Short Fiction Reeve, Arthur B.: The Social Gangster (1916), v2

This book was uploaded in prc format only in 2006. I have remade it with an original dust-jacket cover and frontispiece, and corrected a tiny number of typos not detected by spellcheck, eg "be, fore" should be "before". Although presented as a novel, with a continuous chapterisation, this book is actually a short story collection. The stories were not joined using linking material, and are as originally published in the magazines. I have slightly modified the Contents page to identify the indi...
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Short Fiction Reeve, Arthur B.: The Social Gangster (1916)

This book was uploaded in prc format only in 2006. I have remade it with an original dust-jacket cover and frontispiece, and corrected a tiny number of typos not detected by spellcheck, eg "be, fore" should be "before". Although presented as a novel, with a continuous chapterisation, this book is actually a short story collection. The stories were not joined using linking material, and are as originally published in the magazines. I have slightly modified the Contents page to identify the indiv...
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Bulk metadata edit to add date from filename

I've got a ton of old pulp magazine scans and some of the filenames have dates. I'm sure there's a way to use the regular expression function in bulk metadata edit to pull out the publication date, but I can't figure it out. Example file names: Thrilling Wonder Stories v19n03 (1941-03) Future Science Fiction #28 (12-1955) (I'm assuming I'd have to do month-first and year-first separately) Suggestions? Thanks.
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Modern Furniture Design from Studio Kook

This post is in collaboration with Studio Kook. Everyone likes buying new things and new furniture is no exception. The benefit of modern furniture is that they tend to make an efficient use of space. The latest furniture design models help you create a living setup that’s completely customized to your space. This means a [...]
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Auto numbering series when adding books

Hello, I have a number of epubs which belong to a general collection rather than having a specific series order. They each have a "calibre:series" metadata entry, but do not have a "calibre:series_index" entry. Until recently, when I added such books to Calibre, they would automatically be assigned the next available number (which is what I want, since it essentially sets the ordering by date of creation), but now they each enter as "seriesName[1]" instead. Did I manage to screw something up i...
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The thinnest piece of paper in the world

Japanese specialist paper manufacturer Hidaka Washi Ltd makes the world's thinnest paper using 1,000-year-old methods. The paper is then sent to museums and libraries around the world—including the British Museum and the Library of Congress—and is used to restore and protect books and works of art. (Great Big Story)
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Silicon Valley Shot-Callers continue to Censor the Second Amendment

Silicon Valley versus the Second Amendment U.S.A. – -(AmmoLand.com)- The internet has been a bonanza for Second Amendment supporters. In essence, it has allowed them to bypass the mainstream media to give them the facts needed to show the logic in pro-Second Amendment public policies. Well, the gun-grabbers got tired of it, and they’re starting to make moves to end this channel of information.The internet made a lot of changes. The good was how much information was placed at people’s fingertip...
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POTD: Shortest Barrel SMLE

A video on youtube showed some young guys from the Arab region -either Iraqi or Algerian- demonstrating their gun, which they have fun with.  It is a cut-down short-magazine Lee Enfield rifle (now carbine length) with the shortest barrel ever seen for this model. The original front sight post is replaced with an AK sight while […] Read More … The post POTD: Shortest Barrel SMLE appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Brenton USA Ranger Carbon Hunter .450 Bushmaster Hunting Rifle

Brenton USA Ranger Carbon Hunter .450 Bushmaster U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- Earlier this summer I wrote an article about the problems with getting an AR-15 chambered in .450 Bushmaster to run properly. I found that most of the real problems existed not with the rifle, but with the magazine. Not long afterward, I was contacted by a Michigan company that claimed to not only have resolved the problems with the .450 magazine but also were making the most advanced, purpose-driven AR hunting rifles on ...
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Fuel for Thought

Art by A.F. Branco Fuel for Thought USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Fuel for Thought.Governor Jerry Brown would like to shift blame from faulty looney save-everything left-wing forest management policies to blaming global warming.Did you enjoy this cartoon?Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news! You call yourself pro-gun? Prove it by joining any one or all of these fine civil rights organizations: National Rifle Association (NRA) : www.membership.nrahq.orgSecond Ame...
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Thoughts on Page Display themes feature

I was initially dubious about the new Themes feature, mostly because the UI change pushed XRay and Aa (and Notes? Cannot remember) off of the toolbar, so it takes more taps to get to these. However, I’m warming up to it: easy to set up different themes for Portrait and Landscape and switch orientation more quickly (Prior to this, I would want to change one or two page display settings along with Orientation, so switching orientations was so cumbersome I rarely did it) multiple users of same de...
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Nightmare Before Christmas Select Action Figures Series 6

Diamond Select Toys continues their NBX action figure line with the Nightmare Before Christmas Select Action Figures Series 6 . This lineup features three different multi-packs that make up the series. They include Sally with the Mummy Boy and exclusive Hanging Tree, the exclusive Clown with Undersea Gal and her exclusive tank, and the exclusive Harlequin Demon with the Devil and another piece of the exclusive gift-making table – combine it with the pieces from Series 5 to form a larger diora...
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Digital Night Vision: Is It Worth While?

Actual night vision is typically rather pricey. While there are cheap night vision like Gen 1 and some heavily used Gen 2, most people want Gen 3 night vision and they cost a couple thousand dollars and in some cases are upwards of five figures. Digital night vision is slowly becoming a reality. There are […] Read More … The post Digital Night Vision: Is It Worth While? appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Making the Lame Duck Session Count

Opinion Making the Lame Duck Session Count USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Now that the midterms are over, Republicans have a short amount of time to accomplish a great deal. This is their last stretch of having full control of the Congress, and they should work with President Trump to take full advantage.First, Republicans must pass the remaining appropriation bills, including spending bills for Homeland Security and agriculture. There will doubtlessly be Democrat attempts to stall or block conservat...
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Transformers Bumblebee Film Rating And Runtime Revealed

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H.R. 7115 Outlaws ‘Assault Weapon’ Parts Kits & Private Sales

Ar15 Lower Parts U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- The Democrats in Congress have hurried to introduce restrictive anti-Second Amendment legislation. Progressivism detests the concept of the Second Amendment in its bones.Congressman Pallone, a Democrat from New Jersey, has introduced H.R. 7115.  The bill outlaws the private manufacture of guns by requiring a serial number be applied for, and received, before manufacture. Thus, all legal private making of guns would be recorded by the government,. The ma...
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9 Now Ideas: Quirky Gifts for Creative People

It can be hard to shop for creative people! Most creatives know how to make things themselves, DIY-ing almost anything, so it can be hard to know how to give them the right gift. So I love these 9 Quirky Gift Ideas I found that I know anyone creative will love to receive this holiday season – me included! (hint, hint) My favorite below is the watercolor on-the-go sheets, it’s already on my Christmas list! But with any one of these gift ideas below, It’s all about how we can spark creativity, ke...
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The Mercedes-Benz Gruma Hunter X-Class Truck

Here at TFB we very rarely write about Automobiles, but when we do they are probably the best Automobiles in the World – for our needs. When we covered luxury SUVs for hunting and fishing England had a clear win with their Bentley Benteyga. If hunting with Falcons is your thing, there can also only […] Read More … The post The Mercedes-Benz Gruma Hunter X-Class Truck appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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‘Ignore this’: Jonathan Franzen’s top 10 writing tips get gleefully trolled on Twitter

Several authors hit back at the American novelist, questioning his logic and issuing their own mock adviceAmerican novelist Jonathan Franzen has drawn the ire of fellow writers, who are mercilessly trolling him following an article in which he lists his 10 writing rules for aspiring novelists.No stranger to controversy, Franzen often ends up in public spats after media tours for his new books. His most famous was in 2011, when he derided Oprah’s book club following her selection of his novel The...
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PW2 KUAL not starting on PW2, ssh working

Hi folks, Some years ago I successfully jailbroke my Kindle PW2, installed KUAL, Backdoor-Lock, Koreader usbnetswitch and other packages. since it is still version 5.4.2 it worked quite well. Many thanks. I now used it again after a while and first thought about making an update but it sound like it could deactivate the jailbreak. So i decided to install only a new version of koreader. ( i just deleted the old koreader folders in root ). But after that KUAL wont start again and the device onl...
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DCON18: Kidrobot Exclusives, Releases, and Events

Kidrobot will be at Designer Con 2018, November 16th - 18th, held up at Booth #2010. They'll be joined by special guests and an assortment of exclusives and limited edition drops. Kidrobot x DCON Designer Con Dunny Art Figure Series Featuring designs from artists Greg “Craola” Simkins, Flat Bonnie, KaNO, Hyperactive Monkey, Deph, Chris Lee, Scott Tolleson, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Ragnar, Chet Zar and Paul Frank - this commemorative Dunny Mini Series is definitely one you wont want to miss. This Ki...
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Back to the Future...

Currently underway is a 2,000-round test on a Ruger P89. The P-series Rugers had a reputation on the internet (Usenet rec.guns and later gun forums on the web) for being reliable, but those were the days when "flawless reliability" was a pretty nebulous thing.It will be interesting to see how it runs and compare it to shooting newer test guns. Personally, I vastly preferred the 5906 I ran earlier this year to the P89.It's worth noting, however, that the MSRP in the 1993 Gun Buyer's Annual for t...
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Ice, Ice Baby

Well, it didn't snow last night after all...  Instead, we got an inch or so of ice and freezing rain. All in all, I'd rather have the snow. It would have made the kids sad, though, because 2" of snow wouldn't have gotten them out of school the way an inch of ice did. Bobbi's "rain rope" looks cool when it gets iced up. But you know what doesn't look cool when it gets iced up? I mean, other than the streets? I went out and de-iced her car. Fortunately, I'd remembered to run out and put the w...
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CC folder coice ad infinitum

Hi all, i cannot upload or chose my calibre files anymore. I installed CC a couple of days ago. Everything worked fine. I downloaded one book to my mobile phone. In the meantime I uploaded further eBooks to my Kindle Drive. Today i wanted to check, if the new books can be found in CC. I started CC and this is what happens. I have to chose folders as long as there are folders. if there are no more folders to drill in -- nothing happens. Only options: hoch / abbrechen i have a screen video...
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Forma version: 4.11.11982 (6 Nov 18)

made through user error - doubled up thread
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Writings by friends...

David Yamane continues his series of posts on what he learned in Alliance the other weekend.John Johnston has a thoughtful piece up at Shooting Illustrated Online on "wOrKs fOr mE!" [Author: Tam]
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Mobi upload fail

I converted a word file to Mobi with Calibre. It failed to be "processed" by Amazon (KDP). Alert says "There was a problem processing your file. Please check your file and try again." Converted as a "New". Any advice?
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3rd Party Book Promotion Suggestions?

Hi all. I'm back again. (Life seriously needs to stop kicking me in the shins all the dang time, otherwise I'd be here more. Sheesh.) Anyhow, I'm wondering, from your personal experience, what are the best sites (outside of this one, as I already know the details about promoting here) for promoting your work. I know there used to be a wiki page on this years ago, but that's long gone now. So I'm up for suggestions. I know Library Thing, and GoodReads were once suggested, but those all see...
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Garden Lady

I’m back to playing with my bags of soft cashmere bits that make such sweet and soft flowers. This one is definitely not inspired by nature out my window. We’ve had a hard frost and the garden is over for the year. And tonight, we are suppose to have our first snow. I will be playing with some more butterfly designs because these were fun! Plain on the back-
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Perspective on Violence in the USA

Crime U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- How big a problem is violence in the USA? We have answers, but the answers are not easy to explain. It is difficult to compare a violent act that occurs millions of times a year with ones that happen once every few months. Here is the US data for 2017. It surprised me, and it might surprise you. How do we improve one area without making another area worse?On average, a violent crime was committed every 25 seconds.A firearm was used in legal self-defense every 31 s...
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