Dad Arrested for Bringing Loaded AK-47 to School After His Son Called Him Crying Saying a Teacher “Slammed” Him

A Florida man was arrested after he was accused of bringing a loaded gun to his son’s school after receiving a call from the boy saying that his teacher had physically assaulted him.According to his arrest report, 27-year-old Christopher Freeman showed up at Bear Lakes Middle School in West Palm Beach Monday (Mar. 11) and was visibly upset over an incident involving his son.The school’s Assistant Principal told police he had called Freeman earlier in the day, and Freeman told him: “If this isn’t...
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Link to another book from Comments

Dear Kovid, I manually insert a link to another book in the same library, the link is like this: Code: #book_id={id}&library_id={library}&panel=book_details If I click (on PC using mouse) or tap (on Android) the "loading" never finishes. But "open on new tab" works instantly (lucky me). Is it fixable? And it certainly doesn't work in the Main Calibre, but I don't mind this.
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Wind Of Ball Theory, Could A Near Miss Of A Cannonball Kill You?

It’s time for another trip in the TFB Time Machine; to a window of time when the seas were host to tall, wooden ships of the line, powered by green energy before it was cool, battling for dominance of trade and territory.  To that end, one of the tools employed was the cannon, or rather, […] Read More … The post Wind Of Ball Theory, Could A Near Miss Of A Cannonball Kill You? appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Moon reader pro page options

Hello I have been using MRP for a very long time and started using the Amazon Kindle and was wondering is there an option to MRP to have the pages flip like a book and not scroll? I cannot find an actual manual to using the app and prefer to have it that way. Thank you and thanks for letting me join
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REVIEW: The Transformers (2019) Issue #1 - A Bold New Era (Of Exposition)

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Modlite Upgrades For SureFire M600DF

There is a a guy quietly making SureFire M600DF great again. Cory of Modlite has been quietly working for the past 3 years to make the best weaponlight possible. I know that sounds like every other light manufacturer’s goals and claims but Modlite’s offerings are truly going to be setting the standard. Modlite upgrades include […] Read More … The post Modlite Upgrades For SureFire M600DF appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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An automated way to add my own CSS that won't be touched by calibre

I'm looking for an automated way to add my own CSS at the end of calibre's conversion process. I know about extra-css but I would like this CSS to be unmodified by calibre's process. I wonder if someone could guide me towards a way to batch-insert my own !important CSS after calibre is done with converting a batch of ebooks. I know this may be against the spirit of Good Practices or whatever, but this would be very helpful for my personal use.
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Create Virtual Library with a sort?

Can I add a sort to an expression for a Virtual Library? If yes, what would the syntax be? I tried this below which is wrong and does not work but code example of what I'm trying to do: (series:"=Forbidden Bookshelf") and {series asc} I have been searching the forums and documentation for an example, but have not found any. Perhaps it is not possible.
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French Poodle

I have finally finished one of the dogs! Everything seems to be going so slowly but I’ve got the clothing patterns mostly figured out so hopefully it will speed up from here. I have been having a bit too much fun with the accessories… I spent most of today working on felt hat ideas. Anyway, here he is- a dapper Parisian Poodle, doing his shopping for the day. He has a cigarette because of course he smokes. He has a blue linen jacket over a cashmere striped sweater. He has a linen bag for his...
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Content Item not Available

On my Oasis 1 I have a book that shows in the content 2 times but is not available if I try to open it. I am sure this has been asked here before but I cannot find a way to get it cleaned up other than a total reset of the device. Does anyone have a better fix?
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POTD: Let There Be Light

Photo Of The Day – Let there be Light! There are so many nice things attached to this rifle, like a Schmidt & Bender Ultra Short Dot with MSR reticle and an Aimpoint T-2 on top for a fast aim. The AR15 is suppressed too, by an ASE Utra. I think I see a Magpul […] Read More … The post POTD: Let There Be Light appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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POMA Executive Director Chats Future Of Media On GoWild’s Podcast, Restless Native

POMA Executive Director Chats Future Of Media On GoWild’s Podcast, Restless Native USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- “As we see the traditional storytellers retire, it’s about bringing up the next generation. We have a lot of young people, but I don’t want to lose the baby boomer’s knowledge. Some of these people have been doing this for 35 yers and they’ve made the mistakes we don’t want to make ourselves.” ~  Kevin Orthman Kevin Orthman joined Brad Luttrell, GoWild's CEO, CoFounder and the host of ...
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Firearms Registration Act Introduced in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania state Democrats introduce HB0768, known as the Firearms Registration Act. Harrisburg, PA –-(Ammoland.com)- A new bill introduced in Pennsylvania would establish a gun registry within the state. HB0768 is known as the Firearms Registration Act. The Democrats that introduced the bill were Mary Louise Isaacson (D), Angel Cruz (D), and Mary Jo Daley (D). Last Friday, the General Assembly referred the bill to the committee on judiciary. The bill would require gun owners in the Keyston...
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Rosco Mfg launch new Purebred Uppers, M-Lok handguards, and Barrels

Rosco Manufacturing launches new Purebred upper receivers & M-Lok handguards, along with new barrels. U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Rosco Manufacturing, an American manufacturer of high-quality gun barrels & accessories, is proud to announce the launching of their newly released products – the Purebred upper receivers, Purebred M-Lok handguards, Purebred 13.7” barrel and Bloodline 12.5” Bloodline barrel. In the never-ending pursuit to expand their list of quality products offered, Rosco has brough...
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Daily Gun Deals: Holosun HS503GU Micro Red Dot Optic Just $169.92 40%+ OFF

Holosun HS503GU Micro Red Dot Optic Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Ranier Arns has a sale on the Holosun HS503GU Micro Red Dot Optic for just $169.92. That is 40%+ off the $285.00 MSRP and compare that to Amazon at $195.00. That makes this a great deal for those looking to outfit their newest AR rifle build or upgrade your go-to weapon. The HS503GU is a new micro red dot optic equipped with a 65 MOA circle dot reticle with the option of switching to a 2MOA dot only. The “G” signifies that the b...
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Daily News Roundup: Top Stories from March 12, 2019

Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock Today, Microsoft showed off Android screen mirroring in Windows, Google gave away some Home Minis, Spotify offered Premium users free Hulu access, and a lot more. These are the top stories for March 12th, 2019. Microsoft and Windows News Microsoft is still one of the most dominant forces in tech today, and the company is constantly trying to expand and modernize Windows. Here’s what happened today. Build 19H1 came to the Slow Ring (but still didn’t fix the ...
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The Last Romantics

In the year 2079, famous author Fiona Skinner takes the stage to discuss her life’s work as an author. She is questioned about one of her most famous poems by a young girl named Luna, named–she claims–after the woman in the poem. Was Luna a real person? As Fiona begins to reply, she tells the […]
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Some Republicans Now Want Gun Confiscation

Opinion. Senate Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearings in Favor of Gun Confiscation. Let’s Generate a Massive Outcry Against Gun Confiscation Orders in the Senate! Republicans Now Want Gun Confiscation Washington, DC – -(AmmoLand.com)- It’s been said quite often that Republicans are the “Stupid Party.” Well, the party of stupid has struck again, and “Exhibit A” is the Republican Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee — Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Based on what Graham is doing...
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BREAKING: Dick’s Sporting Goods To End Gun Sales In 125 Stores

In 2018, Dick’s Sporting Goods halted sales of “assault weapons” in all retail locations, citing the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, as the reason for the move. The company also raised the purchase age of firearms to 21 and stopped selling “high capacity” magazines. Today, Dick’s will now end gun sales in […] Read More … The post BREAKING: Dick’s Sporting Goods To End Gun Sales In 125 Stores appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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I Love U Crochet Bracelet

Some buttons and a small amount of cotton yarn give you the possibility to create a lovely gift for your loved ones or yourself! Honestly, this is a quick and satisfying project that will convince you to make more than just one! Have fun crocheting, xx Ale [Author: Alessandra Poggiagliolmi]
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A bit of wall construction

Whilst I haven’t had much time in the garden over the past few weeks due to the weather and a sick cat that time has been quite productive.  There is of course a lot of tidying up that needs to be done, weeding etc but I needed to have something which would give me more... Read More
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Truth in labeling

Is one of my office plants “Dumb cane” or Dieffenbachia? I know what I prefer. Ah, the joy of being an older, ever-more-crotchety gardener. You can actually watch the birth and death of trends you never went along with. There was an interesting article in an industry mag many of us receive online, Greenhouse Management, about plant labeling. It’s by longtime garden writer, C.L. Fornari, and it’s entitled “The case for better plant labeling at garden centers.” I couldn’t agree more, and don’t ...
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Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

A woman was kicked out of a gun control hearing after texting: If I had a gun, Id blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA. Well, what are you waiting for?
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I’m actually kind of impressed with this.
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A device to convert your 5.56 PMags to take 9mm. I rather enjoyed my 9mm AR.
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Politics before research

The CDCs Gun Injury Data Is Becoming Even Less Reliable
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I didn’t know there was a shotty made by Tavor.
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