Today Only: Save On A Trampoline, Bounce House, River Race Water Slide, And More Little Tikes And L.O.L. Surprise Toys From Amazon

Save up to 50% on select L.O.L Surprise! Sale prices valid until 11:59pm PDT or while supplies last. All prices are their lowest ever from Amazon. L.O.L. Surprise! 7′ Enclosed Trampoline with Safety Net was $238.35 last week, $199.81 yesterday, now just $169.83 L.O.L. Surprise Jump ‘n Slide Inflatable Bounce House with Blower, was $299.99 […]
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This is my first post, so apologies if i am in the wrong place. I have been trying to remove the background colour and dotted lines to books I have highlighted in Calibre, as seen on the image. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Attached Thumbnails  
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POP! TV – Thunderbirds

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1: Thunderbirds Are Go!” Time travel to 2065 with International Rescue. Funko has announced their Pop! TV: Thunderbirds Series . Featuring Pop! Aloysius “Nosey” Parker, Pop! Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, and Pop! Brains, look for them  to be available to pre-order over at Amazon.com.
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Boox Max Carta Navigation > More Settings bug?

I got a used Boox Max Carta. I read a lot of two column PDFs. In the max carta, when I use Navigation > More Settings and choose any options, none of them work. It doesn't zoom out to the right regions. Is this a known bug? Is there a way around this? I couldn't find any reference on this forum. This is using Neo Reader v2.0. If I use Onyx Neo Reader, the app just crashes. Zoom, crop etc all work but the navigating columns is important. I can post video if that would be helpful.
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POTD: Janson EM-2 – Experimental British assault rifle

Today’s Picture Of The Day is the British “EM-2“, in the rain. It is also known under the names as the “Janson rifle (EM2)” or the “Rifle No.9 Mk1”, and almost looks like it has a pump action. The EM-2 was an experimental rifle, briefly adopted by British forces in 1951. Due to NATO standardization […] Read More … The post POTD: Janson EM-2 – Experimental British assault rifle appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Green-up Time

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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The tail end of winter...

EOS Elan II, Fujicolor 400 I shot this one walking home from lunch a few weeks ago, on the same walk where I snapped this photo of our neighborhood dinosaur... [Author: Tam]
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Recently I scored a Canon EOS Elan II body from KEH for, like, $29 during one or another of their recent sales. This was Canon's "prosumer" film body from '95 until it was superseded by the Elan 7 in last half of 2000. Since they still sell Fujicolor 400 at the local Meijer, as well as CVS & Wallgreens, that's what I use for testing cameras for light-tightness.I just got the photos back from Roberts yesterday. I'd say the camera still works great! [Author: Tam]
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Fancy dress Girl

Her dress is Liberty lawn- such a perfect party dress.
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Lunartik’s Artist Proof TITANs

With over 5 years working for the folks at TITAN Merchandise, artist Matt Jones (Lunartik) has released a series of signed edition Artist Proof figures from a number of different licenses. There are figures from Doctor Who, The Beatles, BSG, Kill Bill, Preacher, Alien, Game of Thrones, American Horror, and several other. You can pick up these APs for £20 each (about $26), with chase figures running £40 each (about $52). Free Shipping is available when you spend over £100 in the web shop.
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YAWK - Yet Another Weather app for Kobo

Application on Github: https://github.com/brunolalb/yawk Based on Kevin Short's app (https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=194376) Running on Python's distribution from NiLuJe (https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=254214) Using the excellent library FBInk from NiLuJe (https://github.com/NiLuJe/py-fbink) Uses Open Weather Maps as forecast and current conditions provider (https://openweathermap.org/) Everything was tested on a Kobo Glo using the firmware 4.13.12638 (https...
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Convert KOLL eBook to Read on Other Devices

I searched and did not find this so once I figured it out I thought I would share. Amazon offers one free book per month to Prime Members who own one of their devices (Kindle or Fire Tablets) If you'd like to read the book elsewhere (nook, Adroid phone or table) you need to convert it. Calibre can do the conversion with the appropriate plug-in but you need a copy of the book in an acceptable format (azw for example)0pen the Amazon website and login go to your account and select "Your content ...
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Problems with Cloud Collection synching

I’m discovering some issues. Seems like server issue to me, as it is affecting every device linked to my account. Collections added or removed with the iOS app have no effect on other devices registered to my account, including another iOS device. I discovered this when I deleted my ‘To Read’ and ‘Previously Read’ collections on my iPhone (now that this is more elegantly handled by the ability to tag books as ‘Read’). These were by far the largest I was using, and they had become painfully slow...
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Crash in Windows 10

I just installed Calibre on my Windows 10 laptop. I can't get it to run. It crashes as soon as it launches. I tried both the 32 and 64 bit versions with the same results. Help please! I run Calibre on my Mac and find it hard to live without.
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Dropbox limits free accounts to 3 devices

I just got a notice from Dropbox that they're now, as of March, limiting us to only 3 devices. I read on a lot of devices and keep ebooks there and I use it to sync between devices with Moon+. They've just made Dropbox useless to me. I checked and it seems that I have 53 devices registered on Dropbox. They aren't removing devices but till I get it down below 3 I can't add any more. I don't own 53 devices and most of the ones I do own don't have Dropbox installed, so I'm guessing they're cou...
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Cool Stuff: Hasbro Reveals New ‘Star Wars’ Black Series Figures, An Innovative Lightsaber Prototype & More

It wouldn’t be Star Wars Celebration if we didn’t find out about a bunch of new toys coming to us from a galaxy far, far away. The Hasbro panel unveiled the next line of the popular Star Wars Black Series figures that will be available in the new Archive line, as well as some figures you’ll only be able to get at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Plus, this year’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives were revealed in the form of some unique, new Vintage Collection figures, not to mention a trio of Luke Skywa...
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PW3 Bricked device with no serial response

Hi, I have just bricked my device.It stucks at the man-under-the-tree picture when boot up and can not be recognized by computer.When I connected it with serial , it has no response.What should I do now? What I did before it bricks: 1.Mounted the filesystem to rw (and probably forgot to mount it back) 2.Updated the busybox(extracted from https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ricson.busybox works normally before it bricks) 3.Installed pip using get-pip.py and installed ftpdlib 4.Changed ip...
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Six on Saturday – 13/4/19

A gorgeous day in the garden here in Malvern.  Whilst there has been a cool wind, when the sun shone it was almost t-shirt warm.  Especially when you are rapidly going up and down a sloping garden moving pots around. As I hope to do Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post on Monday I thought I... Read More
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Avengers: Endgame Cosbaby (Metallic Gold Version) Series

With Avengers: Endgame  set to hit theaters in less than two weeks, Hot Toys continues to drop new collectibles from the upcoming blockbuster flick. This new Avengers: Endgame Cosbaby (Metallic Gold Version) Series features Iron Man Mark L, Groot, the Infinity Gauntlet, and Iron Spider. Standing between 2.75 inches and 4 inches in height, each one of these non-articulated metallic figures has a bobble-head function (not sure about the Infinity Gauntlet). Look for these to be available to pre-...
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SILENCER SATURDAY #68: Suppressing Kalashnikov Patterned Rifles

Good afternoon everyone and thank you for joining us for TFB’s Silencer Saturday. We’ll pick back up with the reviews next week, starting with CZUSA’s CZ Rimfire, but for this week I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at suppressing Kalashnikov patterned rifles. Full disclosure, while I have built a few […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #68: Suppressing Kalashnikov Patterned Rifles appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Crime Prevention Research Center: Uncovering A Fraud On Mass Public Shootings

Opinion rime Prevention Research Center: Uncovering A Fraud On Mass Public Shootings USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- This past week we had some success. For those who don't remember, Adam Lankford’s claims that 31% of mass public shooters in the world have been in the United States received truly massive worldwide news coverage. For years after his study's release to the media in 2015, the New York Times and Washington Post regularly cited his claim. That is, the press cited it up until I released ou...
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Daily Ammo Deal: 1000 Rounds CCI 5200 9mm 115gr Bulk Pack $169.99 FREE S&H $0.169each

1000 Rounds CCI 5200 9mm 115gr Bulk Pack Deal New USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Palmetto State Armory has a sale on a 1000 round bulk pack of CCI Blazer 9mm 115 grain ammunition that you can get for $169.99 with FREE shipping. That is $0.169 each and that is a great price on one thousand rounds of 9mm Luger in todays ammo market. Blazer Brass 9mm is loaded in reloadable brass cases for added value as well as FMJ round nose casings for added performance. Don't miss your opportunity to get 1000 round...
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Tandoori Tofu Skewers

This is a great midweek meal, full of the good stuff, really fresh, a little bit spicy and got loads of colour. You can add whatever sides you like, served mine on a chapatti that I girdled, so it was a sort of Indian taco/burrito. But you could have naan for a treat and change the grain to quinoa or pilau rice. Avocado is also nice served with it. [Author: natalie p.]
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On Gun Violence, Real Solutions Require Courage & Leadership ~ VIDEO

Opinion By Steve Sanetti Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence struck out at the firearms industry to push an agenda of half-truths, omissions of fact and obfuscation. Connecticut, USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Gun control groups praising Connecticut’s Supreme Court decision to allow the Soto v. Bushmaster case to move forward are, ironically, using the court decision as an opportunity to perpetuate false narratives, the same misdeeds of which they accuse the firearms industry. Giffords Law ...
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Kid Konnection: Hug Me Finger Puppet Books

Every weekend, I host a feature called Kid Konnection -- a regular weekly feature about anything related to children's books. This week I'm going to share with you two adorable picture books that would be perfect for Easter baskets! Summary: Share your love with this huggable finger puppet book! The sweetly reassuring stories in this brand-new series celebrate all the things a parent's arms can do for their child, from playing games to sharing a treat and—best of all—showing their love with a h...
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How Much Is Heath Care Really Worth? Patients, Not Bureaucrats, Should Decide

Opinion How Much Is Heath Care Really Worth? Patients, Not Bureaucrats, Should Decide. USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- When I met with several Republican senators this week, it was clear that they recognize Americans’ desire to have practical solutions for the cost of health care. The combination of pressure from constituents and a direct challenge from President Trump is focusing their attention on immediate reforms which could be enacted – even with a Democratic House. Republicans also realize thei...
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Last Day! BOGO 50% off Our Generation Dolls and Accessories at Target

Great deal at Target to stock up your gift closet or to fill those Easter baskets Why Spend so much money on an American Girl doll? Get BOGO 50% off Our Generation Dolls and Accessories at Target Plus some items are already on sale. Don’t forget to use your REDcard too for 5% off. Check out these... Read More Read more about Last Day! BOGO 50% off Our Generation Dolls and Accessories at Target
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Thank You From Anthony Colandro to AmmoLand News Readers, RE: NRA BOD Run ~ VIDEO

EDITORS NOTE: Unfortunately, Anthony did not make the cut in this years run for NRA Board of Directors, but we are very grateful to have activists like him putting himself out there and look forward to endorsing him next year, hopefully with the support of the NRA nominating committee. New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- I would like to thank all of the NRA voting members that cast a ballot for me for 2019 Boards of Directors run. Although I ran on a petition and knew going in, it would be a monume...
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Broken tea touch lux 4

My touch lux 4 have fallen everything seems ok but the display is no more working correctly however the touch is still in march i don't know what to do
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Weekend Cooking: Pescan by Abbie Cornish and Jacqueline King

When best friends Abbie Cornish and Jacqueline King Schiller started cooking together, they weren't thinking about sharing their recipes with the world. After friends began asking them for tips on how to cook more nutritious foods, however, they got the idea of putting together a cookbook. More than two years later, we can thank Cornish and Schiller for Pescan (Abrams, March 26), a book that fits the diets of many modern-day cooks. Their recipes rely mostly on plants and are completely dairy fr...
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