What size should images be for Kobo Aura ONE?

i just got a Kobo Aura ONE Limited Edition and i want to make some comics i scanned cbz files, what dimensions should i resize the pages to? and i'm also making custom book covers, what would be the best size to fit the Kobo's screen?
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POTD: Egyptian Navy SOF with SIG-516s

Today’s photo features Egyptian and French operators during joint naval exercise Cleopatra 2019. The stack is led by two French marines, both armed with the new Heckler & Koch HK416-FC while three members of the Egyptian Navy’s special forces are seen armed with new SIG Sauer SIG-516. From their patches, it looks like the Egyptians […] Read More … The post POTD: Egyptian Navy SOF with SIG-516s appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Mystery and Crime Morrison, Arthur: Adventures of Martin Hewitt. v1. 20 Apr 2019

The third series of Martin Hewitt stories. Text is the 1896 book version, thoroughly proofed. Includes pictures. The only other ebook version of this work I have found has many OCR errors and, worse, uses a shortened, Americanized edit of the "Flitterbat Lancers" (possibly taken from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, which published the story in the 1950s.) Anyone is of course welcome to incorporate this text into the existing "omnibus" ebooks. Attached ...
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and 3 more tiny worlds

These 3 are designs that rely heavily on the cup. The snow scene can’t be made on a flower cup, the barn needs a special look- kind of country?-, and the night tiny world needs a dark cup. Searching for just the right cup is so much fun.
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Kindle Oasis Demo Mode Help

Hi, is there a way to take the Kindle Oasis out of Demo mode? Currently, it just runs through the different demo screens. The up and down button dont do anything and touching the screen only jumps to next demo screen. Is there anything that can be done? Thank you in advance
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Windows 10’s “Sets” App Tabs Are “No More”

Mega Pixel/Shutterstock Sets was going to bring tabs to File Explorer and other Windows applications. An early version of Sets once appeared in Windows Insider builds, but Microsoft pulled it. Now, according to Microsoft’s Rich Turner on Twitter, Sets is “no more.” We were really looking forward to Sets, as we’ve always wanted tabs in the File Explorer as well as console windows like the Command Prompt, PowerShell, and even Linux Bash shells on Windows. Tabs in other applications like Note...
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Note taking with time stamped audio?

Greetings, I use OneNote to take notes during class and I love the fact that this allows me to take timestamped audio recordings of the lecture. Do any of the Onyx systems/apps allow for this? I would also like to the capacity to open the notes on a PC, or at least save the audio and then import that into OneNote. It is my general understanding that OneNote on the Onyx devices tends to lag. I would think this may interfere with the time syncing. Thanks for any assistance!
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How to Modify @font-face on Conversion?

Is there a way to modify the @font-face in CSS files that already exist in a given book so that it is modified during conversion? For example, I want to convert: @font-face { font-family: Hlv } to @font-face { font-family: Helvetica } during conversion so that it will reference the fonts correctly using the correct name of the font. Using style transformation, transformation doesn't affect font-family under @font-face in a given CSS file, but it will affect the rest of the referen...
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Six on Saturday 20th April – Tulips

As the tulips are coming into their own this week I thought I would have a tulip special for Six on Saturday. Tulip Ballerina grows in the front garden and is very slowly naturalising.   I planted the bulbs some years back now and each year they appear although I’m not convinced they are multiplying that... Read More
Tags: Gardening, Tulips, Bulbs, April, My Garden, 2019, Six On Saturday, Tulip Ballerina, Tulip Blue Diamond, Tulip China Town, Tulip Princess Irene, Tulip Spring Green

Bored with ereaders?

Has anyone gotten bored with their ereaders? The novelty factor of reading books on an ereader seems to be wearing off and now I started purchasing "real books" again.
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SILENCER SATURDAY #69: CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors

Good afternoon friends and welcome to our latest edition of Silencer Saturday, where all your suppressor dreams come true – well, except for faster tax stamps and over-the-counter NFA purchases. Looking at the episode number of today’s article and the title image, I can’t help but think that I missed a gloriously inappropriate innuendo opportunity. It’s […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #69: CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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SILENCER SATURDAY #69: CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors “Little Bird”

Good afternoon friends and welcome to our latest edition of Silencer Saturday, where all your suppressor dreams come true – well, except for faster tax stamps and over-the-counter NFA purchases. Looking at the episode number of today’s article and the title image, I can’t help but think that I missed a gloriously inappropriate innuendo opportunity. It’s […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #69: CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors “Little Bird” appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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NY Times recipe fails

worked fine yesterday (4-19), failed today (20th). I did install calibre update in between the two fetches. Thanks in advance for checking. Quote: calibre, version 3.41.2 (win32, embedded-python: True) Conversion error: Failed: Fetch news from The New York Times Fetch news from The New York Times Conversion options changed from defaults: verbose: 2 Resolved conversion options calibre version: 3.41.2 {'asciiize': False, 'author_sort': None, 'autho...
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Blank screen when reading outside

Last year I bought a Pocketbook Touch HD2 and overall I like the reader. There is one thing though I really don't like and that's the fact that when reading outside at moderate temperatures, the screen at some point turns white. I have to cool down the reader and after a while I can continue reading. It happens with direct and indirect sunlight on the screen. Today, a nice day with temps of 24 degrees, it happened twice. Is this normal behavior? Does anyone recognize this?
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MooInk and MooInk Plus

I have created a MooInk page in our wiki. The page contains 2 models. This was featured on the E Ink web site (https://www.eink.com/reading-writing...plication&id=1) so I decided to create a page for our Chinese friends. The page was created using Google translation. I have no idea how well this works or if it works with English text. It does have special Chinese features such as changing the flow direction for text. The Plus version has actual keys as well as a touch screen and both feature SD ...
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Assistance with Kindle Oasis 2, KFX, and margins.

Hi all, Hope you're well. Just looking for some thoughts on margins and typesetting on the Kindle Oasis 2 (2017). Specifically, if you look at the images attached, you'll find three consecutive pages of a book; you will note that the "cut off" margin for page differs on the three. This seems to be common in a lot of books I'm reading on the Oasis, and it's quite annoying. I don't recall experiencing the problem on my Kobo; whatever I put on it, seemed to format identically. Any thoughts on what...
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Notre Dame fire: UK ready to share conservation expertise

Stonemasons, archaeologists and craftspeople standing by to go to Paris to aid restorationFrance will need an army of specialists to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral and the UK is on standby to send over architects and archaeologists, conservators and craftspeople.Stonemasons and carpenters, as well as authorities on stained glass and drying out saturated buildings, are ready to cross the Channel to share their expertise on conservation and salvage.
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Gun Owner Activism In Action: King William County, VA Reduces CHP From $50 To $15

Gun Owner Activism In Action: King William County, VA Reduces CHP From $50 To $15 Virginia – -(AmmoLand.com)- Hats off to Virginia Citizens Defense League member Thomas Matthew Coffin, Sr and to the King William Board of Supervisors. One man's activism got the Board of Supervisors in King William, VA to reduce their CHP fee from $50 to $15. PLUS he got a letter to the editor published in the Country Courier to tell everyone about the reduced fee! There isn't an easy link to see the LTE in the...
Tags: Guns, Virginia, William, CHP, Board of Supervisors, Hodges, Virginia Citizens Defense League Inc, Virginia Citizens Defense League, Gun Rights News, Gun Activists, Caroline County, Virginia State, About Virginia Citizens Defense League Inc, Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL, King William County VA, Thomas Matthew Coffin Sr

NRA’s Dirty Laundry Exposed as Pro-Gun Group Cleans House

Opinion NRA's Dirty Laundry Exposed as Pro-Gun Group Cleans House USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- On April 12, the National Rifle Association filed suit in a Virginia court, accusing their long-time PR company, Ackerman McQueen, of failing to provide detailed billing, and failure to disclose contracts with NRA staff and officers that might demonstrate a conflict of interest, including an Ack-Mac contract with NRA President Ollie North. As the news of the shocking lawsuit made the rounds of mainstream...
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VCDL Member Documents His Experience Turning In A Bump Stock To BATFE

Opinion VCDL Member Documents His Experience Turning In A Bump Stock To The BATFE: YouTube screen snip from Central Texas Survival Virginia – -(AmmoLand.com)- Virginia Citizens Defense League member Chris Weaver sent me this email about his positive experience turning in his bump stocks to the BATFE in Chesterfield, VA for safekeeping until a final determination of the legality of the ban could be decided by the courts. I wanted to share my good experience with ATF on surrendering my Bump S...
Tags: Guns, Virginia, Irs, Richmond, Chesterfield, Chris, Jacobs, ATF, VCDL, Virginia Citizens Defense League Inc, BATFE, Gun Rights News, CHESTERFIELD Va, About Virginia Citizens Defense League Inc, Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL, Philip Van Cleave

Team Taurus Captain Jessie Harrison Takes Two at US National Steel Championship

Taurus Shooting Team Captain Jessie Harrison “Takes Two” at US National Steel Championship Miami, FL –-(Ammoland.com)- Taurus is excited to announce that top competitive shooter Jessie Harrison won a division title and Ladies Open at the recent US National Steel Championship. The event, sponsored by Taurus and featuring a field of 460 competitors, was held April 3-6 at the South River Gun Club in Covington, GA. Ms. Harrison, one the most successful national shooters of all time, claimed both ...
Tags: Guns, US, Brazil, Miami, Taurus, Harrison, Covington, Competitive Shooting News, USPSA, Taurus Holdings Inc, South River Gun Club, Jessie Harrison, Miami Florida Taurus, US National Steel Championship

Daily Gun Deal: PSA AR-15 Complete Lower Magpul MOE Edition $149.99 FREE S&H

PSA AR-15 Complete Lower Magpul MOE Edition Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Palmetto State Armory has a special on a complete Magpul MOE Edition AR15 lower receiver for just $149.99 and includes FREE shipping. This lower is compatible with a whole variety of rifle and pistol uppers and supports multiple calibers. The Magpul MOE Lower build kit parts alone can average more than $200 by themselves elsewhere online. PSA prices are just incredibly cheap for such high quality parts. Note no magazine ...
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Other Fiction Mundt, Theodor: Madelon. V1 [German] 20.4.2019

Die Novelle "Madelon oder die Romantiker in Paris" (1832, 246 Seiten) ist das zweite erzählerische Werk des Jungdeutschen Theodor Mundt nach dem Erstling "Das Duett"; die dort begonnene ästhetische Zeitdiskussion wird fortgesetzt und politisch durch den Hintergrund der (positiv beleuchteten) französischen Julirevolution 1830 ergänzt und erweitert. Die Gewinnung des Textes verdankt sich im Wesentlichen der GoogleBooksKorrekturLesungsMethode. - Da es sich hier um einen literarhistorisch wichtig...
Tags: Books, Paris, ePub Books, Madelon, Mundt Theodor, Romantiker, Jungdeutschen Theodor Mundt, Mundt Theodor Madelon

Pivoting to prose, poet Ross Gay shares laughter, kindness among strangers and other hard-won ‘Delights’

“One day last July, feeling delighted and compelled to both wonder about and share that delight, I decided it might feel nice, even useful, to write a daily essay about something delightful,” writes poet Ross Gay at the beginning of "The Book of Delights." The result of a yearlong journal, the book compiles 102 curious, idiosyncratic short essays that journey through gardens, classrooms, restaurants and airports, chronicling daily delights along the way.
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A dystopian society faces xenophobia and climate disaster in John Lanchester’s timely novel

In a story that resonates with U.S. politics and the chaos of Brexit, John Lanchester's "The Wall" is set on an island nation that has built “a long low concrete monster” along its entire 10,000-kilometer coastline.
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Stylish Planner Inspired Notebooks

I have been on pintrest and seen quite a few neat ideas for planners but the ones that stood out the most were what looked like “designer princess” fashion planners. Then I came up with the idea of using some of those elements in a notebook cover. Instantly I realized this might require a bit more thought then usual and a lot of creativity. While some of these fashion designs on the covers do not look possibly in real life i still love it! The colorful one is a show from a fairy form known as “B...
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Threat of A Chinese Internet Requires “Action this Day”

Opinion Threat of A Chinese Internet Requires “Action this Day” USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- What will it be like if the internet America invented and designed is replaced in the next technological cycle by one that is controlled, developed, implemented, and managed by the Chinese? This is a real possibility we must confront – right now. The danger of America giving up and allowing the Chinese to win was driven home by a senior United States government official this week. The Washington Post publi...
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What is "floating punctuation"?

Hi I searched on the Internet what "floating punctuation" means but found absolutely nothing and when I enable it, I cannot see any changes through the text except for the number of pages. Should I enable or disable it for the best reading experience? Also, what's the default setting of it? Checked or unchecked?
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Python 2 to Python 3, Polyglot & Plugins

Kovid, For future planning purposes only, by what month/year will plugin developers need to have changed their Python 2 code to use "...\src\polyglot"? When do you expect polyglot to become stable enough that plugin developers can begin using it and hence begin completely re-testing their plugins? I have 15 plugins, so it is not something that can be done quickly and easily. Thanks. DaltonST
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Problems Starting Calibre with command-Line Arguments from Batch File

Hello, All: I am trying to execute Calibre from a batch file so that I can use a command-line argument "--with-library ". Here's my one-line batch file (StartCalibre.bat): "Calibre Portable\calibre-portable" --with-library "My Main Calibre Library" and the file structure: Q: | +-- File: StartCalibre.bat | +-- Directory: Calibre Portable | | | +-- File Calibre-portable.exe | +-- Directory Calibre Settings | +-- Directory Calibre | +-- Directory Calibre Library | +-- Directory:...
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