Font changes when coverting AZW book to EPUB

I'm trying to convert an azw book to epub. Calibre completes the conversion with no problem, but the font has changed to some unsightly italic font throughout. I can use the look and feel settings to fix this, but I'm curious why this is happening. When I look inside the resulting epub file, I find a number of .ttf files with names like 00001.ttf in the fonts folder, but when I try to open one, I get a message "invalid font file". The CSS refers to the font E B Garamond, which I don't have (thou...
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possible to specify cover scheme at command line conversion?

Hi, Is there a way to specify the cover scheme when converting using CLI? I know I can select a cover by image/URL, or use the default cover scheme but I'd like to use specific colours for different book genres (whilst still using the meta text). Is it possible? Thanks!
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Literary Journey without Maps by Graham Greene

'His mind crowded with vivid images of Africa, Graham Greene set off in 1935 to discover Liberia, a remote and unfamiliar republic founded for released slaves. Now with a new introduction by Paul Theroux, Journey Without Maps is the spellbinding record of Greene's journey. Crossing the red-clay terrain from Sierra Leone to the coast of Grand Bassa with a chain of porters, he came to know one of the few areas of Africa untouched by colonization. Western civilization had not yet impinged on either...
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FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Weltool W3 “Featherless Arrow” – LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) Flashlight

For the past two decades, portable handheld lights have been upgraded to using LED technology. I remember the original SureFire P60L LED drop in only had 80 lumens. In the past two decades, LEDs have become exponentially more efficient and smart. Brighter and multicolored are the norm. Well, now there is a new form of […] Read More … The post FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Weltool W3 “Featherless Arrow” – LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) Flashlight appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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You can vote in the Children's History Book Prize!

You've got one week to vote in the Children's History Book Prize, whose nominees this year include Out of Left Field by Ellen Klages -- the third book in the Gordon Family Saga, which includes 2009's incomparable White Sands, Red Menace, a book that like a genderswapped, woke Have Spacesuit, Will Travel, with extra helpings of Cold Ware paranoia and terror, all wrapped up in poetic, Bradburian nostalgia. The other nominees are also promising: * Facing Frederick: The Life of Frederick Dougl...
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FIRST LOOK - Generations Selects Siege Smokescreen

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9 NOW Ideas: Get Your Mickey Ears on at Disney

I’m loving all the fun to be had over at the Disney Parks. I was lucky enough to spend the day at both Disneyland and California Adventure Park a couple of weeks ago and had a blast, especially with all the Mickey and Minnie celebrations they have going on! There’s so much to see and do, and that’s not including all the amazing rides and attractions. From the colorful parades and delicious food to the silly Mickey adventures and creative ways to show off your Mickey flair, you’ll love the “Get ...
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Dear Elliot

My darling Elliot, you are two now, and though I did not think it possible, we all love you even more than we did on your first Birthday – which is really saying something, because several of us cried that day out of sheer joy. While I could wax poetic about your many fine qualities, and you are indeed one of the most charming people I have ever met, allow me to state here that you posses a miraculous trait, one we haven’t seen in our family for three generations – you are not picky in any way....
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One:12 Collective Hellboy

With the film opening today, it's no better time to announce that Hellboy will be joining Mezco's One:12 Collective series. The One:12 Collective Hellboy figure features 2 head portraits, a number of hands (including three Right Hand of Dooms), a customized handgun (I'm not sure if they're calling it the Samaritan), and customized clothing. You can currently pre-order the One:12 Collective Hellboy from Mezco for $80.00 plus shipping. It's expected to begin shipping between March and May of 2...
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A Little Girl Time

Making the girl dolls is the opposite of the fish- the fish are a fun and fast project and take no time to finish once I’ve chosen colors and sewed them up. The girls take lots of time and so many decisions. It’s good to mix it up. I bought that blue dress fabric to make myself a shirt (which I haven’t done yet), but she claimed it first! I think there is still enough left for me.  
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Featured Deals of the Week – 4/12/19

Welcome back to another weekly deals post. As always feel free to let me know in the comments if you want to see more deals of one kind of thing or another. HK VP9 and a Free box of Hornady critical duty – $100 off What the deal is: Although influenced by other HK models, the […] Read More … The post Featured Deals of the Week – 4/12/19 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Kamala Harris is the One Offering ‘False Choice’ on Second Amendment

Seasoned swindler Kamala Harris pulls an old gun-grabber con. U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “I am a gun owner and I own a gun for probably the reason that a lot of people do, for personal safety,” California Senator and Democrat presidential contender Kamala Harris told reporters in Iowa. “And in terms of gun policy, I think that for too long and still today we are being offered a false choice which suggests you’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away. ...
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POTD: “Enemies in the Open” at Camp Hansen, Japan

Camp Hansen is a United States Marine Corps base located in Okinawa, Japan. The camp got its name after Dale M. Hansen who earned a Medal of Honor, unfortunately posthumously as he was killed by an enemy sniper in 1945. In Today’s Photo Of The Day you can see US Marines with the 3rd Maintenance […] Read More … The post POTD: “Enemies in the Open” at Camp Hansen, Japan appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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LEGO Announces ‘Star Wars’ Tantive IV Rebel Cruiser Set at Star Wars Celebration 2019

This year, LEGO is celebrating the 20th anniversary of creating Star Wars building brick playsets. The year was 1999, when The Phantom Menace was bringing Star Wars back from a 16-year hiatus of new adventures on the big screen. And 20 years later, the Star Wars LEGO sets are better than ever, so there’s no better time to reveal a new set recreating the first ship to ever grace the big screen in the Star Wars universe: the Tantive IV rebel cruiser. In Star Wars: A New Hope, the Tantive IV rebel...
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font names

I've downloaded/added two fonts to my Kindle, Literata Book and TeX Gyre Pagella. The Pagella font files have names I'm accustomed to seeing while the Literata ones are not. Is there some standard naming convention that the fonts should use in order for the kindle to use them properly? 09-Apr-19 22:01 196,872 LiterataBook.otf 09-Apr-19 22:00 198,672 LiterataBook-BoldItalic.otf 09-Apr-19 22:01 200,496 LiterataBook-Italic.otf 09-Apr-19 22:01 199,78...
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Problems buying books

Hi I`m not sure where to post this. Apologies if at fault. I can buy any physical thing at Amazon, but I can no longer buys books for my kindle fire. Amazon say my bank is blocking. My bank says not. They say , quite reasonably in my view `why would we block Kindle if we allow Amazon payments? It`s the same company`. Amazon have been no help whatsoever. Any ideas anyone?
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IT Pennywise the Dancing Clown HugMe Vibrating Plush

Kidrobot brings nightmare fuel to life in adorably sinister plush form with their new IT Pennywise the Dancing Clown HugMe Shake Action Vibrating Plush . The 16-inch tall plush version of Stephen King's Pennywise character (from the film IT) features Georgie's little boat in his hand.You can really freak the kids out, as this is one of Kidrobot's signature HugMe plushies. It shakes all around when you hug it or clap. You can grab one for yourself from Kdirobot for $34.99.
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possible useful tip for writers

Thumbnail synopsis; use a text to speech thing and listen to it, even while doing other things. https://www.reddit.com/r/writing/com...ofing_my_work/
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Nissan Trucks To Host Upcoming POMA Conference Dinner With Keynote Carter Andrews

Carter Andrews WICHITA, KANSAS – -(AmmoLand.com)- Whether it's the first pickup truck Nissan made in America, the overlanding vehicle of dreams, or a childhood meal that brings back the best of memories, Nissan never ceases to amaze the POMA crowd. This year will be no different as Nissan is pulling out all the stops and bringing #TITANAmbassador and renowned angler Carter “Big Boy” Andrews. Carter Andrews discovered his fishing obsession at an early age, spending countless hours casting into...
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How to Bypass Amazon’s $25 Add-on Item Minimum (Without Alexa)

Jeramey Lende/Shutterstock.com Amazon once again lets you order add-on items without a $25 minimum thanks to Amazon Day. You’ll get your entire week’s Amazon Day orders on a single day—even if all you order that week is a $2 add-on item. This replaces the previous method of ordering add-on items without a minimum purchase by asking Alexa. You can’t ask Alexa to bypass the minimum anymore—but Amazon Day will do it. To bypass the minimum, all you have to do is purchase the add-on item, go to ...
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New Kobo Forma(s), paging and update issues

I have a brand new Forma, in fact, the second new one I've gotten. Both have the same issues. 1) When in 'standard' page tabbing setup, tabbing enabled on left and right of screen, and holding the Forma with page buttons on right side, all is well, left side touch pages back and right side touch pages forward. But when rotated 90 so buttons on bottom, touching left side no longer works. (upon examination, it looks to me like the page addressing is wrong when rotated. you can find an area, ...
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Mundania Press Has Closed Effective March 27, 2019

I just found out this today. I had bought from them the in the past. They sent me no notice. They had republished all of Robert Adams Horseclans books and his other ones too I never got around to buying all of them. I just found out you can still buy them on Amazon if anyone wants them From their website Mundania Press Has Closed Effective March 27, 2019 Mundania Press, Phaze Books, Awe-Struck Publishing, and Hard Shell Word Factory have closed. All publication rights are returned to all autho...
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sync calibre managed books between kindle readers

I use Calibre to sideload books onto my Kindle Paperwhite Recently my Kindle fell into water and the touch screen no longer works, however the books are still accessible when I plug it into my PC. Is if there is some way for me to use Calibre to copy/sync all of the books from my no longer operational Kindle Paperwhite onto another device, like the Kindle app on my iphone? Ideally, if possible, I would like to transfer them to another device and preserve the data relating to reading position,...
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Fathom Founders’ New Book, “Travel Anywhere (And Avoid Being a Tourist)”

The new book acts as a manual for modern travelers By Jeralyn Gerba and Pavia Rosati—the duo behind the popular travel website Fathom—Travel Anywhere (and Avoid Being a Tourist) is a 192-page guide to exploring places without interrupting them. Gerba and Rosati started Fathom in 2011 to make the wonderful places they’d been to or wished to visit more accessible through intimate storytelling, product tips …
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Ruger Announces Six New PC Carbine Models

Ruger Announces Six New PC Carbine Models U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is excited to introduce six new PC Carbine configurations including three free-float handguard models chambered in the popular 9mm Luger and three standard models offered in the highly anticipated .40 S&W chambering. These new PC Carbine models are offered in varying magazine capacity and threaded barrel configurations to ensure multi-state availability. With improved utility for home d...
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Designer Profile: Nika Zupanc

Product and interior designer Nika Zupanc creates playful visions in the form of furniture, lighting, and installations. Known for infusing cinematic splendor into everyday forms, Zupanc is all about the intersection of luxury and whimsy. Lolita Lamp for Moooi In 2008, Zupanc created a lovely little lamp called Lolita. Part hat, part gumdrop, and all feminine, Lolita quickly became a favorite in the Moooi universe. Golden Chair for Moooi Zupanc collaborated with Moooi ag...
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HobbyLink Japan News - SG-32 Siege Autobot Springer, More

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You Can’t Fix Stupid When it Comes to Gun Banners Like Moms Demand Action

Opinion You Can't Fix Stupid When it Comes to Gun Banners Like Moms Demand Action USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- “Our teachers are trained to be educators, not law enforcement, and increasing the number of teachers carrying guns in our schools will not make our kids safer.” This was the statement made by an unnamed representative of an Oklahoma chapter of Mom's Demand Action (what a stupid name that is, when you think about it) in response to Oklahoma House Bill 2336 which would allow teachers with ...
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Kindle SE Blank Megrez issue

My kindle (KT2) stucked at the tree screen with an empty progress bar. When I connect it to the windows it appears as SE Blank Megrez. I took the photo below from an live linux version. Can I revive my device from this situation? Thanks in advance. Attachment 170687 Attached Thumbnails  
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