Paperwhite 4 PDF Converter

Can anybody help me on how to convert pdf files to fit pages perfectly on PW4? What converter should I use? Calibre app does support PW4 now, however, some sentences and images in the converted files are scattered and pages do not look the same with the original pdf file. :help: :thanks: in advance!
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Arguing With a Leftist

The writing bug is starting to bite again, so you may see some new content here, including (eventually) a mega-überpost I started back in October of last year, but for now just this little piece.A few days ago someone at Quora tagged me with the question:If both conservatives and liberals love USA, why there are such hostility and lack of trust towards each others?I left an answer, but someone else left this one:As a former Right turned Left, I assure you all there are smart and well educated pe...
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FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: PK Designlab’s M51-WIR White/IR Weapon Light Review

For those of you who are hardcore flashlight aficionados, the name PK is well known. For those who don’t know PK (Paul Kim), he designed most of your favorite SureFire flashlights. The Scoutlight, Hellfighter, X300 and loads more were his designs. He left SureFire to start his own company and he calls it PK Designlab. […] Read More … The post FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: PK Designlab’s M51-WIR White/IR Weapon Light Review appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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POTD: Norwegian Naval Special Operation Commando in Kabul, Afghanistan

Knock-knock – is anybody home? Here is a string of photos of the Norwegian Naval Special Operation Commando in Kabul, Afghanistan. Below: This image has a lot of interesting things going on. Apart from the explosives, there are Heckler & Koch HK416s with short barrels and sound suppressors as well as a lot of other […] Read More … The post POTD: Norwegian Naval Special Operation Commando in Kabul, Afghanistan appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Most popular Calibre recipes

Looking at the link for the most popular Calibre recipes: https://calibre-ebook.com/dynamic/recipe-usage Does anyone know what number 3 is? 人民日报 Thanks
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Children 100 Words For Kids

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MBW79QZ 100 Words For Kids is a perfect children’s book offering simple everyday words for infants and toddlers to develop their vocabulary. Beautiful color photographs, this tough book introduces words and phrases of 100 Words that are ideal for children aged 2 and up to learn how to read and identify objects.
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Here We Go Again: 127 Million Accounts Stolen From 8 More Websites

HAKINMHAN/Shutterstock.com Several days ago, a hacker put 617 million accounts from 16 different websites for sale on the dark web. Now, the same hacker is offering 127 million more records from another eight websites. As TechCrunch reports, the eight new websites are: Houzz (57 million), YouNow (40 million), Ixigo (18 million), Stronghold Kingdoms (5 million), Roll20 (4 million), Ge.tt (1.8 million), PetFlow (1 million), Coinmama (450,000) The hacker is selling all the data together for ab...
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A Garden From a Hundred Packets of Seed ~ James Fenton

I'm sitting here at my desk staring out at this... B The greenhouse swaddled and bandaged up in a valiant attempt to protect it from Storm Erik and any more Big Freezes, us having been a little too late to defend against the ravages of Storm Whatever-The-Last-One-Was. The door shunted ajar and the gale took out several of the back windows, now repaired. It's not so much the repairing, nuisance though it is, it's more the equation of number of pieces of glass x distance travelled across the gra...
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Toy Fair 2019 - Ectotron Ghostbusters Crossover Figure Packaging First Look

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Are Amazon's "Kindle Version" mangas low resolution?

So I recently got a 300ppi 7"8 e-reader and compared the same manga, one on the e-reader, and one the paper version. The paper version is 8" so not a huge difference in size. The paper version has much crisper text that is easier to see. It particularly makes a difference for furigana and small but complex kanji. I also tried reading the Kindle version on my PC but it seems the text is not as high-res as the paper format.
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I've recently purchased the forma and uploaded all my epubs. I see I can add them into collections manually, is there a quicker way to do this. I was hoping that I could do via the root folder but nothing shows? I haven't really used Calibre much but the tags look ideal. I've read a few tuts on bookshelves but I'm not clear if thats the same thing I'm trying to achieve?
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800 Illuminated Medieval Manuscripts Are Now Online: Browse & Download Them Courtesy of the British Library and Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel The Buried Giant begins with an immersive depiction of what it might have been like to live in a European village during the middle ages. Or what it might feel like for us moderns, at least. The couple at the center of the story spends several pages fretting over the loss of a candle, their only one. Without it, their nights are pitch black. In the day, they wander in a fog, unable to remember anything. Though the cause of this turns out to be dark magic, one can’t help t...
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Windows 10 Will Finally Offer Easy Access to Linux Files

Windows 10’s April 2019 Update brings a long-awaited feature: Support for easily accessing, viewing, and even modifying Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) files from File Explorer or via the command line. Previously, it was possible to find your Linux files in your AppData folder, but Microsoft warns against that. Modifying files here would break things. Now, there’s an easier, official way to access these files with Windows tools—without the risk of breaking anything! Microsoft’s Craig Loewen e...
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Featured Deals of the Week – 2/15/19

Because I know all of my readers are just dying to have this question answered, yes, I did sit and write this deal post on Valentine’s day. keep it simple stupid (K.I.S.S.) “Not a Glock” – $439.99 What the deal is: The K.I.S.S. 80PBuild kit is probably the most “technically not a gun” gun that you can […] Read More … The post Featured Deals of the Week – 2/15/19 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Bad News and Hope in Illinois

Bad News and Hope in Illinois Illinois – -(AmmoLand.com)- Illinois is a source of frustration for many Second Amendment supporters, especially those who have to live there. Politically, it has become dominated by Chicago, and many of those who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights – and who have done so responsibly – find themselves facing more and more onerous legislation. That legislation is largely pushed by Chicago politicians who are either unable or unwilling to address the hig...
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Get Slim with a Fisher & Paykel Column Refrigerator

You can squeeze more into a Fisher & Paykel Column Refrigerator than, well, a refrigerator of greater width—and substantially lesser aesthetic appeal. These fridges are surprisingly svelte—giving them the wiggle room to integrate seamlessly and stunningly into many diverse kitchen configurations. Yet they’re also quite spacious. Not only that, but they come chock-a-block with food safety features. A short list of innovations includes ActiveSmart Foodcare technology, (airflow adjusts when foo...
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G-Series Workstation by Scale 1:1

Scale 1:1’s G-Series Workstation is a cool, contained workspace solution for those who desire creative collaboration, a quick shot of privacy, and a comfy lounger to take a quick break. The clever ensemble incorporates all of these and more: the Nester Desk Lounge is perhaps the showstopper. A comfy, integrated two-seater sofa, Nester nests intuitively between work surfaces. For workers needing a break, all that’s needed is a quick scooch sidewards. There are also many options for work surface...
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Something weird is happening when I want to build an Index

I don't know if is a bug of Sigil or something I'm doing wrong. The following is a picture of my "Book Browser View" BEFORE building an Index: Attachment 169742 As you can see, the order of the files is: Cover, Sinopsis, Titulo, Dedicatoria, TDC, Introduccion, Prefacio, Seccion_01, etc. And this is the picture (of my "Book Browser View") AFTER building the Index: Attachment 169743 Now the order of the files is: Dedicatoria, Introduccion, Prefacio, Sinopsis, Título, cover, TdC, Seccion_01, etc. T...
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The Gem-Like Splendor of Axolight’s Jewel Pendant

Jewel by Axolight is a Jewel of a pendant with a unique criss-cross cord that creates an unusually arresting aesthetic. Betwixt and at the intersection of the playfully conjoined cables is cradled Jewel’s diffuser, a conical aluminum element housing an energy efficient LED. Axolight’s Jewel Pendant is available in multiple configurations and various finishes: a single suspension provides pinpoint lighting and creates a stunning solitary statement. In assemblies of multiple lights, Jewel evoke...
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History of Landscapes Starts with Stonehenge. Really.

As threatened  promised, I’m blogging the History of Landscape course I’m taking at the University of Maryland, and here’s my first post. The (fabulous) teacher I’ll be quoting is Caren Yglesias. Interestingly to me, when I tell people I’m taking a class in landscape history I get questions like – does it start with Olmsted? English gardens? I love answering that it actually starts with Stonehenge because of the look of bewilderment on their faces. So what IS a landscape, anyway? Wikipedia say...
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Still and serene

You’ve just seen beautiful color images of Buffalo gardens in July. Western New York doesn’t quite look like that now. Color is not the first thing I think of when I do that initial glance out the window, to see what it’s like out and check whether the plow guy got to our back alley. When I review the many, many images I have of WNY in winter, I am struck by the pure beauty of white, black, and gray, with occasional flashes of silver. Often, on the way to work, I want to pull over and somehow ca...
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Reshaping of American Attitudes Toward Firearms ~ VIDEO

Opinion American Bullet Flag Freedom Second Amendment New York – -(AmmoLand.com)- “What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that's not cool, that it's not acceptable, it's not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we changed our attitudes about cigarettes. . . . One thing that I think is clear with young people, and with adults as well, is that we just have to be repetitive about this. . . . We need to do ...
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Daily Deals: PSA 10.5″ Carbine-Length 5.56 Nitride Ltwght MLOK Pistol $499.99 FREES&H

PSA 10.5″ Carbine-Length 5.56 Nitride Ltwght MLOK Pistol Cart Check Daily Gun Deals are the short-term money saving deals AmmoLand News' Editors search out each day on the world wide web. Be forewarned that many of these deals will sell quickly or expire by the time you read them, but hey we tried. When we find sweet deals on gun products, we need we will be passing along those tips to AmmoLand News readers so you can save cash too. We have your back. Click the product name link for more info...
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New Funko POPs for ‘The Office’, ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Community’, ‘Jaws’, & More Coming Soon

The 2019 New York Toy Fair is in full swing, and that means we’ll be hearing a ton of new announcements regarding toys and collectibles inspired by your favorite films and TV shows. It should come as no surprise that the folks at Funko have churned out a bunch of new announcements expanding their endless line of Funko POP figures. And some long-awaited franchises will finally be making their vinyl figure debut. Funko has announced a new wave of The Simpsons POPS, a line that will likely become ...
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IT’S BACK Daily Deal 75 Pack 8″ Reactive Splatter Targets $17.99 FREE S&H on$25ormore

Its Back Daily Deal 75 Pack Reactive Splatter Targets Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- It is back onstock and at the best price yet. Amazon has a great buy on splatter burst targets, 75 Pack 8″ Reactive Splatter Targets $17.99 & FREE S&H on orders over $25. If you missed at the chance to pick these up in the past these targets work great and you know this deal will go away in short time so stock up. Product Description GlowShot 8″ Multi Color Reactive Targets. You will “See Your Hits Instantly.” ...
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How to Total Rows and Columns in Microsoft Word

If you need to total values in a Word table, you can do so without breaking out the calculator or entering the data into Excel and then copying it back. Word can do simple calculations such as summing, multiplying, and averaging. Let’s say you have a table something like the following. You have the units sold and the per unit cost, and you want to multiply those to get a total. Start by placing your insertion point into the blank top cell in the “Total” column. Next, switch to the new “Layout”...
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MOBI > PDF font size

Is there a way to increase font size in the output PDF? I see an option "--pdf-default-font-size" but no additional parameters shown. Thanks in advance. Calibre 3.39.1/Win 10 or Linux
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Century Arms Announces New Lifetime Warranty for VSKA AK Rifle

Century Arms Announces New Lifetime Warranty for VSKA AK Rifle DELRAY BEACH, Florida –-(Ammoland.com)- Century Arms, North America’s premier AK manufacturer, is proud to announce their new heavy duty AK rifle, the VSKA, is now backed with a Lifetime Warranty. Announced in October 2018, the 2019 VSKA (vis-kuh) from Century Arms represents the latest in an American-built AK rifle. Critical components are machined from S7 tool steel, including the bolt carrier, front trunnion and feed ramp, all ...
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The Korean Miracle

Opinion The Korean Miracle USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Callista and I spent last weekend in Seoul, South Korea on a whirlwind trip from Rome. The experience reminded me what a miracle modern South Korea is. I spoke to the Washington Times-sponsored Universal Peace Federation’s World Summit. The conference itself was fascinating, having drawn more than 2,000 people including current and former heads of state. Former Vice President Dick Cheney and I talked at the opening plenary session. Former Con...
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