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Only empathy can break the cycle of violence in Israel-Palestine | Simon Baron-Cohen

I’ve spent my career studying empathy. It’s a vital first step in conflicts where both sides have dehumanised each otherEmpathy is all about imagining other minds, appreciating that different people have different perspectives, and responding to their thoughts and feelings with an appropriate emotion. After a career studying autism and the nature of empathy, I see empathy as one of our most valuable natural resources. It has particular promise as an approach to conflict resolution, one that has ...
Tags: Psychology, Politics, Israel, Society, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, Israel Palestine, Simon Baron Cohen

Dutch surgeon wins landmark 'right to be forgotten' case

Ruling will ensure doctors no longer judged by Google on fitness to practise, lawyer saysA Dutch surgeon formally disciplined for her medical negligence has won a legal action to remove Google search results about her case in a landmark “right to be forgotten” ruling.The doctor’s registration on the register of healthcare professionals was initially suspended by a disciplinary panel because of her postoperative care of a patient. After an appeal, this was changed to a conditional suspension unde...
Tags: Health, Google, Europe, Technology, Internet, Society, World news, Netherlands, Doctors, Right To Be Forgotten

Western lifestyles pose risk to migrants' health, says WHO report

Study finds new arrivals face increased risk of developing illnesses such as heart diseaseWestern culture and society pose more health risks to migrants and refugees than they do to host nations, according to a World Health Organization study.The first report on refugee and migrant health in the west by WHO Europe suggests new arrivals are at risk of falling ill while in transit to another country, but face further dangers when they arrive in a host nation because of unhealthy living conditions,...
Tags: Health, Europe, Society, World news, Migration, Refugees, World Health Organization

Action not words needed over biggest public health failure of our time: pneumonia | Larry Elliott

Global elite at Davos 2019 must do more than talk about real-world problemsDavos this year will be like Hamlet without the prince. Donald Trump was all set to be the star of the show for the second year running but has decided that giving a keynote address to a hall full of billionaires is politically problematical at a time when the US government is shut down.Emmanuel Macron is giving the World Economic Forum a miss for similar reasons. If you have been dubbed the president of the rich the last...
Tags: Health, Europe, Business, US, Economics, World news, Davos, Theresa May, Hamlet, Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, Larry Elliott, Davos 2019

Senior WHO official accused of using Ebola cash to pay for girlfriend's flight

World Health Organization launches inquiry after claims of ‘legendary’ corruption, including racism and sexismClaims that a senior employee at the World Health Organization misused Ebola funds to fly his girlfriend to west Africa are among a tide of allegations under investigation by the agency.An internal inquiry has been launched by the WHO following a series of anonymous whistleblower emails that alleged widespread racism, sexism and misspending. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Ebola, Africa, Society, World news, Global development, Who, World Health Organization, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sexual Harassment, Global Health

Woman denied abortion in Dublin despite new legislation

Hospital’s decision has raised questions over introduction of abortion services in IrelandA hospital in Dublin has refused an abortion to a woman with a fatal foetal abnormality, raising questions over Ireland’s recent introduction of abortion services.The Coombe hospital, a leading maternity facility that has signed up to the service, reportedly declined to terminate the pregnancy because it did not “fall neatly” into a fatal foetal abnormality diagnosis. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Europe, Women, Society, World news, Ireland, Abortion, Dublin, Reproductive rights (developing countries

Safe birth of baby born to Ebola survivor hailed as a medical miracle

Daughter of Congolese woman treated for Ebola in December becomes only second healthy child born in such circumstances The daughter of a pregnant woman who was cured of Ebola has survived and tested negative for the virus, in a case that has been described as a medical miracle.Sylvana, born on 6 January and weighing 3.7kg, is the second baby in the world known to have survived after being born to a woman who had Ebola. It is the first case in which both mother and baby have survived. Continue re...
Tags: Health, Ebola, Society, World news, Global development, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Maternal health, Global Health

'Irish history is moving rapidly': backlash to abortion law fails to emerge

Besides a fleeting protest in Galway, abortion has become available in 22 of Ireland’s 26 counties with barely a fussIreland voted by a landslide to legalise abortion – but turning that social revolution into medical reality has fallen largely on the shoulders of just 200 GPs. Related: Apprehension on all sides before launch of Irish abortion services Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Europe, Women, World news, Ireland, Abortion, Galway, Irish abortion referendum

Coca-Cola influences China’s obesity policy, BMJ report says

Institute funded by Coke promotes exercise over diet to protect sales, academic saysThe Coca-Cola Company has shaped China’s policies towards its growing obesity crisis, encouraging a focus on exercise rather than diet and thereby safeguarding its drinks sales, an academic investigation has alleged.Susan Greenhalgh, a Harvard academic and China scholar, says Coca-Cola has exerted its influence since 1999 through a Chinese offshoot of an institute founded in the US by the then Coca-Cola vice-pres...
Tags: Health, Europe, Coca Cola, Obesity, China, US, World news, Harvard, Food & drink industry, World Health Organization, Coke, Coca Cola Company, Susan Greenhalgh, Alex Malaspina, International Life Sciences Institute ILSI

Venezuela crisis takes deadly toll on buckling health system

With hospitals lacking even soap, a ‘perfect storm’ of poor hygiene, malnourished patients and shortage of drugs has left families grieving and experts fearing a total collapseIn the dusty squatter settlement where she spent her short life, Victoria Martínez is remembered as a vivacious, dance-loving child who showered “buenos días” on all those she met. Related: The fallen metropolis: the collapse of Caracas, the jewel of Latin America Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Americas, World news, Venezuela, Latin America, Caracas, Victoria Martinez

Suspected Ebola sufferer does not have disease, say Swedes

Tests negative for patient who had returned from Burundi and was treated in isolationA young man being treated in isolation at Uppsala University hospital in Sweden after suspicion of Ebola contamination does not have the disease, the regional authority has said.Region Uppsala, which oversees several hospitals and medical clinics north of Stockholm, said a test had been carried out on the patient, who was not identified. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Europe, Ebola, Sweden, Africa, World news, Infectious Diseases, Global development, World Health Organization, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Stockholm, Global Health, Uppsala University Hospital, Region Uppsala

Activists protest against Ireland's new abortion services

Pro-choice groups condemn picket of clinic as health service warns of fake websitesAnti-abortion activists have struck back against Ireland’s introduction of abortion services by picketing a clinic and by launching potentially misleading websites that mimic the state’s support service for unplanned pregnancies.A group holding placards protested outside a doctor’s office in Galway on Thursday in an effort to deter women from seeking abortion pills just three days after abortion services became le...
Tags: Health, Europe, Women, World news, Ireland, Abortion, Galway, Irish abortion referendum

Schoolgirls in Kenya to face compulsory tests for pregnancy and FGM

Girls in Narok County will be made to reveal identities of babies’ fathers and tell police about female genital mutilation Plans to subject schoolgirls in Kenya to mandatory tests for female genital mutilation and pregnancy are a violation of victims’ privacy, campaigners have warned.All girls returning to school this week in Narok, Kenya, will be examined at local health facilities as part of a countywide crackdown. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Africa, Women, Life and style, Society, World news, Health & wellbeing, Global development, Kenya, Fgm, Global Education, Narok County, Female genital mutilation (FGM, Narok Kenya

Experts urge Egypt to rethink two-child population strategy

Medics say limiting families s not the answer for a country where a baby is born every 15 secondsIn the cramped office of New Cairo hospital’s family planning clinic, Safah Hosny sets a box overflowing with contraceptives next to the visitors’ ledger on a small desk.There are eight condoms for one Egyptian pound, about 4p, or ampoules of injectable birth control, for just under 9p. A contraceptive implant lasting three years costs 22p, while copper IEDs – the most popular form of birth control o...
Tags: Health, Society, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Egypt, Population, Contraception and family planning, Global development, New Cairo, Hosny, Safah Hosny

Pro-choice activists hope Ireland’s success can be replicated in North

Campaigners vow to join with MPs to force UK government to support end to abortion banWomen’s rights campaigners in Northern Ireland have vowed to join forces with pro-choice activists in the Irish Republic and MPs at Westminster to force the UK government to address the “denial of human rights” in 2019 by supporting moves to end the region’s abortion ban.Activists urged Theresa May’s government not to sacrifice the rights and health of women at the altar of Brexit, and back potential legislatio...
Tags: Health, UK, Human Rights, Society, UK News, World news, Ireland, Theresa May, Northern Ireland, Abortion, Westminster, Brexit, Irish Republic

Apprehension on all sides before launch of Irish abortion services

Legislation and logistics have been fast-tracked to turn last May’s vote into realityIreland is poised to roll out its first regular abortion services in the coming weeks in the wake of the referendum vote to lift the country’s near-total ban on abortion.Politicians and officials fast-tracked legislation and logistical preparations to turn last year’s landslide vote in favour of liberalisation into reality for women who wish to terminate pregnancies. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Europe, Women, World news, Ireland, Abortion, Irish abortion referendum

Palestinian superbug epidemic could spread, say doctors

Medics say antibiotics shortage stops them following protocols to fight drug-resistant bacteriaDoctors in Gaza and the West Bank have warned they are battling an , a growing problem in the world’s conflict zones, which could also spill over the Palestinian borders.The rise and spread of such virulent infections adds to the devastation of war, increasing medical costs, blocking hospital beds because patients need care for longer, and often leaving people whose injuries might once have been heale...
Tags: Health, Society, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, Gaza, West Bank, Drug resistance

'We have a shower for pain relief': can Haiti's young midwives save a new generation?

The country has the highest maternal death rate in the Americas. But there’s a new solution: putting care in the hands of midwivesSylvie Delice was born on a hot, slow March afternoon in a clinic in Marigot, a coastal town in south Haiti. The labour was seven hours; her mother, Natalie, 24, a seamstress, was stoic throughout, helped by two midwives in pale pink scrubs. Sylvie arrived strong and healthy, and was named after her mother’s cousin. Natalie recovered well and went home the next day. T...
Tags: Health, UK, Africa, Americas, US, Society, World news, Afghanistan, Sudan, Midwifery, Haiti, Rwanda, Natalie, Sylvie, Marigot

Medical checks ordered after 2nd child immigrant dies

By NOMAAN MERCHANT HOUSTON — U.S. Customs and Border Protection have ordered medical checks on every child in its custody after an 8-year-old boy from Guatemala died, marking the second death of an immigrant child in the agency’s care this month. The death came during an ongoing dispute over border security and with a partial government shutdown underway over President Donald Trump’s request for border wall funding . The boy, identified by Guatemalan authorities as Felipe Gómez Alonzo, had been ...
Tags: Health, News, Congress, White House, Immigration, Uncategorized, Sport, World news, Dhs, Soccer, Mexico City, Associated Press, CBP, Houston, Guatemala, Donald Trump

Battle of the bulge: Thailand strives to bring monk obesity crisis under control

Health problem hits Thai temples where worshippers leave sweet alms and holy men shun exercise as vanityEvery morning at dawn, the food is dished out to Thailand’s monks in abundance: donations of sticky rice, cakes, noodles, sweet pudding, dumplings, shop-bought snacks and Thai desserts coated with condensed milk and coconut cream.Yet the traditionof giving food, known as alms, to the monks every morning as a way to accumulate karma for this life and the next has precipitated an obesity crisis ...
Tags: Health, Religion, Society, World news, Thailand, Asia Pacific, Buddhism

Bacon-cancer link: head of UN agency at heart of furore defends its work

IARC’s outgoing director attacks vested interests of critics but admits it could have communicated betterThe head of the UN agency that provoked a massive outcry and some ridicule when it declared that bacon, red meat and glyphosate weedkiller caused cancer has defended its work, denying the announcements were mishandled and insisting on its independence.Its outgoing director, Christopher Wild, fiercely defended the decisions and transparency of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (I...
Tags: Health, Science, Cancer, Society, World news, Medical Research, Un, Cancer Research, IARC, International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC, Christopher Wild

Kenya lifts ban on Marie Stopes abortion services after warning lives are at risk

Clinics reopen in country where backstreet abortions kill seven women a day and hospitalise 320The Kenyan government has lifted a ban preventing the international charity Marie Stopes from providing any abortion services, following warnings the ruling endangered the lives of thousands of women.The Kenyan ministry of health said on Thursday that an audit of Marie Stopes’ clinics had been completed and that the charity could resume post-abortion care services under “regular supervision”. Continue ...
Tags: Health, Africa, Women, Society, World news, Global development, Abortion, Kenya, Reproductive Rights, Marie Stopes, Reproductive rights (developing countries

Rightwing populists ride wave of mistrust of vaccine science

Antivaxers are on the rise in countries such as Italy, Poland and France where the far right has made gainsAs long as there have been vaccines, there have been doubters. Some people have religious or philosophical reservations. Others are more anxious about the possible side-effects of a jab than about falling sick with a poorly understood disease.But now vaccine doubt is spreading faster and further than ever through social media, and populist rightwing politicians in Europe and the US are ridi...
Tags: Health, Europe, France, US, Society, World news, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, The far right, Vaccines and immunisation, Italy Poland

Measles cases at highest for 20 years in Europe, as anti-vaccine movement grows

A climate of doubt about vaccine safety is putting lives at risk, experts warnA growing anti-vaccine movement in Europe, fuelled by social media and anti-establishment populists, is putting lives at risk and may be to blame for measles outbreaks surging to a 20-year high, health experts are warning.A fresh Guardian analysis of WHO data shows that measles cases in Europe will top 60,000 this year - more than double that of 2017 and the highest this century. There have been 72 deaths, twice as man...
Tags: Health, Europe, World news, MMR, World Health Organization, Flu, Vaccines and immunisation, Hpv Vaccine

Putin issues chilling warning on rising nuclear war threat, blames U.S.

By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV MOSCOW  — Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a chilling warning Thursday about the rising threat of a nuclear war, saying “it could lead to the destruction of civilization as a whole and maybe even our planet” — and putting the blame squarely on the U.S. Speaking at his annual news conference, Putin scoffed at Western claims he wants to dominate the world and said Western countries are antagonizing Russia for their own domestic reasons, and at their own peril. He dism...
Tags: Health, News, Putin, Vladimir Putin, Russia, Western, Uncategorized, Sport, World news, Syria, Ukraine, Britain, Soccer, United States, Nato, Moscow

Girl, 10, dies after female genital mutilation in Sierra Leone

Renewed calls for country to end practice after girl bleeds to death following mass initiation into secret societyA 10-year-old girl has died after undergoing female genital mutilation during a mass initiation into a secret society in Sierra Leone.The girl, one of 68 involved in the rite, bled to death on Tuesday following complications from the FGM procedure. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Africa, Women, Life and style, Society, World news, Sierra Leone, Health & wellbeing, Global development, Fgm, Female genital mutilation (FGM

Breast implants linked to cancer withdrawn from sale in Europe

French authorities withdrew approval for Allergan textured implants, popular in UKBreast implants that have been linked to a rare form of cancer have been pulled from the market in Europe.The recall of Allergan textured implants, one of the most popular types in the UK, came after French authorities announced they had withdrawn approval for their sale in Europe. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Europe, UK, France, Cancer, European Union, Society, World news, Allergan

Junk food cravings linked to lack of sleep, study suggests

Researchers say tired people are likely to view unhealthy snacks more favourablyHaving even one night without sleep leads people to view junk food more favourably, research suggests.Scientists attribute the effect to the way food rewards are processed by the brain. Previous studies have found that a lack of shuteye is linked to expanding waistlines, with some suggesting disrupted sleep might affect hormone levels, resulting in changes in how hungry or full people feel. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Food, Science, Sleep, Obesity, Life and style, Society, World news, Health & wellbeing, Fast Food

Healthcare to get $100bn boost as India aims to cut maternal deaths

Spending on health will double by 2025, with India intent on improving its record on mortality of mothers and infantsIndia has pledged to spend $100bn (£79bn) more on healthcare over the next seven years in a move partly aimed at reducing maternal mortality rates.The country will more than double its health spending from just over the current 1% of GDP to 2.5% by 2025, prime minister Narendra Modi announced. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, India, Women, Narendra Modi, Society, World news, South and Central Asia, Global development, Maternal mortality, Maternal health, Infant and child mortality, Global Health

Cycles for cigarettes: city gives children bikes if relative quits

Thousands of free bikes and a protected cycle lane network are part of a plan to transform transport in the Turkish border city of KilisStanding on the street in the centre of Kilis, a small Turkish city on the border with Syria, a constant stream of noisy motorcycles, scooters and cars zoom past. It’s certainly not the most bicycle-friendly city, but local leaders are determined to change that with a new network of cycle lanes, and by giving away thousands of bikes to local children.Since the o...
Tags: Health, Smoking, Environment, Society, World news, Turkey, Syria, Cities, Transport policy, Kilis, Kilis Continue

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