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Factors affecting absorption of ‘sunshine vitamin’ during spring/summer months

Following the hottest Easter Monday on record in the UK, we can easily be lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to our bodies’ vitamin D levels.
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Where to get help for mental health as a musician, manager, label and tour crew

There is a very valuable helpline offering support to those struggling with their mental health in the music industry.  As we have sadly been reminded a few times in recent years, mental health can be a serious issue for people involved in the music industry. There a lot of pressures involved in being an artist, manager, label-runner and the various other roles in music. A helpline is available from UK charity Help Musicians UK that offers advice for musicians and other music industry c...
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Pharmacist's hay fever home remedies as pollen bomb blasts the UK

As Easter bank holiday heatwave triggers spike in tree pollen levels - causing sore throats, streaming ­noses and scratchy eyes - these tips may come in handy [Author: Antonia Paget]
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Housework could keep brain young, research suggests

Even light exertions can slow down ageing of the brain, activity-tracker data indicatesEven light activity such as household chores might help to keep the brain young, researchers say, adding to a growing body of evidence that, when it comes to exercise, every little bit helps.The findings mirror upcoming guidance from the UK chief medical officers, and existing US guidelines, which say light activity or very short bouts of exercise are beneficial to health – even if it is just a minute or two a...
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Scientists use 3D imaging to help model complex processes performed by placenta

New three-dimensional imaging of the human placenta has been developed to help understand the reasons for fetal growth restriction - a condition which affects thousands in the UK alone.
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Soylent now sells solid snack bars

Soylent is leaving liquids behind as it journeys deeper into the packaged food business with a selection of snack sized bars. The 100 calorie bar has 5 grams of plant protein, 36 nutrients and probiotics for digestive health. Snack bars come in three flavors — chocolate brownie,  citrus berry and salted caramel. It’s the second new product launch for Soylent this year. In January the company came out with a single sized version of its pre-packaged meal replacement shakes called the “Soylent B...
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New Virtual Reality Therapy game could offer relief for patients with chronic pain, mobility issues

A Virtual Reality Therapy game which could introduce relief for patients suffering from chronic pain and mobility issues has been developed by a team of UK researchers.
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Even moderate intake of red meat raises cancer risk, study finds

People more or less keeping to NHS guidelines at higher risk than those who eat littleEating even the moderate amounts of red and processed meat sanctioned by government guidelines increases the likelihood of developing bowel cancer, according to the largest UK study of the risks ever conducted.The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) suggests anyone who eats more than 90g of red or processed meat per day should try to cut down to 70g or less, because of the known link with bowel cancer. ...
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New EZ-2 evaporator for clinical biochemistry sample preparation

SP Scientific’s Genevac EZ-2 Centrifugal Evaporator is providing the Clinical Biochemistry department at a leading UK hospital with a reliable, easy-to-use method of preparing clinical samples ready for testing.
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Study shows improvements in cardiovascular risk for women developing Type 2 diabetes despite prescription bias

A Diabetes UK-funded study suggests that Type 2 diabetes leads to a smaller increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease for women today than it has done in the past.
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Lab Innovations receives prestigious ‘Best Trade Show’ Exhibition News award

Lab Innovations, the UK’s only trade show dedicated to the laboratory industry, is delighted to announce that it has won the prestigious ‘Best Trade Show’ Exhibition News award.
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New Innovate UK funded project aims to develop biodegradable stents

A £1.1 million project to develop biodegradable stents for patients with severe vascular disease, which affects around one million people in the UK, has started thanks to Innovate UK funding.
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Penny Mordaunt says UK will defend abortion rights amid global pushback

Development secretary vows government will ‘hold a strong line’, after attempts by Trump administration to weaken commitmentsBritain’s international development secretary has promised to stand firm in her support for abortion rights in the face of growing opposition.Speaking at an event hosted by the Canadian embassy on Monday, Penny Mordaunt said: “Leadership means not shying away from issues like safe abortion when the evidence shows us these services will save women’s lives.” Continue reading...
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Pesticides and antibiotics polluting streams across Europe

Wildlife and human health are threatened say scientists as Syngenta accepts ‘undeniable demand’ for changePesticides and antibiotics are polluting streams across Europe, a study has found. Scientists say the contamination is dangerous for wildlife and may increase the development of drug-resistant microbes.More than 100 pesticides and 21 drugs were detected in the 29 waterways analysed in 10 European nations, including the UK. A quarter of the chemicals identified are banned, while half of the s...
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New computer-aided model could help identify early symptoms of sepsis

Can a computer-aided model predict life-threatening sepsis? A model developed in the UK that uses routinely collected data to identify early symptoms of sepsis, published in CMAJ, shows promise.
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Mother of girl with epilepsy has supply of medical cannabis confiscated

Campaigner Emma Appleby was stopped with £4,500 worth of cannabis oil for her daughterThe mother of a severely epileptic nine-year-old girl has had an illegal supply of medical cannabis confiscated by customs officials after she attempted to enter the UK with the potentially life-saving medication that her daughter cannot access, despite changes in the law.Campaigner Emma Appleby flew to the UK from Holland on Saturday morning with her partner Lee carrying three months’ worth of cannabis oil, va...
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Screen time has little effect on teenagers' wellbeing, says study

Researchers found screen use before bedtime to be unrelated to mental health problemsScreen time has little effect on the psychological wellbeing of teenagers, regardless of whether they use devices for hours a day or just before bedtime, according to a study by researchers at Oxford University.The research, based on analysis of the screen use of more than 17,000 teenagers across Ireland, the US and the UK, found use of screens before bedtime was completely unrelated to psychological wellbeing, ...
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Even low alcohol consumption is bad news for strokes – study

Moderate drinking of one or two glasses a day does not protect against stroke, say researchersA low level of alcohol consumption does not protect against stroke, new research suggests, in the latest blow to the idea that a few drinks can be beneficial to health.At least 100,000 people have strokes in the UK every year, according to recent figures. It had been thought that low levels of alcohol consumption might have a protective effect against stroke, as well as other diseases and conditions. No...
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Low booze consumption does not protect people from strokes, study finds

Moderate drinking of one or two glasses a day does not protect against stroke, say researchersA low level of alcohol consumption does not protect against stroke, new research suggests, in the latest blow to the idea that a few drinks can be beneficial to health.At least 100,000 people have strokes in the UK every year, according to recent figures. It had been thought that low levels of alcohol consumption might have a protective effect against stroke, as well as other diseases and conditions. No...
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Social media bosses could be liable for harmful content, leaked UK plan reveals

Exclusive: Long-awaited government white paper proposes regulator to enforce duty of care and fine offendersSocial media executives could be held personally liable for harmful content distributed on their platforms, leaked plans for a long-awaited government crackdown obtained by the Guardian reveal.There has been growing concern about the role of the internet in the distribution of material relating to terrorism, child abuse, self-harm and suicide, and ministers have been under pressure to act....
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HPV immunization has "wiped out cases of cervical pre-cancer" in Scotland

In the UK, the routine vaccination of young girls has virtually eradicated new cases of cervical cancer associated with human papilomavirus. Researchers said the vaccine has nearly wiped out cases of cervical pre-cancer in young women since an immunisation programme was introduced 10 years ago. They found the vaccine had led to a 90% cut in pre-cancerous cells. And they said the effects of the programme had "exceeded expectations". Over the last decade, schoolgirls across the UK have routinely r...
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Study reveals a revolutionary way to treat eye injuries, prevent blindness

New research led by scientists at Newcastle University, UK reveals a potential revolutionary way to treat eye injuries and prevent blindness - by softening the tissue hosting the stem cells which then helps repair wounds, inside the body.
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New project to develop prototype diagnostic tool for early detection of Lyme disease

Unitive Design & Analysis are the sole UK contributors to a three year translational project to develop a prototype Point of Care Diagnostic tool to address the growing problem of Lyme disease.
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New guidance on use of valproate in women, girls of child bearing age with epilepsy published

New guidance to support regulations around the use of valproate in women and girls of child bearing age with epilepsy has been published by specialists from 13 UK healthcare bodies including seven Royal Colleges.
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New analysis shows one person is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes every three minutes

New analysis by Diabetes UK has shown that one person is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes every three minutes in England and Wales.
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Psychiatrists to ask children about time spent online

Psychiatrists in the UK are being encouraged to ask children about their time spent online, as part of routine assessments for mental health issues.
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Call for UK to ban patients travelling to China for 'organ tourism'

Forty MPs back effort before inquiry into allegations of forced organ harvestingUK patients should be banned from travelling to China for transplant surgery, the government has been told, before an inquiry into allegations of forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience.The call has so far been backed by 40 MPs from all parties before the next session of the independent China tribunal, which is investigating claims that detainees are being targeted by the regime. China dismisses the alle...
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'We' seem to be forgetting...

... that in in the Western Europe, measles causes death in about 1 in 5000 cases, but as many as 1 in 100 will die in the poorest regions of the world. ... that worldwide, measles is still a major cause of death, especially among children in resource-poor countries. In 2016 about 90,000 people died of measles. This was the first year on record when global measles deaths fell below 100,000 a year. However, in 2017 global measles deaths rose by over 20% to 110,000 deaths - over 300 deaths a day....
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Sepsis research in quest for treatments focuses on role of genes

Scientists say the study could help identify those most vulnerable to sepsis, which kills more than 50,000 people in the UK each year and is the leading preventable cause of death worldwide.
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Sitting for long durations linked to premature deaths

A new study has found that thousands of premature deaths are occurring in the UK due to the long hours people spend sitting down. The study results were published in the latest issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
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