"$5 says that's not an AOW..."

OOCQOTD: "If that mope had a tax stamp for that thing, I'll eat my hat. Dude wouldn't know "subtle trolling" if you strapped him in that Clockwork Orange chair and made him watch a 24-hour @radicaleb video marathon." — Tamara K. (@TamSlick) January 2, 2019 [Author: Tam]
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Apocalypse Now!

Wait, I knew I had something for this apocalypse!#GovernmentShutdown #PostApocalyptic #TEOTWAWKI pic.twitter.com/mOs8ShFs9d — Tamara K. (@TamSlick) January 2, 2019 [Author: Tam]
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Aura Wifi signal strength very weak

Wondering if anyone might be able to help me out here. For whatever reason my 1st gen Aura has stopped connecting to the wifi. It's not that it CAN'T connect, it just seems like it's not picking up the signal? The signal strength is extremely weak? I really don't know. The only way I can get it to pick up my wifi signal is to literally lean the device against the router - it will then detect the wifi, although VERY faintly (just the very bottom dot of the wifi symbol is highlighted). I can th...
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Humor The Golden Windmill and other stories (1921), v1

1: The Golden Windmill 2: A Source of Irritation 3: The Brothers 4: "Old Iron" 5: Little White Frock 6: A Good Action 7: Them Others 8: The Bent Tree 9: The Great Unimpressionable
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Reddit Discussion Thread About Barrel Twist Rate

Reddit/Firearms: My 7 twist LWRC keyholes 55gr stuff. So I’d say that’s pretty bad for accuracy. Try a box out of your gun, yourself. Yes, it’s possible to overstabilize bullets.  As I’ve said before, the 1:7 twist rate was designed for a heavier round in order to stabilize the tracer rounds at 63.7 grains.  It’s not optimal for 55-grain rounds. If people would read the pages of TCJ, they would know things like this.
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ebook library management

I find over time I have accumulated a library of DRM ebooks from several sources including Google, Apple Books, Kindle, and Kobo. I would like to maintain a list of the books in Calibre. I am not trying to remove the DRM, I just want to know which ebooks I have, and which platform they go with. Is there a way to import Kindle books, Apple Books etc into Calibre even if they have DRM active? I realize I won't be able to read the books on the Calibre app. I just want help managing my library. T...
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Short Fiction The Beckoning Hand and other stories (1887), v1

A baker's dozen of Grant Allen's short stories: 1: The Beckoning Hand 2: Lucretia 3: The Third Time 4: The Gold Wulfric 5: My Uncle’s Will 6: The Two Carnegies 7: Olga Davidoff’s Husband 8: John Cann’s Treasure 9: Isaline and I 10: Professor Milliter’s Dilemma 11: In Strict Confidence 12: The Search Party’s Find 13: Harry's Inheritance I could not find a usable dust-jacket cover, so used the embossed/printed hard cover, and added the text for convenience of browsing. ...
Tags: Books, ePub Books, Harry, Lucretia, Grant Allen, John Cann, Two Carnegies, Olga Davidoff, Milliter

Short Fiction Allen, Grant: The Beckoning Hand and other stories (1887); v1

A baker's dozen of Grant Allen's short stories: 1: The Beckoning Hand 2: Lucretia 3: The Third Time 4: The Gold Wulfric 5: My Uncle’s Will 6: The Two Carnegies 7: Olga Davidoff’s Husband 8: John Cann’s Treasure 9: Isaline and I 10: Professor Milliter’s Dilemma 11: In Strict Confidence 12: The Search Party’s Find 13: Harry's Inheritance I could not find a usable dust-jacket cover, so used the embossed/printed hard cover, and added the text for convenience of browsing. ...
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According to the dictionary: a tendency of the spirit to consider something as probable; the second of the theological virtues; expectation; supposition; probability. For the ancient Greeks: In one of the classic myths of the Creation, one of the gods, furious at the fact that Prometheus stole fire and in doing so gave men their […]
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Thinking of Buying a Note

There are a couple of issues I want to make sure are not issues before I continue. First of all, can I get a built-in dictionary with AZW files? Any other file types that don't allow for these? Second, how are the batteries for these tablets? Even my Kindle only lasts 7 hours of non-stop reading, so I'm worried these will serve me less than that. How are the styluses? Is it easy to annotate with them? Is it easy to export annotations?
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How to display hierarchial tags separated in 'book details'?

Hello, I started using some hierarchial tags for some custom columns for the characters in a book. For example's sake, let's say something like this: Person1.male Person1.silent Person2.female Person2.intelligent After setting that tag as a hierarchial tag in the settings, the tag browser shows the tags broken down the way one would expect, namely:Person1male silent Person2female intelligent But in the book details, of course, the tag is displayed the way I entered it, namely: Person1...
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The Best Books I Read in 2018 (and Some Not-So-Good)

'Tis time, my friends, for what has become a favourite annual tradition: pulling together my thoughts for you on the best books I've read, those I've had the honour of endorsing, plus the not-so-good titles from this past twelve months. What a gift great authors are to this world. More…
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Gingerbread Cake

This is a great cake to make around Christmas time. You can use any other type of icing you prefer but the cream cheese frosting really works well with the strong, sweet flavour of the gingerbread. You can also leave the ganache & sprinkles off if you prefer but I feel it gives the cake a better looking finish. [Author: Super Madcow]
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Lime marinade Chicken

This is a tangy, fresh chicken dish. You can cook in the oven or BBQ. [Author: Super Madcow]
Tags: Crafts, Super Madcow

Miso Corn

[Author: Cat Morley]
Tags: Crafts, Cat Morley

Multiple Row Select in Library on Touch Screen?

Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to select multiple rows in the library on a touch screen Windows 10 tablet PC (Nuvision 8") without using a keyboard? The only way I've found to select multiple rows in the library is to use the tablet's on- screen keyboard that has SHIFT key lock. Unfortunately, that on-screen keyboard does not minimize, only permits multiple row selection in landscape mode, and unlocks SHIFT if I scroll the library, limiting row selection to about 5 rows. I tried using the Ta...
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spanish-spanish dict (where came it from?)

I once had on my PB a nice es-es dictionary, and I lost it upon factory reset. It was a comprehensive one giving various latin american usages, and I can't recollect where I downloaded it from. Does someone have a pointer to it? I haven't been able to locate it across the threads... I also remember a russian repository of all dictionaries ported to pb, which I haven't refound. Does it still exist?
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The First Post of 2019!!! Two From Ft. Worth?!! Ft. Worth??? Yes, Ft. Worth!!!

Starting out 2019 with a story on interior design -  renovations of two homes, one classic, one contemporary, and both in Ft. Worth.    An eagle-eyed reader sent me a link to a house for sale in Fort Worth, Texas.   Ft. Worth is the twin city of Dallas…think Minneapolis and St. Paul.   Over the years, Ft. Worth has grown into its own and is no longer in the shadow of Dallas.  It’s a cowtown, [Author: [email protected] (Joni Webb)]
Tags: Books, Minneapolis, Dallas, St Paul, First Post, Joni Webb, Fort Worth Texas Ft Worth

Helping a friend...

A friend of mine lost his brother over the holidays. His brother, a decorated USMC scout sniper veteran of Fallujah, left behind a wife and child. They're in agriculture in Wyoming and funds are tight at the best of times, so my friend has started a GoFundMe to help them out. You can donate here: Link. Thanks for anything you can do. . [Author: Tam]
Tags: Guns, Wyoming, Tam, Usmc, Fallujah, Suckage, Doing The Right Thing

new firmware 5.19.656: eink-reader crashes?

I've updated my Touch HD2 to the last firmware a few days ago, and am surprised to find that various of my epubs crash the builtin reader. I cannot pinpoint the very latest firmware, but to the best of my memory, I had no earlier problem with those particular ones. And the release notes spell "Fixed: 1. Inability to open some EPUB books" - which sounds suspicious... It may well be my device, but I note that I have still 2.5GB free on /ext1, ad that a factory reset did not help (it trashed all m...
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Happy New Year: Looking Back At TFB In 2018

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” – As unique and profound as the opening line from the Tale Of Two Cities is, the words seem to apply more often than not. In our world, the news and events surrounding the firearms industry – that cyclical ‘Yin Yang’, almost bipolar feeling – […] Read More … The post Happy New Year: Looking Back At TFB In 2018 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Transformers Studio Series 38 Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime New Photo

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Facing Forward

I wrote a to-do list this morning.  I write them most mornings, to be fair – I’ve always loved a nice clear plan and the feeling of accomplishment as you work your way though the list. I love this enough that on days where I really need a boost, or the list has too many things on it that I know won’t get done, I’ll often list things that I know for sure I’m going to do, just so that I’m guaranteed some sort of success, no matter how contrived.  “Drink coffee” and “take bath” end up listed right ...
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Can I create a template for the xhtml files?

When writing my book, I create one xhtml file for each chapter. Each chapter has some boilerplate in it such as a formatted date, link to a css stylesheet, a link back to the TOC etc. I currently have to create all of that stuff in each file after I create the new file. Is there some way I can create a new xhtml file from a template file of my design so that I am not starting from scratch each time? Thanks, Banjo (_)=='=~
Tags: Books, Sigil

Duplicate bookfile deletion Question?

I have used Calibre on my PC as a library for my EPUB reader for many years and over that time due to new PC installations, reinstalling libraries etc etc I have noticed that I have acquired quite a lot of duplicates. I know that while installing to Calibre there is an option to delete but sometimes I have just installed them anyway. I tried the Auslogics Duplicate File Finder but for one I think it discounts books as being too small and the photos etc it did find some of them I want to keep in ...
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Correcting image sizes from Sigil to Kindle Previewer

I have a large project which was originally done in InDesign. I needed to create a reflowable .mobi file. After realizing doing this thru InDesign there were too many nested images to deal with so I just exported an HTML file from InDesign and did the formatting in Jutoh. Jutoh did a great job re nesting the images but I did have to correct alot of styling which exported incorrectly but overall I was pretty satisfied. Now came the bad part as converting the html to an epub using Sigil generat...
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2 for 2A – Day One, Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus

2 for 2A Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus Minnesota – -(AmmoLand.com)- With the new 2019 legislative session starting in just about ten days, we're launching a new action campaign leading up to the opening session to ensure that everyone is prepared and ready to engage as we face a massive onslaught of gun control in the Minnesota House. The new campaign is 2 for 2A. Two things you can do TODAY to help defend the 2nd Amendment in Minnesota. We launched the campaign with a brief video two days ago ...
Tags: Minnesota, Guns, Irs, Bryan Strawser, Eden Prairie, Caucus, Gun Rights News, Ammoland TV, Democrats War on Guns, Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, Rob Doar, Saint Louis Park, State Capitol Click

Happy New Year 2019 from Knife Rights

Happy New Year 2019 from Knife Rights USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- As we welcome in the new year, saying goodbye to 2018, we are energized by the support of our members and donors. We fight to protect and enhance our right to possess and carry knives because our members' and all Americans' freedoms are at stake. In our long-running federal court case against New York City we moved forward from the not-unexpected decision against us, petitioning the Supreme Court of the United States to hear the ca...
Tags: Guns, Supreme Court, New York City, America, United States, Army, Shooting Industry News, Knife Rights, Doug Ritter, America s Grassroots Knife Owners Organization, Todd Rathner, Knife Rights USA

Amazon Kindle DX graphite - 2.5.8 restoration

Hi, people. I'm sorry for bringing this up, but I recently got a kindle DX graphite with free 3G and the last owner installed version 3.2.1. I figured this may well be the reason why the internet of the device doesn't work. I can't even browse the kindle store, so the thing 'works' only with very basic functions. I have been able to find an update file for 2.5.8, but I can't simply "update" to an older version, it seems... Please help, if possible.
Tags: Books, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Kindle DX

Send library to Poke-Pro using calibre column (genres) to create library folders

Hi there, I recently bought a poke-pro and I am wondering if there is any way to directly send my calibre library to the device using a column from calibre to automatically create folders or 'bookshelves' on the device, rather as the 'kindle collections' plugin does? If anyone out there has any idea how to achieve this I'd be very grateful. No idea how to code myself and whether or not this would be a difficult thing to do. Thanks in advance.
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