The BEST Care Package Ideas People with LOVE {FREE Printables}

These care package ideas are a sure way to lift someone’s spirits and give encouragement. Make someone’s day! What are good things to put in a care package? First I try to think about what the person is going through and how I can provide support and make their day! Here are some great idea for friend Care Packages. I also think about things I know they like. You might like to slip one of these friendship quotes inside the box. Care Package for a friend (just print of the free cute tags...
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Care Package Ideas

These care package ideas are a sure way to lift someone’s spirits and give encouragement. What are good things to put in a care package? First I try to think about what the person is going through and how I can provide support and make their day! Here are some great idea for friend Care Packages. I also think about things I know they like. You might like to slip one of these friendship quotes inside the box. Care Package for a friend (just print of the free cute tags and attach to a sma...
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Stopping Walkers, Both Dead & Un-Dead On The Cheap

Bob Mernickle Mares Leg holster with a Henry Mares Leg 22 mag and Mares Leg 357 mag. USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- I have to admit I am a fan of the Walking Dead and Fear of the Walking Dead TV series. I have watched all the episodes. Yes, I watch them as a form of entertainment, but I also see them as training films. I learn possibly needed skills for a future emergency, but also I learn what not to do in a crisis.Money has no value in the Walking Dead zombie apocalypse. The day before the first “wa...
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News - Audiobooks

Multiple ways to get free Ebooks including 3 from Audible
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Welcome, November!

Hello November! I'm so pleased to welcome (and welcome back) the following Sponsors! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . From Hectic to Harmonious From Hectic to Harmonious (H2H): Make Space... [Author: SouleMama]
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Kobo Forma Case

The Forma cover feels quite nice. In contrast, the Aura One cover feels like "elephant skin". However, I AM concerned with the durability of the cover when used folded. If you look at this review (link below), you can see how the "lip" is folded over to prop it up. I'm concerned with the creasing and wear/tear from this position. https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/2/1...der-date-price .
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FIRST LOOK: Shield Arms’ Sub Compact Weapon Entry – the SA-9

In September we reported that the US Army had selected 6 Sub Compact Weapon prototypes for testing. Contracts for test guns were placed with Global Ordnance, Angstadt Arms, B&T USA, Shield Arms, Sig Sauer and Trident Rifles. Today we have a first look at Shield Arms’ entry, the SA-9. The SA-9 is based on Shield Arms’ patent-pending Folding Lower Receiver (FLR), a […] Read More … The post FIRST LOOK: Shield Arms’ Sub Compact Weapon Entry – the SA-9 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Choose Wisely: Mobs or Jobs

Art by A.F. Branco Choose Wisely Mobs or Jobs USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Choose Wisely.The 2018 election comes down to a simple choice between Mobs vs Jobs, and Lawlessness or law and Order.Did you enjoy this cartoon?Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news! You call yourself pro-gun? Prove it by joining any one or all of these fine civil rights organizations: National Rifle Association (NRA) : www.membership.nrahq.orgSecond Amendment Foundation (SAF) : www.saf.o...
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Dogger ~ Shirley Hughes

It all started yesterday with a picture from Shirley Hughes over on Twitter... the feed run by someone on her behalf... 'One lady had a Toy Stall, full of knitted ducks and cars and baby dolls in bonnets. And there, at the very back of the stall, behind a lot of other toys, was - DOGGER!' I scrolled back and there were more illustrations from the book with quotes from the story. I'd been reading backwards but no worries, I know this one off by heart. This is Dogger by Shirley Hughes. F...
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Transformers BotBots Blind Pack Stock Photos

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Concealed Carry Corner: Holster Hokey Pokey – Inside Or Outside?

Carrying concealed is a responsibility one must be very comfortable with. While the legal ramifications of self defense are for a more lengthy article and discussion, one cannot avoid the importance of comfort when carrying concealed. Often there is a compromise regarding the weather, your body and the clothes you wear. Concealed Carry Corner: Holster […] Read More … The post Concealed Carry Corner: Holster Hokey Pokey – Inside Or Outside? appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Cash Wolf Dunny by Josh Divine

Now available from Kidrobot, the new Cash Wolf Dunny by artist Josh Divine is pursuing Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of a good paycheck. The 5-inch tall Dunny is lucky #13 of the Dunny 5-inch Series. Cashing in at 5 inches tall of pure high quality vinyl and with priceless style, the Cash Wolf comes in a OG Dollar Bill Green Version and a limited edition Billionaire Blue Kidrobot.com Exclusive Version. The Kidrobot Exclusive blue version is limited to a run of 200 pieces. Both figures curre...
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Dream Kindle...

I was thinking today that really I my dream Kindle setup would be a 10 inch kindle for reading at home and a paperwhite for reading on the go and the great sync system would work perfect. Why Amazon do you not give us some great device options?
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Women and the War Effort ~ AmmoLand News Image Vault

A Rosie Riveter USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Welcome to the AmmoLand News image vault. Here is where we dig deep into some of our collection of historic photos for our readers to enjoy. In this series photographer, Alfred T. Palmer highlights the dedication and effort put forth by women workers leading up to and during World War II.Alfred T. Palmer (1906–1993) was a photographer who is best known for his photographs depicting Americana during World War II, he was an Office of War Information photogr...
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Amazon Issue Searching/Buying Kindle eBooks

When I click on any ebook for description and possible purchase I receive the following notice: Quote: A notice to our users The browser or mobile device you use to access the internet does not support modern security standards that Amazon and others use to protect customers. To complete the entry of your payment information, please upgrade or use a different browser or mobile device to ensure that your experience on Amazon will be uninterrupted. To install o...
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North American Arms Guardian: Heavy Weight Pocket Rocket

The NAA Guardian accompanied with a few fired projectiles fired into ballistics gelatin. U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- North American Arms out of Provo, Utah has been producing their flagship series of rimfire mini-revolvers for years. These diminutive five-shooters have proven themselves to be lifesavers in real-world encounters despite not packing much of a wallop. Somewhat less well known is NAA's Guardian, a series of small steel-framed semi-automatic pistols designed for personal defense and p...
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Kobo Forma - 4.11.11911 update removed fullscreen reading

I used this link to get full-screen reading: https://blog.the-ebook-reader.com/20...kobo-ereaders/ However, inserting this below into the eReader.config file does nothing anymore. In Reading Settings, I see new checkboxes next to Show Title and Show Footer. But when I unselect them, the text still doesn't become full-screen. There's only empty space where the title and page numbers would go. [FeatureSettings] FullScreenReading=true
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REVIEW: Legendary Optimus Prime - Transformers Bumblebee The Movie

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How President Trump has Supported the Second Amendment

Donald Trump – Second Amendment U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- President Donald Trump is the most vocal supporter of the Second Amendment to the Constitution that has ever inhabited the White House.Before 1934, there were few restrictions on firearm purchases and virtually none at the federal level. It is not surprising that before 1934, presidents said little about the Second Amendment.Franklin  Delano Roosevelt was blatantly anti-Second Amendment. He showed it with his court picks and the attempt t...
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Registration for CMP 3P Air Rifle Postal Opens in November for 2018

By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer Civilian Marksmanship Program Postal Championship USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Postal Championship will officially open for registration on Nov. 1, 2018, for any junior air rifle marksman involved in 4-H, Scouts, American Legion, club or JROTC air rifle programs. The competition is designed for those interested in testing their three-position competition skills against some of the top juniors in the country, while firing from ...
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Pop Culture Shock G1 Starscream Statue Official Images and Details

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Not bothering with clean-up, either; I’m too busy planting  by  Elizabeth Licata

These Narcissus jonquilla var. henriquesii Twinkling Yellow are my new favorites among the miniatures. The last shipment of bulbs has finally arrived and I made a Halloween resolution to lie about my zone when I order next year. It’s not that I think it’s too late to plant them; it’s just a little more pleasant to plant in warmer temps. John Scheepers and Brent & Becky’s think I should plant in November; I’d rather plant in October. It’s that simple. They might be right, but it really doesn’t...
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Clara HD Reading Progress Indicator sideloaded kepubs

This is definitely NOT an important question, just one I'm mildly interested in. If there's a fix, great, if not, no matter. When I switched from a Paperwhite 2 to my Clara last month, I converted all my new epubs to kepubs because I actually like the reading progress stats bar. So far, I've not read any of the few kepubs I've bought from the Kobo store, still have hundreds of Kindle "refugees" to work through. So I don't know if this problem is unique to sideloaded and/or Calibre-generated kepu...
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Fisher Price Disney Princess Little People Magical Wand Palace or Little People Construction Site $19.99 (Was $49)

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy here. Kohl's has some really great toy deals right now! They have a selection of toys priced under $20. For instance, this Fisher Price Disney Princess Little People... [Author: Lana]
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K4 KT4 NT how to recover lost wifi connection in script

@All, for a while I was an anonymous reader benefiting out of several ideas here - thank you! Unfortunately I could not find an answer to last my problem. Hoping that you can help me now. Problem Description My K4NT: 4.1.3 runs my own small golang weather display (app). It runs just fine. My router intentional drops wifi every night and restores it in the morning. I cannot find a way to recover the lost wifi connection on kindle after it is switched back on in the morning. So my program...
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Review: Satellite by Nick Lake

Satellite by Nick Lake reads like a quietly soft contemporary…but set in space. I just loved this combination, and how unique it felt. It’s the perfect collision of sci-fi vs contemporary with a little dystopian dashed in as well. You probably have to suspend a bit of disbelief with the technical aspects of raising a baby … Continue reading Review: Satellite by Nick Lake The post Review: Satellite by Nick Lake appeared first on The Boomerang Books Blog.
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A list

The Five Most Important Guns In American History
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Quote of the Day

Joe: The government thinks interpretation of firearm law by the ATF and distributed to the public is too confusing for a jury to understand when explained to them by two or more lawyers. And they will prosecute individuals who violate the privately held interpretation of the prosecutor and suppress any interpretation publicly distributed by the ATF.
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In Georgia

The Democrat candidate for governor wants to ban the most popular rile in America.
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