are common experiences for college students due to the many new stressors and pressures that come with the new academic and relational college experiences. Less serious levels of stress and anxiety can still cause students distress and functional difficulties in slee...
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American Psychiatric Association

The mission of the American Psychiatric Association is to promote the highest quality care for individuals with mental illness, including substance use disorders, and their families; promote psychiatric education and research; advance and represent the profession of psychiatry; and to serve the professional needs of its membership. To promote the rights and best interests of patients and those actually or potentially making use of psychiatric services for mental illness, including substance use...
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