Bug: Copying Error (OleSetClipboard)

Platform: Windows 10 1809 (believe this is a Windows-only bug) Sigil Version: 0.9.10 Seems like a Qt bug, might be related to this bug (supposedly fixed in Qt 5.12.0?): https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-27097 I did a search for "OleSetClipboard: Failed to set mime data", and not many results pop up in Google (~130). Steps to Reproduce I don't have a reliable test case, but I was copying/pasting between Google Docs (Chrome) + Microsoft Word 2016 + and Sigil. Every so often, pressing Ctrl+C in...
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Flames by Robbie Arnott

Australian literature is the best. Over Christmas I’ve indulged in reading the literature for adults I can’t easily justify reading during the year (but read anyway) when I am focusing on YA and children’s lit for work – and also pleasure. I’ve been reading a mix of Australian and international fiction. I have to say … Continue reading Flames by Robbie Arnott The post Flames by Robbie Arnott appeared first on The Boomerang Books Blog.
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help with thailand translate

I would like to help translate the website and information to Thailand i'm waiting response from the admins...
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Any way to delete all books of a certain file type?

I used to have a Paperwhite as well as my Kobo readers so when I uploaded my books to the Paperwhite I had it automatically convert to mobi. I have since sold my Paperwhite and no longer need the mobi file types of all of my books. Is there any easy way to delete all mobi files all at once (without deleting the other file types, of course)
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Question about Tess Gerritsen

hey guys, ive come across an author called Tess Gerritsen, ive read up on a few reviews of her books but just wondering if anyone here as read anything shes written? some of her books include -the apprentice - body double -vanish - keeping the dead ive found a site thats offering 88% off her books which seems pretty cheap to me!
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Once Upon a River ~ Diane Setterfield

I've had to delve a long way back in my reading journal to find out when I read Diane Setterfield's first novel The Thirteenth Tale. August 2006, the scribbles here would have been a mere five months in existence and now look...we're heading for teenage-dom and our thirteenth year this March. I always enjoy a look back over books read, The Thirteenth Tale preceded by The Emigrants by Vilhelm Moburg, The Girl From the Chartreuse by Pierre Peju and The Barracks by John McGahern, and followed by Ly...
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[SHOT Show 2019] The New AREX Delta Striker-fired 9mm Pistol

In this episode of TFBTV, James is at SHOT Show Industry Day at the range with the people from AREX and FIME Group to have a look at (and take the first shots with) the only copy of the brand new Arex Delta striker-fired polymer handgun. The Delta is a polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol (yes, like […] Read More … The post [SHOT Show 2019] The New AREX Delta Striker-fired 9mm Pistol appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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amazon $3.99 ebook credit offer?

Has anyone else got the email? I just got an email for $3.99 credit towards a select selection of ebooks. I was not impressed with the selection
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Indies on Amazon Kindle Only

Why do so many independent authors choose to lock their eBooks into the Amazon Kindle ecosystem? With Amazon recently further locking down Amazon Kindle eBooks, I've been looking into other eBook stores. Many of the eBooks I've read are independently published and either solely available on Amazon Kindle, or only available on Amazon Kindle and Apple Books. Nothing on Google Play Books, Kobo, or independent eBook shops. It makes it difficult to avoid Amazon Kindle or leave the Amazon Kindle ec...
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touch lux 2 no screen files access

Hello. I unfortunately broke the screen of my device. Pocketbook is not offering any replacement solution, nor any mean of access to my files. I don't feel like replacing the screen myself, it seems risky to buy a part and try and fix it. It's also an opportunity to buy something new I guess. I was wondering if there was any software capable of forcing the "PC link" mode to access my files since it's not the device default behavior. Or to straight up access the storage from a PC. I looked around...
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AmmoLand Writer Tom CLaycomb to Present Multiple Seminars at SHOT Show 2019

Tom Claycomb Knife Sharpening Seminars Las Vegas, NV –  -(AmmoLand.com)- Knife expert and regular AmmoLand News author, Tom Claycomb, will be sharing his tips and tricks during the upcoimg SHOT in Las Vegas, Nevada. Make a plan to attend Toms seminars on how to properly sharpen your favorite knife and also learn tips on glassing for big game.  All seminars are free to attend. Tuesday 1. SMITHS CONSUMER PRODUCTS Booth 12515 Topic-KNIFE SHARPENING 1:30 2. RITON OPTICS Booth 428 Topic-GLASSIN...
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Taurus TX22 Pistol in .22LR Announced

Taurus TX22 Pistol in .22LR USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Taurus continues its mission of delivering premium handgun performance and technological advancements to the shooting enthusiast market with the all-new Taurus TX22. The TX22 is a.22LR semi-auto that, out of the box, runs like a custom-tuned pistol but comes at a price point that puts a competition-level handgun squarely in the budget of the mainstream shooter. Designed and engineered from the ground up to maximize fit, function, and comfort ...
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Yellies! Harry Scoots; Voice-Activated Spider Pet $9.47 Shipped

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy here. Amazon has this Yellies! Harry Scoots; Voice-Activated Spider Pet for just $9.47. It ships free, too! These spiders are activated by yelling. The louder you yell, the... [Author: Lana]
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Open Letter to Voting NRA Members, from NRA-BOD Tim Knight

Comments by your NRA BOD Timothy Knight (Current term 2018 to 2021). Members, Contact the NRA Board of Directors USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- My fellow NRA members: Our National Rifle Association is the nation’s longest-standing civil rights organization, and our name has become inextricably tied to our Constitutional right to firearm ownership. Our multiple roles are crucial. We preserve our hunting heritage and provide training to private citizens and law enforcement officers. We protect our ran...
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Bulk Search & Replace: Title (Noob Alert)

I'm having difficulty coming up with the "Replace With" expression that would append a string to the existing Title. For example: "Title" becomes "Title Revised" where "Revised" is a static string. Any insight would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you.
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It’s Time to Stop Religious Bigotry in Congress

Opinion Martin Luther King, Jr memorial monument in Washington, DC USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- As we take time to honor and remember the life and work of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. – whose efforts changed our nation for the better and helped end bigoted, exclusionary policies against African Americans – we should also remember his message applies to bias and bigotry in all its forms. In a 1963 speech at Western Michigan University, Reverend King said: “There are certain things in our nation...
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Who Are the Real Extremists with Your God Given Rights?

Opinion Magazine capacity would be set at five rounds, which would be the lowest standard in the nation, and there is no grandfather clause. Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)- NRA is often vilified by the gun-ban community and its supporters in the mainstream, legacy media as an “extremist” organization because of its steadfast defense of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms [in keeping with the Constitution of the United States]. A simple look into the anti-gun agenda, however, will show that propon...
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Freedom Hunters at NSSF’s Industry Day at the Range and SHOT Show

Freedom Hunters Group Boulder City, Nevada – -(AmmoLand.com)- Freedom Hunters will be attending the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Industry Day at the Range, followed by the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor (SHOT) Show. The crew will be onsite at booth #27 at the Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club in Boulder City, Nevada, for Industry Day. Back at the Sands Expo, Freedom Hunters will be in booth #2518. The public will have the opportunity to meet board members and veterans who are instrumental...
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How I Make Maps

The three books I have written are all maps. They provide an overview of the terrain and provide guidance on how you might find your way. In Chapter 5 of Eat Their Lunch, I reference my friend, Ken Wilber, perhaps the greatest map-maker of all time, as his Integral Theory includes more terrain than any other map, and it is sometimes referred to as a Theory of Everything. The first time I met Ken, I asked him to advise me on map-making, and he looked at my work and helped ensure I had enough cate...
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koreader on KOA2, which filemanager start?

I finally got around to putting koreader on my Oasis 2. On my Voyage, all the filemanager start choices seemed about the same (as near as I can recall). On my KOA2, the top entry resulted in the start message at the bottom of the screen and the device remained unresponsive for quite some time and I had to reboot via power button. Which filemanager start works with the KOA2? koreader koreader-kindle-arm-kindle5-linux-gnueabi-v2015.11-1800-g0924b57_2018-07-29.zip
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H. P. Lovecraft

I believe I have all his works just have not read them yet. I am looking for a recommendation of what story to read fist.
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Poetry Kommerell, Max: Gesammelte Gedichte [german]. V1. 20. Januar 2019

Max Kommerell (1902-1944) war Literaturwissenschaftler und Dichter. Dieses eBuch basiert auf dem Band Gedichte, Gespräche, Übertragungen, der 1973 im Walter-Verlag Olten und Freiburg erschien. Es enthält alle zu Kommerells Lebzeiten erschienenen Gedichte sowie Gedichte aus dem Nachlaß. Nicht aufgenommen habe ich die Gespräche aus der Zeit der deutschen Wiedergeburt, da darin noch allzusehr der Ton Georges hörbar ist und es sich dabei mehr um versifizierte Dialoge handelt als um lyrische Gedicht...
Tags: Books, ePub Books, Freiburg, George, Gesammelte Gedichte, Max Kommerell, Literaturwissenschaftler, Walter Verlag Olten, Michelangelo Übertragungen Kommerells Gedichte, Verbindung von Leichtigkeit, Einfluß Georges, Gesammelte Gedichte Max Kommerell

REVIEW: Siege Ironhide Six Gun Wave 2 War For Cybetron Deluxe Transformers

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Questions about Calibre not reading/converting DJVU, CBR, CHM, RAR files

I've been looking for a book reader that can handle all or almost all the book formats that I have including epub, doc, docx, pdf, DJVU, CBR, CHM, RAR files. From the documentation I've read, Calibre is supposed to be able to handle these files. Calibre works fine with epub, doc, docx, pdf files but not with the others. First, I tried opening the DJVU, CBR, CHM, RAR files and Calibre said the format was not supported and then took me to an online description of the files. Then I tried conver...
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Valentine Candy Mix

This Easy Valentine Mix will make the perfect snack in February. Wrap it up in a mason jar for the perfect gift to give friends and neighbors. Valentine’s day is a perfect day to gift. You might also enjoy making this mix to keep in your candy dish. Valentine Candy Mix Simply Buy and mix together the following candy.  They taste perfect together. You can also change it up to be all of your favorite candy if you like. You might even want to add in valentine s day jelly beans.  Here is what I u...
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North Carolina Turkey Trap and Release Efforts Will Boost Texas Turkey Populations

North-Carolina-Turkey-Trap EDGEFIELD, S.C.  -(Ammoland.com)-  A turkey trap-and-release effort originating in North Carolina is helping boost wild turkey populations in Texas. The effort, a joint venture involving the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, USDA APHIS Wildlife Services and the National Wild Turkey Federation, began in December and will finish up this month, with an anticipated several dozen Eastern wild turkeys making their way from airstrips ...
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15 Meal Prep Sunday Products You Need For Easy Bulk Cooking

Dragon Images/Shutterstock It’s hard to spend $12 or $15 on a meal every day, but it can be even harder to prep and pack your lunches. Why not make meal prep painless with these great products? Taking some of your Sunday downtime to prep the meals for your work week is a great way to save money and eat healthier. But cooking a week’s worth of food can be a bit complicated, and you can end up spending hours of your day cooking and cleaning. That’s why it’s important to arm yourself with pro...
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‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ is the local fiction best-seller

“Becoming” is the local nonfiction best-seller.
Tags: Books, News, Entertainment

‘Turning Point’ is the nation’s top fiction best-seller

“Becoming” is the nation’s top nonfiction best-seller.
Tags: Books, News, Entertainment

Snow. Storm. Not. Yet...

Swinging. Rocking. Moving toward 50 degrees here. A studio day! Way down, ice later.
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