Serious Gear Fail

Remember a couple years ago when an IMPD officer had his Glock discharge in the holster when the officer sitting next to him got some bit of gear inside the light-bearing Safariland and then stood up?Well, just this past week another IMPD officer was tussling with a shoplifting suspect who got on top of him in the ground fight and attempted to pull the officer's pistol out of the holster. The holster's retention worked, but the dude managed to get a finger into the mouth of the holster and fire ...
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Books: Plant Families for Pros & Aficionados

Horticulturists, professional designers, and committed home gardeners should not be without this book. In Temperate Garden Plant Families: The Essential Guide to Identification and Classification (Timber Press, 2019), authors Peter Goldblatt and John Manning address the important subject of plant classification, and guide you through ways to identify plants and... [Author: Jane Berger]
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My e: disk crashed, fortunately, Calibre was fully backed up by File History (Windows 8.1). The computer techs installed a new drive and restored the disk from File History. I now have ALL the books, a LOT of .db backup files (e.g. metadata (2019_05_04 03_04_43 UTC).db) and a zillion .json files (e.g. metadata_pre_restore.db) but an empty Calibre. The library appears to have been restored entirely but with a wiped out metadata.db file. Attempts to rebuild it resulted in empty Calibre. I ba...
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Ten Things I Learned Working In A Gun Store

I have two comments about this. First, it isn’t really completely accurate to say that the Springfield Armory pistols (XD, XDm, etc.) are made in Croatia.  It would be more accurate to say that the parts were fabricated in Croatia and the gun was assembled in America.  But whatever.  And the HS2000 bears as much similarity to the modern XDs and XDms as Ford Ranger does to a F150. Second, I would question his brief assessment that more Taurus pistols are being sold and virtually none are coming b...
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Then Don’t Drop Your Gun In The Water

I know, there are legitimate Maritime operations where someone would be concerned about this.  I have neither an FN nor a Glock, so I don’t have a dog in this fight either.  But there are so many responses one could give (at least one of which comes from the comments). “Then don’t repeatedly submerge your pistol in water and try to shoot it immediately upon retrieval.” “Submerged till the bubbles stop. Would be a good test for politicians.” – video comments “If the striker channel a weak poin...
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Mailroom #22: Not Safe for Mother’s Day (Seriously, don’t watch at work though)

Welcome to Mailroom #22, where James Reeves opens your terrible fan mail. Want to send something in? TFBTV Mail Room: PO BOX 52288 New Orleans, LA 70152 ««« PATREON GIVEAWAYS »»» Go to http://tfbtv.gun.team for details on our monthly gun giveaway. TFBTV is giving away one gun a month to a randomly selected $5-level (and […] Read More … The post Mailroom #22: Not Safe for Mother’s Day (Seriously, don’t watch at work though) appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Machete Attack On The Appalachian Trail

From a reader, Fox News: James Jordan, 30, of West Yarmouth, Mass., was arrested early Saturday on a federal complaint charging him with murder and assault with intent to murder in connection with the “senseless and brutal attack” on the two unidentified hikers, Abingdon U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen said. Jordan was known to hike the Appalachian Trail under the moniker “Sovereign,” WCYB-TV reported. He was arrested in April for threatening hikers on the Appalachian Trail in Tennessee, pleaded gu...
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Exporting side notes (Onyx Note)

Hey guys, exporting the side notes into png works fine with epubs but it doesnt seem to work the same way with pdf´s ? Has someone figured out a way to do it? Best!
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Selling a Kobo - what to do?

I'm sure this must have been asked before but I can't find an answer.. When you sell a Kobo do you need to unregister it like a Kindle or just log out of it? Is there anything else that ties the device to you?
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Viva N. Sra. Fátima!

In the spring and summer of 1916, three children, Lucia Santos and her two cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, claimed to have experienced the visitation of an angel on three separate occasions. The angel appeared to them as they watched their sheep, taught them specific prayers to pray, to make sacrifices, and to spend time […]
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Content Restoring your Kindle content won't restore everything

Hi! I've just recently resetted my Kindle and then restored my content saved by ImageUSB by Passmark. The process was the following: 1. After resetting I typed my wifi password in order to "register" the device with my account. 2. I was waiting for a while and let it resync my content + I also used the menu option for this. 3. I restored the whole content with ImageUSB. But several data hadn't been restored. Although I restored "everything", it forgot the contents of my collections. It sh...
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"Bragging rights for 'Howard Stern Comes Again' really do go to Donald Trump, who is far and away its most arresting subject.

"Stern has interviewed him many times, and the conversations leap out as if in neon. Some have already been well publicized, as when Trump remarked that dating in the age of AIDS was his personal Vietnam. But there’s so much more. His extreme richness; his treatment of the 'girls' he dates; his easily debunked lies; his excitement about hot new projects (Trump World magazine, Trump University): All are matters of record here. And the transcript of his 2001 radio brawl with the gossip columnist A...
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Progress Sync across different platforms

Finally got around to installing KOReader on my Kobos (Aura HD and Glo HD). So far so good except for progress sync. Syncing works fine between PW3 & PW4 and between Aura HD & Glo HD. Alas, syncing between Kobo & Kindle isn't working. How does progress sync work? The wiki states the following so I assumed it was going by checksum or something. Given it won't sync progress on identical files between Kobo & Kindle, it appears it's using some other identifier that's not intrinsic to the epub. The...
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POTD: Browning, Burton, and a BAR

This photograph is just pure awesome. John Moses Browning poses for a photo in 1918 holding one of his Browning Automatic Rifles (BAR) with Winchester gun designer Frank Burton. Of course, Browning needs no introduction, but in case you’re new to the gun world, here’s just some of his countless contributions to our industry: M1911 […] Read More … The post POTD: Browning, Burton, and a BAR appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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"That America will return one day, I know it will."

Digging through the archives looking for something else, I stumbled across this old post. I liked it so much I thought I'd repost it here: Old Aviators and Old Airplanes.... This is a good little story about a vivid memory of a P-51 and its pilot, by a fellow who was 12 years old in Canada in 1967. It was to take to the air. They said it had flown in during the night from some U.S. Airport, the pilot had been tired. I marveled at the size of the plane dwarfing the Pipers and Canucks tie...
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NBA Youngboy & Crew Shot at Outside Trump Hotel in Miami, One Person Killed

NBA Youngboy and his crew were reportedly involved in a shooting in Miami on Mother’s Day that resulted in at least one injury and one fatality.Details are unclear at the moment, but online reports state that someone opened fire on NBA Youngboy and his crew outside the Trump Hotel in Sunny Isles, Florida (near Miami).According to some witnesses on the scene, Youngboy was targeted in a drive-by shooting, while others state that the shots were fired during a road rage altercation.Video of the afte...
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Japanese Merman #2

This is the second of the choices for the “skin/tattoos”. I have no idea what any of that kanji means. This body pattern is the same as the first: small side fins and a back fin. I tried something different for the hair. Waist- and back- Tail-
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downsides to having disable font rescaling always on?

I have an odd problem with one book producing weird font rescaling when I convert it to azw3 from mobi. I can fix it by checking the box "Disable font size rescaling" in the Look & Feel. What problems might I experience if I do that in the Preferences for all books? ( Here's the problem book: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=319996 )
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Clarification sought on reporting posts

Quote: Originally Posted by pdurrant (Post 3843244) Spam zapped. It's more helpful to the moderators to report spam using the [!] report button, rather than commenting on it in-thread. Quote: Originally Posted by j.p.s (Post 3843383) Sometimes it is difficult to be certain that a line has been crossed. Quote: ...
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Baguette Harry Potter

Bonjour et bonsoir à tout le monde, Je suis à la recherche des baguettes de plusieurs personnages dans les films de Harry Potter et je souhaiterai savoir si des personnes connaissent des boutiques en ligne par hasard ? Merci à vous ;) bon courage
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Top 5 Most Expensive Firearms Sold in May 2019 Rock Island Premiere Firearms Auction

Several weeks ago we took a look at the five most interesting, rare and unusual firearms consigned to the May 2019 Rock Island Premiere Firearms Auction. As always, RIA’s premiere auction was full of one of a kind lots. The auction ended past Sunday and the company has published the list of prices realized. As […] Read More … The post Top 5 Most Expensive Firearms Sold in May 2019 Rock Island Premiere Firearms Auction appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Audiobooks and Calibre

This particular discussion has been mentioned in a couple other threads, but I thought that I would start a new thread since I couldn't find the others. My primary audiobook database has been iTunes. The main reason is that I have been using iTunes to transfer audiobooks to my iPhone/iPad and I can put both Audible books as well as books from other sources (I've got about 30 or so from non audible sources such as the LOTR and Harry Potter audiobooks) A few months ago, I upgraded my car audio sy...
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REVIEW: Cybertron VS Siege Galaxy Upgrade Leader Optimus Prime

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Abolish the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) NOW!

Opinion Abolish the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) NOW! USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Imagine there is a group of people in Congress with more influence over whether laws are passed and rules are changed, than any official committee or subcommittee in the House and Senate. Now, imagine the members of this powerful group are not even members of Congress – in fact, they’re not elected officials at all. Finally, imagine this group operates in secret, refuses to explain its decisions in detail to a...
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Detroit Firearm Instructor Plans FREE Gun Lessons For 900 Women in One Day

AmmoLand Editors Note: This is a great event put on by Legally Armed In Detroit at their own expense. This would be an excellent opportunity for an ammunition manufacturer to get on board as a sponsor and help out a great cause. Women Gun Firearms Training Rick Ector Legally Armed in Detroit Detroit, MI – -(AmmoLand.com)- Legally Armed In Detroit, a gun rights advocacy group, has announced that it will provide a free firearm shooting lesson at a southeast Michigan target range for 900 women ...
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Attempted Undermining of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act ~ Williams v. Beemiller

Attempted Undermining of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act ~ Williams v. Beemiller Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- The New York Supreme Court recently ruled that a man shot by a gang member did not have standing to sue the retailer that legally sold the gun.  The court has been winding its tortuous way through the process for over a decade. Williams was shot in 2005. Williams v. Beemiller is about injuries sustained from an assault committed by a New York High School gang on an innocent bystander, who w...
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Howard Communications’ Online Image Gallery Updated with Lifestyle Waterfowl Images

Howard Communications' Online Image Gallery Updated with Lifestyle Waterfowl Images USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Howard Communications, Inc. continues to update their popular Online Pressroom Photo Library with new lifestyle images. Lifestyle images from our recent waterfowl photo shoots have been added to the Photo Library. The images are offered as a free service to the media to use as support for their articles, social media posts, and online and print presence. The Photo Library gallery format...
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See if a Book You're About to Buy is Available at Your Local Library Using This Extension

If you find yourself browsing Amazon looking for your next good read, the extension Library Extension might potentially help you save a little cash by letting you read that same book for free.Read more...
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Kobo Forma Database Error

Hi, I am really hoping someone can help me. I have a Kobo Forma. When I first got it I had no problem updating the metadata on it from calibre. Now when I try to I get an error every time. The error says: calibre, version 3.42.0 WARNING: Failed: Kobo database version unsupported - See details Your Kobo is running an updated firmware/database version. As calibre does not know about this updated firmware, database editing is disabled, to prevent corruption. You can still send books to your ...
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2020 Color Trends Emerge at Proposte Textile Fair – Blues

This spring there was a blue mood at the international luxury textile fair Proposte. From denim-inspired blues to electric blues to icy blues, the use of this tried and true hue ran the gamut. Below are a few of my favorite fabric finds that tell the blue color story – along with a color palette […]
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