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Protective gear for medical workers begins to run low again

By GEOFF MULVIHILL and CAMILLE FASSETT The personal protective gear that was in dangerously short supply during the early weeks of the coronavirus crisis in the U.S. is running low again as the virus resumes its rapid spread and the number of hospitalized patients climbs. A national nursing union is concerned that gear has to be reused. A doctors association warns that physicians’ offices are closed because they cannot get masks and other supplies. And Democratic members of Congress are pushing ...
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The Latest: After lockdown, cases up in Australian state

MELBOURNE, Australia — The hard-hit Australian state of Victoria has recorded 74 new coronavirus cases after announcing a record 108 new infections on Saturday.The Saturday increase resulted in state Premier Daniel Andrews announcing a lockdown of nine inner-city public housing blocks containing 3,000 people, where 27 cases have been detected.Police are guarding every entrance of the housing estates and residents are not allowed to leave their homes for any reason.Andrews said the residents will...
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Donald Trump claims 99% of coronavirus cases are 'totally harmless' as US infections surge

Donald Trump has claimed 99% of coronavirus cases are "totally harmless" after a surge of infections in the US. In a speech at the White House on America's Independence Day, the US president insisted his strategy to tackle COVID-19 was "moving along well" despite some states reporting record increases in cases. Mr Trump said the US is producing gowns, masks and surgical equipment which used to be "almost exclusively made in foreign lands, in particular China where ironically this virus ...
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Interim Stat Pack for October Term 2019

With the 2019-2020 Supreme Court term coming to a close, the discussion among court-watchers continues to focus on Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision-making. Much has been made of his siding with the more liberal justices in striking down a Louisiana abortion law in June Medical Services LLC v. Russo and upholding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (at least temporarily) in Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California. Roberts’ positions in these c...
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Why is coronavirus still surging in the US? – video explainer

The US recorded a new all-time daily high of 52,000 new Covid-19 cases on 1 July, according to Johns Hopkins University figures, as Donald Trump repeated his belief the virus would ‘just disappear’.America has now had more than 2.7 million confirmed cases - more than double that of Brazil, the second most-affected country. Dr Anthony Fauci, the US’s top infectious disease expert, has said the country is ‘going in the wrong direction’, infections could more than double and the subsequent death to...
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US buys up world stock of key Covid-19 drug

No other country will be able to buy remdesivir, which can help recovery from Covid-19, for next three months at leastCoronavirus – latest US updatesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe US has bought up virtually all the stocks for the next three months of one of the two drugs proven to work against Covid-19, leaving none for the UK, Europe or most of the rest of the world.Experts and campaigners are alarmed both by the US unilateral action on remdesivir and the wider ...
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US buys up world stock of key Covid-19 drug remdesivir

No other country will be able to buy remdesivir, which can help recovery from Covid-19, for next three months at leastCoronavirus – latest US updatesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe US has bought up virtually all the stocks for the next three months of one of the two drugs proven to work against Covid-19, leaving none for the UK, Europe or most of the rest of the world.Experts and campaigners are alarmed both by the US unilateral action on remdesivir and the wider ...
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Tuesday round-up

Yesterday the Supreme Court released decisions in three cases, including one of the highest-profile cases of the term. In June Medical Services v. Russo, the court, by a vote of 5-4, struck down a Louisiana law requiring physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. Amy Howe analyzes the opinion for this blog, in a post that first appeared at Howe on the Court. Mariam Marshedi provides an analysis at Subscript Law. Ronn Blitzer and others report at Fox News t...
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Summer may decide fate of leading shots in coronavirus vaccine race

People on six continents already are getting jabs in the arm as the race for a COVID-19 vaccine enters a defining summer, with even bigger studies poised to prove if any shot really works — and maybe offer a reality check. Already British and Chinese researchers are chasing the coronavirus beyond their borders, testing potential vaccines in Brazil and the United Arab Emirates because there are too few new infections at home to get clear answers. The U.S. is set to open the largest trials — 30,00...
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Fauci says task force 'seriously considering' new testing strategy

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, said Friday that the White House coronavirus task force is "seriously considering" pool testing for Covid-19 and acknowledged to The Washington Post that the Trump administration's current testing strategy has proven inadequate.
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Trump administration urges end to Affordable Care Act as pandemic surges

By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR and MARK SHERMAN WASHINGTON  — As coronavirus cases rise in more than half of the states, the Trump administration is urging the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act. The administration’s high court filing Thursday came the same day the government reported that close to half a million people who lost their health insurance amid the economic shutdown to slow the spread of COVID-19 have gotten coverage through The administration’s legal brief...
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Trump demands Supreme Court kill Affordable Care Act, aka 'Obamacare'

Late Thursday night, amid a coronavirus pandemic that has now killed over 120,000 Americans, Donald Trump's administration made new moves to take away healthcare from working Americans. The Trump administration told the Supreme Court late Thursday that the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or "Obamacare") is invalid, including the protections it provides for people with “pre-existing conditions,” like asthma, diabetes, cancer, and the long-term damaging health effects of COVID-19. In the filing Thurs...
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Europe to ban American travel as U.S. struggles to contain pandemic

The EU has slowed the spread of COVID-19 in most regions, while cases in the U.S. continue to grow.The U.S. is reportedly excluded from both lists of "accepted nations," but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggested the U.S. may reach an agreement with European officials.A ban on American travel would surely have political consequences for the Trump administration. The European Union is preparing to block Americans from traveling to member nations when borders begin to reopen on July 1.European ...
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Some states break virus records as U.S. caseload grows anew

By NOMAAN MERCHANT, NICK PERRY and KEN MORITSUGU HOUSTON — Coronavirus hospitalizations and caseloads hit new highs in over a half-dozen states as signs of the virus’ resurgence mounted, with newly confirmed infections nationwide back near their peak level of two months ago. After trending downward for six weeks, the U.S. caseload has been growing again for over a week, particularly in the South and West. Some 34,700 new cases were reported nationwide Tuesday, according to the count kept by John...
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2 Republicans opposed by Trump win in North Carolina, Kentucky

By CHRISTINA A. CASSIDY, PIPER HUDSPETH BLACKBURN and ALAN FRAM LOUISVILLE, Ky.  — Voters rebuffed President Donald Trump and nominated two Republicans he opposed to House seats from North Carolina and Kentucky on Tuesday. Calls in higher-profile races in Kentucky and New York faced days of delay as swamped officials count mountains of mail-in ballots. In western North Carolina, GOP voters picked 24-year-old investor Madison Cawthorn, who uses a wheelchair following an accident, over Trump-backe...
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Coronavirus Australia latest updates: Victoria expands testing as Melbourne at risk of second lockdown – live news

Melbourne Showgrounds to open Wednesday to Keilor Downs students, teachers and parents and to general public from Thursday. Follow live 11.25pm BST In world diplomacy news, Australia has decided to stick up for the International Criminal Court, despite the Trump administrationAustralia breaks its public silence on the Trump Administration’s move to sanction ICC officials, joining 66 other states to express “unwavering support” for the court. The statement doesn’t *directly* criticise Trump’s...
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The Trump administration is in a race to outpace t...

The Trump administration is in a race to outpace the coronavirus as it seeks to replenish the country's national supply stockpile, despite conflicting messaging from officials about the potential severity of a second wave of the virus.
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What you need to know about coronavirus on Tuesday, June 23

The White House has started to relax coronavirus-related restrictions, despite a Trump campaign announcement that two aides who attended the President's rally in Oklahoma over the weekend had tested positive.
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Surging coronavirus cases in U.S. raise fear that progress is slipping

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Coronavirus cases in Florida surpassed 100,000 on Monday, part of an alarming surge across the South and West as states reopen for business and many Americans resist wearing masks or keeping their distance from others. The disturbing signs in the Sunshine State as well as places like Arizona, Alabama, Texas and South Carolina — along with countries such as Brazil, India and Pakistan — are raising fears that the progress won after months of lockdowns is slipping away. “It i...
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President Trump’s intended show of political force at Tulsa rally falls short

TULSA, Okla. — President Donald Trump used his comeback rally to try to define the upcoming election as a choice between national heritage and left-wing radicalism, but his intended show of political force during the pandemic was thousands short of a full house and partly overshadowed by new coronavirus cases among his campaign staff. Trump ignored health warnings and held his first rally in 110 days in what was one of the largest indoor gatherings in the world during an outbreak that has killed...
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How risky is it to attend a Trump campaign rally during a pandemic?

As the coronavirus plows through the United States, health experts worry President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will become a new hotspot for coronavirus infections.
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Trump’s take on COVID testing misses public health realities

President Donald Trump sought to downplay the numbers associated with COVID-19 in the United States — which have passed 2 million confirmed cases and are nearing 120,000 lives lost — by arguing that the soaring national count was simply the result of superior testing.
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Scientists worry 'Operation Warp Speed' is missing tried and true vaccines

In the search to find a vaccine to put an end to the coronavirus pandemic, some scientists worry that President Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" is missing out on tried and true vaccine technologies that have over and over again resulted in proven winners.
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CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta responds to seeing Trump ad...

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta responds to seeing Trump administration officials going against the White House Coronavirus Task Force and CDC guidance by not wearing a mask during a Rose Garden event.
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U.S. revokes emergency use of malaria drugs vs. coronavirus

By MATTHEW PERRONE WASHINGTON — U.S. regulators on Monday revoked emergency authorization for malaria drugs promoted by President Donald Trump for treating COVID-19 amid growing evidence they don’t work and could cause serious side effects. The Food and Drug Administration said the drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are unlikely to be effective in treating the coronavirus. Citing reports of heart complications, the FDA said the drugs’ unproven benefits “do not outweigh the known and potent...
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FDA revokes emergency authorization for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 treatment

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revoked an emergency use authorization (EUA) that it previously issued for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, two anti-malarial drugs also used in the treatment of chronic rheumatoid arthritis (via Washington Post). These are the drugs that Trump famously touted as effective in COVID-19 treatment, despite major concerns raised with the scientific validity of early medical investigations that showed they were potentially effective agains the inf...
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Trump Administration Eliminates Transgender Health Care Protections During Pandemic

In an utterly heartless move, the Trump administration on Friday eliminated health care protections for transgender people during an ongoing global pandemic that has claimed more lives in the U.S. than in any other country. Read more...
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Dr. Esther Choo reacts to the Trump administration...

Dr. Esther Choo reacts to the Trump administration announcing it is eliminating an Obama-era regulation prohibiting discrimination in health care against patients who are transgender.
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La saga de la hidroxicloroquina explica la ciencia: Faye Flam

(Bloomberg) -- La saga de la hidroxicloroquina no debería erosionar la confianza pública en la ciencia, aunque debería servir como recordatorio para no tomar a ningún científico o estudio en particular demasiado en serio. La ciencia a largo plazo se autocorrige, razón por la cual tenemos cirugía láser, estaciones espaciales y telescopios. Nunca encuentra la verdad absoluta, y a veces tropieza, pero puede enderezarse y seguir adelante.Después de que el presidente Donald Trump promocionara la hidr...
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Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley says he was wrong to accompany Trump on church walk

By ROBERT BURNS WASHINGTON  — Army Gen. Mark Milley, the nation’s top military officer, said Thursday he was wrong to accompany President Donald Trump on a walk through Lafayette Square that ended in a photo op at a church. He said his presence “created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics.” “I should not have been there,” the Joint Chiefs chairman said in remarks to a National Defense University commencement ceremony. Trump’s June 1 walk through the park to pose with a Bib...
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