Fantasy Nowlan, Philip Francis: The Prince of Mars Returns (1940), v1, 26 Apr 2020

Novelette (25,000 words), a return to the Mars of fantasy, with empires, a beautiful princess, and conflict. Published in 1940, it is the last story of Philip Francis Nolan, who at this period was almost exclusively working on scripting the Buck Rogers comic strips and who died that year. I made the cover using a vignette from a 1950s full-page magazine illustration of an adventure set in north Africa. Attached Thumbnails   ...
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Double the Storage

From everything I can gather, the Kodak DCS-14n, a Nikon N80 converted to a full-frame digital SLR, was the first one to offer dual card slots. It sported a Compact Flash slot, which had been the typical storage medium for digicams back in those primitive days, as well as a slot for the then-new Secure Digital format.In 2004, Canon added the same feature to the second iteration of their EOS-1D pro body. Like the Kodak, the Canon allowed you to write to the cards sequentially, making the second o...
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Super Nineties

I was today years old when I found out they actually did a Hudson Hawk video game back in '91.I probably missed it at the time because I was already gaming on a PC clone and it looks like they didn't do a DOS version. . [Author: Tam]
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Happenings May 2020

Selected Events Around the Country Because of the Coronavirus & Garden Closings, Most Events Are Online Check with your local gardens to see if they're open in May. April 26, May 3, May 10, Bringing Back the Natives Virtual Tours, CA 10am-3pm, 25+ gardens in all, Alameda & Contra Costa... [Author: Jane Berger]
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Touch Deregister a Nook Simple Touch Reader

I need some direction. I have a Nook Simple Touch Reader BNRV300 that I haven't used since 2017. I'd like to deregister it, wipe it clean, and give it to my daughter. I charged it up and it powered up just fine. The time clock was wrong, but I expected that. Since we changed our router and have a new wifi password it couldn't get the correct time. Once I entered the new password and it connected, the time updated properly. Everything seems okay, and the Nook reports that it is connected to...
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Review | The Unselected Journals of Emma M. Lion, Vols. 1 & 2 by Beth Brower

I feel a bit giddy finally talking to you all about this series. If you'll remember, I fell madly in love with The Q when it came out a few years ago. Now, Beth Brower is writing The Unselected Journals of Emma M. Lion — a series of novellas set in London in 1883. Each volume is an excerpt from the incorrigible Emma's journals, and the first two volumes are already available with the third on the way soon. I think they'd make rather perfect pandemic reading. Humorous and charming down to their b...
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PW2 Unbricking Kindle Paperwhite 2

Hi Guys, I’m new here and completely lost! I had read a lot of threads and no solution for a situation like mine! My kindle bricked in a system update! I tried everything with amazon, hold button etc. Nothing worked... and when I plug usb on my Mac and it don’t mount! Has any solution without soldering serial?! What do you guys suggest me?! Sorry about my English! Thanks a lot!
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Kindle not recognized by Calibre

Having trouble with Calibre. It will no longer recognize my Kindle Paperwhite. Last time I sent books to it, everything worked fine. No longer through. Have researched this forum and tried every suggestion that I could find. Anyone have ideas not allready given that might help? Windows 10 does recognize my device, but not Calibre.
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Bulk Edit for Metadata after update to 4.14

Hi - i just processed the 4.14 update for MAC. Functionality to edit metadata in bulk used to have a scroll bar on the right to move between all the field. Now it is just one large screen as the scroll bar is missing. Attached Thumbnails  
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POTD: Greek Special Forces Operator in The Kingdom of Jordan

Photo Of The Day and welcome to The Kingdom of Jordan where a Greek Special Forces Operator is scouting through his FN SCAR (above). These Coalition Special Forces Operators come from the USA, Greece, Cyprus and Lebanon and you can see them in action below.   All photos are taken by U.S. Air Force, Senior […] Read More … The post POTD: Greek Special Forces Operator in The Kingdom of Jordan appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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author metadata not displaying or sorting correctly

ebooks I create in Calibre and load on my Kindle sort based on the metadata in the "Author(s)" field, rather than the metadata in the "Author sort" field. This has always been the case going back to 2014, so it's not a problem specific to a device (it's happened on five different generation Kindles) or a problem specific to a particular version of Calibre (I've used numerous different builds of Calibre in that time frame). I have a very simple, easy work around, so ultimately this isn't a se...
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The Nation recipe not downloading articles

Built in recipe for The Nation downloads the publication, but not the actual articles. Thanks
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Is there a list somewhere of reputable stores and stores to avoid?

It seems there are some places to absolutely avoid but I don't know who to trust.
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"Taking a different approach to other nations contravenes jantelagen, the Scandinavian societal rule that forbids sticking your neck out or being noticeably ambitious."

"'If this succeeds, the first casualty will be jantelagen,' Annie said. 'We’ll be so pleased with ourselves.' Yet as the death toll rises, a significant number of people believe Sweden may have made a fatal error of judgment.... The state claims that the curve of infections has flattened. But as the weather warms up there are fears that the numbers will rise sharply if partygoers ignore the rules. For Plan B and other venues, their future livelihood may depend on their ability to enforce social ...
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Question about using Calibre for a Music Library

Yes, I know Calibre is for books, but I wanted to know if there is a possibility of using it to organize my music library. The basic idea is the same, adding tags, cleaning up titles, (authors), albums, adding album covers, etc. Being able to sort by tag, etc. I just hate the way Apple iTunes makes it so difficult to really sort and identify my music. I can't even find a column that would let me know if a song is already in a playlist. All I see is how I wish I could just throw the music ...
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Adobe Digital Edition ADE

just like to learn how to manage ADE reading library loan travel guide, especially the zooming in/out shifting for closer look of the the embeded maps, charts. did not see instructions associated with the App. Is it possible convert the file into PDF? Thanks
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"The coronavirus has been brutal for people with Fitbits, particularly those of us who might have been branded at one time or other as 'compulsive' or, worse still, 'crazy.'"

"I have a perfect record step-wise, and am not about to break it for a raging pandemic. I can’t! If I’m out after midnight when the streets are deserted, I fail to see how I’m hurting anyone. It’s definitely creepy though, the emptiness. If I were driving through the city, looking for someone to rob, I’d definitely choose myself — who wouldn’t? I’m small. I’m alone. I’m maybe fast for a 63-year-old but that’s not saying much. A loris in a full body cast is fast for a 63-year-old. That’s why I de...
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Mailroom #29: Thanks for Inviting Me to Your Wedding (NSFW)

In this episode of TFBTV Mailroom, James gets invited to a wedding that happened a year ago, goes on a rant about toxic pesticides in our plants, gets drunk (again), curses, complains, and reads your awful mail. NSFW language. Want to send something in? TFBTV Mail Room: PO BOX 52288 New Orleans, LA 70152 ««« […] Read More … The post Mailroom #29: Thanks for Inviting Me to Your Wedding (NSFW) appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Butterflies and Flowers

Here is hope for the Spring and Summer ahead. I am planting seeds and starting plants under lights in my basement. It gives me something to look forward to. Here is the back if you were curious.
Tags: Crafts, Doll, Finished Projects, Swaddled Baby

Transformers Generations Deluxe Warpath Review By Rodimusbill

Transformers Generations Deluxe Warpath figure. Part of Generations you line Wave 8 from 2011. Comes with spring loaded missle.
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Suggestion for an app

Hi, may you suggest me the name of a couple of apps that allow me to use a custom popup dictionary to sideload (maybe with acustomizable layout) thanks:D
Tags: Books, Android Devices

calibre 4.* Viewer Changes

I am new and hopefully, this is the right forum section to post in. I just recently updated calibre from 3.* to 4.*. I opened the program and found the book I wished to read and opened the viewer. Much to my dismay, the update included some changes that required serious getting-used-to, and after about a month, I still am not completely comfortable. First, there are the margins of calibre's viewer. In 3.*, there were two separate (at least on my computer there were) margin styles available: on...
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California’s Ammo Background Check Law Knocked Down

California's Ammo Background Check Law Knocked Down iStock-174077869 SAN DIEGO, CA –-(Ammoland.com)- Last year U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez of the Southern District of California struck down California’s magazine ban (Duncan v. Becerra). For one week, there was a buying frenzy of magazines hold over 10 rounds until the courts granted the state an injunction against the ruling. Less than 13 months later, the George W. Bush appointee has dealt another blow against Draconian California gun ...
Tags: Facebook, Guns, California, John, Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein, George W Bush, Interstate Commerce, Nra, Duncan, Benitez, Northern Virginia, Rhode, Kim Rhode, Shooting Industry News, Becerra

The Day the Household Appliances Quit

They should have been pleased they were getting so much work. Instead they revolted.
Tags: Tea, News, Home Appliances, Comedy and Humor, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV

BREAKING: California Reinstates Ammo Restrictions

CA U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Late Friday night (9:46pm), the following order came out from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, granting a temporary stay on the injunction issued on Thursday, April 24, in the NRA funded case of Rhode v. Becerra. This means that the same restrictions that have been previously in effect regarding ammunition in California are back for the time being, pending further order from the court. Timeline: April 23 – 9th Circuit District Court grants preliminary injunction, su...
Tags: Guns, California, Nra, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Rhode, Kim Rhode, Xavier Becerra, Gun Rights News, NRA-ILA, Institute for Legislative Action ILA, National Rifle Association of America ILA, Becerra, Mark J Bennett, 9th Circuit District Court, LINK United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit Notice

Knife Deals: La Police Gear Rescue EDC Folding Knife just… $17.99 Everyday Carry

LA Police Gear Rescue EDC Folding Knife Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- This is one of LA Police Gear's best selling duty knives and the La Police Gear Rescue EDC Folding Knife is just $17.99. This blade comes in a variety of configurations from drop point to tanto. LAPG buys these by the 1000's so they have a good selection of inventory. Check out the 275+ positive reviews and this is another workhorse knife that is priced so you can buy a few to have one in all your vehicles or go bags. LA Pol...
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Transformers G1 Soundtrack Saturdays - Explore! Repair! Tracks 9 & 28

Enjoy this installation of Transformers Soundtrack Saturday which proudly features four digital tracks (listed below in order of appearance) from Hasbro Studios' limited edition colored vinyl album, "'80s TV Classics: Music from The Transformers":- TRACK 9: Explore! Repair! - TRACK 28: The Wrong Readings Mean the Right DoomAlbum released by Toons Records, in conjunction with Hasbro, Inc.
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Missing Text when using Booklover App

Hello All, I am having some troubles that I just cant figure out. Hopefully this is the correct spot for it. I have a IPAD Air 2 and have been using the app called "Booklover" from the appstore. Almost all the books I have put on it have worked great (almost all kids books). The problem I am having is with a few of them where the text is missing in ever page (besides the cover page, credits, ect.). I am trying to find a way to "merge" the text with the picture on the book (its a picture bo...
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Update only books on device with newer versions

Perhaps this is a unique problem or perhaps there is an obvious solution but here's what I'm running into: I read and edit many books simultaneously and I'm very picky about fixing typos and any formatting issues, no matter how minor. The trouble is that I can't always remember which books I've edited and which I haven't. So out of say, a dozen books, I would like to be able to "send to device" only those ones in which the library version is newer than the device version and leave those alone ...
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Why Are Democrats Disarming Citizens and Setting Prisoners Free?

By Dan Wos Democratic Politicians like De Blasio are shocked that criminals they released during the pandemic are committing crimes. U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- From the headline, you would think you must be living in an alternate Universe. As Rachael Maddow said after real Americans took back the White House in 2016, “You're awake by the way, you're not having a terrible, terrible dream. Also, you're not dead and you haven't gone to hell. This is your life now.” This IS your life now, (at leas...
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