Short Fiction Oppenheim, E Phillips: Nicholas Goade, Detective (1927); v1

Ten linked short stories featuring Scotland Yard man Nicholas Goade, holidaying in the south-west of England and being drawn into various cases. 1: The Coroner's Dilemma 2: The Two Spinsters 3: The Salving of Mr. Stanley Witt 4: The Temporary Insanity of Nicholas Goade 5: Wild Man's Logic 6: The Dean's Daughter 7: The Honourable Murderer 8: Jezebel of Valley Farm 9: The Beautiful Sisters of Wryde 10: The Passing of John the Hermit Attached File...
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Slam Poetry: ‘Limelight’ by Solli Raphael

Solli Raphael is a phenomenal Australian slam-poet. I was fortunate to meet him at a Penguin Random House roadshow. He is a personable, thoughtful young man with an enormous talent. He is only thirteen. Solli is the youngest Australian to win the all-age poetry competition, the National Australian Slam Poetry Finals, held at the Sydney … Continue reading Slam Poetry: ‘Limelight’ by Solli Raphael The post Slam Poetry: ‘Limelight’ by Solli Raphael appeared first on The Boomerang Books Blog.
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Question about zoom mode?

I'm reading on CBZ format, then I pinch to do to the zoom mode. When I touch on the right side, it'll move to the next page. How can I do to move to the next part of the page, not next page?
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Mystery and Crime Oppenheim, E Phillips: The Colossus of Arcadia (1938); v1

Classic Oppenheim novel: the setting is Monte Carlo, and in the late 1930s with Europe's peace becoming more precarious by the day, there are spies and counterspies, well-heeled refugees. In short, there is trouble in Arcadia. I couldn't find a good original cover so I made this one from a part of 1930s Monaco travel poster Attached Files The Colossus Of Arcadia - E Phillips Oppenheim.epub (480.3 KB)
Tags: Europe, Books, ePub Books, Monaco, Arcadia, Monte Carlo, Oppenheim, Oppenheim E Phillips, Arcadia E Phillips Oppenheim

Wikidata GUI

This plugin imports near arbitrary metadata from Wikidata for books that already have a wikidata ID. (Use the wikidata metadata plugin to search for IDs for existing books.) This is the first release for this plugin and the most complex UI I've written to date. It's sure to have a few bugs, and I expect complaints about my UI. Constructive criticism greatly appreciated! There's a todo.txt in the zip file with the complaints I personally have and possible future features. Discussion of thes...
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Short Fiction Oppenheim, E Phillips: Michael's Evil Deeds (1923), v1

Originally published as a series of connected short stories, in Red Book Magazine in 1921, this is a typical episodic novel which involves a prolonged duel between Michael Sayers, crook, and Norman Greyes, policeman. The narrative makes use of multiple narrators: Sayers, Greyes or another as each story requires. (The fact that there are only a small number of chapters tells an alert reader that these are essentially short stories, as a typical Oppenheim novel runs to 25-35 chapters.) 1. The Und...
Tags: Books, ePub Books, Michael, Phillips, Oppenheim, Michael Sayers, Phillips Oppenheim, Norman Greyes, Sayers Greyes, Kiss Of Judas, Menwood Road Bank Robbery, Monsieur Lutarde

Mystery and Crime Oppenheim, E Phillips: Michael's Evil Deeds (1923), v1

Originally published as a series of connected short stories, in Red Book Magazine in 1921, this is a typical episodic novel which involves a prolonged duel between Michael Sayers, crook, and Norman Greyes, policeman. The narrative makes use of multiple narrators: Sayers, Greyes or another as each story requires. (The fact that there are only a small number of chapters tells an alert reader that these are essentially short stories, as a typical Oppenheim novel runs to 25-35 chapters.) 1. The Und...
Tags: Books, Kindle Books, Michael, Phillips, Oppenheim, Michael Sayers, Phillips Oppenheim, Norman Greyes, Sayers Greyes, Kiss Of Judas, Menwood Road Bank Robbery, Monsieur Lutarde, KB Michaels

Koreader not launching anymore on my kobo after update!

I have Kobo Auro H2O Edition 2 reader, I put some new books on it and when I did it updated to device version 4.12.12111 Now when I click the koreader image in books to launch koreader it just launches the image and NOT koreader, I'm so upset because I did NOT want to update my device. Is it possible to get it working or did they patch it or something so koreader doesnt work anymore?
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fields for metadata: synopsis, author's words, post scriptum, etc.

I have a huge calibre library of manually entered free content. Most of my library items have multi line text for a variety of purposes. But the TOP-THREE are listed below: 1) synopsis 2) author's words 3) post scriptum I have always used the brutally-simple approach of copy+paste into the "Comments" field. and this works. Except as my library has grown closet to 10k titles, I'm finding the comments field used to make MY-OWN-COMMENTS as the reader. But this just creates sprawl in the comme...
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Weekend Reading

Hello friends! Hope you’re well. I’m a busy bee trying to get three big projects done before I leave for Australia in two weeks, yikes! Much to do! I’m remodeling my daughter’s closet, building some shelves for a kitchen, and finishing my office too, whew. Have you been to Target this week? Their dollar bin section is so good right now, I bought a matte black pitcher, some wire baskets, and cute faux succulents for my office. Definitely check it out! Favorite links from around the web:   The per...
Tags: Crafts, Hope, Australia

kobo not recognized

Hi, My Kobo Glo HD charges just fine over usb as do my other usb devices. However as of today, my kobo fails to be detected my Calibre. any suggestions?
Tags: Books, Kobo Reader

Epub formatting issue for PRS-350

So I have the same epub on two readers, one is a PRS-350, and the other is a PRS-T2. The epub will show a little space between sections as intended between separate scenes in the book. My PRS-T2 shows it just fine, but the PRS-350 does not. Does anyone know what I can do to make it show up on both the same way? It's a minor annoyance, but something I am hoping is easy to fix. See pics, where the line starts with "Keech". Attached Thumbnails   ...
Tags: Books, Sony Reader, Keech

Capacitive Ereaders + Active Capacitive Stylus?

Hi: I can't seem to find if anyone has tried to use one of these new Active Capacitive Styluses (Reflective Electro Static) such as the "Bamboo Tip" or any of the various chinese variants on a capacitive ereader. I understand that these are made for android devices with either ips/etc touchscreens rather than e-ink but does it matter when there is a capacitive layer above it? Besides the tradeoff of potentially more lag, no thickness pressure and no palm rejection it would be nice to chose t...
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Well, no sense putting it off longer...

I'mma finish a Mello Yello Zero and then suit up to shovel the walks.After that, I'll toddle off to see what's open at 54th & College. Hopefully I'll be able to get ribs for lunch at Fat Dan's and then stop at Fresh Market on the way home and pick up stew fixings for dinner.Last night we watched the third episode of Patriot, which is a fantastic show that Bobbi turned me on to. . [Author: Tam]
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New Roses 2019 - I

David Austin Roses is introducing three new English Roses to the United States this spring. 'The pale yellow 'Vanessa Bell' is a compact rose that produces many blooms. The firm's senior rosarian, Michael Mariott, says it is "one of the most free-flowering varieties" the firm has ever produced. Its fragrance... [Author: Jane Berger]
Tags: Gardening, United States, Plants, Announcements, Roses, Vanessa Bell, Garden Design, Nurseries, Jane Berger, David Austin Roses, Michael Mariott

Found a good horror deal

Rosemary's Baby on Kindle for $1.99! Picked that baby up lol
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Visual Cliffs Notes: Literature Infographics by Course Hero

  The folks at the online learning platform Course Hero have amassed a pretty extensive collection of book-focused infographics for your viewing pleasure. Over 100 books across all time periods and genres get the visual makeover and provide a fresh look at your favorite books.   View all
Tags: Infographics, Books, Visuals, Literature Infographics

Green Man for January

I’m needing a little green in the middle of January. I got inspired to give him a head garland by this photo in Arcadia Britannica, a book of modern British folklore portraits. He has a leaf bead and a variegated embroidered vine belt.
Tags: Crafts, Green Man, Doll, Finished Projects, Tattooed Man, Arcadia Britannica

Managing book highlights and excerpts

In the pre-ebook era we didn't have a lot of options for managing book highlights and excerpts. They generally lived on your shelf and if you didn't have that book with you, well, you were out of luck The 2007... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Joe Wikert]
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Hannu Rajaniemi's Summerland: a midcentury spy thriller, with the afterlife

Hannu Rajaniemi is the Finnish-Scottish mathematician and science fiction writer whose debut, 2012's Quantum Thief was widely celebrated; now, in Summerland, Rajaniemi delivers new kind of supernatural historical spy procedural, set in a 1938 where the afterlife has been discovered, colonized and militarized. Rachel White is a spy who is trying to help the British Empire prevail in the global military/political chaos prompted by the Spanish Civil War and the rise of a Soviet Union led by Th...
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Setting The Record Straight, NRA Haters You’re a Problem

Opinion Setting The Record Straight, NRA Haters You're a Problem USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- I’ve had it with the attacks on the NRA, I expect it from “The Trace” and “Mother Jones,” but I find it repugnant when so-called 2A supporters use those questionable sources to scorch the NRA. The simple fact is that without the NRA you will lose your right to own a firearm. Don’t give us that crap about you’ll never give in, that you’ll stand your ground. Bull shit we can’t get most of you to vote. Half ...
Tags: New York, Guns, Supreme Court, Senate, Hillary Clinton, House, Andrew Cuomo, Hillary, Cuomo, Nra, State, House Senate, Mother Jones, Heller, State of New York, NRA ILA

KFX output linux

I know I've asked before in the past, but I can't find that thread. I use linux as my main driver and conversion to KFX is why I bought a new kindle. Any hacks to make that work for me?
Tags: Books, Kindle Developer's Corner

Why are some of my ebooks be miscategorized

I have my ebooks listed alphabetically, but some ebooks aren't in the order that they should. I checked those ebooks metadata and the only have the Title, Series, Title Sort, and Tag.
Tags: Books, Calibre

Dimmest setting for 3 vs plus

Anyone who has indeed a glowlight plus and a glowlight 3 able to comment on how dim the 3 gets in night mode? For reading in a dark room I find the plus too bright and was hoping to hear some thoughts. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
Tags: Books, Barnes & Noble NOOK

China has a very Orwellian reason for banning typing "1984" on social media, while allowing people to read Nineteen Eighty-Four

Chinese internet users can't type the numbers "1984" into social media, but Chinese bookstores freely sell copies of Orwell's novels, including Nineteen Eighty-Four, as well as other books whose titles are banned on social media. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, the inner Party members are allowed to read the literature that is banned for consumption by proles and outer Party members, and the same is true in China: the Politburo treats books as the purview of intellectual elites, who are on the on...
Tags: Post, Books, News, China, Censorship, Atlantic, The New York Times, Party, Orwell, 1984, Politburo, Tiananmen, Deng Xiaoping, New York Review of Books, Jiang Yefei, Jeffrey Wasserstrom

Converted to Kindle format (MOBI or other), won’t show up as “book”

I have searched everywhere for answers, and have only found dates information at best. My ultimate goal here is to get Whispersync for VOICE to work between an Audible audiobook (it has Whispersync, according to their library) and an e-book sideloaded into the kindle app on iOS devices (iPad and iPhone). The best info I can come up with says it won’t work because my sideloading has this far only yielded a ‘document’ in kindle, not an actual ‘book’. I’ve tried removing the [PDOC] tag in the M...
Tags: Books, Conversion, Mobi

NRA Applauds Sen. Cornyn for Introducing Reciprocity Legislation

Opinion John Cornyn Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)- On behalf of our more than 5 million members across the country, the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) applauded the introduction of S. 69, The Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2019, sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn (TX). “The current patchwork of state and local gun laws is confusing and can cause the most conscientious gun owner to unknowingly run afoul of the law when they are traveling ...
Tags: Guns, America, District Of Columbia, Cox, Fairfax, Sen John Cornyn, John Cornyn, NRA-ILA, Gun Rights News, Institute for Legislative Action ILA, National Rifle Association of America ILA, Chris W Cox, Sen Cornyn, National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Daily Gun Deals: Vortex Optics SPARC II Red Dot Sight Just $126.99 & FREE S&H w/ Code

Vortex Optics SPARC II Red Dot Sight Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Brownells has the Vortex Optics SPARC II Red Dot sight on sale that you can get down to $126.00 with FREE Shipping with an added coupon code. This package comes with the needed mount, parts and the price can't be beat even by Amazon at $170. It's rugged and yet has a ton of features. Adding the advancements over the Original Sparc, for the money, it's hard to beat. Get on target fast with the SPARC II. Ultra-compact and lightwe...
Tags: Amazon, Usa, Guns, Gear, Coupon Codes, Moa, Brownells, Vortex Optics, Ammoland com Brownells, Vortex Optics SPARC, Daily Gun Deals, AmmoLand News Editors

CFI Parser

Hi, @Kovid. I want to modify ACE Plugin so it can output the results directly on the Editor. This way the user could click on the line and go directly to where the error is (like EPUBCheck Plugin). But, there is one thing on the way: ACE uses a non-standard EPUBCFI output. The starting point is not the spine. It uses CFI references only inside the file, like this: Code: toc.xhtml#epubcfi(/4[idParaDest-e]/2/4[toc]) Doc.xhtml#epubcfi(/4[idParaDest-b]/2/2/4[tit]/4) The idea was to use you...
Tags: Books, Development, Plugin, CFI

modify permanently pocketnews.css

Today I modified the pocketnews.css (in /news folder) file on PC, but I realized that once the PB was detached from the PC, this stylesheet returned to its original form; it was only possible for me to work on the internal style of a hrss file (and this worked, but it's not a good solution). How can I change permanently pocketnews.css?
Tags: Books, Pocketbook Developer's Corner

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