Is The Teplo Worth Buying?

Introduction We have all been inundated with fancy techno-centric tea brewing devices over the past few years. Not your average kettles seem to come out of nowhere to bring the "next best thing" to tea each time. And each time we are forced to evaluate our compunction for the thematic enjoyment of the tea brewing rituals we've come to know and love. It's a wonder then why these brewing devices keep coming out. Why release a product so similar to where others have failed? Why bank, as a startup ...
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Free JDY Kindle e-books

As of right now, 8:56pm PST, Sunday, March 3, 2019, two of my books are available free on Amazon. The Dark Times - Part 1 - The Beginning and Planning Pays Off I am not sure how long they will be available as I have no input on that.
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Is there a way to check the size of a virtual library?

For example, I have a "to export" library to indicate which files I want on my Kindle Dx. My Dx has 3.6 gb of space, and a lot of books can run 50 mb+. I have a lot of space issues between reference books and interesting reading. Also, I currently tag a lot of books "incompatible," "extra," "wait," or "read," to exclude them from "to export." Does anyone have a better solution to swap books in when they want to look at more important/useful works on a given topic and swap them out when they d...
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Term 2 Recap

We just finished up our second term of the school year!  At the beginning of this year we switched over from using Ambleside Online’s book list and schedule to the history rotation as outlined by the wise and wonderful women of A Delectable Education podcast.  Ambleside Online was a fabulous place for us to start. […]
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Random Excellence: Nathan Benn

Nathan Benn, Gatorland, 1981. Edition of 15, $2,800. Remember our friend Nathan Benn? He has a new book out. First, you can see an engaging little mini-portfolio of his Florida pictures over at Photo-Eye. They're JPEGs of prints for sale in limited editions. The book is called A Peculiar Paradise: Florida Photographs. Here it is at Amazon UK and The Book Depository. Photo-Eye has it too, although TOP doesn't get a spiff there. There are some more of the pictures at the Amazon page, including ...
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How To Pronounce The Word Carbine

I’ve always pronounced it correctly.  Apparently, folks in the gaming community are a bit taken aback at standard military pronunciation of the word.
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Amazing Offers

Got this by email today Immerse youself in an entire series with one easy purchase! Hours of romance, mystery, and thrills await in these incredible book bundles.
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Lanny ~ Max Porter

I seem to recall I made some pronouncement (an observation rather than a criticism) somewhere back in 2016 about how much I struggled with this... Not with the book, though I was so slow to realise that Grief is the Thing With Feathers was a novel and not a memoir, that it took hearing Max Porter talk about the book at Port Eliot Festival for the penny to drop. I had an odd few days afterwards trying to square it all in my head...no it was the paperback cover that I had a bit of an issue wit...
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Transformers Siege Soundwave Voyager In Hand Photos With Lamppost Mode

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Transformers Siege Starscream Wave 2 Voyager Out Of Box Photos

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The Women’s Prize Longlist 2019

What better excuse to blow the cobwebs off this blog than with the 2019 longlist announcement, of what is probably my very favourite prizes, the Women’s Prize for Fiction. Those of you who have been visitors of the blog for …
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So, cameras that used roll film (as opposed to sheet film, like that used in large format cameras) generally required the user to thread the end of the roll onto a takeup spool. In an attempt to make a more user-friendly volkscamera sort of experience, Kodak launched the 126 film format in the early Sixties.Dubbed the "Instamatic", a name obviously intended to signify ease of use, the film was all spooled up in a little plastic cartridge which you could just drop into the camera and then remove...
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Glo HD shortcuts to beta functionnalities ?

Hi I make the Kobo show the games entries by folllowing this link: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=313422. Now, would you know how to make the games more accessible than going to "parameters / beta functionnalities / item of the app or game )? Thanks Regards Nicolas
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My February in Reading

Here's a review of all of the books that I buried my nose in last month: (Not a bad reading month, but definitely not a pace I can keep up with. Enjoying what reading time I've been able to sneak in so far!) Tom Howard Indiana University Press (February 2019) 4  Stars The back cover refers to Tom's writing as "blistering, striking, ferocious" and I would have to agree. An impressive and heady debut collection of stories that bury themselve...
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Book: Digital Minimalism

Several friends have mentioned that I’d love Cal Newport’s writing. I finally got around to reading his most recent book, Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World and my friends were correct. Newport is famous for being a millennial, computer scientist, and a book author who doesn’t have a social media account. Digital Minimalism is complementary to Jaron Lanier‘s book Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now, but I found Newport a l...
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Bluetooth Adapters

Can anyone recommend a good quality Bluetooth adapter to connect wired headphones for oasis 2 audio books?
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  Probably you know the feeling...
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Troubleshooting Books Transferred from Calibre don't show up on Kindle Voyage book list

I've got a weird problem. When I transfer books from my caliber library they never seem to show up on my Kindle voyage book list. If I plug the Kindle in to my Windows PC, the books are in directories under documents. But they never seem to show up in the book list on my Kindle, nor can I search for them and find them. The only workaround I have found so far is to manually copy the MOBI files from each book's directory into the home path of the documents directory. Then the books show up right a...
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Sony is developing a new Digital Paper that will be released in 2019

Sony has finalized development of a new Digital Paper digital note taking device and it will be released sometime in the next six months. It will feature a 13.3 inch screen and will be a replacement for the DPT-RP1 that came out last year. Rumors in the upstream supply chain suggest that the new Digital Paper will have an E Ink Carta and a Mobius screen. Internal storage will be doubled from previous models and the stylus will undergo an extensive redesign. One of the big things Sony wants to d...
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From food fads to infrared saunas, athletic recovery has become a multibillion-dollar industry, but does any of it work? A new book finds out

Recovery drinks, foods and supplements fill shelves on supermarkets aisles and specialty stores, and athletes swear by post-exertion ice baths, cupping therapy, infrared saunas and floating in saltwater tanks. But why? In a new book FiveThirtyEight science writer, health columnist and lifelong athlete Christie Aschwanden finds out.
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Logging out?

"You are logged in as the user guest. To log in as a different user, you will have to restart the browser." I've now created different users, and I want to log into the web interface as one of them, but I can't log out. I've tried closing the Calibre tab, clearing Calibre cookies and restarting the browser (all together) and I'm still logged in. Help?
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Montana State Legislative Update for March 2nd 2019

Opinion Republic of Montana Montana – -(AmmoLand.com)- Montana legislators are now on their mid-session break. Yes, the legislative session is half way done. It's time for an update about the various measures Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) is working on. I'll include (S) for bills MSSA SUPPORTS, and (O) for bills MSSA OPPOSES. An * indicates a priority bill, for or against. HB 145 (S) – to eliminate the requirement that a CWP-holder must notify law enforcement when changing cou...
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Daily Gun Deal: PSA M4 Carbine Length 5.56 Freedom Rifle Parts Kit $279.99 FREE S&H

PSA M4 Carbine Length 5.56 Freedom Rifle Parts Kit Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Palmetto State Armory has a big sale on their PSA 16″ M4 Carbine Length 1:7 Nitride Freedom Rifle Kit in 5.56 NATO for just $279.99 FREE shipping. This is a great kit to complete your 80% lower with or if you grabbed one of this weeks deals on AR15 lowers, Barrel: Chrome Moly steel barrel chambered in 5.56 NATO with a 1:7 twist rate, M4 barrel extension, and a carbine-length gas system. The barrel is finished off ...
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Rumble in the Swamp ~ VIDEO

Political Humor USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Rumble in the Swamp. No matter what the haters and socialists throw at him President Trump keeps on coming back and winning. Are you sick of winning yet? Did you enjoy this funny video? Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news! You call yourself pro-gun? Prove it by joining any one or all of these fine civil rights organizations: National Rifle Association (NRA) : www.membership.nrahq.org Second Amendment Foundatio...
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Manufactured Drama

Opinion Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Persistent Gun Myths: “… an eternal ‘song-‘ waves within which reason has drowned.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche With the aid of left-leaning Hollywood dramatists, who have scant regard for the truth, an entire generation of Americans and Western Europeans have grown-up, believing preposterous myths they’ve seen depicted on the screen more times than anyone can count! Indeed, I feel sorry for young people, who for the first time behold amorous friends of the ...
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Why YouTube is Still a Great Place For Gun & Hunting Video

Opinion Charlie Jacoby makes the case why there is still some positive numbers for Youtube inclusion of guns and hunting. Top Ten YouTube Gun Channels for 2018 United Kingdom – -(AmmoLand.com)- The new YouTube gun and hunting TV channel ranking is out: Read the full report below or online. For anyone who thinks that YouTube has pulled all support guns and hunting, it makes a surprising read. Our sport has had 12.8 billion views on YouTube from the 500 top-performing channels More than 20 h...
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Amazon metadata search not finding books

It appears that Amazon has altered their searching capability again.. When I click a book to search for the metadata, it now only finds stuff in google, goodreads or fantastic fiction, but no amazon information or covers are showing up, including books previously found on the 3.39.1 build prior to about 3 days ago. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I have even turned on the multicountry amazon plugin an the highres plugins, and yes it finds SOME of the books that way, but not nearly wha...
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Sign Up for Sharpe Books' Newsletter, Get at Least One FREE PDF Ebook!

The newsletter gives "info on new releases, special offers and prizes." The choices of ebooks are: - Women's Suffrage, by Millicent Fawcett. Non-fiction. - Sword of Rome Standard Bearer, by Richard Foreman. Historical fiction. - Alexander Hamilton, by Henry Cabot Lodge. Non-Fiction. Note: the links for the Foreman book and the Lodge book are reversed, i.e., if you select the Foreman book, the Lodge book will download, and vice versa. However, I was able to download both--it may be to possib...
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CBS News Wants Guns for Them.. But Not for You ~ VIDEO

Opinion U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- I missed these details at first. A TV news crew was the victim of a recent robbery attempt. This was a video crew from the local CBS affiliate in San Francisco. The crew was protected by an armed guard. This is interesting because CBS condemned ordinary citizens for being armed. The network said it is unwise for you or me to have a gun for self-defense of our family while CBS protected their camera equipment with armed guards. I love the smell of hypocrisy in ...
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Mystery and Crime Braddon, Mary Elizabeth: Ans bittere Ende B2 v1.0 [German] 03.03.2019

Mary Elizabeth Braddon (* 4. Oktober 1837 in London; † 4. Februar 1915 in Richmond upon Thames) war eine englische Schriftstellerin. Mary Elizabeth Braddon war eine der populärsten Schriftstellerinnen des viktorianischen England. Sie war das, was man heute eine Bestsellerautorin nennt. Ihre Themen waren vorwiegend Kriminal- und Gespenstergeschichten, auch Gesellschafts- und Abenteuererzählungen entstammten ihrer Feder.[Wikipedia] Hier >Ans bittere Ende Band 2
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