Pop Animation: Dragonball Z Pop!

Funko is helping collectors and fans celebrate the highly popular Japanese anime television show Dragon Ball Z with some additions to their  Pop Animation: Dragonball Z Pop! Series . There are the Pop! and Buddy duos of Yamcha and Puar and King Kai and Bubbles. Plus, the Pop! Animation lineup adds the following characters: Videl, Goku, Android 17, and Android 18. There are also some exclusives, such as the GameStop exclusive Pop! Gohan, the Hot Topic exclusive SSGSS Vegito, and the West Coast ...
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Can't see the whole text

Hi guys! I am pretty new in eBook area. I got one Pocketbook 360 plus, I add 1 book to it, and it cuts the text in right. I can see the whole text only when its so little, and I cant read that way. Its not justify or how it calls, and I dont know hot to set up that, and did't see nowhere on internet.
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VIP BLACK Pistol from Nighthawk Custom – with Gold Bead front sight

Nighthawk Custom’s slogan is “One Gun, One Gunsmith,” which they claim is the direct result of how they build their guns. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of four individuals with a passion for the 1911 platform. They have now expanded into approximately 65 full-time employees, and their selection and assortment of […] Read More … The post VIP BLACK Pistol from Nighthawk Custom – with Gold Bead front sight appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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CHAMA Chair: Best Seat in the Innovation House?

CHAMA Chair: Best Seat in the Innovation House? U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- For writers, outdoor industry shows are perfect places to sniff out great products, flesh out story ideas, catch up with fellow communicators and get our fingers on the industry’s pulse, especially as it relates to hunting and shooting. While SHOT Show is the largest trade show of its kind, the NRA owns the two the two largest consumer shows, the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits (NRAAM), held annually in various places, ...
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New ‘Bipartisan’ Gun Grab Built on Lies

Rep. MikeThompson gets the ball rolling on imposing California-style citizen disarmament on the rest of the Republic as Gabby Giffords, Shannon Watts and Nancy Pelosi look on approvingly. (Congressman Mike Thompson/Facebook photo) U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “The introduction of the bipartisan background checks bill in the House today marks a critical first step toward strengthening America’s gun laws and making our country a better place to live, work, study, worship and play,” Gabby Giffords ...
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Daily Gun Deals: PSA 5.56 Nitride MPI Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) $49.99

PSA 5.56 Nitride MPI Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Group Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Palmetto State Armory is having a sale on their popular PSA 5.56 Nitride magnetic particle inspected Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Group for just $49.99. I a world were BCGs average $100 this is a bargain and why we bought 5 units. The PSA Freedom Nitride BCG is made with a 9310 bolt with a full-auto profile, designed to be used in AR-15 & M-16 style rifles. Bolt is magnetic particle inspected for a uniform quality and op...
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Amazon Will Now Deliver Packages Inside of Your Garage

Amazon Key, which initially started out as a service that would have Amazon delivery drivers place packages right inside of your house, has expanded to car delivery and now garage delivery with Amazon Key for Garage. The company has teamed up with Chamberlain to offer customers with a MyQ-compatible garage door the opportunity to have packages delivered inside of their garages, acting as sort of a compromise for those who may not want packages left outside, but also don’t want delivery drivers ...
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Shogun ReAction Figure Line

Super7 has announced that those iconic Shogun figures from the 1980's have returned in their ReAction figure line. They've released five 3.75-inch tall ReAction figures, including Doublas M2 Cartoon, Garada K7 Cartoon, Great Mazinger Cartoon, Mazinger Z Cartoon, Rokuron Q9 Cartoon, and Rokuron Q9 Cartoon. Each figure is available to purchase for $15.00.
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The Future is Now: DropLED by Innermost

Leave it to lovely luxury brand Innermost to come up with DropLED, an easy, all-inclusive LED kit that fits with nearly any standard screw-fit (E27 or E26) fitting. This means most lampshades (pendant and table) can be retrofit. Here’s the quick list of DropLED perks: no bulky driver; dimmable and compatible with Triac/Lutron dimming; three clip-on lenses for different degrees of diffusion and illumination; frosted filament option; integrates with Innermost standard table lamp base options. Dr...
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Daily Gun Deals: TULAMMO 223 Remington 55gr FMJ 1,000/Case $200.70 FREE S&H w/CODE

TULAMMO 223 Remington 55gr FMJ 1,000/Case deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Brownell's has a sale TulAmmo 223 55grain full metal jacket ammunition that with a coupon code gets you down to $0.020 a round or $200.70 for a box of 1000. This is as low as you can find this ammo anywhere online these days where it averages $0.26 a round. You can trust TulaAmmo to deliver a superior level of internal, external, and terminal ballistics, more consistent velocities and impressive retained energies downrange...
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Trump 1 Winner, Pelosi-Schumer 0 Losers ~ VIDEO

Opinion Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer : “Trump should pay these guys to speak to the nation. They look like mummies risen from an ancient tomb. It’s like [an] SNL sketch.” USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The result was not as lopsided as the Clemson annihilation of Alabama in the National Championship game Monday night, but the outcome of the first head-to-head television effort of the new Congress was decisive. President Donald Trump clearly gained ground and Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority...
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Get A Free 8×8 Shutterfly Hardcover Photo Book (+Shipping) Or $15+50% Off Larger Photo Books, Plus Get $5 Off $20 With AMEX!

Signup here for a code for a free Shutterfly Hardcover Photo Book You will get a code valid for a free 8×8 Shutterfly Hardcover Photo Book or it will be valid for $15 off larger Shutterfly Hardcover Photo Books on top of the current 50% off sale. The code expires 3/31. Shutterfly Photo Books Linky If you […]
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Lone Wolf Introduces a Hybrid Timberwolf LARGE Glock Frame

Lone Wolf Distributors has announced the availability of a new version of their recently introduced Timberwolf Large (10mm/.45 ACP) frame. This new product is called TWL-S. It combines a G29/G30 size grip with a G20/21 size dust cover. In other words, by using this frame you can build a 10mm Auto or .45 ACP Glock parts compatible […] Read More … The post Lone Wolf Introduces a Hybrid Timberwolf LARGE Glock Frame appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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3 Paper Organization Systems for 2019

The following is a guest post about 3 paper organization systems for 2019 from regular contributor, Kristin at The Gold Project . Happy 2019! Two years ago, I shared a post about my Top 3 Organization Systems for 2017. Guess what? They are still my top 3 organization systems for 2019. So, I am definitely not going to talk about them again in today’s post. Make sure you check that post for all of the details about my monthly bill planner, receipt organization, and emergency binder. In toda...
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Scott Baker Wallace, avid collector of Agatha Christie

Scott Baker Wallace, devoted collector of Agatha Christie books and objects Meet Scott Baker Wallace from Victoria in Australia. Scott is a devoted collector of Agatha Christie books and also other objects associated with her detective stories. In our latest podcast, Scott describes his adventures in collecting and the places he’s visited along the way. Christie wrote 66 novels, 14 short stories and the world’s longest running stage play. More than a billion copies of her books have b...
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Riko and Reg Nendoroids from Made in Abyss

From the popular anime series Made in Abyss comes a pair of new Nendoroid figures available to pre-order from GoodSmile. Riko (shown above with the blonde hair) includes three face plates (standard, starry-eyed, and her gentle smiling expressions), her red whistle, and a helmet. The figure is currently available to pre-order for ¥5,093 (about $45.00) and is expected to ship in August 2019. The pre-order window closes on February 13th 2019. The humanlike robot Reg (about with brown hai...
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Books from Android to Calibre

Hey everyone, I'm helpless at this point. I want to put the downloaded books I have on my android phone to the calibre software on linux so I can manage them, but I just can't find a way. I've already tried the following: 1) connect my phone to my computer by USB - calibre can't do anything with it. Only once did I manage to make it do something with my phones' files, but my pc froze at 60% and I couldn't make it happen again 2) use the CC app - I have no problems connecting the devices, but...
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PSA: One-step install packages for Kobo

A few years late, but, hey, better late than never! :D. Here goes: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=314220 I'd recommend clearing up the stickies over here, to ditch the awfully outdated stuff, and only keep this & KSM ;). (i.e., advboot should go, and something should be done for this one, because while the thread has its use, its first post is mindbogglingly outdated).
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Medieval book opens six ways, revealing six different texts

A XVIth Century book held in the National Library of Sweden's collection features a "sixfold dos-a-dos binding," meaning that the book could be opened in six different ways to reveal six different texts ("devotional texts printed in Germany during the 1550s and 1570s,including Martin Luther, Der kleine Catechismus"), with the hinges doubling as latches. You may remember a blog I posted about dos-à-dos (or “back-to-back”) books. These are very special objects consisting of usually two book...
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Immoral High Ground

Art by A.F. Branco Immoral High Ground USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Immoral High Ground. Pelosi and Schumer could care less for the lives lost due to the crisis at our border. It all about ruining Trump’s 2020 reelection chances. Did you enjoy this cartoon? Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news! You call yourself pro-gun? Prove it by joining any one or all of these fine civil rights organizations: National Rifle Association (NRA) : www.membership.nrahq.org...
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“You’re a Great Catch” Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Idea

My youngest daughter and I recently spent an entire evening creating and coming up with cute ideas for Valentine’s Day cards! These were so much fun and actually much easier than I anticipated. For you, they will be even easier [...] “You’re a Great Catch” Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Idea first appeared on BargainBriana.           
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One-Click Install Packages for KOReader & Plato

You'll find here links to so called "one-click" install packages for both KOReader & Plato. This is primarily aimed at brand new users, with the goal of getting things to work in the most fool-proof manner possible, by simply unpacking a single ZIP archive in the root of your Kobo eReader over USB. To make this possible, these packages rely on KFMon. For existing users, if you're happy with your current setup, by all means, carry on! ;). If you're curious as to what this actually does to orig...
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Disable fast page flip

Can somebody remind me if there’s a way to disable fast page flip? I seem to remember reading about a config file option but I can’t find any mention of it. Thanks!
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In the Stacks: Medicine and Madison Avenue

The Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History  at Duke University  holds an extensive collection of more than 3 million items that document the history of sales, advertising and marketing throughout the past two centuries. From that massive archive comes the digital collection Medicine and Madison Avenue. A gathering of close to 600 advertising items and publications illustrating the rise of consumer culture and the birth of a professionalized advertising industry in the Unite...
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Megalopolis.Toys - SIEGE Leader Wave 1 Shipping Now !

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Wallpapers by Gucci Décor

When luxury fashion brands branch out into furniture or décor, sometimes great things happen. Wallpapers by Gucci Décor represents a fruitful foray into commercial and residential design. The seven wallpapers in the Gucci collection play with icons, scale, and color in bold and inventive ways. Tiger Face, for example, transfers the tiger motif—“often associated with strength and bravery”— from Gucci clothing, bags, and shoes to the wall. In subtle blocks of color, Tiger Face wallpaper lets the ...
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FPC Firmly Opposed to Federal Gun Control, Including Red Flag Laws

Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer WASHINGTON, D.C. –-(Ammoland.com)- Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) responded to announcements of several pieces of federal gun control legislation that would further infringe on the fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms and other constitutional rights: FPC has always opposed so-called “red flag” laws, sometimes characterized as “Extreme Risk Protection Order” or “Gun Violence Restraining Order” laws, on practical, policy, and constitutional grou...
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How to Control Margins in Google Docs

Margins in a document are the white space that surrounds the text in your file. They appear at the top, bottom, left, and right sides. While the default margins are fine most of the time, sometimes you’ll need to change them. Here’s how. How to Control Margins in Google Docs Controlling margins in your document is a simple process that can you can do in a couple of ways: from the ruler or the menu bar. Note: Changing the margins affects every page in the document. You are unable to change a s...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (028) - Der Tempal der Khali. V1.0 [German] 09.01.2019

Der Tempel der Khali. »Ich finde das Leben jetzt ziemlich öde,« meinte Harst und gähnte verstohlen hinter der vorgehaltenen Hand, »Vierzehn Tage fast reisen wir nun schon wie jeder gewöhnliche Globetrotter. Ich fühle mich geradezu krank infolge dieser Untätigkeit. Und Dir, mein lieber Schraut, bekommt dieses behagliche, friedfertige Dasein auch nicht. Du wirst täglich dicker.« Auf Harald Harsts Stoßseufzer über »das öde Leben«, mit dem ich übrigens sehr zufrieden war, wollte ich gerade erwider...
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Hoisin Glazed Mini Meatballs

These Hoisin Glazed Mini Meatballs are such an easy and delicious appetizer addition to any game day spread table. We all love devouring appetizers and snacks while watching football and these juicy cocktail meatballs are so addictive, super tasty and quick to make. Hoisin Glazed Meatballs You can’t go wrong with cocktail meatballs. Crowd pleaser appetizer, inexpensive, really quick and easy to put together and quite versatile when it comes to sauces. You can definitely make a bigger batch a...
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