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Brain-zapping implants that change mood and lift depression

Teams of researchers are developing sesame seed-size neuro-implants that detect brain activity that signals depression and then deliver targeted electrical zaps to elevate your mood. It's very early days in the science and technology but recent studies suggest that we're on the path. Links to scientific papers below. Fortunately, the goal is to develop tools and a methodology more precise than the horrifically blunt "shock therapy" of last century. From Science News: DARPA, a Department of...
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UCSF awarded $20 million grant to study impacts of new, emerging tobacco products

UC San Francisco has been awarded a five-year, $20 million grant from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health to study the impacts of new and emerging tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, which heat tobacco without combustion.
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California: A healthcare laboratory with mixed results

By Anna Gorman, California Healthline California’s expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act enabled many low-income HIV patients to get health insurance previously denied to them. Still, those with mental health needs, who had been receiving coordinated care through a separate federal program, suddenly faced gaps in treatment, payment disputes and doctors who had little understanding of life with HIV. A report on HIV patients is one example in a special California edition of the journ...
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Scientists identify three new distinct breast epithelial cell populations

Researchers from the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, in collaboration with scientists at UCSF and Northwestern University, have profiled human breast epithelial cells, identifying three new distinct epithelial cell populations.
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The 4 types of low-functioning health care team members

There have certainly been numerous articles, periodicals, missives, messages, courses and LinkedIn articles about the importance of strong leadership. I myself have blogged that most “challenges” in hospital medicine could likely be solved with strong leadership and adequate staffing. But recently I gave a talk with Sarah Apgar from UCSF on differences in supervision and collaboration. During that talk, we investigated what it means to be a functional “member” of a hospital team. And since that ...
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Most concussion patients do not receive follow-up care after hospital discharge, says study

As evidence builds of more long-term effects linked to concussion, a nationwide study led by scientists at UCSF and the University of Southern California has found that more than half of the patients seen at top-level trauma centers may fall off the radar shortly after diagnosis, placing in jeopardy treatments for these long-term effects.
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New study maps links between 625 genes and different chemotherapy treatments

Despite the great successes of targeted cancer drugs and the promise of novel immunotherapies, the vast majority of people diagnosed with cancer are still first treated with chemotherapy. Now a new study by UCSF researchers using techniques drawn from computational biology could make it much easier for physicians to use the genetic profile of a patient's tumor to pick the chemotherapy treatment with the fewest side effects and best chance of success.
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Peer-reviewed study shows Cardiogram and Apple Watch can accurately determine atrial fibrillation

Over the past year, Cardiogram and UC San Francisco (UCSF) have presented a series of findings on how well consumer wearables like the Apple Watch and Android Wear can detect medical conditions in their users, including diabetes as well as hypertension and sleep apnea. Now, the startup is reaching a new milestone, this morning publishing the first large-N peer-reviewed clinical study showing that the Apple Watch and other wearables can detect atrial fibrillation with a high degree of accuracy. T...
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Tradewind Bioscience attacks the physiology of tumors to treat cancer

Cancer remains the one counterpoint to the march of medical progress that has scored human history over the last 200 years. Last year 600,920 people in the U.S. died from cancer, and another 1.7 million received an initial diagnosis of the disease. Globally, one in six people die from cancer, according to the World Health Organization. In the past decade, research in the field has expanded the possible treatments of the disease from surgery (which was the only option until the 20th century), rad...
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Forecast shows deepening shortage of mental health professionals in California

By Brian Rinker, California Healthline A new report forecasts a substantial shortage of qualified and diverse behavioral health professionals in California within 10 years, leaving minority patients and those outside major metropolitan areas especially underserved. If nothing is done to fill the void by 2028, many people diagnosed with mental health conditions will struggle to get the medication and counseling they need, especially those who live in the Central Valley and Inland Empire, where th...
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The Apple Watch can detect diabetes with an 85% accuracy, Cardiogram study says

 According to Cardiogram founder Brandon Ballinger’s latest clinical study, the Apple Watch can detect diabetes in those previously diagnosed with the disease with an 85 percent accuracy. The study is part of the larger DeepHeart study with Cardiogram and UCSF. This particular study used data from 14,000 Apple Watch users and was able to detect that 462 of them had diabetes by using… Read More
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UCSF researchers find new way to attack common drivers of 'undruggable' cancers

Cancer researchers have made great strides in developing targeted therapies that treat the specific genetic mutations underlying a patient's cancer.
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For more than half a century, the sugar industry has used Big Tobacco tactics to suppress sugar/cancer link and to confuse the science

UCSF researchers have published an important paper in PLOS Biology that draws on internal documents from the US sugar industry lobby that shows that the industry deliberately suppressed research on the link between sucrose and bladder cancer and heart disease, and then deliberately sowed misinformation about the health effects of sugar, using tactics straight out of the tobacco industry's cancer-denial playbook. (more…)
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The Apple Watch can accurately detect hypertension and sleep apnea, a new study suggests

A new study out from health startup Cardiogram and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) suggests wearables like the Apple Watch, Fitbit and others are able to accurately detect common but serious conditions like hypertension and sleep apnea. Cardiogram and UCSF previously demonstrated the ability for the Apple Watch to detect abnormal heart rhythm with a 97 percent accuracy. This new study shows the Watch can detect sleep apnea with a 90 percent accuracy and hypertension with an 82 ...
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The Apple Watch can accurately detect hypertension and sleep apnea, a new study suggests

 A new study out from health startup Cardiogram and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) suggests wearables like the Apple Watch, Fitbit and others are able to accurately detect common but serious conditions like hypertension and sleep apnea. Read More
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This Is How Abortion Ends In America

It's been exactly one year to the day since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion rights. That should be an auspicious occasion, one we might otherwise mark with some private moment of satisfaction, even celebration. Instead, we're seeing the swan song on those same rights finally sung. Our bodies, our choices? Not for long.If you think that’s an overstatement, you haven't been paying attention. One year after the Whole Woman’s Health case, we’re back in this familiar place, gearing up f...
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UCSF-led study finds high rate of autism symptoms in children with Tourette syndrome

Around one in five children with Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary movements and vocalizations, met criteria for autism in a study headed by UC San Francisco.
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Benchmark just backed an ER doctor who wants to keep stoned people off the road

 Many people enjoy several careers over their lifetimes. Then there’s Mike Lynn, an emergency room doctor in Oakland, Calif.; a reserve deputy sheriff; a faculty member at UCSF; a former venture capitalist; and the founder of Hound Labs, a three-year-old, Oakland, Calif.-based company at work on a breathalyzer for marijuana. Read More
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Apple’s Watch can detect an abnormal heart rhythm with 97% accuracy, UCSF study says

 According to a study conducted through heartbeat measurement app Cardiogram and the University of California San Francisco, the Apple Watch is 97 percent accurate in detecting the most common abnormal heart rhythm, when paired with an AI-based algorithm. The study involved 6,158 participants recruited through the Cardiogram app on Apple Watch. Most of the participants in the UCSF Health… Read More
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UCSF-led scientists use machine learning technology to uncover hallmarks of mystery concussion

Scientists have used a unique computational technique that sifts through big data to identify a subset of concussion patients with normal brain scans, who may deteriorate months after diagnosis and develop confusion, personality changes and differences in vision and hearing, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder.
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One Simple Fix That Will Change Your Life

You're reading One Simple Fix That Will Change Your Life, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Transformation comes from the inside out. One simple step that has big consequences is being conscious of the food you eat. A simple way to invite meaning, experience and energy into your life is to adopt a spiritual sadhana (mindful discipline) of eating fresh foods from the spiritual ...
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UCSF collaborates with Intel to deploy and validate deep learning analytics to improve healthcare

UC San Francisco's Center for Digital Health Innovation today announced a collaboration with Intel Corporation to deploy and validate a deep learning analytics platform designed to improve care by helping clinicians make better treatment decisions, predict patient outcomes, and respond more nimbly in acute situations.
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Why Trump’s Election May Be Especially Difficult for Many Raised in Dysfunctional Families

I have heard from many who grew up with dysfunction, abuse, or narcissistic control how upset they feel by Donald Trump’s election. As one person told me, “It feels like a nightmare. An egomaniac who cares little for my welfare is taking over my country and there is nothing I can do about it. I feel like I did as a kid when my autocratic dad had total control over all of us.” Said another, “It’s like my family’s dysfunctional drama is being played out in the entire nation. I have a sick fee...
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A Unified Theory of Mental Illness: How Everything from Addiction to Depression Can Be Explained by the Concept of “Capture”

David Kessler–once the Commissioner of the F.D.A., later the Dean of Yale’s School of Medicine, and eventually Dean and Vice-Chancellor at UCSF’s prestigious Medical School–published a book called Capture: Unraveling the Mystery of Mental Suffering. A bestseller, the book makes the case that all mental illness–everything from addiction to depression to artistic obsessions–can be explained by an underlying mechanism. That mechanism, the key to treating mental illness, is known as “Capture.” ...
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Quality improvement shouldn’t be dirty words

With the recent election, there has been a new recognition of the various “bubbles” we all seem to be living in. It reminds me of the parable I like to often mention, popularized by the late great writer David Foster Wallace: Two fish were swimming along when an older fish swam by, nodded his head at them and said, “Mornin’ boys, how’s the water?” The two young fish nod back and swim for a bit, then one turns to the other and says, “What the hell is water?” Recently, I read a paper that helped m...
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Lack of advance care planning puts some populations at risk

Photo: Sheila Sund via Flickr More than a quarter of older Medicare beneficiaries have yet to document their advance care planning (ACP) wishes, according to a recent study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco. Latinos, African-Americans, those with lower education levels and people with lower incomes were at greatest risk of not discussing or carrying out ACP. That leaves many people subject to receiving end of life care that they may not want and may go against thei...
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The Smarter Stethoscope: 5 Questions With Eko COO Jason Bellet

Imagine a clinician using the same technology as the Shazam music-identifying app to determine if your heart beat is normal or exhibiting a murmur. That’s just one of the things the makers of Eko Devices hope you’ll be able to do with their digital stethoscope in the near future, elevating the traditional sound medicine to a new level. Named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2015, the Eko Core digital stethoscope was developed by three undergrads at UC Berkeley with a unique combination of backg...
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UCSF researchers find active HIV in tissue samples of patients treated with antiretrovirals

While successful treatment of HIV with antiretroviral medications leads to undetectable levels of virus in the blood, controls the disease and leads to much longer lifespans, scientists know that HIV continues to reside in tissues.
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UCSF researchers receive funding from Susan G. Komen to support breast cancer research

Three UCSF researchers have been awarded $680,000 in grants from Susan G. Komen to support projects in breast cancer research.
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New report reveals the sugar industry paid Harvard scientists to promote sugar over fat

Over the years, there have been many disagreements in the health community about which foods are bad for us. New research from the University of California, San Francisco reveals that a major sugar industry trade group paid food scientists at Harvard University in the 1960s to blame dietary fats for heart disease. That move created a legacy whereby sugar got off easy, and made its way into nearly every type of processed and packaged food, while fat was vilified. This slanted misinformation camp...
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