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Beyoncé rocks, but so did Woodstock | Brief letters

Roger Waters | Rock concerts | Use-by dates | Exercise | SmartphonesRegarding Jeremy Beecham’s thoughts on Roger Waters (Letters, 19 April), I think we can take it as read Waters would not encourage Madonna to support the Assad regime by playing Damascus.John WarburtonEdinburgh• You failed to mention the two most important filmed rock concerts (Homecoming review – Beyoncé documentary is a triumphant celebration, 19 April): Monterey Pop and Woodstock. To write about seminal filmed rock gigs witho...
Tags: Health, Music, Science, Technology, Beyonce, Film, Israel, Society, World news, Syria, Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Middle East and North Africa, Madonna, Assad, Woodstock

Housework could keep brain young, research suggests

Even light exertions can slow down ageing of the brain, activity-tracker data indicatesEven light activity such as household chores might help to keep the brain young, researchers say, adding to a growing body of evidence that, when it comes to exercise, every little bit helps.The findings mirror upcoming guidance from the UK chief medical officers, and existing US guidelines, which say light activity or very short bouts of exercise are beneficial to health – even if it is just a minute or two a...
Tags: Health, UK, Science, US, Society, World news, Mental Health, Dementia, Ageing

Hypocrisy without borders: the pomposity of Ivanka Trump’s trip to Africa | Arwa Mahdawi

The first daughter is visiting Ethiopia and Ivory Coast to promote women’s rights – yet she stays silent while her father’s administration stifles female empowermentWe don’t deserve Saint Ivanka, we really don’t. Nobody asked Donald Trump’s favourite child to devote her life to empowering women, she just knew it had to be done. Nobody elected her to serve in the US government, but she took a senior role in her father’s administration anyway. And not content with simply empowering the women of th...
Tags: Health, Florida, Africa, Women, US, Life and style, World news, Global development, Ethiopia, Abortion, Ivory Coast, Donald Trump, Arwa Mahdawi, Ivanka, Ivanka Trump

Measles cases up 300% worldwide in 2019, says WHO

Data for first three months adds to concerns over impact of anti-vaccination campaignsMeasles cases worldwide rose by 300% during the first three months of 2019 compared with the same period last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said, amid growing concerns over the impact of anti-vaccination campaigns.Measles, which is highly contagious, can be entirely prevented through a two-dose vaccine, but the WHO has in recent months sounded the alarm over declining global vaccination rates. C...
Tags: Health, Society, World news, United Nations, MMR, Who, World Health Organization, World Health Organization WHO

As Ebola kills in Africa, in the west lies over vaccines beguile the complacent | Mark Honigsbaum

The epidemic in the DRC has been impossible to contain because of the spread of anti-vax mythsWith the possible exception of quinine, for centuries the only treatment for malaria, and antibiotics, vaccines have saved more lives than any other intervention in medical history. Yet, from New York’s Brooklyn to Camden in north London to Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, vaccines are in retreat, shunned by populations who seemingly have little sense of the risks they are running with thei...
Tags: Health, New York, Ebola, London, Africa, World news, Brooklyn, Epidemics, Camden, World Health Organization, Vaccines and immunisation, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Facebook Twitter, Drc, Mark Honigsbaum, Kivu

Botched penis enlargements: Papua New Guinea doctors warn of nationwide problem

One clinic has treated at least 500 men in past two years with penile disfigurement and dysfunction from injections gone wrongDoctors in Papua New Guinea have warned of a “nationwide problem” of men injecting foreign substances, including coconut oil and silicone, into their penises in an attempt to make them bigger.A doctor at the Port Moresby General Hospital said that over the last two years his clinic has treated at least 500 men with penile disfigurement and dysfunction as a result of injec...
Tags: Health, World news, Asia Pacific, Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby General Hospital

South Korean court rules abortion ban must be lifted

Historic decision sparks celebrations in Seoul following decades of campaigning A court in South Korea has ruled that the country’s decades-old ban on abortion must be lifted, in an historic decision that sparked celebrations in Seoul.Thursday’s decision by the constitutional court marks a major victory for pro-choice campaigners, 66 years after the country banned abortions in all but a few cases. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, South Korea, Women, Society, World news, Asia Pacific, Abortion, Seoul

Penny Mordaunt says UK will defend abortion rights amid global pushback

Development secretary vows government will ‘hold a strong line’, after attempts by Trump administration to weaken commitmentsBritain’s international development secretary has promised to stand firm in her support for abortion rights in the face of growing opposition.Speaking at an event hosted by the Canadian embassy on Monday, Penny Mordaunt said: “Leadership means not shying away from issues like safe abortion when the evidence shows us these services will save women’s lives.” Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Gender, UK, Women, Life and style, Society, World news, Global development, Abortion, Trump, Penny Mordaunt, Department for International Development (DfID, Global gag rule, Women's rights and gender equality

Pesticides and antibiotics polluting streams across Europe

Wildlife and human health are threatened say scientists as Syngenta accepts ‘undeniable demand’ for changePesticides and antibiotics are polluting streams across Europe, a study has found. Scientists say the contamination is dangerous for wildlife and may increase the development of drug-resistant microbes.More than 100 pesticides and 21 drugs were detected in the 29 waterways analysed in 10 European nations, including the UK. A quarter of the chemicals identified are banned, while half of the s...
Tags: Health, Europe, UK, Environment, Society, UK News, World news, Wildlife, Pesticides, Farming, Antibiotics, Syngenta

Health and Safety Executive ends Brunei project over gay sex law

Exclusive: Agency stops staff secondments after unions raise ethical and safety implicationsThe government’s official health and safety organisation has said it will stop planned staff secondments to Brunei after unions raised concerns about the ethical and safety implications following the kingdom’s decision to punish gay sex by stoning to death.The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which was seeking a team of three people to go to Brunei to help the country’s equivalent agency with regulatory...
Tags: Health, Society, World news, Asia Pacific, Trade unions, LGBT rights, Brunei, Safety Executive, Safety Executive HSE

EU to opt against health warning for suspected carcinogen

Decision on titanium dioxide follows industry lobbying and could be illegal, critics sayA suspected carcinogen found in spray paints, sun creams and varnishes will not receive a cautionary health label, under European Union proposals seen by the Guardian.In what campaigners say is an unprecedented and potentially illegal step, the European commission has dropped a recommendation from its chemicals advisers for mandatory health warnings on all inhalable liquid forms of titanium dioxide (TiO2). Co...
Tags: Health, Europe, Cancer, Eu, European Union, Society, World news

Screen time has little effect on teenagers' wellbeing, says study

Researchers found screen use before bedtime to be unrelated to mental health problemsScreen time has little effect on the psychological wellbeing of teenagers, regardless of whether they use devices for hours a day or just before bedtime, according to a study by researchers at Oxford University.The research, based on analysis of the screen use of more than 17,000 teenagers across Ireland, the US and the UK, found use of screens before bedtime was completely unrelated to psychological wellbeing, ...
Tags: Health, Europe, UK, Technology, Children, Internet, US, Society, UK News, World news, US news, Ireland, Oxford University

Paul Kagame orders release of women and girls jailed over abortion in Rwanda

Women’s rights activists welcome presidential pardon of 367 female prisoners as evidence of progressRwanda’s president has pardoned hundreds of girls and women jailed for abortion. The women are expected to be released immediately under the presidential prerogative. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Human Rights, Women, Life and style, Society, World news, Global development, Abortion, Infant and child mortality, Rwanda, Paul Kagame, Women's rights and gender equality

Bad diets killing more people globally than tobacco, study finds

Eating and drinking better could prevent one in five early deaths, researchers sayUnhealthy diets are responsible for 11m preventable deaths globally per year, more even than smoking tobacco, according to a major study.But the biggest problem is not the junk we eat but the nutritious food we don’t eat, say researchers, calling for a global shift in policy to promote vegetables, fruit, nuts and legumes. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Food, World news, Food & drink industry, Diets and dieting

Toxic air will shorten children's lives by 20 months, study reveals

Global air pollution crisis is taking its greatest toll on children in south AsiaThe life expectancy of children born today will be shortened by 20 months on average by breathing the toxic air that is widespread across the globe, with the greatest toll in south Asia, according to a major study.Air pollution contributed to nearly one in every 10 deaths in 2017, making it a bigger killer than malaria and road accidents and comparable to smoking, according to the State of Global Air (SOGA) 2019 stu...
Tags: Health, Asia, China, Environment, Society, World news, Air Pollution, Asia Pacific, State of Global Air SOGA

Italy may scrap vaccine certificates for young children

Move by Five Star and League senators follows intervention by Matteo Salvini Italy may scrap its requirement for parents to provide proof that their children have been vaccinated before they start nursery.The senate’s health committee is expected to pass an amendment dropping the obligation next week, sparking further controversy over the populist coalition government’s ambiguous vaccine policy. The measure would then be put to parliament. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Europe, World news, Italy, Vaccines and immunisation, Matteo Salvini, Five Star Movement, Matteo Salvini Italy

Call for UK to ban patients travelling to China for 'organ tourism'

Forty MPs back effort before inquiry into allegations of forced organ harvestingUK patients should be banned from travelling to China for transplant surgery, the government has been told, before an inquiry into allegations of forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience.The call has so far been backed by 40 MPs from all parties before the next session of the independent China tribunal, which is investigating claims that detainees are being targeted by the regime. China dismisses the alle...
Tags: Health, UK, London, Human Rights, China, Society, UK News, World news, Taiwan, Asia Pacific, Northern Ireland, World Health Organization, Organ Donation, Foreign Office, Fiona Bruce, Mark Field

Christian right summit in Verona draws massive protest

20,000 rally in Italy against anti-gay, anti-abortion and anti-feminist conferenceAn estimated 20,000 people have protested in Verona against a conference which has brought a global network of anti-gay, anti-abortion and anti-feminist activists to the northern Italian city.The hosting of the World Congress of Families (WCF), a US coalition that promotes the values of the Christian right, has been especially contentious in Italy as it is supported by the far-right League, a partner in the country...
Tags: Health, Europe, Religion, Women, US, Society, World news, Feminism, Italy, Christianity, LGBT rights, Abortion, Verona, Matteo Salvini, World Congress of Families WCF

Mosquito-spread diseases may endanger millions in new places due to climate change

Study finds that places where people have never had the diseases could see bad outbreaks if they aren’t preparedHalf a billion more people could be at risk from mosquito-transmitted diseases within 30 years as a result of the warming climate, according to a new study.Canada and parts of northern Europe could be newly exposed to the threat. People there could come into contact with yellow fever, Zika, dengue and chikungunya, as well as other emerging diseases. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Europe, Climate Change, Animals, Environment, Americas, World news, US news, Canada, Insects, Zika

Dogs can smell when seizures are about to begin, scientists find

Scent linked to epileptic seizures could mean dogs can be trained to warn ownersDogs can detect a telltale scent linked to epileptic seizures, scientists have discovered, raising the possibility that they could be trained to reliably warn owners when a seizure is imminent.The findings may also help explain anecdotal reports that dogs are able to sense when their owner is about to have a seizure. Knowing when a seizure is going to occur could allow people with epilepsy to have greater control and...
Tags: Health, Science, Dogs, Animals, Society, UK News, World news, Epilepsy

The French must drink less wine, say health officials

Health agency advises no more than two glasses a day to cut down alcohol-related disease risk“Quoi, just two glasses?” asked the headline on the English page of the rolling news station France 24.It was the incredulous reaction to a campaign launched this week by French health officials seeking to persuade the public to drink no more than two glasses of wine per day – and not every day either. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Food, Europe, France, Alcohol, Society, World news, Wine

Appy day: could we fix our mental health on our phone? | Ammar Kalia

The digital world is often blamed for being one of the causes of a global mental health crisis. But it could offer solutions tooThe world’s mounting mental health crisis isn’t just about the vast numbers of people falling ill. It’s about the tiny number of people available to treat them.Wherever you live, it’s highly probable that there simply are not nearly enough psychiatrists and psychotherapists. The overwhelming majority of countries have fewer than 200 psychiatrists for every million peopl...
Tags: Health, Apps, Technology, Society, UK News, World news, Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Appy, Wellbeing At Work, Ammar Kalia

Trump expands global gag rule that blocks US aid for abortion groups

Policy bans aid going to foreign groups that support abortion rights as secretary of state Pompeo says: ‘This is decent and right’The Trump administration has expanded its ban on funding for groups that conduct abortions or advocate abortion rights, known as the global gag rule, and has also cut funding to the Organisation of American States for that reason. Related: How Trump signed a global death warrant for women | Sarah Boseley Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Women, US, Society, World news, US foreign policy, US news, Global development, Abortion, Trump, Organisation of American States, Sarah Boseley, Pompeo, Global gag rule

James Comey says he hopes Trump isn't impeached – as it happened

Comey says Congress should pursue it if the facts are there, but impeachment would ‘deeply fracture our country’Sign up for the US briefing to get a fresh perspective 12.06am GMT Thanks for reading along. Here’s what happened Thursday night: 11.10pm GMT House Democrats, whose requests for documents on Trump’s communications with Russian President Vladimir Putin were rebuffed by the White House today, have responded saying they are “consulting on appropriate next steps”.Schiff, Engel and ...
Tags: Donald Trump, US politics, US news, World news, Abortion, Health, Israel, Syria

James Comey says he hopes Trump isn't impeached – live news

Comey says Congress should pursue it if the facts are there, but impeachment would ‘deeply fracture our country’Sign up for the US briefing to get a fresh perspective 9.16pm GMT Gabrielle Canon here, taking over for Ben Jacobs. Cesar Sayoc, the man arrested for sending explosives to 13 prominent Trump critics last year, has plead guilty today. Related: Cesar Sayoc: what we know about the pipe bomb suspect A weepy Cesar Sayoc pleads guilty to 65 counts with a guidelines range of life impri...
Tags: Health, Congress, Israel, US, World news, US news, Syria, US politics, Abortion, Donald Trump, James Comey, Trump, Comey, Rakoff, Cesar Sayoc, Gabrielle Canon

Trump breaks with US policy to recognise Golan Heights as Israeli territory – latest news

Israel captured Golan Heights in 1967 after six-day warBridget McCain condemns Trump, 72, for being a ‘child’Sign up for the US briefing to get a fresh perspective 8.18pm GMT Former President Barack Obama will meet with freshman House Democrats next week.Politico reports that Obama will appear at a reception hosted by Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday night for the over sixty newly elected House Democrats. 8.10pm GMT Former FBI director James Comey about what he would like to see in the Mu...
Tags: Health, Obama, Congress, Politico, Israel, US, Barack Obama, World news, US news, Syria, Fbi, United States, US politics, House, Abortion, Nancy Pelosi

Trump: time for US to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights – live

Israel captured Golan Heights in 1967 after six-day warBridget McCain condemns Trump, 72, for being a ‘child’Sign up for the US briefing to get a fresh perspective 6.11pm GMT South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the latest Democratic presidential hopeful to go on a hiring spree.The 2020 Democratic candidate has nearly twenty jobs available on his website in five states for aspiring operatives. 5.59pm GMT In a sign that he may be leaning towards a presidential bid, Maryland Governo...
Tags: Health, Maryland, Israel, US, World news, US news, Syria, US politics, Iowa, Abortion, Ncaa, Donald Trump, Trump, Larry Hogan, McCain, Hogan

Mississippi to sign anti-abortion law that could prompt Roe v Wade challenge – live

Restrictive bill will ban abortions after six-week markBridget McCain condemns Trump for being a ‘child’Sign up for the US briefing to get a fresh perspective 5.11pm GMT Congressional investigators are raising concerns after the revelation that Jared Kushner used both personal email and WhatsApp to conduct government business.Kushner’s lawyer Abbe Lovell confirmed to Elijah Cummings, the current chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee and Trey Gowdy, Cummings’s predecessor, that...
Tags: Health, Mississippi, Washington Post, White House, US, World news, US news, US politics, Abortion, Donald Trump, Jared, Trump, Elijah Cummings, McCain, Kushner, House Government Oversight Committee

No-deal ferry plans to protect NHS supplies to be triggered

Action to safeguard imports of medicines to begin this week despite likely Brexit delayNo-deal contingency plans to safeguard medicine imports are set to be triggered on Wednesday, despite the potential delay to Brexit, with approved suppliers told to book space on the government’s emergency ferry service.Although the prime minister is to request an extension to article 50 which would postpone Britain’s departure from the EU, Whitehall will enact plans to ensure the flow of critical supplies sho...
Tags: Health, Europe, Business, Politics, European Union, Society, UK News, World news, Infrastructure, Britain, Foreign Policy, NHS, Transport, Water transport, Transport policy, Article 50

Doctors in Zimbabwe 'sending patients away to die' as drug shortages bite

Senior doctors go on strike as president is warned that lack of medicine could lead to collapse of emergency servicesA doctors’ strike in Zimbabwe entered its second day on Wednesday with health workers claiming patients in the biggest state hospital are dying due to a lack of drugs and medical supplies.Dozens of doctors picketed outside Parirenyatwa hospital demanding improvements and claiming government promises to improve the health service had come to nothing. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Society, World news, Global development, Zimbabwe, Global Health, Parirenyatwa

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