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Black women in the UK four times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth

Disparity with white women shows need for action, doctors say, despite slight improvement in mortality rate Black women are still four times more likely than white women to die in pregnancy or childbirth in the UK, and women from Asian ethnic backgrounds face twice the risk, according to a new .The data shows a slight narrowing of the divide – found black women were five times more likely to die – but experts say that is statistically insignificant and not a sign of progress. Continue reading...
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Sexual harassment claims from "non-stereotypical women" seen as less credible

Sexual harassment is behavior characterized by the making of unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances.Results of a 2018 survey showed that 81% of women (and 43% of men) had experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime.According to a new study published by the American Psychological Association, women who do not fit female stereotypes for beauty are less likely to be seen as victims of sexual harassment, and if they claim they were harassed, they are less li...
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3 Things My Wife Needs Before Walking or Going to Gym

For the last couple of weeks, my wife and I have been going to the gym before getting sick. This wasn’t part of any New Year’s resolution, but more of a we’re getting old kind of thing. One day we are hoping to have at least one grandchild and we want to be as healthy as possible. One of the things we figured out is that you just don’t show up to the gym and workout. After the first day, we had to go and get some gear to make our visits to the gym great. It was fairly easy for me to find somet...
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US supreme court reinstates restrictions on abortion pill

Justices lift order that had suspended rule requiring in-person visits during Covid crisisCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe US supreme court has reinstated a requirement that women visit a hospital or clinic to obtain a drug used for medication-induced abortions, lifting an order by a lower court allowing the drug to be posted or delivered during the coronavirus pandemic.The justices granted a request by the Trump administration to lift a federal judge’s July order ...
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UK ministers face legal action over lack of abortion services in Northern Ireland

Exclusive: government accused of failing to ensure access more than a year after terminations legalisedNorthern Ireland’s human rights commission (NIHRC) has launched a landmark legal action against the UK government for its failure to commission safe and accessible abortion services more than a year after abortion was made legal in the country, the Guardian can reveal.The Northern Ireland secretary, Brandon Lewis, is accused of unlawfully denying the rights of women in the country, who experts ...
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Victory for Argentina’s women as abortion charges are dropped

Hundreds of criminal cases could be halted following landmark change in legislationArgentina has announced it will drop criminal charges against women accused of having abortions following the government’s historic decision to legalise the procedure. The announcement offers hope to the mostly poor and marginalised women facing criminal sanctions. But lingering problems such as obstetric violence and sexism in the justice system show the struggle for reproductive justice is not over, according to...
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Canada: activists sue province over refusal to fund abortions in private clinics

Lawsuit argues that New Brunswick’s refusal violates both the law and the Charter of Rights and FreedomsHuman rights activists in Canada have against the province of New Brunswick for its refusal to fund abortion services in private clinics – as they are in the rest of the country.The lawsuit suit filed on Thursday by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) argues that the refusal violates both the law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – Canada’s constitution. Continue reading...
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Argentina legalising abortion is a victory for women over the abuse of political power | Giselle Carino

The young Green Wave activists follow in the steps of the grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo in forcing changeThe women looked like my grandmothers, at least as I remember them. Every Thursday, they would sit on benches in the square, white headscarves covering their hair, and together they would wait or march. The scarves represented nappies, as if their children were still babies, whatever their age. They were the mothers – and later the grandmothers – of the Plaza de Mayo, in Buenos Aires, Arg...
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Study shatters the myth that BDSM is linked to early-life trauma

BDSM is a kind of sexual expression and/or practice that refers to three main subcategories: Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/submission, and Sadism/Masochism. It has been widely speculated that many BDSM practitioners or people who enjoy the BDSM lifestyle are drawn to it because of sexual trauma they experienced in the past. This 2020 study claims that BDSM practitioners deserve perception as normal sexual practice free from stigmatization rather than deviant behavior.BDSM is a kind of sexual exp...
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Argentina on brink of historic vote to legalise abortion

Senate to debate bill that would make it first major Latin American country to allow terminations Argentina is on the verge of making history as the first major Latin American country to legalise abortion.Its 72-member senate will convene on Tuesday to debate a bill that was approved by the lower house earlier this month to the delight of pro-choice activists. Continue reading...
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'We're going to save lives': aid groups look to end of Trump's 'global gag rule'

Joe Biden’s election as US president raises reproductive funding hopes – but some caution that reversing rule’s impact will not be quickNelly Munyasia breathed a huge sigh of relief when Joe Biden won the US election in November.“I am excited and I am hopeful that things are going to be better. We are going to access funding and we are going to save the lives of women and girls,” she says, before explaining how tough the past four years has been. Continue reading...
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Breastfeeding mothers will not be offered Covid vaccine, say regulators

Campaigners claim women face ‘impossible’ choice between feeding their child naturally or being inoculated against Covid-19Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageWomen’s rights and breastfeeding organisations are challenging government and NHS guidance that the groups say forces mothers to choose between feeding their infants in the way that they choose and protecting themselves from Covid by being vaccinated.The NHS website advises lactating mothers to wait until they have ...
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How does a pregnant woman get to hospital when there's no road? By stretcher ...

Women from the mountains of Uttarakhand in India have been guaranteed palanquins so that they can reach vital transport Narendra Kumar is going to become a father in early January. His wife, Kavita, became pregnant two months after they got married in February and since then he has been worrying about getting her to hospital when the time comes.It’s a steep three-kilometre walk along a narrow, unpaved mountain path through oak and rhododendron forests from their village of Gwalakot to the main r...
Tags: Health, India, Women, Pregnancy, World news, South and Central Asia, Global development, Maternal mortality, Maternal health, Nainital, Kavita, Narendra Kumar, Gwalakot

The Things Nobody Tells You About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding isn’t as simple as “baby plus nipple.” It can create a lot of unexpected biological quirks and emotional reactions, leaving many new parents blindsided. Here are some common breastfeeding experiences you may not have heard about, compiled by new moms and women’s health experts.Read more...
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Polish women travel abroad for abortions ahead of new law

Support services in Poland and abroad say numbers increasing even before legislation is in placePolish women are increasingly being forced to travel abroad to seek abortions even though a court ruling to tighten the country’s already strict laws has not yet coming into force, activists have said. The constitutional court ruled in October that abortion is illegal even in cases where there are severe foetal abnormalities. Around 1,000 abortions a year, almost all of the country’s legal abortion pr...
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The best women's multivitamins

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.A multivitamin is vital in making sure you get your daily fill of nutrients without having to take a roster of supplements.Our top pick, the , contains all the essentials like folate, calcium, magnesium, and probiotics, as well as enzymes to help you digest. Due to coronavirus, some of these products are quickly selling out or appearing at prices well above market retail. We're doing our best to keep this ...
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In ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ and beyond, chess holds up a mirror to life

If this use of chess to represent life feels familiar, it is largely thanks to the medieval world. As I argue in my book “Power Play: The Literature and Politics of Chess in the Late Middle Ages," the game's early European players turned the game into an allegory for society and changed it to mirror their world. Since then, poets and writers have used it as an allegory for love, duty, conflict and accomplishment. The game's medieval roots When chess arrived in Europe through Mediterranean trade ...
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Tina Turner: 'When I was in the zone, it was like I was flying'

She was a rock’n’roll powerhouse who electrified audiences worldwide. As Tina Turner releases a guide to happiness, she talks to playwright V (formerly Eve Ensler) about how she found the strength to overcome illness, abuse and tragedyThe first time I experienced Tina Turner in the flesh, I was a 16-year-old hippy chick doused in patchouli oil. I didn’t just see and hear Ms Turner sing Proud Mary at the Fillmore East in New York City – I felt her in every cell of my teenage body. I was transfixe...
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Human sexual desire: Is monogamy natural?

Depending on who you ask, monogamy is either essential to a successful marriage or it is unrealistic and sets couples up for failure. In this video, biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, psychologist Chris Ryan, former Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman, and psychotherapist Esther Perel discuss the science and culture of monogamy, the role it plays in making or breaking relationships, and whether or not humans evolved to have one partner at a time. "The bottom line is, for millions of yea...
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The 50 best films of 2020, No 10: Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Eliza Hittman’s devastatingly spare portrait of abortion access in the US is one of the most quietly powerful films of the year Follow our countdown of the 50 best films of 2020Never Rarely Sometimes Always, writer-director Eliza Hittman’s reticent, watchful film on two 17-year-old girls’ journey across state lines for an abortion, is about as opposite in tone to the incendiary, patronising anti-abortion movement in the US as one can get: understated, devastatingly spare, resonantly attuned to t...
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Should parents de-emphasize gender norms?

The idea that blue is for boys and pink is for girls plays out in gender reveals and in the toy aisle, but where does it come from and what limits is it potentially placing on children?Lisa Selin Davis traces the gendering of toys and other objects back to the 1920s and explains how, over time, these marketing strategies were falsely conflated with biological traits. The "pink-blue divide" affects boys and girls on a psychological level. For example, psychologists discovered that when girls exit...
Tags: Psychology, Family, Gender, Parenting, Children, Identity, Women, Society, Innovation, Men, Emotions, Self, Potential, Selin Davis

Smart parenting: 2 exercises that build confidence in girls

As the head of an all-girls school in Pennsylvania, Marisa Porges has dedicated her life to educating young women and preparing them for the future.Two things that parents can do at home to build confidence and nurture girls' ability to speak up according to Porges are to have them practice ordering for the family, and to encourage them to develop a pitch when making a request. Providing feedback on the pitch becomes more meaningful and memorable than simply saying yes or no.While this advice is...
Tags: Psychology, Family, Parenting, Children, Women, Hack, Pennsylvania, Innovation, Speech, Self, Introvert, Personal Growth, Porges, Marisa Porges

'Lives have been lost': Pregnant women in Zimbabwe forced to pay bribes when giving birth

Two women took Harare authorities to court to force them to reopen 42 maternity clinicsIn agonising labour pain and turned away from a Harare health centre, Aurage Katume feared that, like many other Zimbabwean women, she could lose her unborn baby.She struggled to another clinic in the country’s capital. The midwives there were not ready to help her either. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Africa, Women, World news, Global development, Zimbabwe, Maternal mortality, Maternal health, Infant and child mortality, Harare

Pro-choice supporters hold biggest-ever protest against Polish government

About 100,00o people take to the streets of Warsaw to oppose tightened abortion lawAbout one hundred thousand protesters took to the streets of the Polish capital, Warsaw, on Friday, in the largest demonstration of popular anger directed against Poland’s ruling rightwing Law and Justice party (PiS) since it assumed office in 2015.Protests have been held across the country since Poland’s constitutional tribunal declared earlier this month that abortions in instances where a foetus is diagnosed wi...
Tags: Health, Europe, Justice, Religion, Women, World news, Catholicism, Poland, Abortion, Warsaw, Europe Continue

Polish pro-choice protesters march against new law – in pictures

Pro-choice protesters marched in cities across Poland on Friday as public anger rose over a ruling banning almost all abortion in the country Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Europe, Photography, Women, World news, Poland, Abortion

Poland rules abortion due to foetal defects unconstitutional

Constitutional court’s ruling could pave way for governing PiS party to move ahead with legislative banPoland’s constitutional tribunal has ruled that abortion due to foetal defects is unconstitutional, rejecting the most common of the few legal grounds for pregnancy termination in the predominantly Catholic country.The chief justice, Julia Przyłębska, said in a ruling that existing legislation – one of Europe’s most restrictive – that allows for the abortion of malformed foetuses was “incompati...
Tags: Health, Europe, Human Rights, Law, Women, World news, Poland, Abortion, Catholic, Donald Tusk, Julia Przyłębska

Why mothers of tweens – not babies – are the most depressed

The joys of motherhood quite literally wax and wane over time. If you had to guess, you might think that one of the most trying times for mothers is bringing home a new baby, given the sleep deprivation and the adjustment that comes with taking care of an infant. But some might be surprised to learn that our latest research shows the most challenging period of mothering comes during children's middle-school years.We studied more than 2,200 mostly well-educated mothers with children ranging from ...
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Cleaning up: the social media stars making housework cool

Donning the Marigolds need not be a chore, according to a new breed of influencers who say cleaning is fun and aspirationalThere were fears that this autumn’s bumper crop of books would see some titles overlooked – but one volume definitely didn’t get brushed under the carpet. This Is Me by Sophie Hinchliffe, better known as the Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, was the runaway hit of Super Thursday on 1 October, fighting stiff competition from almost 800 other hardbacks published that day...
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Study: 75 percent of women executives have experienced imposter syndrome

A new survey found that three-fourths of women executives have experienced imposter syndrome and believe they put more pressure on themselves to succeed than men.Imposter syndrome was first identified in highly successful women in 1978.Imposter syndrome is a widespread phenomenon, but there are ways to ease the agony. Have you ever felt like a fraud? Like, everyone at the office treats you with respect and admires your hard work, but inside you feel artificial. It's as though you have no idea w...
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Nimco Ali calls for frank discussion on violence against women in UK

Campaigner gives first major interview after being appointed as government adviser on issueThe UK needs a frank conversation about the fear of male violence that women live with every day, according to the government’s new adviser on violence against women and girls.In her first major interview since her role was announced on Friday, the feminist campaigner Nimco Ali – who has been a key figure in the global fight to end female genital mutilation (FGM) – said she wanted to work across political,...
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