Buying Plants Locally During the Shutdown

Curb-side pick-up. Oh, the ethical turmoil I’ve been in! Should I stay home and shop for food only, or support other local businesses, too? Plus, it’s spring and we gardeners need to buy plants and supplies. I’ll confess that my greatest personal fear (after dying, of course) was that the garden centers would be closed this spring. But we got lucky, I guess – garden centers/nurseries have been deemed essential – presumably because what they sell is needed for both food-growing and upkeep of p...
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April 2020 Events Update

Many gardens across the country are closed until further notice, and others remain open for visitors. But nearly all classes and special events are cancelled. That's prompted a move to online classes via zoom or other platforms, and most are free. So learn from an expert who might not otherwise... [Author: Jane Berger]
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A solution to support annotations for PDF and syncing tablet and calibre.

For years, there has been no solution to how to sync annotations and highlights with the calibre library, if your primary device for reading ebooks is a tablet (and yes you are totally out of luck if you read PDFs). My usual workflow is Load PDFs in calibre on my Mac. Connect wirelessly using calibre companion (CC) on tablet and transfer the file to tablet. Read and annotate the PDF file using XODO pdf reader. This saves the highlights in the pdf itself. Now the question is to get the PDF fi...
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Transformers Takara Tomy Generation Selects Seacon Overbite Review

PrimeVsPrime has come ashore with another of the Generations Selects Seacon reviews with a look today at Overbite that is part of the last round in the King Poseidon team release.
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Android - User defined sorts not working properly

I've been using calibre companion for over year and it has been working fine but about a week ago my user defined sorts seem to stop working often. I generally use a user defined sort as my default sorting method for my library and usually when I close the app and then reopen it automatically loads that sort. Now when I either reopen cc or come back to it after leaving it running in the background for awhile it automatically goes to title sort but when i go to the sort menu it says I'm still usi...
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iPadOS bug CC drops share link to iBooks

I have been using CC since Apple broke the link to Calibre. I just signed up for a subscription today. I hope the premium version would not have this bug, but it does. The bug: I successfully downloaded 3 EPUBS from Calibre I selected the read option which pops up the apps action list to move the file to an app on the iPad. I selected iBooks and the file moved. The next book with the same action brought the action list of apps and iBooks was no longer there as an app to send the book to. After ...
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Page numbers in epub pageList

I have an epub with page numbers defined in pageList in toc.ncx, but the page numbers are not showing up in any reader software that I've tested with (ADE, Calibre, iBooks, FBReader). And navigation by page number uses the reader's generated page numbers, not the supplied numbers. Any ideas? It's possible this feature just isn't supported (https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...#post3474229): Quote: However, AFAIK, I don't know of any epub2 app that actually ...
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POTD: The 51 Shades of Flat Dark Earth

Photo Of The Day – Established in 2014, this is TFB’s daily dose of carefully selected photographs. As a bonus you get a short story and hopefully you’ll learn something new. In this case you may be tempted to do your own build with the components mentioned below, or get your own build started in […] Read More … The post POTD: The 51 Shades of Flat Dark Earth appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, TFB, Ar-15, Photo of the Day, Rifles, Offensive Marketing Group, Koted Arms

SILENCER SATURDAY #120: Super Quiet, Super Cool And Super Straight

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to the 120th edition of TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the Resonator line of .30 caliber suppressors. Last week we got introduced to the Gemtech Lunar 9 pistol suppressor. This week I’ve got a potpourri of new additions to the review line […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #120: Super Quiet, Super Cool And Super Straight appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, Editorial, TFB, Pistols, Rifles, Other Gear & Gadgets, NFA / Suppressors / Class III, Yankee Hill Machine, Silencer, Bolt Action, Pistol Stabilizing Brace, Silencer Saturday, Super Quiet

Other Fiction Frédéric Soulié: Die Memoiren des Teufels. (german) V1. 11 Apr 2020

Frédéric Soulié, (23. Dezember 1800 in Foix, Département Ariège — 23. September 1847 in Bièvres, Département Essonne) war ein französischer Dramatiker, Romancier, Kritiker und Journalist. Zusammen mit Honoré de Balzac, Eugène Sue und Alexandre Dumas dem Älteren bildete er das Viergespann der großen Feuilletonisten zur Zeit der so genannten Julimonarchie (1830–1848). Die größten Erfolge des heute weitgehend vergessenen Autors waren der Roman “Les Mémoires du Diable“ und das Drama „La Closerie des...
Tags: Books, Wikipedia, Paris, ePub Books, Alexandre Dumas, Deutsch, Dramatiker Romancier Kritiker, Zusammen, Feuilletonisten zur Zeit, Ludwig Hauff Herausgegeben, Carl Spindler, Ausland Kabinetsbibliothek

IPC between plugin and interface

Hi! I need to do a Google login for my plugin. Reading the documentation, I see that I need to launch that in a separate process. However I don't have a way to communicate back information to my plugin (mainly access and refresh tokens). I took a look at how other core plugins do it and it seems to use the IPC utils, but only some predefined messages are handled and it is currently not possible to register an handle for new message types. Is there any way I could make that work? Thanks!
Tags: Google, Books, Development, IPC

ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx P4 AR Pistol 300 BLK 8.5″ 30+1 Rnds – $398.48 FREE S&H CODE

ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx P4 AR Pistol 300 BLK Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Sportsman's Guide has a sale on the ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx AR Pistol in 300 BLK for $398.48 a members-only price, after coupon code “GUNSNGEAR” at check out! For optics look at this deal on the SIG Sauer ROMEO5 1X20mm Red Dot Sight. ATI® Omni Hybrid Maxx P4 300 BLK Semi-automatic AR Pistol The Omni Hybrid Maxx P4 features ATI's metal-reinforced polymer upper and lower receivers for reduced weight and increased maneuverabilit...
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How to not compress jpeg

I'm writing a handbook in photography, of course it will have lots of pictures which need high quality. A draft is now formated in Sigil with HTML and the pictures are in the book. Unfortunately, the pictures had bad quality when I for he first time looked in the book with an ebook reader app. I checked the size of the epub-file which was one fifth of all the pictures together. Is there a setting to prevent Sigil from compressing the pictures? If not, are there any alternatives?
Tags: Books, Sigil

Two strange vertical lines appearing in koreader

I have suddenly started seeing two thin vertical lines in koreader. They start from a cm at the bottom and go to about a cm at the top. They are about a cm from the left and right edge respectively. They are there in epub and pdf. They do not appear anywhere else on the ereader, only in koreader. Did I accedentally turn on a setting in koreader? I am using koreader on a nook glowlight 3.
Tags: Books, Koreader

Unable to Open Imported Kindle Books Giving Error

I haven't imported any new Kindle books into Calibre for awhile. Went to pull some in today and noticed something's wrong. For starters, no identifying information is showing in Caliber. Title shows file name. Author shows "unknown" & the cover for the book is missing. File size is 0.9mb & format is AZW. When I tried to open the book using the Calibre reader, I got an error message, the content of which is way above my paygrade. Which is to say, I don't understand it. I copied & pasted it to a ...
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Demanding Moms Don’t Realize They’ve Lost the Culture War

Mom's Demand Action and other Bloomberg anti-2A groups are wasting taxpayer money to further their agendas. U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)-After Americans bought more than 2 million guns last month, the Florida chapter of Moms Demand Action called on Gov. Ron DeSantis to create public service announcements that extol the virtues of safe gun storage. Other Moms chapters are following suit. I have a couple questions about the demanding moms’ demand. First, why can’t Moms Demand Action or their parent or...
Tags: Florida, Guns, New York City, Bloomberg, Ron DeSantis, Gun Rights News, NRA-ILA, Moms Demand Action, Institute for Legislative Action ILA, National Rifle Association of America ILA, DeSantis

Seattle Times Recipe update?

Hi, The Seattle times recipe is out of date, as the feeds no longer work. Does anyone have an updated recipe? I'm not a skilled recipe creator, but I've replaced the old feeds with the new working ones in the below recipe. Seems to work locally for me--can someone else test it? Code: #!/usr/bin/env  python2 __license__ = 'GPL v3' __copyright__ = '2009, Darko Miletic ' ''' seattletimes.nwsource.com ''' from calibre.web.feeds.news import BasicNewsRecipe class SeattleTimes(BasicNe...
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Transformers G1 Soundtrack Saturdays -Sinister : Tracks 34, 35 & 36

Enjoy this installation of Transformers Soundtrack Saturday which proudly features four digital tracks (listed below in order of appearance) from Hasbro Studios' limited edition colored vinyl album, "'80s TV Classics: Music from The Transformers":- TRACK 34: Separation Anxiety - TRACK 35: Synthesized Magic- TRACK 36: SinisterAlbum released by Toons Records, in conjunction with Hasbro, Inc.
Tags: Toys, Hasbro Studios, Toons Records

Bloomberg Starts Virtual Voter Registration During COVID-19 Shutdown

NRA-ILA and Breitbart report Bloomberg's anti-2A groups started online voter registration during COVID-19 shutdown. Photo: Breitbart News / NRA-ILA U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- At a time in America where citizens are staying home, reassessing what's truly important to them and dealing with all the challenges of the COVID-19 quarantine, Bloomberg's anti-gun groups are busy doing something else. Instead of helping the country heal, these anti-gunners are sowing discontent and working to undermine dem...
Tags: Florida, Guns, America, Bloomberg, Cnn, Breitbart News, South Carolina, Trump, Nra, Breitbart, Jim, Kimberly, Mike Bloomberg, Flordia, Jim Grant, NRA-ILA

How to switch on autoscroll?

Hello. I've got this Attachment 178294 Where is that menu? I can't wind it. Thanks! Attached Thumbnails  
Tags: Books, Calibre

KT3 Is firmware 5.12.4 Downgradeable?

hi, I'm new to jailbreaking(:smack:), I was wondering if it was possible to downgrade the Kindle firmware 5.12.4 to the factory fw to perform the jailbreak :help:
Tags: Books, Kindle Developer's Corner

Guard Dog C-Series Collapsible Black Carbonized Steel Baton, 26” $8.99

Guard Dog C-Series Collapsible Black Carbonized Steel Baton Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Sportsman's Guide has the Guard Dog 26″ C-Series Collapsible Black Carbonized Steel Baton for just $8.99. What more need we say? That is just cheap and is a great tool for enforcing COVID social distancing. Buy enough for the whole family. Don't like Sportsman's then check out these deals at Botach of police-surplus mob-tested batons. Flick your wrist and the Guard Dog X-Series Expandable Black Carbonized...
Tags: Guns, Don, Botach, Shooting Industry News, Tactical Gear, Daily Gun Deals, AmmoLand News Team, C Series Collapsible Black Carbonized Steel Baton

Chocolate Greek Yogurt Mousse

Needs to set up for 2 hrs. Easy to make. [Author: Super Madcow]
Tags: Crafts, Super Madcow

Reading left aligned

How can I read my books left-aligned using the standard reading application of the Nova2?
Tags: Books, Onyx Boox

This Home With Grey Ceiling Gives Restraint a New Meaning

SML Architects has designed this 720 sq.ft two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai for a family of three. There a number of striking things about the home that keeps you riveted: the distinctive grey ceiling to begin with, the cane chairs, subtle use of powder pink in all the rooms, the monochromatic paintings, and finally the restraint [...]
Tags: Books, Inspiration, Mumbai, SML

Pro Second Amendment Groups Sue New Mexico Gov. Grisham

The Firearms Policy Coalition reports that several 2A companies, retailers and individuals are suing NE Governor Grisham. Albuquerque, NM -(AmmoLand.com)- ­— Today, attorneys for individuals seeking to purchase firearms and ammunition, retailers, and advocacy organizations Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), New Mexico Shooting Sports Association (NMSSA), the National Rifle Association of America (NRA), and Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) filed a new federal lawsuit challenging bans on the oper...
Tags: Guns, America, United States, New Mexico, Department Of Homeland Security, Nra, FPC, Grisham, Firearms Policy Coalition, Brandon Combs, Gun Rights News, Adam Kraut, Firearms Policy Coalition FPC, Alan M Gottlieb, Jason Ouimet, COVID

Weekend Cooking: 2 Good Books for Foodies

Happy Saturday! As always (lately), I want to start out by wishing  you all health and safety, and I hope you are all finding enough to eat and drink as you continue to stay home and practice social distancing. This week was my final trip to my mother's house to get the items I really wanted to keep and to take home with me. Travel was a bit stressful, but we were able to make the drive without stopping and without seeing, talking, or being near another human being. Playing it safe for us and f...
Tags: Books, France, America, Paris, Ohio, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Linky, Tina, Gretchen, Ansel, Beth F, Louis Bromfield, Stephen Heyman Norton, Dominique Ansel Simon Schuster

Gun Rights Groups Sue New Mexico Gov., Challenging Emergency Order

Gun Rights Groups Sue New Mexico Gov., Challenging Emergency Order BELLEVUE, WA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association and Firearms Policy Coalition today filed a federal lawsuit against New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, challenging her order mandating the closure of lawful retail firearms businesses during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Joining SAF, NRA and FPC are the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, two businesses, and three private c...
Tags: Guns, Lawsuits, New Mexico, Albuquerque, Department Of Health, Nra, Sacramento Calif, Aragon, New Mexico Department of Health, The Foundation, FPC, Grisham, U S District Court for the District of New Mexico, Alan Gottlieb, Second Amendment Foundation, Brandon Combs

Aero Precision AR-15 Complete Lower Receiver Parts Kit – $50.99 Limit 5 Per Household

Aero Precision AR-15 Complete Lower Receiver Parts Kit Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Primary Arms has a sale on top quality AR-builders' AR-15 Complete Lower Receiver Parts Kit from Aero Precision for just $50.99. There is a Limit 5 per household. As of the time this was posted quantities exceeding 5 will not allow checkout. Check prices here or even here. The Aero Precision AR-15 Standard Lower Parts Kit includes everything you need to assemble a stripped lower receiver. MIL-SPEC dimensions a...
Tags: Usa, Guns, Gear, Aero Precision, Primary Arms, Daily Gun Deals, AmmoLand News Team, Ammoland com Primary Arms

Military Rifle Calibers & Three Confusions!

Opinion Military Rifle Calibers & Three Confusions! Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “First, they tell you it will never work, and they can prove it! Then, they admit it does work, but insist it's not important. Finally, they concede it is important, but assure you they’ve know about it for years!” ~ Kettering Military Rifle Calibers: During the black-powder era of the 18th and 19th Centuries, bullet diameters on military rifle cartridges ranged from 11mm to 19mm (45 to 75 caliber). The te...
Tags: Guns, US, Nato, Twentieth Century, FN, Planet Earth, John Farnam, Krag, Shooting Industry News, Defense Training International, Farnam, Lebel, Collins CO AmmoLand

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