Down Range Radio #608: The Future for a Glock-Based PDW

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February News

I haven’t had any finished pieces in a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. I have spent so much time cutting and more cutting. I have cut out girls, lady pillow dolls, kitties, dogs, owls, and I can’t remember what else! Finally I am moving forward to sewing and finishing. First up, lady pillow dolls. And then I’m excited to make some dogs in removable clothing. The main event that I am planning and working for is the Smithsonian Craft Show, April 24 – 28. I am so excited to ...
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Heckler & Koch’s Forgotten Rifle of the 80s – The G41

When we think of Heckler & Koch in the 1980s we think of the famous G11, the iconic HK MP5 and the stylish P7 pistol. One rifle we don’t tend to think of is the G41, a 5.56x45mm chambered rifle designed to meet NATO’s new requirements. HK hoped the new rifle would be a hit with NATO […] Read More … The post Heckler & Koch’s Forgotten Rifle of the 80s – The G41 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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POTD: Harvard Revolver Club, 1899

Harvard and Yale have long been rivals in many ways. At the end of the 19th centuries, one of their rivalries took place at the shooting range. This photo from 1899 shows the members of Harvard’s Revolver Club, likely taken to commemorate their victory over Yale’s club. Harvard won, 1362 to 1029. The post POTD: Harvard Revolver Club, 1899 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Cody Firearms Museum and Henry Launch Collector’s Series

The Cody Firearms Museum have partnered with Henry Repeating Arms to introduce a limited edition run of collectible rifles, the Collector’s Series. The new series will feature rifles ‘inspired by prized pieces’ in the museum’s collection. The first rifle in the series will be based on Henry’s Golden Boy with an engraved receiver designed by Baron Engraving. […] Read More … The post Cody Firearms Museum and Henry Launch Collector’s Series appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Colorado Runner Kills Mountain Lion with Bare Hands in Self-Defense

Colorado Runner Kills Mountain Lion with Bare Hands in Self-Defense Colorado -(Ammoland.com)- Big cats are dangerous predators. They usually attack from ambush, without warning, often from behind. That happened to a runner in Colorado. But the runner was not listening to music on earbuds or headphones. He heard something. He started to turn around. He saw the lion launching itself at him. Here is the initial report from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. From state.co.us: LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. – Co...
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Edicts Pushed by Opportunists have no Bearing on Shooting that Motivated Indiana Mom

Hoosier daddy, or in this case, nanny state? Indiana gun-grabbers pile up non-sequiturs to demand infringements against the “law-abiding” instead of addressing the violence “progressive” policies make inevitable. U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Deandra Dycus’s 18-year-old son, Dre … was shot in the head by a stray bullet in 2014 where his friends were gathered for a birthday party,” RTV 6 Indianapolis “reported” Monday. “Now, Dycus lobbies for ‘gun-sense legislation,’ as she calls it, on behalf of...
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Good Omens

Anyone else excited about the release of BBC 2 and Amazon's Good Omens? Once I know the release date I plan to reread it, again, right before it is broadcast. https://youtu.be/2ZSXlNRRoGU Apache
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Does This Hack Work With Mac TextEdit?

Hey Folks, I came across a post that gives instructions on how to change the Kindle's default font sizes -- link here: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...2&postcount=19 -- when I tried it using my Mac's built in text editor, TextEdit, it did not work. Is there some other software that might make it work? I did all of the steps in the post: I opened TextEdit, typed in 14 numbers with a space in between each number(7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 ... etc), saved the file and named it "FONT_RAMP", and then co...
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Choosing Greatness versus Maximizing Trivia or Opposing America

Opinion Then reread the “I Have a Dream” speech and ask yourself who is coming closer to the spirit and the idealism of Reverend King. The answer will likely shock your friends. Martin Luther King, Jr memorial monument in Washington, DC USA – -(AmmoLand.com)-The theme of President Trump’s State of the Union is going to be “choosing greatness.” Following on an election in which “Make America Great Again” was a primary theme – remember the campaign hats said MAGA, not Trump, there is a certain...
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Jesus Turns Water to Wine Craft for Kids (John 2:1-11)

This First Miracle craft idea was submitted by a generous reader. Thanks Barb! Simply follow the directions below for a fun learning activity when teaching this Bible story. Jesus First Miracle Craft (John 2:1-11) Needed per child: 3 toilet tissue rolls 9 squares blue tissue paper…3″ sq 9 squares purple tissue paper…3″ sq 1 sign “water” 1 sign “wine” Directions: Paint toilet tissue rolls black or cover with black paper. Glue 3 rolls together… Put “water” sign near top of rolls. Crumble blu...
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Futrus Wall Panel System for Healthcare

Futrus Solutions with Corian presents the Futrus Wall Panel System, a modular, interlocking product for vertical surfaces. The system is ideally attuned to the challenges of healthcare environments. Made with Corian, it offers a seamless, monolithic, bleach-cleanable, and Greenguard certified wall that offers superior hygiene and bacterial resistance. The Corian panels also resist chips, scuffs, scratches, and stains, making for a long-lived, cost-conscious product. The Futrus Wall Panel Sys...
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Prepared for Anything

[B]Prepared For Anything (Almost)[/B] Bret W. Friend The midafternoon sun warmed the ground in the blasted land, the desolate area which had once been known as Oregon. It was an old name, a reference from a long destroyed world. Broken, dead snags stuck out of the volcanic ash, stark reminders of the lush forest that had once grown there. Other remnants of the forest were merely indistinguishable mounds, long ago buried. The stark gray stretched on endlessly in all directions, broken only by o...
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Rubelli Introduces Its New Collection for 2019

Since 1858, Rubelli has been creating lavish textiles that add the finishing touch to any interior setting. For its new 2019 collection, the brand continues its tradition by releasing a collection of textiles designed for today’s interiors and exteriors. Simply called the Rubelli 2019 collection, the extensive selection contains innovative and high-performance fabrics that combine luxury with artisanal Venetian weaving practices. The durable collection is designed for both home and contract p...
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'Zucked: Waking up to the Facebook Catastrophe,' by Roger McNamee [BOOKS]

I can't stop reading my just-out-today hardcover copy of Roger McNamee's new book, 'Zucked: Waking up to the Facebook Catastrophe.' I pre-ordered 'Zucked' last week on my phone when I was out for coffee with my friend Mike Backes (buy his book!), who was so enthralled with it he couldn't put his pre-release copy down, and he carried it with him that day. I stopped what I was doing when the Amazon delivery guy handed it to me a few hours ago. I'm a couple hundred pages in to 'Zucked' now. I get i...
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Smart Lawns

Few things in gardening are as polarizing as opinions about lawns. On the one hand, the position of the mainstream turf and landscaping industry is to continue America’s enormous investment in chemical-based, industrially maintained turf, with no consideration for the environmental costs.  Chemlawn forever! On the other is what is popular with horticulturists and environmentalists––that lawns are an unsupportable anachronism and they must be wiped from the landscape, to be replaced by meadows, g...
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For the birds

When the snow gets this high, it’s hard to maintain the 4-foot rule. Many people I know find all kinds of reasons not to feed birds in winter. The most common are: The food attracts rats. Indeed, when I was shopping for feeders recently, a garden center employee told me that it was illegal to feed birds in Buffalo. So many weird things about that statement—but, first of all, why is this store selling illegal feeders? As I discovered, there is a bylaw concerning bird feeders: they must be fou...
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Daily Gun Deal: Shoot Steel Target Speed Rack for $285.59 with CODE & FREE Shipping

Shoot Steel Target Speed Rack Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Shoot Steel has a 20% Off coupon code, “20PERCENT” that gets you their best selling Target Speed Rack for just $285.59 with FREE Shipping. The code also works on the rest of their products, but only for a few more days this week. You save over $71.00!! The Speed Rack is the perfect answer for shooters looking for a plate rack on a budget. This design is a simple DIY kit designed to give the shooter a plate rack setup at a huge cost sa...
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I think so

Gun control is aimed at shooters. And Sebastian is right here: Pick off the most enthusiastic, and youll be rid of your deplorable gun culture in a generation. This could be where a culture war will pop off. They’re trying to wipe out a culture that shoots. That culture doesn’t like being told what to do. And that’s not good. Take someone shooting.
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Of course: Docs Reveal Portland School Administrators Planned & Paid for Student Anti-Gun Protest
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Bump stock arrest

Some college kid in Florida. I can’t tell from the article if he had a Drop In Auto Sear. Or if someone just said he did.
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He’s right, you know

There is no such thing as an assault weapon’: Spokane Sheriff Knezovich discusses I-1639
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Well There Now

I know, I know. I absolutely remember what I said about knitting with grey this time of year just a few days ago, but surely, the rule (that I made) can be broken by me at any moment I see fit, and surely, surely, it was not intended for spectacularly perfect little skeins of yarn like this. That’s the little Jacob from two posts ago – spun up in entirety, into five gorgeous little skeins that are exactly as I imagined them. (If a little plumper than I intended, after their baths.) Each is a tw...
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If I remove a book from my Kobo Aura One, will my annotations be spared?

If I remove a book from my Kobo Aura One, will my annotations be indefinitely spared, so that if I download the book onto my Kobo, they'll still be there? I tried quickly deleting a book and downloading it again, and at least then, the annotations were there, but is there a limit to how long or how many of them they get spared?
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Daily Gun Deals: PSA Limited Edition “SNEK-15” AR15 Stripped Lower Receiver $49.99

PSA Limited Edition SNEK-15 AR15 Stripped Lower Receiver Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Here is a cool, fun item at a great price. Palmetto State Armory has a great sale going on their limited edition PSA “SNEK-15” AR15 Stripped Lower Receiver for just $49.99. (SNEK read snake). When you buy this lower check out the PSA Classic Blackhawk Lower Build Kit for the additional parts you will need to compelet this build. Palmetto State Armory’s limited-edition “SNEK-15” lower will only be available o...
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December 2018 NICS Background Checks make Second Highest on Record

NICS checks for 2018 U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- The National Instant Background Checks System (NICS) checks for December of 2018 were 2,543,385. They were just a little less (42,753) than NICS checks for December of 2017. That makes them the fourth highest December on record and puts the total for 2018 as the second highest year of NICS checks on record with 26,181,936. The top year was 2016, with 27,438,673. Gun sales are in a minor slump. Some call it the “Trump Slump”. How can this be? Two ...
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NWTF Announces Mossy Oak as Official Convention Sponsor

2019 NWTF Convention and Sport Show NASHVILLE, Tenn. – -(AmmoLand.com)- The National Wild Turkey Federation is proud to announce Mossy Oak as the Official Sponsor of the annual NWTF Convention and Sport Show at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center, February 13-17 in Nashville. “Turkey hunting and conservation is at the very core of what Mossy Oak is all about,” said Toxey Haas, Mossy Oak founder and CEO. “From our very earliest days in the industry, we drew our inspiration from th...
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