ANNOUNCING The TFB Glock Giveaway Winner – G43X Or G48

A few weeks ago TFB and GLOCK gave our readers the chance to win one of two GLOCK pistols: either the G43X or the G48, both of which are part of the new Silver Slide slimline series. On the heels of the Chuck Norris spokesperson announcement, we think it is fitting to publicly announce the GLOCK […] Read More … The post ANNOUNCING The TFB Glock Giveaway Winner – G43X Or G48 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Apple Slice

Nice traybake. You can add more or less sugar to suit your taste. [Author: Super Madcow]
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Glo The best firmware prior to new home screen

I really detest the new home screen, which version of firmware is the best which has the previous home screen format. Many thanks.
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Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Blu-Ray Giveaway!

I grew up reading Nancy Drew. I was a HUGE Nancy Drew enthusiast as a matter of fact. When I was in second grade, I convinced my friends to "play Nancy Drew" with me. I always had to be Nancy, of course, they could be Bess and George.That's why I'm so excited to get a chance to watch the new Nancy Drew movie with Sophia Lillis. I loved her in IT and I think she's a great choice to play Nancy!I'm excited to offer YOU a chance to win this new Blu-Ray! To enter, simply play the game below and leave...
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Endings: name the novels

Famous opening sentences or paragraphs we have seen before. But what of endings of famous(or at least best selling) books: 1: On the way downtown I stopped at a bar and had a couple of double Scotches. They didn’t do me any good. All they did was make me think of Silver-Wig, and I never saw her again. _________________ 2: My foot touched something on the grass beside the road, and I picked up the green hat. Sir Maurice said hoarsely: “Chose the only way to make it look like an accident to t...
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First Firearm: Considerations For Your First Handgun For Home Defense

Welcome to the first installment of First Firearm series. We’re starting off in a slightly predictable way with considerations for your first Home Defense (HD) handgun. However, for those that aren’t ready or able to jump into concealed carry, having the ability to protect one’s self in their castle is a reasonable place to start […] Read More … The post First Firearm: Considerations For Your First Handgun For Home Defense appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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LAPD Investigating Attempted Murder During Nipsey Hussle Vigil After 2 People Were Shot

Just one day after Nipsey Hussle was gunned down outside his Los Angeles clothing store, an attempted murder occurred during a vigil for the slain rapper. The Los Angeles Police Department has been granted a search warrant for security footage they believe captured the vigil shooting.Two people were shot during the vigil held last Monday (Apr. 1) for Hussle.One of the victims was shot in the lower back/buttocks. She says she heard a “loud, rapid succession of gunshots from an unknown direction.”...
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HBF Introduces the Essens Barstool

The attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of the Essens Barstool, a new seating option by designer Thomas Lykke for HBF. Using wood, metal, leather, and textiles, each barstool has a handcrafted aesthetic that also feels modern and approachable. Essens is available in a variety of styles, including as a counter stool, a stool with arms and back, and a guest chair. For more information visit HBF.com. The post HBF Introduces the Essens Barstool appeared first on...
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[Big 3 East] PSA AK-V: A 9mm AK That Works

Another regular at Big 3 East is Palmetto State Armory. This year they brought out their 9mm AK-V. I was intrigued by the 9mm AK ever since it was announced last year. However there were some issues right out the gate. Military Arms Channel and PewPewTactical had issues with the ones they received. To be […] Read More … The post [Big 3 East] PSA AK-V: A 9mm AK That Works appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Citadel 9mm M1911 Madagascar – Video Review

BurgundyBomber with the Citadel M1911 Madagascar. Photo by Graham Baates USA – -(Ammoland.com)- 9mm 1911s have been heralded as the ultimate in shooter comfort as much as they've been cursed at as blasphemy.  For those of you who enjoy shooting and advancements in design please continue reading.  With the cultists addressed we can now begin to address the gun at hand; the Citadel M1911 Madagascar in 9mm.  This beautiful 1911 is cerakoted and then laser-etched in a pattern that resembles Damas...
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Calibre 3.0 Content Server Perpetual Loading Please Wait

I know that this issue was discussed almost 2 years ago but today I am having the same problem using the latest Chrome and the latest Firefox. I say today not implying that the problem began today, simply that today I tried it, not having done so for quite some time. Therefore I don't know if it's a new problem or a long-standing problem. My server version has not been update for at least 6 months. i'm on a Mac running High Sierra (the latest version it will handle). The problem does not oc...
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Changing the Bureaucracy: Vice President Pence’s 5 Rules for Effective Government

Opinion Mike Pence USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- It is extraordinarily difficult to change bureaucracies and the bureaucrats who work in them. Again and again, we have seen presidents and congresses start out boldly, using big words to dramatically describe big ideas, only to have the ideas disappear in the impenetrable resistance of career bureaucrats. The dense thickets of regulations they have cultivated over the last 80 years make management and change virtually impossible. The resistance of th...
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How can I access my bookmarks on Marvin 3

How can I access my bookmarks on Marvin 3? I found a way to create them, after some search I realize there is a way to access them all, but cant find it:( Please, help me out :) :thanks:
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POTD: United States Army Special Operations Command International Sniper Competition 2019

Did you ever try target shooting with tracers? It was fun, wasn’t it? Add tracers to a fully automatic weapon system – and darkness – and you have the potential for some real fun. (By the looks of it someone else paid too.) That is the subject for Today’s Picture(s) Of The Day. Competitors in […] Read More … The post POTD: United States Army Special Operations Command International Sniper Competition 2019 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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When you THOUGHT Calibre conversion was broken.

First try other ebooks or Wordprocessor documents freshly made on another computer. Symptoms: Using "Docx" there would be no page breaks in AZW3, ePub or mobi. Mobi headings would have outline numbering. Importing the docx back into Libre Office Writer would "create" up to 10 "converted page" styles. About 280 6" x 9" pages. Using "ODT" you'd get page breaks in all formats except mobi. Epub and Mobi would have the strange outline numbering. Well, examining the converted output in Calibre Edi...
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B & W Kitty about Town

Such a dapper fellow! Black and white and bright. He has a very soft striped cashmere sweater. All his necessities. And hurray for Spring! The chairs are back out on the porch!
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Smith’s Consumer Products Adaha Knife – Review

The Smith's Consumer products Adaha knife caught my eye with it's looks and then kept my interest since it is a functional EDC. U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- We’ll get to the product Review on the Smith’s Consumer Products Adaha Knife in a minute but first, let me digress. I’m not a real pacesetter. I don’t rush out to be the first to buy every new gizmo that hits the market. Truth be known, it’s mostly because I’m a tightwad but also somewhat because I’m skeptical of slick marketers. For instance...
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“Gun Safety” is the New, & Deliberately Deceptive, Code-Word

Opinion “Gun Safety” is the New, & Deliberately Deceptive, Code-Word Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “During the Bosnian War (1992-1995), when you didn’t own guns, you were literally dead. Many learned that painful lesson, the hard way.” ~ From a student and veteran of fighting in Bosnia “Gun Safety” is the new, and deliberately deceptive, code-word for the forced elimination of the private ownership of guns in America. Democrat/socialists, instead of frankly talking about outright gun conf...
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ragged right margins with epubs?

I have a Kindle and have downloaded a ton of public domain epub books and convert them to the Kindle azw3 format before loading them on the Kindle. When I convert to azw3 I've specified a ragged right margin and the Kindle displays them with ragged right even though they imply (or state) that you only get ragged right with their newer kfx format. Can the Boox (Note Pro let's say) override the formatting of the epub and display ragged right? Or will I have to go through my epubs and find the o...
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Kindle Paperwhite 3 - How to share higlight text on WhatsApp

Hi, I speak very little English, so please excuse my English. When I mark the text, I can share it on twitter. Can I add the "Share to Whatsapp" option? Honza z Krumlova from Czechia.
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Engagement on the forum seems to be a downward trend. I'm just curious about causes

Do I see the trend right? What are the possible causes?
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Supreme court rejects bump stock stay

And here’s what you need to know about that if you own one.
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Don’t go moloning any labe

IF POLICE COME FOR YOUR GUNS It’s soon going to become more likely with red flag laws and bump stock shenanigans.
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Californians Flood Gun Stores When Magazine Ban Is Lifted For One Week Sadly, lifting the ban ended Friday.
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Cannot cannot wireless to Calibre

I cannot get my lap top to connect wirelessly to the Calibre installation on my desktop today. I can connect to Calibre using my iPhone and iPad through CC. The laptop is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi and I can browse the internet I have tried four different browsers on the laptop. Edge says it cannot reach this page. Chrome says this page isn't working. Internet Explorer says there was a problem and subsequent attempts simply returned Bing searches. Firefox says it is connecting ...
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Long text columns containg multiple items

Is there a way of creating a long text column that would allow items being automatically added to not be overwritten and perhaps be shown with hard breaks between items. Maybe format it so that all items are appended rather than overwritten? Appended with hard breaks? Would like to use one column to hold multiple instances of original file paths, original file dates, and multiple add and read dates. Unless I use copy/replace and format it so that each item contains a hard break after it, and...
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Are AirPods 2 Worth It?

I've found that hey siri is very convenient, and works in all exterior noise levels (like at big banger parties). Sounds the same, Feels the same in the ear, same weight. I've found that it doesnt pair any faster, and sometimes slower than the first, going from an iPhone 8+ to 2015 macbook 13" to Hackintosh with BT 4.2. I've just ordered the new knockoffs that have the W1 chip in it, and I'm gonna review them on my youtube (should be friday/saturday). I'm more excited about those because, alt...
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