Down Range Radio #598: The Greatest “Myth” in Concealed Carry

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Fire and Chaparral - Some Questions

This picture makes it look like our house is up to its decks in chaparral!I chose a dramatic image! Long-time subscribers may note that our blog has taken a break since around early summer. Sorry for our absence. I'm back. I hope. With a theme: wildfire.The recent "Camp Fire" has shocked everyone with is devastation and loss of life. It has killed 88 at last count and obliterated the town of Paradise, which is about 200 miles north of my home. In Southern California, the "Woolsey Fire" in...
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parse_index parse audio files?

:bulb2:Can parse_index fetch audio files? It would be amazing if the list of articles can contain the dictionary like {'audio': audio url}. Just convert it to epub and you can get an ebook with audio. Isn't that awesome? :D
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Meet Princess Peony this Christmas

Nette Hilton is a much-loved and rather wickedly humorous creator of books for children and young adults. She lives in northern NSW. Her titles span the award-winning The Web, to picture books A Proper Little Lady, The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Tale and Little Platypus; junior novels Sprite Downberry, Star of the Show, Adventures … Continue reading Meet Princess Peony this Christmas The post Meet Princess Peony this Christmas appeared first on The Boomerang Books Blog.
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Aura ONE How do I combine multiple Kobo annotation tables?

Hello all, I currently read on a Kobo Aura ONE. I’ve had it replaced under warranty three times: once due to dud front-light, screen failure, and once after it went insane when I plugged it into a Samsung USB charger. Each time I had an up-to-date backup of my annotations, though, and now I’d like to combine the annotations from my three devices so that I can have all my annotations available on my current reader, and can export them using this (sadly unmaintained) Python script. (I didn’t w...
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Calibre settings from Kobo (KA1) -> Kindle (KO2)

Hello, I have Calibre (v.3.34) setup to convert books to .kepub automatically upon sending to a Kobo Aura One (via the Kobo Touch Extended Plugin). I've recently sold my KA1, and decided to replace it with a Kindle Oasis 2 (which hasn't arrived yet!), instead of the Forma which was my original plan - and I need help to change my Calibre workflow from Kobo -> Kindle. I've been looking for a similar option/plugin/guide for the KO2, and haven't found as clear setup instructions (I apologize if I...
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Video Podcast: Working with the SIG P365

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NEW: SIG Sauer Introduces Upgraded MPX PCC

SIG Sauer has just introduced an improved version of their popular MPX pistol caliber carbine. The new MPX PCC brings together a number of features worked up to offer a robust new carbine ideal for competitive shooting. The rifle has a Timney single-stage trigger, a free float ergonomic M-LOK handguard with a slim profile, 12 […] Read More … The post NEW: SIG Sauer Introduces Upgraded MPX PCC appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Issues getting Calibre Companion to connect to Calibre on Win10

I keep getting 'could not find Calibre'. My PC is wired, connection is 'private'. I can ping the PC from my phone. If I start the Calibre content server, I can open a browser on my phone and go to [PC IP address]:8080 and I get a page showing my books. To get to this point, I went to my firewall, deleted all rules that mention 'calibre', rebooted, restarted caliblre, opened wireless connection, said 'yes' to the firewall dialog that pops up - and see a new firewall rule for calibre. Any idea...
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Kennyswork – Molly (Harley Quinn Disguise) Playground Version

Hot Toys is collaborating with Kennyswork (Kenny Wong) with the latest addition to their Artist Mix Collection - Molly (Harley Quinn Disguise) Playground Version . Molly is embodying a confident, independent, and courageous everygirl who has become the signature creation of Kenny Wong. The figure stands approximately 9 inches tall and features “Molly” dressed in Harley Quinn’s jumpsuit painted in pink and blue pastels. This version is slated to be released near the end of 2018 (so...soon). ...
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At the Loch of the Green Corrie ~ Andrew Greig

Continuing this week's Scottish travels we're going fishing, because At the Loch of the Green Corrie came highly recommended at a recent Endsleigh Salon evening where our book theme had been 'Hunting, Shooting, Fishing'. The selection of reads that evening was broad from my choice of Why Homer Matters by Adam Nicolson ( I somehow made it fit) to The Power by Naomi Alderman, A Monstrous Commotion by Gareth Willams (about the search for the Loch Ness monster), Angle of Repose (get it?) by Wallace...
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Paperback Picks: books by James Atlas, Rachel Joyce and Nadia Murad

Works by a 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner and books up for prestigious prizes are among this week's Paperback Picks.
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Greensboro PD chooses GLOCK as their Official Duty Weapon

Glock is a favorite among concealed carry holders, recreational enthusiasts, and league shooters alike. The group of Glock faithful also includes a significant amount of men and women in blue. In fact, the list continues to grow almost everyday with the Greensboro PD now included. Glock just recently announced that another significant police department from […] Read More … The post Greensboro PD chooses GLOCK as their Official Duty Weapon appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Pop! Movies: Nacho Libre

From the (I guess I can call it a) cult flick - Nacho Libre - Funko has announced the Pop! Movies: Nacho Libre lineup. You can join Ignacio “Nacho” on a campaign to simultaneously fund an orphanage and claim luchador glory. And if you're not a fan of Pop! Jack Black's face...you can always shoot for the chase version (with the Luchador mask). If you're interested in pre-ordering this figure, you can follow this link to Amazon.com, where the Nacho Libre Pop! is available for $10.99. 
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Serpentoid – Black Blood Clutter Exclusive

Clutter has announced the official release of the Serpentoid - Black Blood Clutter Exclusive . Designed by artist Michael Skattum and produced by GUMS, the approximately 8-inch tall figure features multiple paint apps on top of vibrant fluorescent pink soft vinyl. This exclusive colorway is limited to a run of 50 pieces. You can pick one up now for $90.00.
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Microsoft Fixes Windows 10’s File Association Bug, Unless You’re Using the October Update

Microsoft just updated Windows 10 to fix the file association bug we reported and some other issues. For some bizarre reason, these fixes are not available if you’ve installed the October 2018 Update on your PC. On November 27, Microsoft released a “cumulative update” for Windows 10 that fixes a variety of bugs. As Bleeping Computer notes, Microsoft says the problem that prevents some Windows users from setting their default applications is fixed. Unfortunately, the Windows Media Player bug is ...
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Make Festive Hanukkah Watercolor Cards

Make some festive Hanukkah Watercolor Cards by painting a Menorah, Star of David, or a dreidel with your paints. Once watercolored, these can simply be displayed around your home or added to a gift as a cheery gift tag! These would also be perfect to create a fun and festive dining table for your guests during Hanukkah by turning them into holiday place cards. Not only are they fun to make, you can personalize them for each one of your dining guests. Hanukkah Watercolor Cards Supplies: wa...
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Just New Eyes

T his time ... ...on paper. Switching internet providers, not running smoothly so a bit of interruption over here today...
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South Dakota expects Constitutional Carry with Governor Elect Kristi Noem

South Dakota Governor-Elect Kristi Noem Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- South Dakota is a deep red state. It should have passed Constitutional Carry years ago. Constitutional Carry is a reform of gun laws restrictions to approximate the restrictions in place when the Bill of Rights was adopted in 1791. Actually, it did. More than once. But Republican governor Dennis Daugaard vetoed a Constitutional Carry bill on March 17, 2017.  This wasn't the first time.  It was a long-standing performance. Gover...
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Move all from old paperwhite to new

I have searched and haven’t found my answer. I want to move all from an old pw to new one without haveing to do it book by book. If amazon put a book up restore feature this would be ez. I understand it could be an issue with max allowed downloads but there has to be a simple way to move all! Any ideas?
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Looking for an App

When I was using my I**d I had a free app called Foxit PDF reader which would allow me to download my documents, save them and I could also make notes right on the screen/document. I am now using my Kindle Fire for all my documents and I am looking for an app where I can make the annotations on the screen and save them, is there such an app out there, preferable free?? Thanks for the help!!
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Hilarious gun fight scene

Via NJT, who has a question about the holster, comes this scene from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs: You can watch the movie on Netflix. I started it. The first two stories were pretty good. I haven’t gotten to the rest yet.
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Where Great Britain Used To Be

The Department of Pre-Crime: Police in the UK want to predict serious violent crime using artificial intelligence, New Scientist can reveal. The idea is that individuals flagged by the system will be offered interventions, such as counselling, to avert potential criminal behaviour. I see now way this can end poorly.
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Tam introduces us to a holster that indexes on the handgun’s light, if that light is a SureFire X300U. That’s pretty clever.
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Get a Smart Thermostat and Get Control Over Energy Costs

Heating and cooling make up the bulk of residential energy expenditures, so why not invest in a smart thermostat? It’s is an easy, cost-effective way to reduce the carbon footprint of any home. ecobee smart thermostats are Wi-Fi compatible, meaning they think so you don’t have to—sensing if anyone is home, locating hot and cold spots, even making micro-adjustments to account for changing weather. All of this means targeted technology, so an ecobee thermostat provides heat where needed and does...
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How to Make a Paper Flower Wreath

While I am absolutely a sucker for real flowers, I also think there is something really special and amazing about crepe paper flowers. They just look so delicate and beautiful and the fact that they stay looking pretty forever doesn’t hurt. In the past, I have shared how to make a paper flower picnic basket and a paper flower garland, but today I am sharing how to make a paper flower wreath. This wreath is pretty enough for fall and will carry you over to the winter months too. Just add a few f...
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Kobo to Amazon to Kobo

I had a Kindle PaperWhite a couple of years ago. After that, I was on Kobo. Every time a new device with a bigger screen came out, I got one, H20, Aura One... I recently got a Kindle PaperWhite 3. Partly because I finally wanted a smaller device. But I'm now back on Kobo, with the Clara HD, mostly because of the Kobo software. The Kindle software has improved a lot since I first had one. Things I like/miss about the Kindle : You can copy any fonts and adjust the weight. The smaller header/footer...
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How to Send Animoji to Someone Without iMessage

Animoji is a really fun feature in iMessage on newer iPhones, but you can also send Animoji to friends and family that don’t have iMessage—or don’t even have an iPhone for that matter. RELATED: How to Use Animoji on the iPhone X, XS, and XR When you send an Animoji to another iPhone user, it’s optimized to show up as an animated GIF of sorts, complete with audio. However, it’s really nothing more than a video, so you can send Animoji to anyone, whether they use an iPhone or an Android device. E...
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And there were robots

Well, there. Youngest daughter is not only married, but the occasion’s now been properly feted, and I can’t even tell you how trashed our house is.  Not the kind of trashed that comes from not cleaning up for a few days because you’re busy, I mean the kind of deep trashing that comes from three sisters doing their nails while searching for just the right earrings (everything from my scant collection was rejected, and in the end Megan gave Sam the ones she was wearing) while a father tries to fin...
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