Is there any way to get a split screen?

Hi Forum, I have an Onyx Max2 Pro. Liking it a lot so far, except for one thing: How to view two different pdf files on the same (huge :-)) screen? I'm looking for some way to split the screen in two panels, side by side or one on top of the other, and read/annotate a different pdf file in each panel. Can this be done, maybe with a third party application? Thanks!
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HSGI Adds New Duty Line Products

HSGI Adds New Duty Line Products SWANSBORO, N.C. –-(Ammoland.com)- High Speed Gear is pleased to announce the addition of three products to the Duty Line. The HSGI Duty Line of products functions the same as the originals, but features a sleeker front and hidden bungee, which is woven internally. This low-profile look provides the law enforcement community a less aggressive and PR friendly option for their duty belts, while still maintaining all the functionality of other HSGI products. The H...
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ORYX Chassis Rifle Stocks Now Shipping through Legacy Sports International

It was back on January 11th that we announced the debut of the NEW Oryx Bolt-Action Chassis Rifle Stocks by MDT (Modular Driven Technologies). That stirred up a lot of excitement in the industry because MDT is known for highly modular and equally great quality stocks. Now with the inception of the Oryx stock shooters […] Read More … The post ORYX Chassis Rifle Stocks Now Shipping through Legacy Sports International appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Easter Egg Bars

Easy to make. This is quite festive with the addition of mini eggs. [Author: Super Madcow]
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Cinnamon Buns

These are soft, sweet & delicious. You can use bread flour in this recipe if you have it. [Author: Super Madcow]
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Hacks Help Me please

Hello everyone I try to jailbreak my Kindle Basic 2 (KT3, G000K9) but it isn't working. Please, give me a new tutorial for jailbreak my Kindle, with all instruction! (My version is: 5.10.3)
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Nest European Toys & Home {a soulemama sponsor}

Photo Credit: Stitch Camp from Storey Publishing Greetings from Nest European Toys & Home! We are an online shop in North America offering a wide selection of quality handmade natural toys and crafts, books, clothing for kids, and sustainable home... [Author: SouleMama]
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Barrett Celebrate MRAD Winning US SOCOM ASR Contract

On 12th March we reported that Barrett Firearms Manufacturing had been awarded a contract worth nearly $50 million to produce their MRAD rifle fulfilling the US Special Operations Command’s Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR) requirement. Barrett have welcomed the contract and confirmed that the rifle purchased is the MRAD or Multi Role Adaptive Design. Here’s what Barrett had […] Read More … The post Barrett Celebrate MRAD Winning US SOCOM ASR Contract appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Overheard in the Office...

Bobbi walks in the office, and sees this on my computer screen... RX: "Wow, from back here that looks like a grim clown." Me: "It's the Vermont state seal, which is, in fact, a grim clown. It's also the state demonym, which is the coolest in New England. Mainers, Granite Staters, Bay Staters, Grim Clowns..." [Author: Tam]
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Plaintiffs Granted Stay in Bump Stock Appeals

Opinion One of the few devices for which a stay has been granted. U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- Named appellants in three consolidated cases challenging a final agency rule banning Bump-Stock-Type Devices were granted an administrative stay Saturday on relinquishing their property on the March 26 deadline by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.  Per the court order: [T]he effective date of the Bump-Stock Rule, 83 Fed. Reg. 66514 (Dec. 26, 2018), be administrat...
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Word of the week: Cow

Last week’s headlines were full of bovine references. I’m not talking about the usual bull: This was all about a fake cow with hundreds of thousands of (presumably) real Twitter followers—a cowfluencer, you might say—that’s being sued by a sitting U.S. congressman. The cow in question (1,200 followers on March 18, 634,000 followers on March 24):   The congressman (404,000 followers):   Yes, Devin Nunes of California’s Central Valley, the ranking Republican on the House Intellige...
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Mossy Oak GO Now Streaming “Grand Slam” Turkey Hunting Video Series

WEST POINT, MS – Mossy Oak GO is now streaming “Grand Slam,” an all-new turkey hunting series featuring employees and friends of Mossy Oak hunting all four turkey subspecies across the United States. From Osceolas to Easterns, from Merriam's to the Rio Grandes, launch into turkey season on Mossy Oak GO with 10 episodes of non-stop action. We're making our start where it all begins, chasing Osceolas in southern Florida, then following the seasons north and west as they begin. Week by week, w...
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Colorado Hands California the Vote Count of Coloradans ~ VIDEO

Opinion Colorado/United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- Last year, we discussed the threat that the National Popular Vote Compact poses to the Second Amendment. Well, that threat has increased a bit with Colorado signing on, making it a total of 12 states and the District of Colombia – comprising a total of 170 electoral votes. This means that a major threat to the Second Amendment is not that far off. Delaware, with three electoral votes, is reportedly considering joining this compact as well. B...
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Becky Chambers' 'A Closed and Common Orbit' brought me to tears

Chamber's second novel, A Closed and Common Orbit, in her Wayfarer series is so wonderful I cried several times. A Closed and Common Orbit picks up immediately after Chambers' first story, Long Way to a Small and Angry Planet concludes but is barely an extension of that story, beyond further expanding on Chambers' wonderful universe. This novel follows a newly created, but ultimately undesired, shipboard AI that is forced to leave its ship and take up a fugitive residence in a human appearing ...
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What font is best to use for viewing CSS in Sigil?

Hello. I am fairly new to Sigil and a complete novice at coding but am teaching myself CSS by trying different things in Sigil in my ebook, "CSS experiment" :) I was working in Sigil with my Stylesheet and in Code View and was wondering if there is a font that would be better/more user friendly to use? (For clarification: Not an embedded font in the ebook but one for viewing CSS in Sigil.) I am using "Courier New" at the moment (it was the default one in Sigil). Any ideas or opinions are ...
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Daily Deals: $700 iPad Pro, $505 Chromebook Pro, Discounted Games, and More

Amazon Now that the weather’s warming up (kind of), you can really appreciate the portability of an iPad, or a Chromebook. So why not buy one at a serious discount? Right now, there are some killer deals on Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, and Steam. These deals range from tablets to video games, to computer mice, to Walgreens Photo discounts. But our favorite deals (by far) are the $700 iPad Pro (newest model), the heavily discounted Samsung Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus, and the $89 CORSAIR...

So that's about how this is gonna go...

So, basically Mueller released Trump's short form birth certificate. — Tamara K. (@TamSlick) March 25, 2019 [Author: Tam]
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How to See and Remove All The Data Websites Have Saved on Your iPhone or iPad

Whenever you visit a website on an iPhone or iPad, snippets of data are saved to your device. Cookies and other cached data eventually start to take up significant space, so you may want to clean them out. Here’s how. Periodically clearing the data that iOS stores can be a good idea for a number of reasons. Beyond the fact that collectively these websites store quite a bit of data on your devices, that data can be used to track your visits, too. Websites save cookies to your devices to be able ...

Yes, Virginia, bluebells also grow in Indiana

National Park Service photo Geographically speaking, my always stunning crop of Virginia Bluebells got to Indiana from a plant nursery in West Virginia. But as is often the case in the plant world, geography, history and personal preference get a little tangled in the journey. Yes, the Virginia Bluebells name came from their 17th century discovery in the Colony of Virginia, but they are actually native from New York to Alabama and west to Kansas and Minnesota – and showing up in 18 species al...
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Daily News Roundup: Stories From the Weekend (and Beyond)

Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock The interesting thing about Monday morning is that, well, there was probably a lot that happened over the weekend. The good news is that now you can catch up on everything you missed from March 23rd-25th  all in one spot. Apple News: Today’s the Day Apple is expected to announce its long-rumored streaming TV and news services at a 10:00 AM PT event today. We’ll be covering all the details here at HTG when it happens, but here’s what we “know” so far (based ...

Davelle: 13 Ideas to Steal from New York’s Tiniest Jewelbox Restaurant

A magic thing about New York is the way that, every now and then, you stumble upon a little jewel box—a room, a restaurant—on a side street, behind an innocuous storefront, where you least expect it. When Julie and I both spotted a photo of Davelle, a new restaurant on the Lower East Side, a while back, it seemed just that sort of small gem: not much from the outside—easy, even, to walk by, if its grate were pulled across the front its narrow shopfront—but inside, a bright and thoughtful little ...
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Resort Vibes at Home

I’ve just returned from a week on the Big Island of Hawaii and it was a great adventure, I’ll share pictures soon! I love to visit the resorts and walk around the lobbies then enjoy a cocktail at the bar and stare out at the ocean views. I’m always inspired by the resort decor, the way they’ve decorated in island style textures and motifs, and the way the designers blur the lines between indoors and out. In every hotel I visited last week I noticed so many stylish woven chairs, I’m featuring all...
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Made By You Monday

It’s Monday show us what you’ve got. It is time to link up your crafty goodness! Please don’t forget to link back! — a text link at the bottom of your post, or link somewhere on your blog is okay! By linking up to Made By You Monday. You give permission for one photo and a link to be featured in a post, and on social media.  This is to promote you and your site. The post Made By You Monday appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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Sharps Bros MB74 5.45x39mm Milled AK Receiver

If you are into AKs then you probably know about the Sharps Bros MB47 milled 7.62x39mm AK receivers. But did you know that recently the company has released the 5.45x39mm version of this receiver called MB74? This new receiver has all the good features of the 7.62mm one but its dimensions are tailored for the 5.45mm AK […] Read More … The post Sharps Bros MB74 5.45x39mm Milled AK Receiver appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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How to Add or Remove Email Accounts in Mail for Mac

Your Mac’s Mail app supports multiple accounts with separate inboxes, but you can’t add new accounts directly from the app’s settings. To change accounts, you’ll need to use the System Preferences. How to Add or Remove Email Accounts in Mail The accounts that Mail uses come directly from the “Internet Accounts” section in the system preferences. If you want to add a new account, you’ll have to do it there. To launch System Preferences, click the Apple menu at the top of your screen and select...

Crime fiction: Jasper Fforde’s ‘Early Riser’ is not your average mystery novel

Jasper Fforde is known for his absurdist thrillers that push convention genre boundaries. His newest offering "Early Riser" also falls in that genre — or lack thereof.
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The works of William James Sidis, the "smartest man who ever lived"

Hans Henrik Honnens de Lichtenberg writes, "Here is a fine selection of books by the extraordinary man, William James Sidis. A January morning in 1910 hundreds of students and professors gathered in the great lecture hall at Harvard University. On stage steps up William James Sidis to present his research about the mathematics of the fourth dimension. William was just eleven years old. William James Sidis was a genius and he still has the highest IQ ever recorded, somewhere between 250 and 300....
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Book review: The Lies We Were Told, by Simon Wren-Lewis

Simon Wren-Lewis started a blog in 2011, the unassuming but highly respected Mainly Macro. He has been commenting on it ever since as an economist and academic, and The Lies We Were Told gathers together the best of his blog posts into a book. The years since 2011 have been eventful and the book covers […]
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Has China’s one child policy increased crime?

Crime rates in China have increased more than six-fold over the past three decades. Likely causes include extraordinary economic growth and rising inequality, mass rural-urban migration, and the erosion of traditional values. China’s one child policy may, however, have also played a role. At the same time as crime has increased, the one child policy, coupled with a strong preference of Chinese parents for sons over daughters, has resulted in there being approximately 120 boys for every 100 girls...
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Mailbox Monday

Welcome back to another Mailbox Monday post! I had a relatively slow week... mainly because I didn't get any children's books!ANYTHING BUT A DUKE by Christy Carlyle came from Avon BooksTHE PATIENT ONE: THE WALNUT CREEK SERIES by Shelley Shepard Gray came from Gallery Books THOSE PEOPLE by Louise Candlish came from Berkley #IMOMSOHARD by Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley came from HarperOne What was in your mailbox? [Author: Julie P.]
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