Inkpad 3/740 new minor Update : 5.19.660

Hi PocketBook comes out of new "minor update" :xmas: Firmware: 5.19.660 (December 24, 2018) Quote: Fixed: 1. Inability to open some EPUB books. 2. Other minor fixes. more information here : https://www.pocketbook-int.com/us/su...tbook-inkpad-3 Attached Thumbnails  
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More Newbie Help: saving quote

Hello. Have the Clara HD with latest firmware. 1. Is Facebook the ONLY way to save some highlighted text off of the reader? Is there any other way/hack that I can save an interesting paragraph off of the Kobo? 2. If Facebook is the only way... I can sign into my Facebook account from Settings/Accounts: It shows me signed in, and my username, even after reboot. BUT, when I highlight some text, and choose Facebook, it asks me to log in again(it actually signed me out!)... and the signin fails/l...
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Science Fiction O'Brien, David Wright: The Floating Robot and other novelettes; v1

David Wright O'Brien (1918-1944) published the first of many sf and fantasy short stories and novelettes in 1940 at the age of 22. He was so prolific he used several pseudonyms: Duncan Farnsworth, John York Cabot, Richard Vardon and Clee Garson. He enlisted in the USAAF in WW2 and died during a bombing raid over Berlin in 1944. This e-book contains five of his novelettes. He is not known to have written any full-length novels. It is original to this Library. 1: The Floating Robot 2: Secret Of ...
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Why the Second Amendment Should Be Promoted In Chicago (or ANY Urban Area)

Opinion While the suburbs could be decisive for the future of the Second Amendment, urban areas may be prime locations for pro-Second Amendment efforts. Chicago – -(AmmoLand.com)- When we talk about the future of the Second Amendment, it is correct to note that the suburbs could be decisive. But there is another area which could be ripe for Second Amendment supporters to make gains – and which could help offset any gains made by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and other anti-Seco...
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IWI Tavor X95 in .300 Blackout – Gun Review

IWI Tavor X95 in .300 Blackout U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- The bullpup rifle has always had a hard time clicking with the American consumer. While the layout has been around for quite some time, the execution of many a design has failed to attract more than a passing “that’s cool” from end users. All that changed with the introduction of the Tavor SAR from IWI and the subsequent X95, which is the subject of this article.The IWI Tavor X95 is a current generation Israeli military rifle. While there...
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How to change markup in content.opf when importing .epub file?

Hi, I'm using Calibre for quite some time now, but recently the publisher of a series changed something inside content.opf. Now, when converting .epup from this particular publisher to -mobi format for my Kindle Paperwhite, the ebook initially opens on the last page. I tracked this down to the following line inside content.opf: Code: As soon as I change the title from "Beginning" to "Start", the ebook opens at the first page. The question now is, can I automate this substitution...
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Stuck on 0% Reading Metadata and Adding to Library

Attached is the debug log of the issue i'm experiencing. I purchased a Kindle book from Amazon (.azw file extension). When i attempted to add it to Calibre, the message "Reading Metadata and Adding to Library" was stuck on 0%. I want to convert this file to .epub because although this book has an .azw extension, it's basically a pdf which is hard to read and i have to constantly zoom in to read anything. I also want no restrictions on copying text from the book. How can i resolve this? Thank y...
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TFB Christmas 2018: Peace And Goodwill To All

Winding down the holiday season is always a bittersweet task. With the big day behind us, most of the suprizes are now unwrapped (and hopefully are also chambered in .308 with a threaded barrel). But we can still look forward to New Year’s Eve celebrations and the daylight hours continuing to grow longer. For those of […] Read More … The post TFB Christmas 2018: Peace And Goodwill To All appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The day thou gavest...

...isn’t ended here yet either, but I’m nipping in to send good wishes your way and sharing my owl shelf in this year’s card department. We hosted our usual family Christmas breakfast with three ‘children’ under one roof for once, and it was the mayhem of the olden days. It’s the homemade crackers that do it. Same toys year after year, the wind-up clockwork reindeers, the whoopee cushion, the false teeth and everyone recognising their favourites. We’ve opened presents (there will be no short...
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Split Pea Soup

At our home, we love split pea soup! Don’t let anyone throw away the ham bone at your holiday gathering so you can make this delicious soup! Instant Pot Split Pea Soup The Instant Pot makes cooking dried beans and legumes quick and easy! Traditional Split Pea soup would take about an hour and a half to cook. In the pressure cooker, you can have soup on the table in about 40 minutes. While it only cooks for 15 minutes at high pressure I am allowing time for the pressure cooker to come to press...
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Calibre as Zettelkasten: Links between ebook entries?

I'll evaluate to use Calibre as a "Zettelkasten" (Niklas Luhmann). One principle of the Zettelkasten is to have links between differerent entries. Is it possible to create a link to another book in the metadata comment field? Or is there another option to create something similiar? Perhaps with use of the id or the uuid? Perhaps when copying meta data of a book that you can build a link from that?
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Possible to replace glossy ereader screen on Hisense A2Pro with a matte one?

Just bought a Hisense A2 pro for the eink screen on the back, but not a fan of the glossy screen- is there a feasible way to replace it with a matte one? Would this wreck the eink display?
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azw3 format is full of typos and strange text

I added a non-amazon ebook file to my Kindle Paperwhite (3rd edition), using Calibre. Some of the book is unreadable because of strange text where there should be readable text. The ebook file was not converted to azw from another format, if I remember correctly. Any ideas on this are appreciated, thanks.
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Ereader biingue?

Como muichos aqui creo que tenemos mas que un ereader. A veces yo uso dos ereaders juntos para leer el mismo libro en ingles y espanol. Me hizo pensar que esta seria ideal para gente tratando de aprender otros idiomos. Aqui esta una foto de mi Sony PRS 350 y Kobo Mini. Ustedes tambien pueden utilizar esta idea para ayudar aprender otro idioma. Attached Thumbnails  
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Caldwell Precision Turret Rifle Shooting Rest Review

The Clarys review the Caldwell Precision Turret Rifle Shooting Rest. Caldwell Precision Turret Rifle Shooting Rest USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Turret was explicitly designed for AR-platform rifles. Conventional shooting rests do not take into account the extended magazines or the pistol grips on AR-rifles. As such, a lot of shooters opted for sandbags, instead of a front rest. They worked…. well, almost; because making precise elevation and windage was problematic. Caldwell Precision Turret ...
Tags: Guns, Product Reviews, Gear, Jim, Lmg, Caldwell Shooting Supplies, Turret, Mary Clary, James R. Clary Ph.D, Mary Clary About Jim, Caldwell Turret

Game & Fish Magazine’s “Hit the Road” Issue on Newsstands Now

Game and Fish Magazine “Hit the Road” Issue DENVER – -(AmmoLand.com)- Game & Fish magazine, America’s only national outdoor magazine with a focus on local hunting and fishing, announces its “Hit the Road”issue has hit newsstands today.In this destination and travel issue, readers will find information on the latest gear to set up the perfect basecamp away from home. Follow along as Game & Fishset out on a cast-and-blast adventure near you. Go into airplane mode as we break down crucial tips t...
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Montana: Get Ready For The Upcoming Legislative Session

Montana: Get Ready For The Upcoming Legislative Session Montana – -(AmmoLand.com)- Dear Montana Shooting Sports Association Friends,In order for you to be prepared to participate effectively in the legislative process, once the Montana legislative session begins early in January, you need to understand the process and how you can participate.To help you with that, I have prepared a description of the legislative process and how you can most effectively participate. That material is available a...
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Double Ampersand

John sits down with Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens to discuss their new film Mortal Engines, and their approach to writing as a team, worldbuilding, and rewriting through production, because one does not simply walk into Mordor. We also answer audience questions about the difference between ideas for television and movies, and working through dialogue out loud. Links: Thanks to Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens! Mortal Engines is in theaters now. Mortal Engines is ...
Tags: Books, Writing Process, Film Industry, Adaptation, John, Directors, Genres, Producers, WGA, Matt Davis, Screenwriting, Scriptnotes, Philip Reeve, Story and Plot, QandA, Philippa Boyens

12 groundbreaking books for young readers of all genders

A dozen titles published in the past three years that help teach children gender equality.
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Contact Your Ohio Legislators, Urge Them To Override Kasich’s Veto Of HB228

Contact Your Ohio Legislators, Urge Them To Override Kasich's Veto Of HB228 Ohio – -(AmmoLand.com)- Ohioans for Concealed Carry needs you to contact your Ohio Senator and Representative to urge them to vote to override Kasich's anti-citizen and anti-law enforcement veto of HB228!As you may know, this bill makes improvements to Ohio's concealed carry law:1) Shifts the burden of proof in self defense shootings from the accused to the prosecutor (like 49 other states in the Union have).2) Strengt...
Tags: Guns, Senate, United States, House, Ohio, Kasich, CHL, Gun Rights News, Ohioans For Concealed Carry, OFCC

Getting Priorities Straight: House Democrats and the Public

Opinion Nancy Pelosi Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)- Anti-gun organizations and their sycophants would have you believe that the 2018 midterm elections were a referendum on gun rights.Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi “vows to fight” for “bipartisan, common sense” gun control and announced gun control “will be a priority” even before she had secured the Speaker’s gavel. The eagerness to curtail Constitutional rights isn’t limited to Nancy Pelosi; Representative Mike Thompson, head of the Democrats’ “...
Tags: Guns, Congress, House, Gun Control, Nancy Pelosi, Gallup, Fairfax, Pelosi, Mike Thompson, House Judiciary Committee, Gun Rights News, NRA-ILA, Institute for Legislative Action ILA, National Rifle Association of America ILA, Democrats War on Guns, Jerry Nadler

New Libertarian Mystery Novella on Amzn

...the title is The Vigilante Ninja. One review is already in plus below will give you an idea. If you're a liberal, hard core left winger, or just a flat out non aware zombie, you won't like it. If you're right leaning or Libertarian or a solid thinker, you'll love it. My 10th published book. This one is a novella, 120 pages, but packed with good stuff and a good modern day mystery. . . it's already telling the future as we speak. Here's the sales pitch regarding the book: Many people sa...
Tags: Books, Usa, Kentucky, US, Healthcare, Roy, Weapon, Sarah, Movies & Stories, Jeet Kune, Fountain of Youth, Christy Swan

ebook-convert output pdf with wrong chinese characters

Hello, When I use ebook-convert to convert Chinese epub books to pdf, Chinese characters are abnormal. But it works well with mobi output. Am I missing something with pdf output options? :blink:
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Favorite Pen?

Do you have a favorite pen to write with? I have a ridiculously expensive mountblanc ballpoint pen which I call my "nerd bling" but I don't write with it much. Mostly, I prefer using cheap pens so if I lose it it's no big deal. Lately, I've been using the Pentel RSVP ballpoint pen. It has a long clear barrel and after watching a DIY youtube video personalized by putting an insert in the barrel. If you want to watch the video it's in the link below. https://youtu.be/PoWfvt0kHVI
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PW3 Will there be a software jailbreak for pw3 5.9.7?

Probably a frequently spammed question, but is there any point waiting for a software jailbreak before I defile my precious pw with a screwdriver? I mean don't get me wrong, I've been browsing the forum all day, I really appriciate the help you seem to give patiently to everyone, but as a novice I'd prefer to wait for a possible quicker softwareside approach, and distance myself from the serial jb for a while. I have a 4gb wifi only pw3, (g090g1...) which has been used for almost a year now. I...
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How to set value of custom column automatically?

Hi, I have a question but I apologize if this is not the proper place to ask. If so, please kindly let me know where I should ask my question. Many thanks in advance. I am trying to create Metadata Plugin for new Web page. I succeeded in setting title , author and publisher automatically when I choose to download metadata. But I can't understand how to set value of a custom column. What would be the best way to do this?
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Texas Democrat Introduces Bill to Remove Ban on “Brass” Knucks

Texas Democrat Introduces Bill to Remove Ban on “Brass” Knucks Texas -(Ammoland.com)- – Texas law currently bans a number of weapons. Representative Joe Moody proposes to remove “brass” knuckles from the list of banned weapons in section 46.05 (a). Here is the list of banned weapons. From texas.gov:(1) any of the following items, unless the item is registered in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record maintained by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives or other...
Tags: Texas, Guns, Department Of Defense, Arizona, Second Amendment, Moody, Chen, Second Circuit, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms, United States Department of Justice, Joe Moody, Eastern District of New York, Gun Rights News, Dean Weingarten, Gun Watch, University of Wisconsin Pistol Team

The Uncommon Reader

I just want to say a big "THANK YOU" to all who recommended this book. It's the perfect wind down after the denseness of Left Hand of Darkness. Very literally laugh out loud funny, and that's despite the not infrequent jibes at some place not far from here :)
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Books converted on Calibre not showing in librsryy

Hi guys Got a new kindle fire 7 for Xmas. For my iPhone if I send a converted book it goes to my library. Not so with my fire, its going into my docs folder, and ideas on how to fix this?
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