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The wonders of CBD's

CBD's have changed the lives of many. Including myself and my wife. They are now legal in all 50 states. The best deal I have found is 3000mg for $149 @ CBD's are great for pain, insomnia and many, many other things. CBD's, unlike pot, has NO THC and does NOT get you high in any way. My great nephew has been having seizures since birth. Over 100 per month. I have turned many people onto CBD's with great results, but this beats them all. Since his first dose of CBD's he has had ZERO...
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Apple a day

An apple a day does seem to work for me. Any other easy health tips work for you? I try to drink a gallon of water per day. Up north thats a lot even during summer, flavoring with some lemon helps get it down and is good for kidney stones.
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Reuse insulin syringe?

I have reused insulin syringes for quite a while with no ill effects, its common practice. No sanitizing, just cap needle and don't let it touch anything. You should be careful and stop if you notice any injection site changes, i never have. Just keep things clean. I have not reused pen needles because they are exposed with no cap on one end after use. However googling i see people do reuse pen needles. That said, while syringes and needles are reusable they are a minor cost in insulin treatm...
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National Center for Biotechnology Information

I was on a medical website that said supplements cannot control glucose only medications can. So I googled supplements for glucose control and got several hits. NCBI is a good website that doesn't insult your intelligence.
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Crossing border with rx I have never had problems crossing with rx drugs though once i was pulled out for secondary screening. It is unofficial policy to allow you to pass with a 90 day supply of personal rx drugs, I get humalog insulin for under 1/10th the us price in Canada. In the border wall bill of over 1,000 pages this would become law and official. Only a few pages deal with border crossing and the word wall is not mentioned.
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Crazyclue and cotton/nylon

Just accidentally encountered something I had never heard of before. So I cut my finger and opted to try a few of my preps to experiment small wound closure.. lol Well I got a surprise. So I tried one of my dehydrated "magic towels" that I assume would get some blood on them and be usable as gauze. Ok so far so good, but then I decided to try to close the cut with some ethyl-cyano-2-acrylate (yes toxic) none the less, I wrapped the magic towel in the crazy glue that was hardening to my skin........
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So you're Pro-Life yet you get vaccinated?

KING OF VACCINES COMES CLEAN! The world's leading authority on vaccines details the use of aborted babies in vaccines, while under oath.
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Help me consider surgery options

Should I have a currently relatively elective gallbladder removal surgery or wait and see? What would you do? Background: I've had 1 and probably 2 gallstone attacks. These are extraordinarily painful, and possibly life threatening without medical care. If a stone gets lodged and blocks bile ducts, could create serious liver or pancreas problems, infections, etc. Surgery now while not inflamed is a 2 out of 5 complicated, with low risk of complication and minimal scaring. Totally covered b...
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Cleaning for mrsa Many are now carrying mrsa in their nose, a new cleaning protocol helps prevent infection. This is for patients but i know health professionals that are carriers. Recently there was an article on a woman who was paralyzed from mrsa spread by a nose piercing.
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Anyone Here Use a Fitbit?

I recently got a Fitbit Charge 3 and have finally gotten around to setting it up, installing the app on my phone, etc. I was just wondering if anyone else here has any experience with using one of these things, and can offer any advice? Being full-time military, I used to run regularly and was in reasonably good shape for my age. Then I had ankle surgery in 2018 and could not walk at all for a few months, I had to get around on one of those knee scooters. Then after that I was restricted to clom...
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Over The Counter Insulin

So I saw this floating around Facebook and it seems that it is indeed true that you can go into Walmart and buy insulin over the counter for $25 with a few caveats. Didn’t see it posted in this section and thought it might be of interest to everyone as a storable barter item or even people who this might be a viable alternative for. I know how we all feel about snopes but in this case their article sums it up pretty well: Sent from my iPho...
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Seniors losing muscle mass

As a senior now, :( I have noticed the loss of strength and mobility I used to have. Although, I cut firewood, garden, landscape, tinker with hobbies, & etc. it doesn't seem to help. Having researched the methods to which I need to maintain and/or increase my muscle mass and power, I plan to start a slow regumate of upper body exercises. Maybe, get a treadmill or a schwinn air bike for lower body exercises. What do you do?
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Chuck Norris' Total Gym?

Ole Chuck is almost 79 years old. Says he still works out on his Total Gym; for 40 years now. Anyone own his gym? Reviews? $14.95?? I wonder what the real total cost is?
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question about sleep aids

Either natural,OTC,or perscribed..does it change your dreaming? I'm getting older,and it seems like I dream a lot more.Not nightmares,just ordinary situations,but they seem a lot more realistic the last 4-5 years.Feels like I'm actually doing the things in my dreams. For example,changing a car tire.I go thru all the steps..getiing the jack and stands from the garage,blocking the tires,just doing everything step by step,like in real life.Kinda leaves me worn out mentally when I wake up. I've a...
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Omega 3

The fish vitamins and does it really work and how long to regulate your cholesterol once it's in your system
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While I realize the current storm is considered a disaster in most of the country, here in Wyoming it is a blessing. We LOVE it!! Watch and enjoy.
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Just tried blood ozone treatment

Hashimoto's, low T, mitochondrial dysfunction, RNP antibodies and what ever else I have, has morphed into extreme exercise intolerance and fatigue. Cleveland clinic ran all sorts of tests and came up short. Just the usual borderline low cortisol. My Primary care doc suggested blood ozone treatment, he claims it has been shown helpful to Hashimoto's. This particular treatment is where they pump about 200ml of blood into a bottle (IV in arm) , add a little heparin to prevent clotting, inject O2 a...
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"Vaccines distributed in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana causing infections"

Quote: The vaccine you received for the flu, whooping cough or hepatitis A might not work. And on top of that, it might have actually infected you.
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Advice on stomach/gut issue

I'm some great advice on the natural BP question, thought I'd try another. Some wise alternative medicine people on here :-) Hope it helps others, not only me. So I've had a mystery going on for a few years, started with loose bowels.....Family Dr suggested trying a Gluten free diet and it helped....somewhat and for a while. I still eat GF because I like it and it's healthier. But I have been GF now for a couple months and have the exact same problems.... Then a year ago the sto...
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anyone on Enbrel for R.A.?

hello everybody! im a medical nightmare thats just about 50 yrs old. I have many diagnosis and have been treated for many issues. seronegative R.A. Fibromyalgia diabetes high blood pressure severe peripheral neuropathy Surgeries for Descending Aortic Aneurysm with Left Subclavian involvement and pseudocoarctation of the aorta reduced lung function - O2 at home Severe sleep apnea (109/hour) CPAP left knee mostly bone on bone left elbow rebuilt left shoulder surgery emergency...
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Anyone Beachbody Workouts ?

Anyone here done ANY of Beachbody's workouts? I did Insanity a few summers ago and had I kept a decent diet I would have gotten better results. I did notice changes but not enough to brag about. I'm thinking about doing P90 or Insanity again, this time being able to stick to a nutrition plan. Any experiences to share?
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Celox A applicater

I was wanting to know if half to be in the millitary ,police,or a EMT to purchase this item . If Celox A is available to the public where in the U.S. is the place to order it from Sent from my LGL158VL using Tapatalk
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Supplements for Glucose Control

My morning glucose level was slightly increased, running consistently around 110-121. It had on occasion been as high as 131. I had brought it down to the lower level by taking 400mcg of chromium picolinate x3 per day and a tsp of cinnamon x1 per day. I read a NCBI report on berberine and decided to give it a try. After taking berberine HCL 500mg x2 daily for 4 days my glucose levels on the past 3 days have dropped by ≅ 10 points. The NCBI report also suggests that berberine may lower A1C by ≅...
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Do you know whats in Spam you may have stockpiled?

I now know why I never liked Spam. I just found a video about 10 things you'll never buy again. :eek: I hope this is the right place to put this. It has to do with health. Tried to delete this and put it in the Food and Water category but it won't delete, help please?
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Condi's crystals This stuff is as cheap as chips and worth its weight in gold.
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in hospital 3 days

went to dr. with what I thought bad allergy spell. diagnosed with flu and allergies, rxd Medrol pack Zithromax (which I elected to hold off on). began to feel terrific until day 3. long story short...had pneumonia! scary stuff! the vaccine did not help. also had a heart murmur and very high bp plus iron and b12 deficiencies. home 4 days with o2 and feeling grand. do get that pneumonia vaccine prevna
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Does anyone have a walk-in bath tub?

I've finally decided to buy one. I'll have it installed as it's beyond my DIY abilities. I've decided on an American Standard 60"x30" with a quick draining system, 8 water jets and 21 air jets. I've wanted one of these for a while now, and am finally going to buy it. I'm hoping it helps with my pain issue. If nothing else, it will hold a lot of water if TSHTF and I need to store water.;)
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What's in your IFAK/AFAK?

Just as an intro... I had a "traditional" first aid kit (I think I got it from Sportsmans or Cabelas or something) and realized that, while it looked cool and nifty, in this yellow belt loop bag, was mainly a box of 3rd rate chinese specials, with no substance. So I started to do a little research, and found that there were much better alternatives on the market - ones that would actually deal with major, life threatening stuff (and STILL have room for bandaids and neosporin). The one I set...
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Quick clot combat gauze expiration?

I have the understanding that Quick clot combat gauze has an expiration date. Does anybody know how effective the hemostatic agent is past expiration or what exactly "expires" if its not that. I see it for a heavily discounted price on ebay for the expired stuff and they claim it is still effective. What say you?
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Eye twitch after a fall

I am in my 30's. Yesterday at work I was working much harder than usual, for most of the day I was winded from working hard. I slipped on ice and fell(pretty gently, didn't hurt anything). When I stood up and got back to work I was light headed and seeing spots for maybe 10 minutes(I have never seen spots like that before and don't know what it was) After work yesterday and all day today anytime I sit relatively still my right eye starts twitching. At this point I am assuming it will go awa...
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