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Got a minute? Global attention span is narrowing, study reveals

Research combed from everything from movie tickets to social media finds more to focus on but less time to do soIt’s just as you suspected; the information age has changed the general attention span. A recently published study from researchers at the Technical University of Denmark suggests the collective global attention span is narrowing due to the amount of information that is presented to the public. Released Monday in Nature Communications Scientific Journal, the study shows people now have...
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"There are three types of boredom, all of which involve problems of engagement of attention."

"These include times when we are prevented from engaging in wanted activity, when we are forced to engage in unwanted activity, or when we are simply unable for no apparent reason to maintain engagement in any activity or spectacle. Boredom proneness is a tendency to experience boredom of all types. This is typically assessed by the Boredom Proneness Scale.... People ranked low on a boredom-proneness scale were found to have better performance in a wide variety of aspects of their lives, includi...
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Medical students improve Wikipedia articles on skin-related diseases

A group of medical students recruited to improve Wikipedia articles on skin-related diseases, saw millions more views of those stories following their editing, highlighting the value of expert input on the popular web encyclopedia.
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Improving the Quality of Consumer Health Information on Wikipedia: Case Series

Background: Wikipedia is one of the most consulted health resources in the world. Since the public is using health information from Wikipedia to make health care decisions, improving the quality of that health information is in the public interest. The open editable content design of Wikipedia and quality control processes in place provide an opportunity to add high-value, evidence-based information and take an active role in improving the health care information infrastructure. Objective: The a...
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Why I took a break from Facebook?

You're reading Why I took a break from Facebook?, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Facebook, a social networking platform founded by Mark Zuckerberg has around 2.2 billion monthly active users as of January 2018 (source Wikipedia). I joined Facebook in October 2007, and I was compulsively posting every minute detail of my life. From birthday wishes to photo albums with my friends...
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YouTube demonetizes anti-vaccination videos

YouTube will demonetize channels that promote anti-vaccination views, after a report by BuzzFeed News found ads, including from health companies, running before anti-vax videos. The platform will also place a new information panel that links to the Wikipedia entry on “vaccine hesitancy” before anti-vax videos. Information panels (part of YouTube’s efforts to combat misinformation) about the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine had already appeared in front of anti-vaccination videos that...
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"'I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone,' she explained, 'they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina.'"

"She was laying out why she didn’t have a partner, why she worried about the depletion of artistic energy that stripping bare in front of someone could precipitate. 'I’m lonely when I’m in relationships,' she continued. 'It’s my condition as an artist.'... There it was, in black and white: Dating could sap you. There it was: If you want to be your fullest self, it’s possible a partner will weigh you down...."From "How Lady Gaga convinced me to give up dating — and finish my book" by Anna Maxymiw...
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The Most Influential Medical Journals According to Wikipedia: Quantitative Analysis

Background: Wikipedia, the multilingual encyclopedia, was founded in 2001 and is the world’s largest and most visited online general reference website. It is widely used by health care professionals and students. The inclusion of journal articles in Wikipedia is of scholarly interest, but the time taken for a journal article to be included in Wikipedia, from the moment of its publication to its incorporation into Wikipedia, is unclear. Objective: We aimed to determine the ranking of the most cit...
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When Is It the Better Part of Valor to Keep Your Mouth Shut?

Opinions abound on topics ranging from politics to religion, from relationships to climate change. Conversations no longer just happen around the water cooler at work. With the advent of social media, sharing those beliefs is as easy as tapping fingers on keyboard and pressing “post.” There was a time when the “taboo subjects” of sex, religion, and death were simply not discussed in polite company. These days, the gloves are off and we go at it with gusto, daring to strike back at anyone who...
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Survival and Austere Medicine book - comments and feedback

Just thought I would jump in here. Please take this as seperate from the ‘discussions’ between RR and Borskill and this is just a discussion about the Austere and Survival Medicine book. I appreciate there is some metaphorical bad blood, but I just wanted to have a seperate more academic conversation around Borskills criticisms without the heat. I am one of the MD authors of the book - I have spent a good chunk of my working life in the third world and other austere places. The book has been a l...
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How the President’s Communication Style Is Like That of an Abusive Parent

Abuse is defined as, “the improper usage or treatment of an entity, often to unfairly or improperly gain benefit. Abuse can come in many forms, such as: physical or verbal maltreatment, injury, assault, violation, rape, unjust practices, crimes, or other types of aggression.”1 The more I hear the president speak, the more he presents as an abusive parent, with name-calling, threats and bullying hurled at those who disagree with his policies and public persona. The intention is to control through...
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The idea and the visual images of making soap from liposuctioned human fat is already there in the book and movie "Fight Club," so...

... is it anything at all for an artist to actually do it — make the soap and even sell what is actually usable soap?Vice tells us that the artist, Julian Hetzel, is Dutch and got his human fat from plastic surgeons in the Netherlands and that the final soap product only has 10% human fat. The artist clumsily instructs us about the intended meaning of his product (which is called Schuldfabrik):"We decided to work with fat as a material that represents guilt or that contains guilt and to understa...
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They idea and the visual images of making soap from liposuctioned human fat is already there in the book and movie "Fight Club," so...

... is it anything at all for an artist to actually do it — make the soap and even sell what is actually usable soap?Vice tells us that the artist, Julian Hetzel, is Dutch and got his human fat from plastic surgeons in the Netherlands and that the final soap product only has 10% human fat. The artist clumsily instructs us about the intended meaning of his product (which is called Schuldfabrik):"We decided to work with fat as a material that represents guilt or that contains guilt and to understa...
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Prostate cancer screening campaigns are giving men the finger

Fifty years ago, in a golden moment of television comedy shows, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In program regularly featured “The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate” award.  Wikipedia says it “recognized actual dubious achievements by public individuals or institutions.” Do a Google search.  You’ll quickly see how popular this award became. Yes, I’m dating myself by going back 50 years.  But mine is the generation that often becomes obsessed with being given “the finger” by doctors for digital rectal exams (D...
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Precision Peer Support: 5 Questions With Pouria Mojabi, Supportiv

Many brands in the healthcare space are tackling mental health, hoping to find the solution to this under-addressed health concern. From digital solutions to wearables to new therapies, companies are looking to bridge the gaps in traditional care and help people from slipping through the cracks. Like any specialized care within the broad scope of health, mental health covers a lot of ground. While some people may need professional assistance, other people may find themselves just going through ...
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"The law of closure states that individuals perceive objects such as shapes, letters, pictures, etc., as being whole when they are not complete."

"Specifically, when parts of a whole picture are missing, our perception fills in the visual gap. Research shows that the reason the mind completes a regular figure that is not perceived through sensation is to increase the regularity of surrounding stimuli. For example, the figure that depicts the law of closure portrays what we perceive as a circle on the left side of the image and a rectangle on the right side of the image. However, gaps are present in the shapes. If the law of closure did no...
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What if the things you're doing for fun are, you realize, in fact, work?

The saddest thing about this question is that when I googled it, the top hits were advice to people who were stymied by the question, What do you do for fun? Doing things for fun isn't an end in itself, but an intimidating line of inquiry en route to something else you want.So, from the eHarmony blog:Have you ever given your dates a blank stare when they asked, “What do you do for fun?” Yes, it sounds like the simplest of questions, but it can be the one of the most stressful to answer.Maybe you...
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James Dobson and Family Talk: Who Really Wrote These Articles?

On Thursday, I brought to you news about the website maneuvers of American Association of Christian Counselors president and owner Tim Clinton after psychology professor Aaron New called out unsourced material in one of his online devotionals. Dr. Clinton has been removing articles identified in my post and in one case an article has been removed from the website of his new organization James Dobson’s Family Talk Radio. This morning, I submit Family Talk’s web team may have some more work to do....
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Tim Clinton’s Bad History and Questionable Publishing (UPDATED)

(In the photo above, Tim Clinton is above Donald Trump’s head, to the right of V.P. Pence) UPDATE (8/10/18) – Since I posted this information, Dr. Clinton or someone acting for him has deleted most of the articles referred to below. Archived copies of those articles exist and I have added links to them below.  The post has been edited to reflect those changes. Via Twitter, I asked Clinton for comment without reply as yet. While it is appropriate to remove content, it would be right to comment an...
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Tim Clinton’s Bad History and Questionable Publishing

Oh my, you can find bad history in the strangest places. Knowing my interest in historical claims, a colleague pointed out this historical faux pas in an article by Tim Clinton, president and owner of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Dr. Clinton is also an advisor to President Trump.  Making this article of double interest is the lack of citation of the historical problem which is a problem according to the doctor’s  (1-880). The article is a brief tribute to the founders of Am...
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Why I Brush My Teeth With ‘Dirt’ When I Travel

I might be a bit “obsessive” when it comes to packing well. I enjoy a well-packed carry-on — one that’s not only light but also takes into account things like minimizing liquids. Which is how I came to start brushing my teeth with dirt — well, The Dirt — when I travel. Let me explain. For years, I’ve pared down my travel kit with the obsessiveness of a hoarder, but in reverse. It started when I was traveling the Caribbean and Mexico for two weeks every month. I decided to shave my head. This ...
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The Extreme Lazy Man Diet (Version 0.1)

It’s been a busy weekend. We had ALL the regular dogs we sit staying for the weekend. I don’t know why it was so busy, because the big Memorial Day holiday rush is this weekend. I took yesterday to get a TSA Pre-Check item off my to-do list that’s been there for months. It only took me 2 hours to make sure that I don’t have to wait 30 minutes at the airport. Seems like a good use of $85 if you fly a few times a year, especially with kids like us. Finally, I’m doing a lot of digital cleanin...
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Effects of Contributor Experience on the Quality of Health-Related Wikipedia Articles

Background: Consulting the Internet for health-related information is a common and widespread phenomenon, and Wikipedia is arguably one of the most important resources for health-related information. Therefore, it is relevant to identify factors that have an impact on the quality of health-related Wikipedia articles. Objective: In our study we have hypothesized a positive effect of contributor experience on the quality of health-related Wikipedia articles. Methods: We mined the edit history of a...
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Yes, Avicii’s death should be a wake-up call – and not just for EDM

The death of 28-year-old star producer/DJ Avicii comes as a shock to many. It’s also easy to reduce to another example of party world excess, or to say it’s just about big-money EDM and pop. But it should be a bigger wake up call than that. To me, the most alarming reaction I’ve heard from the electronic music world is, “oh, who’s that?” – not from people who genuinely don’t know, but from those who are making a show of pretending not to know. And the reason that should be unsettling is, it al...
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"Apparently, this is something the public needs to hear in 2016: Please stop drinking hand sanitizer."

"The common disinfectant is typically used on, well, hands. But a recent anecdote from a former Wells Fargo banker in an article in The New York Times, who claimed to drink it as a stress reliever, brought the issue into the national spotlight, the newspaper also reports. And earlier this month, it was parodied on 'Saturday Night Live,' when Emily Blunt's character needs to have her stomach pumped after downing hand sanitizer. Perplexing as it may seem, drinking the alcohol-based sanitizer appea...
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Physicians need a new attitude towards debt

I am continually running into people who are confused as to what constitutes debt when we are doing a makeover with their spending plans. Wikipedia defines debt as money owed by one party, the borrower or debtor, to a second party, the lender or creditor. I have clients who list out their accounts payable as personal debt. For example, they see the dentist, and he is going to send a $200 bill. When they get the bill, they plan to pay it in full. This is not debt, it is part of the ongoing expens...
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Genetics-based app could help you find true love

The first genetics-based dating app, called Pheramor, is expected to launch in 2018. The name is based on pheromones: founders say: "Genetic-based human attraction has to do with pheromones. And when we smell pheromones, what we're actually smelling is how diverse someone's immune system is compared to our own." "Evolution is very strong. So we're smelling each other, trying to figure out who is the best person to mate with. And that's what love at first sig...
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For some happy doctors, medicine is a hobby

“A hobby is an activity, interest, enthusiasm, or pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one’s own time.” – Wikipedia “A job is often defined as a regular activity pastime performed in exchange for payment.” – Wikipedia If you search “hobby” on Wikipedia, you’ll be presented with a lengthy list of the most common ones: everything from magic to beekeeping to vehicle restoration. But if you look at these “hobbies” closely, you may notice that any of those coul...
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Did medical school desensitize doctors to debt?

The high-pitched wail of the pneumatic saw cutting through the tibia, and the little bits of tissue the blade flung onto the surgeon’s gown were not enough to get to me the first time I saw a surgery, during my senior year in high school. It was the smell. Sliding down the wall in the corner of the operating room, wondering if lunch would stay put, I began to question my career choice. Certainly, no respectable doctor would almost pass out at the sights and smells of the operating room. No one e...
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Consumer Health-Related Activities on Social Media: Exploratory Study

Background: Although a number of studies have investigated how consumers use social media for health-related purposes, there is a paucity of studies in the Australian context. Objective: This study aimed to explore how Australian consumers used social media for health-related purposes, specifically how they identified social media platforms, which were used, and which health-related activities commonly took place. Methods: A total of 5 focus groups (n=36 participants), each lasting 60 to 90 minu...
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