Kid Konnection: Make This!

Every weekend, I host a feature called Kid Konnection -- a regular weekly feature about anything related to children's books. This week I'm going to share with you another great book from National Geographic Kids. Summary: Create your maker space with this fun and instructive book, chock-full of hands-on activities and cool experiments to get kids thinking and tinkering.This book is designed to inspire the next generation of engineers and supports all kinds of kid creators: those who prefer gui...
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Android question

is there a portable version that can run on android for my tablet?
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~NEW~ Only For Makayla~ Romance Ebook~.99

💚Only For Makayla is Available! On AMAZON and ALL other digital stores! .99Cent Ebook💚 😊I'm very excited to now offer the ReNewed Version of Raf and Makayla's Love Story.😊 18+ Strong Sexual Content. Friends to Lovers. I found Makayla that night. The night of the assault. Her bruised, battered body and crushed spirit, cut profoundly through my heart. The blackest, most sinful part of me, begged to destroy the sick coward. To end his life and have payback for his brutal attack on her. I m...
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Kyocera Card Keitai KY-01L (e-ink mini smartphone)

Just stumbled over this e-ink based mini smartphone www.nttdocomo.co.jp/product/feature_phone/ky01l/ (use Google Translate to render Japanese to English) Here is an English language article: www.fastcompany.com/90254953/kyoceras-new-business-card-sized-phone-is-the-thinnest-ever A short demo video is at youtube.com/watch?v=hX7GoymPSJM A pity it is so small.
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Background Checks Stop Nothing

So, a dude with a previous conviction for a violent felony managed to pass a background check for an Illinois Firearm Owner ID card, and managed to pass a NICS check to purchase a handgun, and it wasn't until they ran his prints when he was applying for an Illinois toter's permit that the previous conviction turned up.So they denied him the permit and sent him a letter asking him to pretty please hand the gun over.Instead, he took the gun to his job and shot up the meeting where they were firing...
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Minimalist Bedroom: A Teen’s DIY Story

My 13-year-old daughter wanted to design her own minimalist bedroom, and she knew exactly what she wanted. She asked for paint – charcoal and white, and a new night table. She invited a couple friends over for a painting slumber party, and arranged to get a new queen sized bed from a neighbor who was […] The post Minimalist Bedroom: A Teen’s DIY Story appeared first on Your home, only better..
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7 Daily Habits for an Organized Home with Free Printable Habit Trackers

Hello, I hope you all are having a great weekend. I’ve written many times about how my organized life is a direct result of daily habits. I have a bit of a squirrel mentality so I’m prone to getting easily distracted. Plus I tend to be on the lazy side. So I have learned over the years that what works for me is implementing daily habitual routines to keep me on track. Basically once these habits are in place I don’t really have to think about them anymore or be worried that I’ll get distracted...
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Toy Fair 2019 - BotBots Ultimate Collector's Guide Revealed!

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Toy Fair 2019 - John Warden Shows Off Omega Supreme And Jetfire

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Sigil-0.9.11 Released

For the impatient, the installer files (and source) can be found as assets at the bottom of the Github Release page. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Sigil release is a mix of bug fixes and new features for both epub2 and epub3 users. Some of the highlights for this release include: Starting with Sigil-0.9.11, Sigil's ini preference files will be utf-8 encoded to more easily allow users to manually edit them. NOTE: before upgrading to Sigil-0....
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SILENCER SATURDAY #60: Hollywood Movie Suppressor Appearances!

Good morning everyone and welcome back to the 60th installment of TFB’s Silencer Saturday – a safe place to discuss all the fun things that most people think are absolutely illegal for civilian ownership. Because the only people who need suppressors are assassins and James Bond. Am I right? Today we will take a look […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #60: Hollywood Movie Suppressor Appearances! appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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How to read fiction to build a startup

“The book itself is a curious artefact, not showy in its technology but complex and extremely efficient: a really neat little device, compact, often very pleasant to look at and handle, that can last decades, even centuries. It doesn’t have to be plugged in, activated, or performed by a machine; all it needs is light, a human eye, and a human mind. It is not one of a kind, and it is not ephemeral. It lasts. It is reliable. If a book told you something when you were 15, it will tell it to you aga...
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Can't email books to Kindle with Gmail

I got a Fire HD 10 (7th gen) and I tried to email books to Kindle from my gmail as always but I'm getting the error below. I don't know if the problem existed before I got the new Kindle or not 'cos I hadn't emailed books in awhile. Code: Starting job: Email Diamond in the Rough: Four Kings Security Book Four to [email protected] connect: (u'smtp.gmail.com', 465) connect: (u'smtp.gmail.com', 465) reply: '220 smtp.gmail.com ESMTP h137sm3549035wmg.41 - gsmtp\r\n' reply: retco...
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Tools Reasons/Benefits to Jailbreak a Kindle in 2019

Hi, I own a Kindle Voyage I decided to jailbreak years ago, and at the end I realize that I barely used any advantages of this jailbreak. I'm about to receive a new PW4, and I'm debating the idea of jailbreaking it, just in case. But at the same time, why would I bother, when at the end I find that the Kindles firmwares are getting better / including functionalities that would probably require a jailbreak before (I'm thinking of customs fonts). So I'm curious to know the reasons people have...
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Boox Note utility/workaround application

I'm considering creating an application specifically for Boox Note, Max and perhaps Likebook Mimas with the purpose of working around some of the shortcomings/bugs in the software of these devices that Onyx is slow or indifferent about addressing. This would be a background application (with limited or no interaction with the built-in software) mostly only automating various tasks that you set up. What kind of problems do you have that could be fixed with a system like this? The thing I am not l...
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One Year Later, The Parkland Shooting Remains Controversial

Students are brought out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a shooting at the school Fayetteville, AR – -(AmmoLand.com)- One year ago this week, a deranged young man entered the Parkland High School and murdered seventeen students and members of the staff, while injuring seventeen others. One student who survived, Jaclyn Corin, has written an editorial for The New York Times to express her objections to what she sees as inaction regarding the attack. She argues that there have ...
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UK to Issue Knife Crime Prevention Orders

Opinion Knife Crime Prevention Orders Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- The Autochthonic Personal Paranoia of Leftist Politicians: UK’s Home Secretary’s latest plan to tackle the nation’s precipitous, amazing “Knife Crime Emergency” involves the issuance of “Knife Crime Prevention Orders” (KCPO) to persons over the age of twelve, who is believed by police to carry a blade routinely. There has been, of course, no response to the question what KCPOs are supposed to accomplish. And, once all kni...
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Toy Fair 2019 - Hasbro Transformers Showroom Images

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Toy Fair 2019 - RFC's Photos From The Hasbro Showroom Floor!

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Toy Fair 2019 - Official Publicity Images For Transformers Siege Reveals

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Quote of the Day - Sarah Hoyt Edition

I think the vast majority of people don’t feel the need to work above a subsistence level and that those of us who do are the mutants. - The Right to Go to Hell [Author: [email protected] (Kevin)]
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Toy Fair 2019 - Hasbro Transformers Panel Report and Images

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Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence

Opinion Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Ten states and Washington, D.C., have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Twenty-two other states, along with U.S. territories Puerto Rico and Guam, allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes. Let's examine some hidden issues about marijuana use. Before we start, permit me to state my values about medical or recreational use of any drug. We each own ourselves. If we choose to take chances with substances th...
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Daily Gun Deals: Sellier & Bellot 45 ACP 1000 Rnds – $251.99 Shipped w/ Code ($0.25)

Sellier & Bellot 45 ACP 1000 Rounds – $251.99 Shipped w/ Code ($0.25) USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Brownells is having a sale on Sellier & Bellot 45 ACP that you can make even cheaper with a coupon code “M8Y” that gets you down to $0.251 a round and free shipping. The $0.25 cents a round price is as low as you can expect Sellier & Bellot 45, so we say this is a great buy. Sellier & Bellot 45 ACP 1000 Rnds – $251.99 Shipped w/ Code ($0.251) Product Description: Full Metal Jacket projectiles are th...
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Upcoming Sigil 0.9.11 Release

Starting with Sigil-0.9.11, Sigil's ini preference files will be utf-8 encoded to more easily allow users to manually edit them. NOTE: before upgrading to Sigil-0.9.11, please make and save a backup of your preferences files. There is no issue with the conversion moving forward, but if, for whatever reason, you need to roll back to an earlier version of Sigil, utf-8 encoded unicode characters in your ini files will not work with earlier versions of Sigil. So please be safe and make a backup ju...
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Growing The Earliest Blooms: The Challenge Continues

I n my quest to extend the gardening season by growing very early and very late blooming plants, I have begun growing “spring”-blooming* witch hazels. In 2017 I planted ‘Ripe Corn,’ ‘Orange Encore,’ and ‘Birgit’–all Hamamelis x intermedia (hybrids of H. japonica crossed with H. mollis). Only ‘Birgit’ is alive; the other two were eaten during the winter. Last year I planted ‘Pallida,’ ‘Diane,’ and H. vernalis. The vernal witch hazel, as H. vernalis is called, is native to southeastern United St...
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Daily Gun Deals: SIG Sauer ROMEO5 1X20mm Red Dot Sight $119.99 & FREE Shipping

SIG Sauer ROMEO5 1X20mm Red Dot Sight Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Palmetto State Armory has a sale going on the SIG Sauer ROMEO5 1X20mm Red Dot Sight for just $119.99 & FREE Shipping. This is just what you need for that new Christmas rifle. The $119.99 price is stupid cheap for an item that is normally $185.00 even on Amazon, so you easily save $65.00 plus shipping. ROMEO5 compact red dot sights provide civilians and armed professionals a robust 1x aiming solution for any situation. Ultra-lo...
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"PHAENOMENA" suspense-packed thriller FREE PROMO

Hello everybody; "PHAENOMENA" is online, and in a New Book Launch Promo – DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE TODAY on Amazon "Phaenomena" is my new book, a suspense-packed thriller, which balances action with a dash of horror and fantastic elements in a complex and intricate plot. From today, Friday, through Monday (Feb 15th to 18th), the book is in a launch promotion, and can be downloaded for free: "Phaenomena": https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...t_bibl_vppi_i5 Watch the Book Trailer: https://www....
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