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Forerunner’s Eurie Kim and Oura’s Harpreet Rai discuss betting on consumer hardware

There’s a stark contrast between Oura’s deck and the others we pored through on Extra Crunch Live. The slides CEO Harpreet Rai brought to the event were the clear output of a more mature and confident company seeking out its Series B. It’s a company with a focus, aware of where it wants the product to go and do (and it went there, announcing a massive followup round on Tuesday). Then there’s that giant image of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with the company’s smart ring adorning Harry’s right ...
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Fitness ring maker Oura raises $100M

It’s been a wild couple of years for Oura. Last year, in particular, proved to be a major driver for the wearable fitness manufacturer. With the pandemic bringing professional sports to a screeching halt in 2020, a number of major leagues have adopted the ring, including the NBA, WNBA, UFC and NASCAR. The company has also been making a major push into health research courtesy of UCSF, which has published peer-review studies around the ring’s temperature monitor. That feature in particular has ma...
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OnePlus unveils its smartwatch, and Wear OS is nowhere to be seen

Well before the rumors, we knew this day was coming. After several generations of smartwatches and a handful of headphones, the smartwatch was the next logical step for OnePlus. At today’s big launch event, the company made its first major wearable official, sporting the decidedly pared-down name, OnePlus Watch. As the title implies, the smartwatch is not a particularly flashy one. It has a minimalist design and, at $159, a price to match. What’s perhaps most interesting here is the operating sy...
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Are Wearables Accurate at Detecting Calorie Burn?

It’s easy to attribute omnipotence to one’s devices. I’d hate to know what my iPhone knows about me. That said, there are still aspects of existence that Silicon Valley has yet to quantify (though not, I’m sure, for lack of trying). Calorie-burn might be one of these. While countless apps/devices profess to track it…Read more...
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Amazon’s body-scanning Halo fitness band is now available to everyone in the US

Given all of the…feedback Amazon has received, it’s hard to believe the Halo wasn’t widely available until today. Announced in late-August, the product has been offered in “early access” to invited users. That changes today, however, as the product opens to everyone in the U.S. The band runs $100, a price that includes six months of membership. It was probably inevitable that the company would launch a fitness product, though Amazon’s behind the curve as far as form factors go. Smartwatches h...
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India’s drug regulator grants medical device registration to three GOQii devices

India’s apex drug regulator has granted medical device registration to three wearable devices from GOQii, the California-based fitness technology company. These devices offer measurements of body temperature and a pulse oximeter, as well as of vitals such as Electrocardiography (ECG), blood pressure, and heart-rate, among other things. Wearables Smart Vital, Vital 3.0, and Vital ECG have received an approval for registration from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO). While t...
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Amazon’s Echo Buds get new fitness tracking features

I wasn’t super impressed when I reviewed the Echo Buds around this time last year, but Amazon’s first shot at Alexa-powered fully wireless earbuds was passable. And while they’ve already been on the market for a while now, the company’s continuing to deliver some key updates, including today’s addition of new fitness features. Say “Alexa, start my workout” with the buds in, and they’ll begin logging steps, calories, distance, pace and duration of runs. Like many new software additions, thi...
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Sure Petcare Animo – Lifelong Activity Tracker & Behavior Monitor For Dogs Review Learn more about what makes your dog unique Animo uses an adaptive algorithm that learns, interprets and gives you facts that are specific to your dog. This changes throughout your dog’s life, so you can understand more about your pet as they get older. Receive alerts of significant changes in behavior Animo sends alerts if your dog begins to show significant changes in behavior including barking, scratching and shaking. You can also discover long term changes in your dog’...
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Kegg, a connected fertility tracker and kegel trainer for women, launches out of beta

Fertility tracking has seen an explosion of startup activity in recent years. Femtech startup Lady Technologies is adding to this rich mix with the full U.S. launch of a dual-purpose device, called kegg, that’s designed to measure hormonal changes in a woman’s cervical fluid to help her determine the chance of conception on a given day. The egg-shaped gizmo, which features a gold-plated steel cap and band ringing its tip, as well as a silicone tail to house its Bluetooth radio (so it can chat to...
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Low-cost fitness bands see a resurgence in interest amid the pandemic

While wearable fitness devices saw an uptick in shipments in North America for Q2, the overall dollar amount of the market remained steady, according to new numbers out of Canalys. The discrepancy can be chalked up to a decline in the average selling price of the products. Continuing an overall trend for 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased interest in wearable devices, as consumer look to both monitor their health and track step counts, as mass closing have made many more sedentary. Perhap...
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LG is releasing a ‘wearable air purifier’

Frankly, the most surprising thing about the PuriCare is that more tech companies haven’t launched a similar product in recent months. LG is showing it off as part of the upcoming IFA press conference in Berlin — though the company is opting for a virtual presence at this year’s show. There’s a lot going on in the press release for the “wearable air purifier.” As it notes, “LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier resolves the dilemma of homemade masks being of inconsistent quality and disposal masks b...
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Amazon Unveils 'Halo' Health and Fitness Wristband for $99.99 to Compete with Apple Watch

Amazon has today announced "Halo," a new wearable with health and fitness tracking capabilities, reports The Verge. The Amazon Halo wristband consists of a sensor module and a band that attaches to the top of it. The sensor contains an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a heart rate monitor, two microphones, an LED indicator light, and a button to turn the microphone on or off. The Halo offers a week-long battery life and a "swimproof" water resistance up to 5ATM. The device is compatible w...
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Fitbit intros the Versa 3 and Inspire 2

Fitbit’s big news for today was the launch of the Sense, a new, more premium smartwatch line designed to compete directly against the likes of Apple and Samsung. But Fitbit has never been one for solitary product launches. As such, two of its biggest lines are also getting key updates. First off is the Versa. The popular low-cost smartwatch played a key part in helping bring the company back from the edge. Almost a year to the day after the launch of the Versa 2, Fitbit’s back with a followup...
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Fitbit launches a $330 Apple Watch competitor

Fitbit would be the first to admit it was late to the smartwatch game. When it did finally launch a proper smartwatch with the Ionic, it was something of a misfire. But the Versa helped the wearable pioneer make up for some lost ground, courtesy of a solid, Android-compatible device at a good price. In fact — recent years have seen both Apple and Samsung exploring lower-cost alternatives to their own flagships, as these device become increasingly mainstream. Not to mention the fact that consu...
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Quell’s resistance-based workout can get you in shape by boxing virtual enemies

Quell is positioning itself as a kind of low-cost take on Peloton (less than 1/10th the price, it notes). You might too, if you were in the London-based startup’s place. With the stationary bike-maker’s value skyrocketing amid COVID-19 lockdowns, fitness startups are all the rage — heck, just look at Lululemon’s recent Mirror acquisition. A more apt comparison, however, is probably Ring Fit Adventure. The Switch-based peripheral is closer to Quell in terms of pricing, scale and experience. The s...
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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review

Samsung makes good smartwatches. The fact tends to get lost in discussions about a category that’s traditionally been so dominated by a single player. Things have shifted a bit of late, globally. Apple’s market share has slipped somewhat and Huawei and Samsung have been there to pick up some of the pieces. Here in the States, Huawei is less of a player for reasons that should be painfully obvious. Google’s Wear OS is — for now at least — a non-starter. Acquisition target Fitbit has made a dent w...
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UCLA Researchers Will Use Apple Gadgets in Study to Detect and Treat Depression

Identifying depression can be a tricky beast. However, UCLA researchers are collaborating with Apple in a three-year study to see if gadgets can help revolutionize how depression is detected and treated. Read more...
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The hype, haplessness and hope of haptics in the COVID-19 era

Devon Powers Contributor Devon Powers is an associate professor of advertising at Temple University and the author of "On Trend: The Business of Forecasting the Future." David Parisi Contributor David Parisi is an associate professor at the College of Charleston and author of "Archaeologies of Touch: Interfacing with Haptics from Electricity to Computing." In March, Brooklynite Jeremy Cohen achieved minor intern...
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Google’s Fitbit deal could avoid EU antitrust probe by agreeing not to use health data for ads

Google announced its plans to acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion back in November. As of this writing, the deal has yet to go through, courtesy of all the usual regulatory scrutiny that occurs any time one large company buys another. EU regulators are often a key hurdle for these sorts of deals, and this time it may be no different. Citing “people familiar with the matter,” Reuters notes that Google may be facing down some scrutiny in the form of an EU antitrust investigation if it doesn’t make...
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NASA’s JPL open-sources an anti-face-touching wearable to help reduce the spread of COVID-19

There are some wearables out there in the world that are making claims around COVID-19 and their ability to detect it, prevent it, certify that you don’t have it and more. But a new wearable device from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory might actually be able to do the most to prevent the spread of COVID-19 — and it’s not really all that technically advanced or complicated. JPL’s PULSE wearable uses 3D-printed parts and readily available, affordable electronic components to do just one thing: ...
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Wearable growth slowed — but not stopped — by pandemic

Growth in the wearable sector has taken a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to other hardware categories like smartphones and PCs, however, the space actually fared reasonable well. According to new projections from ABI Research, device shipments are expected to be up 5% year-over-year in 2020. Global PC shipments set to drop 7% in 2020 That single digit growth is, however, significantly less than the 17% predicted for the year — not to mention the 23% it saw between 2018 and 2...
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GOQii launches wearable that measures body temperature

Health startup GOQii has launched a new wearable that measures body temperature — a key symptom of COVID-19. Priced at Rs 3,999, the wearable — Vital 3.0 — can measure and record the user’s body temperature every 3-4 minutes, and will soon be available on Amazon and Flipkart. How it works: A sensor located at the bottom […] ...
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UK femtech startup Astinno, which is working on a wearable to combat hot flushes, picks up grant worth $450k

London-based femtech hardware startup Astinno has picked up an Innovate UK grant worth £360k ($450k) to fund further testing of a wearable it’s developing for women experiencing a perimenopause symptom known as hot flushes. The sensor-packed device, which it’s calling Grace, is being designed to detect the onset of a hot flush and apply cooling to a woman’s wrist to combat the reaction — in a process it likens to running your wrists under a cold tap. The aim is for algorithmically triggered c...
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Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch app reminds you to wash your damn hands, dummy

A few months ago, the idea of a hand-washing app would have seemed trivial, at best. We’re all adults here, right? We’ve been washing our hands our entire lives. But things change. It’s mid-April and we’re afraid to go outside and engage with other humans — and thorough hand-washing is one of very few tools we have in our collective arsenal. Life, am I right? According to Samsung, “a small group of designers and developers from Samsung Research Institute-Bangalore, or SRI-B’s UX and weara...
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All the startups threatened by iOS 14’s new features

Fitness, wallpaper, and lost item-finding startups could have a big new competitor baked into everyone’s iPhones. Leaks of the code from iOS 14 that Apple is expected to reveal in June signal several new features and devices are on the way. Startups could be at risk due to Apple’s ability to integrate these additions at the iOS level, instantly gain an enormous install base and offer them for free or cheap, as long as they boost sales of its main money maker, the iPhone. It’s unclear if all o...
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Immutouch wristband buzzes to stop you touching your face

In the age of coronavirus, we all have to resist the urge to touch our faces. It’s how the virus can travel from doorknobs or other objects to your mucus membranes and get you sick. Luckily, a startup called Slightly Robot had already developed a wristband to stop another type of harmful touching — trichotillomania, a disorder that compels people to pull out their hair. So over the last week, Slightly Robot redesigned their wearable as the Immutouch, a wristband that vibrates if you touch your f...
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Apple Watch 6 Could Reportedly Get Support for Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Thanks in part to a wealth of health monitoring features, . Now for the upcoming Apple Watch 6, it appears Apple is working on adding support for blood oxygen monitoring. Read more...
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The Apple Watch hits the gym with Connected program

Wrist-worn fitness trackers tend to do a fine job when exercising outdoors. For those glued to gym equipment, however, things get trickier. GPS can’t really do its job detecting distances, and machines like the elliptic tend to be even trickier. Recent generations of the Apple Watch and WatchOS have worked to bridge the gap, with more sophisticated workout detection and the addition of GymKit in 2017. With the latter, Apple started working with equipment manufactures to ditch the 30-pin iPod...
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Maybe We Shouldn't Go Bananas Over Smart Contacts Just Yet

Imagine plopping a contact lens in your eye, and instead of just seeing better, you could see an enhanced view of your environment. That’s what Mojo Vision is saying their new prototype smart contact lens could do. Eventually. It sounds like a concept straight out of a sci-fi movie. But whereas anything is possible in…Read more...
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