Query re Actions Toolbar

I am using Calibre 1.48 on a old laptop running Win XP with a 1024x768 screen. This means that every time I want to edit an ebook - which is quite often - I have to click on the >> button at the right of the toolbar, then carefully move the cursor to the edit button on the second line. Is it by any chance possible for me delete a button on the main top toolbar line, so that the edit button would appear on the top line? Or, can I re-order the position of the buttons on the toolbar? Or, can I ...
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S&W 460 XVR Performance Center Review

As readers know, I like wheel guns.  I want one of these.  I can’t have one, so says my bank account.
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Hello fellow e-readers. Looking forward to participating in these awesome forums!
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[IOS] Can No Longer Sort By Author

Hi There, Thanks for letting me join your group. I'm a long time user of CC and haven't had any problems until the last few months. I can no longer sort my books by author, only by the first letter if their name. The other issue I have is that occasionally when I tap on a book to look at it's details, CC will close. Does anyone have any ideas on how I might be able to fix these issues? Thanks.
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Can No Longer Sort By Author

Hi There, Thanks for letting me join your group. I'm a long time user of CC and haven't had any problems until the last few months. I can no longer sort my books by author, only by the first letter if their name. The other issue I have is that occasionally when I tap on a book to look at it's details, CC will close. Does anyone have any ideas on how I might be able to fix these issues? Thanks.
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Adobe Digital Editions not working in Windows 10

My computer is super full and in an attempt to make space I am trying to move my ebook library onto an external hard drive. My husband went crazy and cleared out a ton of my cookies/settings/etc. trying to make some space but unfortunately my Adobe Digital Editions won't work now when I try to download books from the library. It tries to open Adobe Acrobat. It doesn't even recognize ADE as a recognized app. When I try to associate the .acsm file and set ADE to the default program, it doesn't...
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POTD: Polish Armed Forces at Exercise Saber Junction 2019

POTD, short for Photo Of The Day, is TFB’s recurring articles where we go to great length trying to find the best pictures out there. Today we get a look at members of the Polish Armed Forces at the Hohenfels Training Area, in Germany. It looks like the soldier above carries a FB Mini-Beryl. In […] Read More … The post POTD: Polish Armed Forces at Exercise Saber Junction 2019 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Aura ONE Light leaking from KA1

I've started to notice light leaking between the display pane and the frame here and there around my KA1. I can press on the display edge to stop the light leak, which makes a tiny crinkling sound. I suspect that the light blocking tape around the display is drying out and losing its stick. Is this an easy fix? I've tried to take another broken KA1 apart before, and those displays are stuck on tight. Once I separate the seal, where do I get new tape? Thanks in advance.
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Aura ONE Kobo Aura One not mounting on Mac

I'm not ready to give up my KA1 just yet. It's my favorite ereader. I'm hoping somebody has a quick fix for this. My KA1 charges fine. The USB port is fine. But I have a hard time getting it to mount on my Mac. Before 4.18, sometimes it worked, sometimes it showed up in the USB chain, but wasn't mounted, and sometimes nothing I did got it to mount. This would suggest a Mac problem, except that my daughter's Clara HD mounts with no issues whatsoever. Right now, my KA1 is plugged into the USB p...
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Calibre 4 doesn't run on macOS Mojave

I can't start Calibre after the update. The OS tells me that the package is damaged, maybe a mismatch with some signature key / hash? Please help!
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Calibre 4.0 Won't Run

I just tried the update today and have had no opportunity to use it as when trying to open it I get the error message: "LoadLibrary failed with error 1114: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed." What should I do?
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Calibre 4 viewer thoughts

Once I'd managed to find the controls and set everything up the new version is fine and preferred. However whilst I'm sure the answer is read the manual from cover to cover many of us don't. For me the biggest problem was I routinely strip out the font information. A serif font such as Times Roman is fine on paper with 300-600 dpi or better but desktop computer screens have much lower resolution and sans serif fonts such as Verdana are easier to read. Most authors though still set their ebo...
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Kobo needs to step up their ad game

I made a search for “Kobo Inc.” on the iOS App Store the other day and was surprised to see Amazon’s Kindle ad up top. A similar search for Amazon did not reveal a Kobo ad. Instead, it showed Amazon ads. Kobo may have worked out a deal with Amazon to sell Clara HDs on Amazon.com, but they need to do more to spread the word about their wonderful ereader. At the very least they need to own their own searches. Don’t you think? Where would you like to see Kobo pushing ads? Sent from my iPhone usin...
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Walmart warranty

What are the return and warranty terms for the Kobo Forma and Libra when purchased at Walmart?
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books from Kobo device into Calibre

If I download purchased books from Kobo over wifi directly to my device, and then transfer them to Calibre next time I connect, will those books go through Alf's plugins on import, or is that only when adding directly to the library from a folder on the computer? I'm just thinking it would save me a step in having to use ADE on the computer. I want them in Calibre mainly to put them into collections, although I guess it's not absolutely necessary they get stripped since they'll still only be on ...
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Htlml format for comments

Hi, Till now, my comments were formatted like this: PHP Code: < p  class= "indent"  style = "margin-bottom:0;text-align:justify;margin-top:0;text-indent:5%;" > In a world where magic is the key to power  and  wealth ,  Catalina Baylor is a Prime ,  the highest rank of magic user , and  the Head of her House .  Catalina has always been afraid to  use  her unique powers ,  but when her friend & #8217;s mother and sister are murdered, Catali...
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Error when trying to download metadata

Author and Title are both correct. Code: calibre, version 4.0.0 ERROR: No matches found: Failed to find any books that match your search. Try making the search less specific. For example, use only the author's last name and a single distinctive word from the title.To see the full log, click "Show details". Running identify query with parameters: {u'authors': [u'Vince Flynn'], u'title': u'Lethal Agent', u'timeout': 30, u'identifiers': {u'asin': u'B07MPZB5B7'}} Using plugins: Amazon...
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Calibre 4 viewer... Unhappy with update :(

Hello, I don't like the new viewer. This viewer does not show page numbers. So I have no idea how much is left of the book or where I am in relation to the ending. In the last viewer, you could enlarge the viewer or maximize but still get a single page. Now, when I maxime it creates 3 pages in the view. I am so unhappy with this update. Is there any way to get the old viewer back. :angry:
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Calibre 4.0 Viewer works with NONE of my books on Mac OS

I just upgraded to Calibre 4.0 on Mojave. The viewer errors with every one of my books and I can view NONE of them. Why is this happening? While the viewer in 3 was kind of clunky, at least it worked.
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Page Numbers, Percentage, or nothing at all

Since page number issues have now invaded two threads not about page numbers I'm making this one. Page numbers - tell you precisely where you are in a book Percentages - tell you how far in a book you are in a book. Nothing at all - ebooks don't have pages, the inclusion of page numbers is a call back to physical books. And in most casual use cases when reading you do not need to see either the page number, nor how far in you are. Having the info available in a pop up is thus best, especial...
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Crochet Flower Bookmark Pattern

A Crochet flower bookmark works up in minutes. They are the perfect project for scraps of yarn. This crochet pattern is easy enough for beginners. These bookmarks make a great gift for a book-loving friend. This rose coffee sleeve is perfect for a coffee-loving friend. Check out all my free crochet patterns for more gift ideas. Crochet Flower Bookmark Supplies Yarn needle Scissors Small Flower Fine weight yarn size E crochet hook Large Flower Worsted yarn (any colors, small amounts, ...
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4.0 Is Beautiful

Somebody has to say it, amidst all the griping. I've really been pounding it for a couple of days, reading, converting and editing, and I like it all. On Ubuntu, I've had no glitches at all. I can't even imagine the work it took: thank you, Kovid! And yes, I'll be happy to use the scroll bar when it returns, but no hurry.
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Calibre 4 Sending books to Documents on Kindle Fire 7

When sending books to my device (Kindle Fire 7), they are going into the 'Documents' folder and not the 'Books' folder. I've tried going to (off of this forum post https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...php?t=171302): Convert Books --Convert Individually ----MOBI output ------- then changed the 'Personal Doc Tag' to [EBOK] This did not help. Please advise.
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Question about tweaks

I noticed that a lot of the tweaks show a " u' " in the list for columns. Do I need to add that when changing the rule? Example: # Set custom metadata fields that the Content server will or will not display. content_server_will_display = [u'*'] content_server_wont_display = [] Do I write it like [u'#some_column'] or ['#some_column']
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Little Girl with Pigtails

Pinks and reds. She has soft cashmere cardigan and an alpaca blend lacy scarf. Her purse has hearts and bird beads as decoration. I think she looks beautiful with my dahlias, don’t you?!
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Weekend Reading

My cousin came to visit last weekend, he’s one of my favorite people in the world. It was fun to play tour guide with him on his first visit to Northern California. We went wine tasting, visited the redwood forest, and of course he had to see the coastline! Thankfully we had great weather, just like this weekend. October, you are simply the best! Today I’m off to tour of a local olive oil production company, I’ll be spending the afternoon walking through the groves in the autumn sun. Bliss! Favo...
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Other Fiction Boylesve, René: Tu n'es plus rien. V1 FRENCH. 6 OCT 2019

Bonjour Ce roman de René Boylesve publié en 1917 a été réalisé à partir d'un scan de Gallica. Il s'agit d'une version ePub3. Une version au format PDF 9×12 a également été publiée. Attached Files Tu n'es plus rien.epub (364.8 KB)
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Why public domain

One of the running discussions that spans a number of threads is the idea of public domain and eternal copyright, i.e. the idea that copyright is a personal property right of the original author and is passed down to his or her heirs for eternity. Obviously this discussion can go into the various legalities of copyright, derivative works (in some countries derivative works are not covered under copyright, in others they are) and the like, but that's not really what I want to focus on. Instea...
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Inkpad 840 screen not updating content

Hi all, after using my Inkpad 1 for 4 and a half years without any issues, its screen is having serious problems. As you can see in this video, the touch actions function but the screen updates its content only if i first put the device to sleep and i wake it up. https://youtu.be/8Fv6f-Dx9nk Earlier today, i have managed to upgrade to firmware 5.20 and then downgrade again to 4.40, in an attempt to see if can be a software problem. Has anyone faced similar problems? Do you think there is somethi...
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Critical PDF Warning

https://www.forbes.com/sites/zakdoff...-apps-now/amp/ https://pdf-insecurity.org/encryption/encryption.html Show Tooltip
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