TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Silencers For A Silent Night

‘Twas the night before Christmas… something, something subsonic 300 Blackout. That’s the way the poem goes, right? One of the best parts about Christmas is thinking about how the generations before us celebrated the season in years past. Candles instead of LED lights. Wooden toys instead of iPads. Flintlocks instead of open tip match bullets. […] Read More … The post TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Silencers For A Silent Night appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Big Bore AK in .458 SOCOM from Sharps Bros. and Tromix

By Graham Baates YouTube personality, Graham Baates, gives us a video report on the .458 SOCOM from Sharps Bros. and Tromix Lead Delivery Systems Maddy with the Sharps Bros .458 AK by Graham Baates U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- “Do you want to try an AK in .458 SOCOM?” was the question I received from my editor.  “Who would say no to that?” was the question my mind immediately formed.  I own AKs in six calibers and love them all.  Generally, 12 gauge or 7.62x54R is considered about as big of a cal...
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POTD: Rooftop Norwegians with Barret M82 .50 BMG

The Barrett M82 in .50 BMG isn’t the first firearm I think of to be used in urban sniping for a number of reasons, but the Soldiers from the Norwegian Homeguard seem to be on a limitless budget. The effective range of the M82 is around 1 800 yards, if not longer. And it’s commonly […] Read More … The post POTD: Rooftop Norwegians with Barret M82 .50 BMG appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Obituary Plea for Waiting Period Shows ‘Gun Control’ about Feelings

Are desperate and irrational decisions by others legitimate claims for infringing on your rights under force of “law”? (Édouard Manet: Le Suicidé) U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “In honor of Andrew R. Black, we ask that you work for legislation that imposes a reasonable waiting period between firearm purchase and possession to provide a cooling off period to guard against impulsive acts of violence,” the grieving parents of a 23-year-old Vermont man who committed suicide requested in their son’s ob...
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convert pdf to kindle

Hi! I have some PDF files I want to convert to kindle files on my Ipad but am running into an issue. If I load it as PDF, I can't highlight and save text, but am able to have the book cover. If I convert it to the kindle format, then I can highlight and save text, but the first page usually starts on the title page or copy right page so the cover does not convert. Basically I'd like to be able to have the book cover and also be able to highlight text. I have tried using calibre and the send ...
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Bottleneck at printers derailed some holiday book sales

This year has been, much to everyone’s surprise, a blockbuster for the publishing industry. Despite the relentless news cycle, readers have bought books in droves. Hardcover sales are up, and unit sales at independent bookstores have risen 5 percent. Multiple titles — Bob Woodward’s “Fear,” Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s “The President Is Missing” and […]
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Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas greetings! I’m settling in for a few days of merriment with friends and family just like all of you out there. I’m happy to be most of this week relaxing in my coziest clothes and catching up on shows I’ve been meaning to watch. Sending you all warm wishes for a very Merry Christmas! I have one more makeover project to feature later this week, it’s a bathroom transformation that I can’t wait to share! Meanwhile I’ll leave you with favorite links from the past week:   I can’t even deal ...
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Get Happy with the Joybird Furniture Soto Collection

Breathe some joy into your life with the Joybird Furniture Soto Collection. Founded on the principle of creating high-quality, sustainable furniture with a mid-century Modern look, Joybird furniture is great for aficionados who want a the enviable combo of a retro look and contemporary craftsmanship. And Joybird practices socially responsible design and manufacture—each of the custom ordered pieces are fabricated in a Mexico-based workshop where artisans receive competitive wages and medical b...
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You’re Still A Vile One

You’re Still A Vile One USA -(Ammoland.com)- You’re Still A Vile One.The Mainstream Media is the real Grinch, again, this Christmas still replacing truth and fact with so much “Get Trump” “Fake News”.Did you enjoy this cartoon?Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news! You call yourself pro-gun? Prove it by joining anyone or all of these fine civil rights organizations: National Rifle Association (NRA) : https://membership.nrahq.org/Second Amendment Foundation...
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The Coal Hard Truth

The Coal Hard Truth USA -(Ammoland.com)- The Coal Hard Truth.Two plus years of Russia collusion investigations and still not a speck of evidence. What does Robert Mueller deserve for Christmas? How about a lump of coal for avoiding the truth that there is zero Russia-Trump collusion. Stop inventing perjury crimes and end the investigation.Did you enjoy this cartoon?Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news! You call yourself pro-gun? Prove it by joining anyone...
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Creativity endures for retirees at the Motion Picture and Television Fund home

The show keeps going on for residents of the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s retirement campus in Woodland Hills. Also known as the Wasserman Campus, the living and medical care facility offers dozens of programs to keep the entertainment industry veterans and their spouses living there occupied and thriving. And since most of them had creative careers of one kind or another, key activities involve writing, art and putting on shows. There’s even origami. “This isn’t your typical retirement co...
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Source 1 page TOC converts to 5 ugly pages

I'm converting a newsletter in ODT format. The Table of Contents in the original is surrounded by multiple text boxes. It fits on one page and looks attractive. The output EPUB file has the text boxes spread over four pages and the TOC split between two pages. What can I do to get an attractive one page TOC in the EPUB? It doesn't have to look identical to the ODT, just contain the same information. I'm attaching a PDF of the source TOC. Attached Files ...
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Unsuccessful conversion with image on page

I'm converting an ODT file to EPUB. One page has an image with a caption that is less than a third of the page in width and height. The image in the output EPUB is truncated and does not have text flowing around it, as does the original. Is there something I can do to make the output look good? Attached Files page w image and caption.pdf (104.7 KB) converted EPUB page.pdf (78.1 KB)
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Concealed Carry Corner: Pros & Cons of Consistent Open Carry

In this segment of Concealed Open Carry Corner, we are going to dive down the rabbit hole of open carry. Many states actually allow for the open carry of firearms in public, but very few individuals do it because of social stigmas. I, personally, have been carrying since I turned 21. Still being a young guy […] Read More … The post Concealed Carry Corner: Pros & Cons of Consistent Open Carry appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Kindle Voyage 2 will be released in 2019

Kindle Voyage 2 will be released in 2019 December 24, 2018 By Michael Kozlowski Amazon is working on a second generation Kindle Voyage and it will be released sometime in 2019. This e-reader will feature the warm light technology that the company had been working on for the past year, producing a candlelight effect when reading in the dark. It will also have Bluetooth for wireless headphones and speakers, so users can purchase audiobooks from Audible right on the device. The price will be some...
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How to Suggest an Edit in Google Docs

Google Docs lets you suggest edits on a document when you’re collaborating with others. After you suggest an edit, the document’s owner can then accept or delete it. Here’s how it works. RELATED: How to See Recent Changes to Your Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides File How to Suggest an Edit in Google Docs When you’re viewing a document in Google Docs, you’re doing so in one of three states: Editing: This view means you’re directly editing the document. Suggesting: This view means the edits you ...
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Affiliate in Canada: Kobo vs KoboIndigo

I note that on my new Kobo Clara HD, the value set in affiliate.conf is: affiliate=KoboIndigo I believe in my older devices, also bought from Indigo in Canada, the affiliate was set to just: affiliate=Kobo Is there any significance to this change? Things I can/can't access that I couldn't/could before? Thanks!
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What’s A Gun Owning Liberal To Do? Political Choices?

What’s A Gun Owning Liberal To Do? Political Choices? Fayetteville, AR – -(AmmoLand.com)- Over the past couple of weeks, I have encountered a good measure of doubt that I can simultaneously be a “government-loving communist” and a supporter of gun rights.I am not a communist, and I have many complaints with our government—PATRIOT Act, corporate sponsorship of politicians, gun control, among others—but readers see through the lenses that they choose for their vision, and “communism” these days...
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Installing SD card in Android: should I choose internal or external storage

Hi. I'm going to buy an SD card for my Android (LG D-415) phone. I've been reading about how to install it and it seems I'll be offered a choice between internal (where the card becomes a part of the phone's storage) or external (where the card basically functions like a usb flash drive to a PC). I've read where the internal route is really good because you don't have to be keeping things separate between the internal and external (SD card) storage. But what happens if the SD card is corrupte...
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It Just Quit

After several years of good service, my Sansung Android tablet can no longer access books stored in the same folder they've always been in. I'v uninstalled and reinstalled Moonreader Pro several times and it still doesn't work. Can anyone help? Thanks
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Troubleshooting Kindle for PC and .pdf

My Kindle for PC (ver 1.25.1) will no longer display .pdf files. The book I am trying to open is one that I read OK with this app many months ago, but the (probably updated) app now won't open it. Has something changed?
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Western Powders Handloading Guide Book Review

The Clarys review the Western Powders Handloading Guide Book. Western Powders Handloading Guide Book USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- We have never before reviewed a reloading manual and probably will not again in the future. But, the Western Powders Handloading Guide by Rob Behr is so unique and well-done that we felt it necessary to share our review with everyone. Western Powders Handloading Guide Book First of all, if you are a serious reloader, you have a complete library of manuals. One from each...
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Box Image of Unicron Micron Combine Type Color Encore Exclusive

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Oklahoma Bill Would Allow Permit Holders to Carry Guns in Capitol ~ VIDEO

Opinion Oklahoma – -(AmmoLand.com)- Dana Loesch of NRATV interviews Don Spencer, President of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, regarding the proposed Oklahoma bill that would allow permit holders to carry inside the Oklahoma State Capitol. This bill will be introduced in the 2019 legislative session (February to May). Watch the NRATV video interview above. Oklahoma Bill Would Allow Permit Holders to Carry Guns in Capitol About Oklahoma Second Amendment Association:Oklahoma Second A...
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Daily Gun Deals: SIG Sauer ROMEO5 1X20mm Red Dot Sight $119.99 & FREE Shipping

SIG Sauer ROMEO5 1X20mm Red Dot Sight Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Palmetto State Armory has a sale going on the SIG Sauer ROMEO5 1X20mm Red Dot Sight for just $119.99 & FREE Shipping. This is just what you need for that new Christmas rifle.The $119.99 price is stupid cheap for an item that is normally $185.00 even on Amazon, so you easily save $65.00 plus shipping.ROMEO5 compact red dot sights provide civilians and armed professionals a robust 1x aiming solution for any situation. Ultra-low p...
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Friday Range Day

 I had the pistol bay to myself Friday morning! Another early trigger break on the lower fifty rounds, and a spastic hand squeeze or two on the upper.The gun is still chugging along, using up the last hundred rounds from that case of Magtech with aplomb.This brings the round count to 1,770 rounds since the weapon was last cleaned or lubricated, with no malfunctions of any type to report. Only 230 rounds left to go. . [Author: Tam]
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Crime fiction: The best mysteries and thrillers of 2018, part 1

Crime-fiction columnist Adam Woog shares his picks from 2018.
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Santa’s Immaculate Conception and his Food for Thought

With my next post on Garden Rant officially due December 24, my first thought was a treatise on what Santa Claus might plant in his garden at the North Pole, where it gets about 24 hours of sun in the summer. Would Mrs. Claus be putting The Big Guy on a home-grown diet of celery, carrots and peanut butter to better enable him to complete his world-wide deliveries in a 24-hour period? Would excited children leave a few million carrots for Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and the gang on Christm...
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Box Image of Unicron Micron Combine Color Encore Exclusive

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