How to Find Motivation In Your Day During Uncertainty

The following is a guest post about how to find motivation in your day during uncertainty from regular contributor, Kristin at The Gold Project .  Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball. Last month, I had all intention of sharing another budgeting post. The information was already flowing through my head too. I was excited about it and ready to help y’all with money management. Then, life happened. So, I will still be sharing that information, but not this month. This month, I want to ...
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A Very Rocky Obsession

Back when the gardening bug really hit me, we were raising two kids and watching our dollars. Or, at least watching the few we acquired being whisked off to creditors. We had no extra money around to buy soil, plants, mulch, or anything else. Yet, I was obsessed, and I kept starting new garden beds. Managed this mostly by filling new beds with whatever flotsam and jetsam I could find–old bricks, rotten firewood, AMC Pacers, whatever, and then covering it all with a few inches of whatever soil I...
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Baked Spaghetti

Easy to make. [Author: Super Madcow]
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If you need to organize and process pdfs, do you import the originals?

Unfortunately-- 1. Pdfs have become the standard format for scans of older books, for scientific papers, for game rules, etc. 2. Most of the pdfs are incompatible with older e-readers. 3. Newer e-readers and tablets may be too small, incompatible with users' accessibility needs, and/or incompatible with users' budgets. So I for one end up pre-processing pdfs for my Kindle Dx. So far, I avoid importing the originals, and only import the processed versions. I assume some of you are in similar...
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LaRue Tactical Ultimate Upper Kit Review – One Kit to LaRue Them All? ~ VIDEO

LaRue Tactical's Ultimate Upper Kit is available in multiple finishes, but FDE is my personal favorite. U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- When it comes to AR-15 rifle lowers, I have a problem. It's a problem that led me to LaRue Tactical – I own far more lowers than uppers, to the point where many of them simply sit on a shelf in the gun safe and look pretty. I'm especially guilty of buying meme lowers from PSA or even just blemished ones when I'm around their brick and mortar stores. Eventually, I got ...
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So, I'm creating my first eBook - It's only 1,100 pages...

Quite honestly, I've gotten a great deal of mileage from MobileRead and I've never posted. My project is a version of the Holy Scriptures edited from a mid-1500's, Spanish manuscript. I'm volunteering for the non-profit publisher that previously had this Bible ePublished on Amazon and various other platforms, until it was recently recalled from the sub-contracted, for profit, publisher. The intention is to now re-publish and distribute the Spanish and English versions, free-of-cost. The InDe...
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QotD: Bizarro World Edition...

"I had the weirdest dream last night about a bizarro 2020 America where the Republican President was saying "total authority" and the Democratic governor of New York was talking about States' Rights." -Paul Simer . [Author: Tam]
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Tab Clearing...

A friend of mine put a ton of skull sweat into this fantastically detailed, deeply researched piece containing everything you need to know about masks.How to correctly don and doff gloves, with demonstration video.Handguns for n00bs in the time of the Rona.Normalcy Bias: Be on the lookout for it. [Author: Tam]
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TFB Review: Henry X Series: Suppressed Leverage

Henry X: a perfect 10? Who knew it would take until 2020 for lever-action rifles to finally be their best self?  Mis-steps were taken in this direction in 2012 (I’m looking at you, Mossberg 464).  Unwieldy monstrosities with too much quad rail were not what the lever-action loving community wanted.  The Marlin Dark Series and […] Read More … The post TFB Review: Henry X Series: Suppressed Leverage appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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png files do not appear. only on PocketBook

Hello, I am happy to have found your forum and I sincerely hope that you will be able to help me. Sorry for my English, I'm French. Because of the Covid-19, I decided to write a book to help a grandparent's bereaved children because of the virus. To try to give this book away for free as quickly as possible, I decided to make an ebook. I am not a computer scientist and I apologize in advance for my low level. Since I basically had a pdf, my book is 20 pages long, and I absolutely wanted to ...
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Underground Radio Remastered

Given the shelter-at-home quarantine we've all been faced with, I finally got around to remastering my rock opera Underground Radio. Mastering is distinct from mixing and is a separate phase of production during which a talented audio engineer listens to your album and makes adjustments to the overall sound, as opposed to the individual instruments or vocal tracks. It turns out that at least some of the mastering process can be automated through the use of artificial intelligence. So I used...
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Wheelgun Wednesday: Old School Smith & Wesson Model 57 .41 Magnum

In this week’s Wheelgun Wednesday we take a throwback look at a revolver with a common appearance, but a very uncommon chambering. The wheelgun we are talking about is the Smith & Wesson Model 57 .41 Magnum, and the example we will take a closer look at is from 1984. Not much love is given […] Read More … The post Wheelgun Wednesday: Old School Smith & Wesson Model 57 .41 Magnum appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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No line space break in between persepctive shifts in narrative

Hello all, I was hoping someone could help me with a problem. I'm reading a book (an epub) where perspectives often shift within a chapter. To do this, the book is formatted so that whenever the perspective shifts, an empty line is shown in between paragraphs. Unfortunately, on KOReader, these spaces aren't there, making things a bit confusing to read. Is there some simple fix to this I'm just not aware of? I've tried toggling the embedded style on and off and it doesn't fix the problem. The ...
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E-book viewer when started comes to the back

Hi. After double-clicking on a book in Calibre's main window E-book viewer appears in the background of the main window while pressing the View button or "V" on the keyboard launches viewer in the foreground. Am I only the one who faced this issue? Or are there any settings to correct such behavior? Best regards, Igor.
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POTD: High-Tech Setups from The International Sniper Competition

Photo Of The Day – We go back to the International Sniper Competition 2019 for a look at a lot of high-tech rifles, lasers and optics. It seems that some of the competitors used their own personal firearms, which makes these pictures very interesting. Above is a JP Enterprises LRP-07 lower with what I think […] Read More … The post POTD: High-Tech Setups from The International Sniper Competition appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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E-book viewer: "Lookup words" window

Hi, Kovid. Could it be possible to add some features to "Lookup words" window: 1. adjusting font size more precisely than right-clicking and selecting between ZoomIn or ZoomOut 2. apply color scheme so this window could match overall style of the viewer's main window as now it's weird to read in black/sepia mode with extremely white "Lookup words" window nearby 3. solve an issue while trying to sign in Google account since now there is only one result: "Couldn't sign you in This browser or...
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Funbie Studios Autobots Medical Team Trilogy Trailer for SIEGE Ratchet

If you remember the SIEGE Ratchet's Medical Cargo Crate from Funbie Studios, or even if you don't. It seems there is a madness to their methods as this project has expanded into a whole trilogy of accessories for the the Autobot Medic. What's beyond cool is the Med Scanner and Med Robot can be combined into this amazing trailer.
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managing user accounts from the command line...

Hi all, I'd like to set up authentication for my calibre-server (calibre 2.75.1 running on Raspbian), but I have to do that via the command line. So I'm trying to follow this simple tutorial in order to set up a user db. But when I copy-paste the command Code: calibre-server --userdb /srv/calibre/users.sqlite --manage-users , I get the error: "no such option: --userdb" Weird... Why do you think this is happening? Is the command line faulty? Is it a version issue? D-
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Literary The Samurai's Garden by Gail Tsukiyama

'The daughter of a Chinese mother and a Japanese father, Tsukiyama uses the Japanese invasion of China during the late 1930s as a somber backdrop for her unusual story about a 20-year-old Chinese painter named Stephen who is sent to his family's summer home in a Japanese coastal village to recover from a bout with tuberculosis. Here he is cared for by Matsu, a reticent housekeeper and a master gardener. Over the course of a remarkable year, Stephen learns Matsu's secret and gains not only physic...
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WA Prison Release Plan Has Evergreen Gun Owners Alarmed

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says the state may release nearly 1,000 “nonviolent offenders” from prison to comply with a state Supreme Court order related to the COVID-19 outbreak. iStock-1165446040 U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Reports that Washington State plans to release nearly 1,000 “nonviolent offenders” to ostensibly “limit the spread of COVID-19 among the prison population” have Evergreen State gun owners alarmed, amid reports of rising property crimes and because gun shops have been left of...
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The Best Star Wars Reads of the Disney Era

One of the biggest joys—well, beyond “More Star Wars than any reasonable person would know what to do with, for better or worse”—since Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars has been watching Lucasfilm’s publishing initiatives thrive in a rebooted world of interconnected stories. Some of the best Star Wars in years is…
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Temporary Free Toronto Library card

See https://torontopubliclibrary.typepad...d-tpl2020.html Quote: Torontonians who don't have a Toronto Public Library card can now access OverDrive, our largest collection of ebooks and audiobooks, with the new Instant Digital Card. This temporary card is available to people age 13 and older with a Toronto cell phone that can receive texts. New customers can enjoy this access until September 1, 2020. .... I wonder if we'll see other libr...
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Kill the nag screens

As someone who had already paid for the ios CC, I do not want to see the NAG screens for subscribing each time I select CC; I do not want to see the "CC" dialogue when I open CC. When I select a book to read in MapleReader, I do not want to see a dialogue saying that a copy was made to the importable queue; I believe that the user just want the selected reader to open the book to begin reading & not go thru another process to start reading. I think I will just stop using the ios CC. If the s...
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Collections in kobo clara

I manage my ebooks in calibre. I added an extra field 'collection'. I could use this field in my old kobo touch. Now I have the kobo Clara HD. I transferred my books to the Clara. However...although the books are and authors are now present in the kobo Clara, the collections are empty. I did not do anything different as I did using the kobo touch.
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Crafting a leather-bound 'spellbook' with traditional bookbinding techniques

“I made this huge leather bound "spellbook" with traditional bookbinding techniques,” says Nerdforge7 of NERDFORGE, on IMGUR. What an amazing project. Below, step-by-step 'Making of' shots. Maybe the best step-by-step creative thread I've ever seen on IMGUR. Outstanding. I made this huge leather bound "spellbook" with traditional bookbinding techniques
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Brightgreen’s UV-C Lights Help Knock Out Covid-19

While some designers and textile manufacturers focus on making masks (see here), Brightgreen Wellness continues doing what they do best—lighting. However, Brightgreen’s UV-C Lights are no ordinary luminaire, but rather a sophisticated dual-light spectrum system delivering ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) in the form of short wavelength ultra-violet light (UV-C) as well as regular visible light. UV-C light is a proven virus-eradicating technology. In use for more than...
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Transform Element Mice Warriors (Beast Wars Rattrap) English Review

Stasis Lock on YouTube has posted a new English language review for the Transform Element Mice Warriors unofficial Beast Wars Rattrap figure. After lots of images and demo videos, we get the full break down in the video below.
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Gun Gear: Streamlight TLR-7 A 500 Lumen Weapon Light $112.99 Pre-Order

Streamlight TLR-7 A 500 Lumen Weapon Light Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- So with so much gun gear and equipment either sold out or just selling so well that many retailers are not having a lot of sales I have a couple of Pre-Order options featured at great pricing if you order early as a way to lock in some savings, rather than chase deals that sell out almost immediately. LA Police gear is having a pre-sale on the Streamlight TLR-7 A 500 Lumen Weapon Light for just $112.99. That is a great pr...
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I just joined. Hi. How and where can I ask my question? Key words: kobo Clara HD, calibre and collections.
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hi i'm the new guy, OLD background Canadian military 14.5yrs no pension it hurt the guy that screwed that up. drive 41 year old 2 wheel beemer and a smart4two 2006 am looking for a 300 dollar pickup to tow the sail boat, I like a challenge, have a new to me windows laptop enough said have used linux mint about 7-8 years and mac's before that still know dick about them. Have 2 e-readers working one is a KOBO ARC and not working one is a KOBO VOX, for that I require an un-corupted inner mini sd...
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