It’s Time For My Annual 2018 Merry Christmas Basket of Fun Giveaway!

Hey there beautiful friends! I’m super excited to once again be able to giveaway a basket of fun to one of my lovely readers. I have such a great time putting this basket together every year. Gift baskets just make me so happy with their assortment of goodies. I hope you like what I’ve carefully picked out for you this year. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for continuing to be readers of my site, I really do appreciate your support! Today’s post is not sponsored in any way. I pur...
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Down Range Radio #600: Risk Assessment in Personal Defense

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Amnesia Fiction

Amnesia fiction generally contains a character suffering from some form of memory loss, or memory loss forms part of the storyline. It’s such a common plot device I thought it was worth exploring. Here are seven amnesia fiction novels you might enjoy. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart We Were Liars is about a group … Continue reading Amnesia Fiction The post Amnesia Fiction appeared first on The Boomerang Books Blog.
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An Untold, Unforgettable Story: ‘Everything I’ve Never Said’ by Samantha Wheeler

We’ve spoken previously on the blog, Samantha, particularly about your environmental, conservation stories for younger readers, such as Wombat Warriors.  Thanks for joining us again to talk about Everything I’ve Never Said, an original, affecting and unforgettable work. Thank you, and my pleasure. There’s deservedly a big buzz about this novel. It’s for middle readers … Continue reading An Untold, Unforgettable Story: ‘Everything I’ve Never Said’ by Samantha Wheeler The post An Untold, Unforge...
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Amazon Echo vs. Echo Dot vs. Echo Plus vs. Echo Spot: quelle est la différence?

Bonjour tout le monde Je voulais récemment acheter un petit haut-parleur pour un usage domestique. Je l'ai vérifié en ligne et récemment, des petits haut-parleurs Amazon Echo Dot ou Echo Spot ou Echo Plus font des promotions, Cette série est vraiment trop, Je ne sais pas lequel est le meilleur? Quelle est la différence entre eux? S'il vous plaît faites votre suggestion, Merci beaucoup
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How to run multiple "ebook-convert"?

I have multiple recipes and I need to convert them to ebooks at the same time. But it seems that calibre doesn't allow me to run multiple "ebook-convert" from the command line. Any solutions?
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Second Amendment Silver Linings from the Midterms

Opinion The Supreme Court as composed April 10, 2017, to July 31, 2018.Credit: Franz Jantzen, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States New York – -(AmmoLand.com)- We’ve looked at the bad news from 2018 a lot, especially given the loss of the House, which means that a nightmare will run the House Judiciary Committee for at least the next two years. But while there are some significant threats, there are also some big pieces of good news we can take from 2018.One of the biggest silv...
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Useful if you have a Goodreads account

https://almoturg.com/bookstats/ This site is just about your book stats. The data comes from a csv file, if you have a Goodreads account you can get that file when you scroll down on your "My Books" page towards the bottom left side, after all your shelves. There is a header for Tools. You go to import/export. From there you export your library and don't forget to click on the tiny words underneath the export button where it says "your export dated.." because thats how you get the export t...
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Frozen Cold

Art by A.F. Branco Frozen Cold USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Frozen Cold.Record cold reported in the southeast and a sharp drop in the earth’s temperature over the past couple of years is making the Global Warming scenario less realistic among the well informed.Did you enjoy this cartoon?Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news! You call yourself pro-gun? Prove it by joining any one or all of these fine civil rights organizations: National Rifle Association (NRA) : ...
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Hot Toys: Deluxe Version Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker

In the epic conclusion of the classic Star Wars saga, after Luke Skywalker has returned to his home planet of Tatooine to rescue his friend Han Solo from the clutches of the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt, the young Skywalker along with his friends and the Rebellion fleet must take down the second Death Star in order to stop the evil Empire from wiping out the last hope to restore freedom to the galaxy... Hot Toys has announced the new Deluxe Version 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker collectible figu...
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TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Awesome Ammunition

Often overlooked as potential Christmas gifts, quality ammunition can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the enjoyment of the shooting sports. A world-class firearm is nothing without proven ammo. From the obvious attributes like accuracy and repeatability to the more specialty characteristics such as subsonic velocities and clean burning powder, […] Read More … The post TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Awesome Ammunition appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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UPDATE: ATF Accessory Classification Notice Follow-Up

As a follow-up to yesterday’s announcement by the ATF regarding the discontinuation of accessory classifications without a host firearm, sources that work closely with the law enforcement and regulatory agency have come forward with additional information. Apparently the Firearms Technology Industry Services Branch (FTISB), has been swamped with submissions from manufacturers without a host weapon as context […] Read More … The post UPDATE: ATF Accessory Classification Notice Follow-Up appeared...
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New “Red Flag” Gun Control Bills to be Introduced in Texas

Red Flag Gun Grab Laws Austin, Texas –-(Ammoland.com)-Texas lawmakers will consider anti-gun bills including “red flag” laws, mandatory background checks for all private handgun sales at gun shows, and new regulations on 3-D printed firearms in the next year's legislative session.A “red flag” law is also known as an extreme risk protection order (ERPO). An ERPO allows police to remove firearms from a gun owner if a judge determines that the person is a danger to themselves or others. The issue...
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Carnegie Introduces New Textile Collection: Xorel Vue

Xorel Vue, a new textile collection from Carnegie designed specifically for contract interior spaces, is a study in contrasts. On the surface each fabric looks delicate, but in reality each one is incredibly durable. Designers at Carnegie spent five years developing Xorel Vue, which employs crochet and embroidery techniques applied by hand. The collection is ideal for window treatments, partitions, and panels, allowing light in but also providing a barrier for privacy. Xorel Vue is available ...
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Squeezing as much performance as possible out (container)

Hey folks- TL;DR: Make your calibre faster by putting /tmp in a ramdisk and throwing more resources at it. In the process of validating a few hundred thousand ebooks by restructuring my library, and figured I would take some time to run some performance tests. Not sure how much this would help anyone (they are very tailored to my setup), but here are my results. If anyone has any further ideas on how to go even further (i.e. custom compiling maybe) I'm all ears. See below for my results, and s...
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Discreet Ballistics Patents a First Round Pop Reduction System

A little over a year ago, we wrote about the Discreet Ballistics PopStop which is a barrel mounted valve and a CO2 cartridge system designed to inject a non-flammable gas into the suppressor replacing the oxygen inside the can thus eliminating the phenomenon of the first round pop. Back then, the PopStop was patent pending. Lately, […] Read More … The post Discreet Ballistics Patents a First Round Pop Reduction System appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Daily Gun Deals: Taurus Spectrum .380 ACP Pistol $214.99 after Rebate

Taurus Spectrum .380 ACP Pistol Rebate Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- With the low price leader Palmetto State Armory you can pick up a Taurus Spectrum .380 ACP Pistol in Black for just $214.99 after the TAURUS SPECTRUM end of year consumer rebate.Purchase a qualifying Taurus Spectrum pistol and receive a $35 Taurus Visa Prepaid Card. Offer valid on Taurus Spectrum purchases between Aug 31 2018 through Dec 31 2018. All rebate submissions must be postmarked by Jan 31, 2019. Buy the Taurus Spectru...
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WATTOZZ Remote Controlled Multi Shot Wireless Electroshock Weapon ~ VIDEO

Editors Note: We try to never edit press releases and that is the case with this one from our new friends from Turkey. There is a lot we could say on this one, but we will leave that to our readers. We just bring you the news as we find it… let the comments flow. (trigger discipline,,, cough, cough) TURKEY – -(AmmoLand.com)- Taser, a conducted electrical weapon used by more than 1 million police officers in many countries of the world, became the rival of the Wattozz Weapon, whose production w...
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Say Hello to the Hi5 Union 2.0 Tables

Hi5 Union 2.0 Tables are a collection of go-anywhere, do-anything, super-durable multi-use tables. Constructed of solid 2” thick laminate panels, Hi5’s Union 2.0 Tables perform in a variety of venues. Their 10-foot length makes them a natural for hospitality and commercial locales, and features like integrated wire management and varied heights render them ideal for collaborative workspaces. And they’re easy to re-locate (especially given the size). The industrial locking casters enable a “ro...
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Pop! Rocks: AC/DC – Angus Young

If your favorite mode of transportation is the Highway to Hell, you’re in for a treat...Funko is ready to add some high voltage rock ‘n’ roll to your collection with the release of its Angus Young Pop! . As a part of their Pop! Rocks: AC/DC Series , the band's lead guitarist and co-founder is rocking on his guitar as officially licensed Pop! musician with a Chase figure that’s wearing a hat with an “A” and devil horns. Additionally, there is an Angus Young Pop!, with a red jacket, available ...
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Beasts of the Mesozoic: New Raptors available for Pre-Order

David Silva, the man behind Creative Beast Studio and the Beasts of the Mesozoic series, has announced some additions of the Raptor Series flock. The next set of Raptor Series action figures has already begun production (without the need for crowdfunding) and are now being offered for the first time to pre-order at a special reduced price. These figures will remain available to pre-order until they are in-stock, which is estimated to be late March or early April 2019. Those figures now ava...
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PW4 screen quality not uniform?

Do you see a problem on the screen or it's just me? I get it that Pw4 has a more washed out text, what is giving me concern is the fact it seems not really even, some words seems to become more gray just in the middle of it. The problem seems always in the same area, refresh doesn't change anything, should i contact the assistance? Spoiler:
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2018 Tea Book Roundup

In this article, I cover 6 tea books that came out since our last roundup in late 2017. Overall, it was a strong year for quality tea books and we're continually seeing authors raising the bar and introducing new concepts and information to our industry. This is key, as there are no doubt a number [...] The post 2018 Tea Book Roundup appeared first on American Specialty Tea Alliance.
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[MacOS] Help, using shell script and ebook-convert, hazel

Hi Calibre-Community, I have a question about using the ebook-convert program from calibre in a shell script – as I am a total noob to shell scrips, maybe someone here can help me? :help: I am eager to learn and would be very thankful! So I am using hazel on a mac to automate certain folders. Within one of the folders I want to have an automatic conversion from ePub to pdf. I stumbled over a very useful shell script in the internet, which can be used directly in hazel: https://jake.ch/2013/03/03...
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Add a password to Calibre DB

Hello, I am researching documentation about adding a password to my local Calibre Database; is it a built-in feature ? I do not use calibre server. Only the classic version. Thanks for your help on this question. Best regards, Nico
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Video Podcast: Tactical Solution Pac-Lite IV

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ATF: Firearms Accessory Classifications Immediate Changes

Effective Immediately: ATF: Firearms Accessory Classifications Immediate Changes USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Firearms Technology Industry Services Branch (FTISB) classifies firearms as defined by the Gun Control Act (GCA) and National Firearms Act (NFA) based on the configuration and the design features of the firearm as submitted by members of the industry.Effective immediately, any requests for a determination on how an accessory affects the classification of a firearm under the GCA or NFA m...
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Transformers G1 Minibots Reissues Seen at WalMart

Tags: Toys, Walmart

EB Games Canada Exclusive MP-44 Convoy / Optimus Prime Announced

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Ahya Yasa Nemangha: The Gathas

We are happy to provide a downloadble copy of the Ahya Yasa Nemangha. This book is a study of the Gathas of Prophet Zarathushtra containing the Text with Literal Translation into English, and an accompanying Commentary. The author Shirin Dara Contractor has provided this book as a free download for all readers, and is exclusively hosted on Parsi Khabar Below is the foreward of the book Shirin Dara Contractor writes… Foreword I am a Parsee Zoroastrian by birth and have been brought up in a tradit...
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