snowy day

We have a foot of snow on the ground now, very early for us. It’s still coming down. Very pretty.
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getting the garden ready for snow

Last Sunday morning, before the Big Snow Storm hit, I spend a couple hours in my vegetable garden getting things set. My husband removed the plastic outer layer from my winter tunnel and then taped on a cross bar onto the top of the hoops for extra support. I opened up the lower fabric cover...
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25 Out-of-Print Books That Were Used Bestsellers in 2019

Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick Marcus Sedgwick’s debut novel from 2000 is bizarrely out-of-print. This fantasy story, aimed at young adults, imagines a future where England is covered by water and the city of Norwich is now an island. Zoe has been left behind and struggles to survive amid the chaos. This piece of environmental fiction doesn’t look so fictional today. Celia, A Slave by Melton A Mclaurin In 1850, 14-year-old Celia became the property of Robert Newsom, a Missouri farmer...
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Upcycle Christmas gift bags into art

Every once in a while, I see a gift bag that's just too pretty to throw away (or give away), and that's exactly what happened to me last week while shopping for Christmas decor at Target. I picked up an awesome gift bag with a vintage Santa on it, and with it's large size and perfectly vintage look, I decided it would serve much better as art than as a bag. I started by carefully cutting the bag into pieces, separating the lovely plaid side panels from the featured Santa image on the front. ...
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Inspired Objects: 9 Classic Design Gifts from The Glass House Design Store

Forget what you think you know about museum gift shops. Conceived by famed design shop curator Murray Moss (his store, Moss, was a fixture on the NYC design scene in the 1990s), The Glass House Design Store opened in 2013 at Philip Johnson’s iconic 1949 landmark in New Canaan, Connecticut. It’s quickly become a source for some of the most well-designed objects in the US—so much so that The Wall Street Journal called it one of the top museum stores in the country. You’ll find no Glass House-patte...
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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Gifts for the Italophile

I am not Italian, but I’m sure I belong in Italy. In recent years, I’ve fallen so in love with the country, the north, the south, and both coasts, that my Francophile tendencies have been eclipsed by my obsession with all things Italian. For the Italophile in your life, a good bottle of amaro makes a great gift, but for something more creative, here are our favorite ideas. Prego! Above: From Il Buco in New York, the Urbino Iron Candle Wick Snuffer is made from smooth or twisted wrought iron; $1...
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Steal This Look: An Antique Dealer’s DIY Kitchen, Painted Checkerboard Floor Included

Earlier this year, Margot wrote about the charming home of antiques dealer Jonathan Burden and costume designer JJ Joseph (see Farmhouse Refresh: A Clean and Simple Family Retreat on Shelter Island). The couple had chosen to buy the old, scrappy farmhouse because nothing had been done to it—“so we didn’t have to redo bad things,” Jonathan told Margot. Instead of renovating it, they revived it, respectfully straightening its bones and polishing its surfaces. The TLC they gave to the house is evid...
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Philosopher of the Month – A 2019 Review

As 2019 draws to a close, we look back at the philosophers who have featured in our monthly Philosopher of the Month posts and their significant contribution to philosophy and the history of intellectual thought.Discover more about these philosophers, their works, and schools of thought by clicking on the links below, and let us know who your favourite philosophers are in the comment box beneath the post.William James (1842–1910) was an American psychologist and philosopher, a brother of Henry J...
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Attractive Bank Office Architectural Design

Looking down the line up of this attractive bank architectural design was recommended for those who need something new inspiration of build up an architectural building. We will see the great building include with the great interior plan of this place. The most amazing side that we will see in this place was the coloring application that uses multi-colored idea. That extraordinary look was can be seen through the exterior plan of this place while the interior application that place inside of thi...
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