Recommending Only Striker-Fired Pistols?

Personal Defense Network: Striker-fired semi-automatics were made popular in the 1980s by Glock. Although the company was not well received in the beginning, it has become one of the most popular defensive pistol brands in the world. The striker firing mechanism uses a spring-loaded firing pin that works more like the launcher in a pinball machine than that of a traditional pistol with a hammer. This spring-loaded pin is partially cocked by the movement of the slide. The trigger then cocks the p...
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Is there a Kindle equivalent of the "KoboUtilities" plugin?

Specifically the automated backup/restore of reading position functionality is a big deal to me. Would be great to be able to import all my books from my H2O with read status/position intact, since my H2O has died today and looking into other options for a replacement
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Branowelery Update

So sorry (not sorry) to go on about it but a quick Bank Holiday Branwolery update for you. People stop me in town now (waving to Rebecca) and ask 'How are the Wols?' and Rebecca and I had a quick catch-up outside the Edinburgh Woollen Mill on Saturday. As I said it's all quite nerve-wracking in a way. Like having children because you worry about them... Might something happen to one or other of them... Might Mr just not appear one night...or the next night... Might we actually be staring at ...
Tags: Books, Rebecca, Dovegreyreader, Bookhound, Edinburgh Woollen Mill, Barn Owls

Ways to input APK to Android eReader?

So I have an Android 4.4 eReader called the Good eReader, I don't have a manual and can't find one either. (if anyone has this device please share) Whenever I try to use their android store(called good ereader store) I get stuck on downloading 0%. None of the apps download. I then tried to download an APK and put it on the device but it doesn't seem to want to open or install. Not sure how to do it on Android 4.4 Please help!
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Transformers Siege Deluxe Wave 3 Found in The US

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There are not enough pictures of the NAVY SEALs here at TFB, but today we try to improve with some astonishing pictures of the SEALs in an unusual environment. In case you didn’t know, the abbreviation stands for SEa, Air and Land. Some of these pictures give the impression that they are computer generated, almost […] Read More … The post POTD: NAVY SEALs appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, Navy, Navy Seals, Defense, Tom Clancy, TFB, Special Forces, Eotech, US Navy Seals, Photo of the Day, FN SCAR, Hk416, FN Minimi, FN SCAR MK20

FictFact.com closing

For all of you who tracked your series using FictFact, you will want to download your list while you can! From site: FictFact is closed. We recently lost our primary source of income, Amazon Associate sales. Due to a minor error on our part, we unknowingly had in infraction of their terms. We tried to appeal after we corrected the issue, but was not successful and they terminated our account. Over the years, we have had donations from our wonderful supporters, but it is not enough to cover our o...
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Gin Bottle Lamp

My mum gave me this lovely gin bottle, we've just moved house and decorated our front room in a lovely teal colour and the bottle went perfectly so I decided to turn it into a lamp. I used a lamp fixing from ebay (it just bushes into the neck of the bottle) and I made the lampshade with some fabric I bought ages ago and a lampshade making kit. [Author: Helen W.]
Tags: Crafts, Helen W

Rhubarb Cake

A lovely moist, sweet, sour, crunchy cake. You can eat with or without the sauce. Good either way. [Author: Super Madcow]
Tags: Crafts, Super Madcow

Unwanted spaces between letters of a word

When converting pdf files through Calibre it sometimes happens that some words receive unwanted spaces between the letters of the words. For instance, the word Although becomes A l t h o u g h in the conversion. In some books that I converted thousands of words become messed-up like this, making it futile to try to correct the errors. :angry: Is it possible to prevent Calibre from wrecking words this way? :bulb2: Most probably the problem originates from the fact that in the original pdf file t...
Tags: Books, Conversion

TFB EXCLUSIVE: Pre-Production Development of The CZ P-10 C

The CZ P-10 C is quickly becoming an iconic pistol. Chambered in 9×19, the P-10 C has many features that other pistols in its category do not, while being more affordable than many of its competitors.  I’m not going to give a clinical description of the firearm — I’m here to tell you why I […] Read More … The post TFB EXCLUSIVE: Pre-Production Development of The CZ P-10 C appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, Editorial, Edc, 9mm, Pistols, CZ, CZ-USA, Czech, Česká Zbrojovka, 9x19mm, Semi-Auto, CZUB, Compact Pistol, Carry Gun, P-10 C

Designer Profile: Marc Sadler

Marc Sadler is a worldly designer. A French citizen born in Austria, Sadler established studios in Hong Kong, New York, Taiwan, and Venice before settling in Milan, where he is currently based. Sadler began his career by investigating plastics, designing a revolutionary ski boot. From there, Sadler worked on furniture and lighting, teaming up with internationally recognized brands such as Foscarini. Mite for Foscarini Sadler’s career has been punctuated by explorations into new materi...
Tags: Books, Milan, ISO, Austria, Venice, Big, Chair, Fiberglass, Kara, Sadler, Noa, Polycarbonate, Pedrali, Designer Profile, Isetta, Marc Sadler

Walls Go Bold

Statement-making wall coverings sporting large prints in vivacious colors or simply rendered in black and white offered impressive backdrops for the gorgeous furniture and decor at Salone del Mobile in Milan this spring. Not a new trend or nascent design direction by any means, but this captivating decorative touch was on show at many of […]
Tags: Books, Milan, Trends, Decor, Salone del Mobile, Salone del Mobile 2019, Milan Design Week 2019

Kindle built-in dictionary pack

it's for those who want to use it off-line, or with old anicent kindle (those kindles can't register now, and like DX, even registered there's no dictionaries in the cloud menu) these're the Kindle built-in dictionaries, 30 in total, .mobi languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italiano, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, one way and two-way http://www.mediafire.com/file/k5irgp.../dict.rar/file
Tags: Books, Amazon Kindle

KUAL not loading

Hello guys, today I got an software update (which is strange because I thought that I have blocked them). And now I can't launch KUAL anymore. I already tried this script that worked for me often before, when KUAL does not wanted to launch with an error msg: Quote: #!/bin/sh # mount system mntroot rw # remove bad kualbooklet jar rm "/opt/amazon/ebook/booklet/KUALBooklet.jar" # install my test jar cp "/mnt/us/KUALBooklet.jar" "/opt/amazon/ebook/booklet/KUALBoo...
Tags: Books, Kindle Developer's Corner, KUAL

Daily Gun Deals: SecureIt Gun Cabinet Model 84-12/3 $1619.10 w/ sitewide 10% OFF CODE

SecureIt Gun Cabinet Model 84-123 with Weekend CODE Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- SecureIt intelligent firearms storage is having a Memorial Day Sale coupon code “USA2019” that gets you an additional 10% off their store, including sale prices. In our example you can get the SecureIt Gun Cabinet Model 84-12/3 for $1619.10! That totals $380.90 OFF tretailail with a coupon code and sale price. Order Today & Save 10% with Code USA2019 at Checkout. Note: Due to cabinet production requirements, plea...
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Kamala Harris & the News Media Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

Opinion Kamala Harris Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)- By now gun owners have become accustomed to a certain measure of ignorance from anti-gun politicians and their lapdogs in the mainstream press on matters of firearms policy. It’s the flamboyant stridency of that ignorance that remains shocking. Last week, the presidential campaign of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) announced that if elected president the candidate would ban the importation of AR-15-style “assault weapons.” Characterizing the...
Tags: Guns, White House, Politico, United States, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Treasury, District Of Columbia, Kamala Harris, Clinton, Calif, HARRIS, Fairfax, ATF, Nashua N, Heller

Complaint Filed Against Jackson Township Police Dept. For Violating NJ Gun Laws

Opinion by Alexander Roubian, NJ2AS Complaint Filed Against Jackson Township Police Dept. For Violating NJ Gun Laws New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- Regardless of what anyone thinks about the Second Amendment, we should all agree that the job of law enforcement is to uphold and enforce the law. Many law enforcement officers do just that. Some, like Jackson Township Chief of Police Matthew Kunz, have decided to place their personal feelings and agenda above the law and the Constitution. Our ci...
Tags: Guns, New Jersey, Jackson Township, Legislature, New Jersey State, Ocean County, Gun Rights News, Alexander Roubian, New Jersey Second Amendment Society NJ2AS, Kunz, Jackson Township Chief of Police, Matthew Kunz, Bradley Billhimer, Jackson Township Police Department, Kunz Jackson Township Chief of Police, Jackson Township Police Dept

Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Die grüne Schlange. V1 [German] 26.5.2019

Band 6 von Walther Kabels Reihe "Kabel Kriminalbücher", 1923 erschienen. Mit Original-Cover. Text und Cover mit Dank auf der Basis des Materials der Kabel-Site. Attached Thumbnails   Attached Files Kabel, Walther - Kkb 06 Die grüne Schlange.epub (193.5 KB)
Tags: Books, ePub Books, Kabel Walther, Kabel Kriminalbücher, KKB

Daily Ammo Deals: Fiocchi 9mm 115gr FMJ Ammunition 50rds $8.49 Free S/H 20+Boxes

Fiocchi 9mm 115gr FMJ Ammunition 50rdsBox Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Palmetto State Armory has a sale on Fiocchi 9mm 115gr FMJ Ammunition 50 rounds boxes for just $8.49 each with Free shipping on 20 or more boxes. The philosophy behind the Pistol Shooting Dynamics Line is very simple: focus on the achievement of the ideal synergy between shooter, firearm, and ammunition. Fiocchi keeps developing and improving its pistol and revolver cartridge products. This line has been a more than 25-year...
Tags: Usa, Guns, Fiocchi, Palmetto State Armory, JSP, Ammunition News, Daily Gun Deals, AmmoLand News Editors, Ammoland com Palmetto State Armory, Pistol Shooting Dynamics Line

Tokyo Toy Show 2019 - MP-44 Optimus Prime 3.0 Box Revealed

Tags: Toys, Tokyo, Optimus

Bloomberg Gun-Ignorance Course Continues Bloomberging Rights Away

Opinion Michael Bloomberg's Gun-Ignorance Course Continues Bloomberging Rights Away Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)- Week two of the Bloomberg school massive open online course on “Reducing Gun Violence” ran the same week that one of the lecturers was in the news for exclusionary comments that apply more readily to his course than to the intended target. Jon Vernick, JD, MPH, told an audience at a recent Health Journalism conference that journalists shouldn’t contact NRA for comment on gun con...
Tags: Guns, California, Bloomberg, Michael Bloomberg, Nra, Fairfax, Webster, Jon, ATF, Daniel Webster, Bloomberg School, Gun Rights News, NRA-ILA, Institute for Legislative Action ILA, National Rifle Association of America ILA, Vernick

Nook GL+ - Title not including series for just a couple books

I've got the original water proof Nook Glowlight plus... I've long had calibre configured to send the series name and number as the leading portion of the title. Never had an issue. However, with a couple books I just transferred, the series name and number are not displaying on my Nook. Other books from the same series display just fine. What's really interesting, the titles shown on the nook don't match anything on/in the book. Shown Title - Black Dagger Legacy Title in Calibre - Blood Fury S...
Tags: Books, Devices, Black Dagger Brotherhood Title

Novelist Pat Barker hits out at 'fashionable' diversity schemes

Prize-winning author says she distrusts post-Brexit interest in regional and working-class voicesThe Man Booker prize-winning author Pat Barker says she “distrusts” London publishing’s recent burst in diversity initiatives, calling the rise in interest in regional and working-class voices a “fashionable” move motivated by fear after the Brexit referendum.Speaking at the Hay festival on Sunday, the Durham author said she had observed an increased appetite for authors based outside London, or from...
Tags: Books, Publishing, London, UK News, Culture, Festivals, Hay Festival, Durham, Pat Barker

ISBN Column

I attempted to edit ISBN of one of my books. After I closed the editor, all of my books displayed :Default" in the ISBN column. Any idea what I messed up and if I can restore my ISBM data from Metadata?
Tags: Books, General Discussions

Gun Control, Projection, And Poor Impulse Control

Opinion Gun Control, Projection, And Poor Impulse Control Montana – -(AmmoLand.com)- I am asked why some people fear and hate guns – why others think we shouldn't be allowed to have firearms. One answer has to do with poor impulse control and the psychological phenomenon of projection. We know some people have poor impulse control. They have potent urges to fly off the handle with minimum provocation – perhaps are offended by the smallest thing. They know themselves and also see that they sh...
Tags: Guns, Montana, Best, Nra, Legislature, Helena, MSSA, Gun Rights News, Gary Marbut, Montana Shooting Sports Association, Montana Ammoland, Marbut, House Judiciary Committee Much

Can-Am “The Hunters” Video Series Episode 1 Now Available ~ Watch Here

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Episode 1 of the new hunting series, “The Hunters,” is now available on the Mossy Oak Go app and Can-Am outlets.   Episode focuses on the pursuit of Rio Grande Turkeys in Texas Watch the video via the Mossy Oak Go (MOGO) App In this first episode, well-known Texas photographer and storyteller, Russel Graves , is joined by Scoutlook’s VP of Content, Josh Dahlke, on a secluded ranch in South Texas in pursuit of Rio Grande Turkeys. This video chronicles the hunt, as ...
Tags: Usa, Texas, Guns, US, South Texas, Shooting Media News, Can-Am, Mossy Oak, Josh Dahlke, ScoutLook, Rio Grande Turkeys, Russel Graves

Modifying Calibre web interface

I've been using Calibre since an early version of Calibre v2 on a dedicated iMac. I share my library on the web with a few family members on v2 I did not have user accounts. When I recently updated to v3.42 I created user accounts, read only. They just connect and download the book they want to read to their eReader. One of the things they have asked recently is when they login and browse the library, the books are sorted by the date they are added to the library. Can I adjust that first view t...
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Real Avid Universal Master Cleaning Station Review

Opinion: Mary and Dr. Jim Clary review the Real Avid Universal Master Cleaning Station. Real Avid Universal Master Cleaning Station USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- With the dozens of gun cleaning kits on the market today, one could properly ask: Why bother testing and reviewing another one? The answer is simple, the Real Avid kits and their stand-alone tools are unique to the market and represent the first significant advancement in cleaning accessories in quite some time. Our introduction to Real A...
Tags: Guns, US, Gear, Mary, Jim, Las Vegas Nevada, CLP, Ammoland TV, Jim Clary, Mary Clary, Real Avid, James R. Clary Ph.D, Real Avid Universal Master Cleaning Station Review, Real Avid Universal Master Cleaning Station, Patch Jags, Caliber Specific Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes

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