So I'm looking at the county map of confirmed Covid-19 case rates per 100k population and it is, for the most part, a population heat map...except the darkest county in Indiana is not Marion, but...Cass county? Three thousand something cases per hundred thousand people? I'm scratching my head and thinking "The biggest city in Cass county is Logansport; I doubt there are a hundred thousand people there."So I hit the Google and discovered the reason:"Pork processing is labor intensive and conduct...
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Clara HD Page numbers in wrong spots

Hi, I've got a little problem with page numbers showing on reading screen on my Clara. Apart from the normal positions they're showing up on the side of a reading page (see file attached or link). Does anyone know the reason? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zAp...ew?usp=sharing waldek Attached Thumbnails  
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Metadata plugin from multiple different book title formats

Is there a plugin that is able to get metadata from the book titles and import them automatically into custom fields or primary fields? An example is if I have book names like this and I want to add them all in one go with metadata being pulled from their titles: [author (publisher)] book title (series) [language] [author (publisher)] book title [language] [author (publisher)] book title [author] book title (publisher) I've tried using adding book regex but it will only work for one of each...
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Daily Prime - Optimus Prime of the Rings

Arguably, Optimus Prime is on a quest to ensure freedom for all sentient beings, no rings required. Sorry if you were expecting something connecting the Transformers with the "Lord of the Rings". Today's Prime shot is simply a silver cast ring of the Transformers (2007) Optimus Prime's head. Just in time for a proposal of marriage if you dare (pun), fashion statement, or self-defense measure.
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The 122nd Fighter Wing (Blacksnakes) of the Indiana Air National Guard did a flyover today of most of the major health care institutions in the center of the state. I messed up my timing and didn't get the 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS lens on the camera in time, and so had to use the non-stabilized 70-200mm f/2.8L that was on the camera. The 50.6MP sensor on the 5DS is pretty unforgiving so the images aren't as sharp as I'd like if you zoom in. They've got some stores on the racks; looks like a rep...
Tags: Guns, Planes, Tam, Neat-o, Horton hears a Hoosier

Short Fiction Stevenson, Robert Louis: Island Nights' Entertainments (1893), V1, 3 May 2020

Published in 1893, the year before Stevenson died, this collection contains a novella and two short stories. 1: The Beach of Falesa (novella) 2: The Bottle Imp 3: The Isle of Voices I remember "The Bottle Imp" from my school days. Attached Thumbnails   Attached Files Island Nights' Entertainments - Robert Louis Stevenson.epub (374.3 KB)
Tags: Books, ePub Books, Robert Louis Stevenson, Stevenson, Stevenson Robert Louis

Short Fiction Stevenson, Robert Louis: Island Nights' Enterrtainments (1893), V1, 3 May 2020

Published in 1893, the year before Stevenson died, this collection contains a novella and two short stories. 1: The Beach of Falesa (novella) 2: The Bottle Imp 3: The Isle of Voices I remember "The Bottle Imp" from my school days. Attached Thumbnails   Attached Files Island Nights' Entertainments - Robert Louis Stevenson.epub (374.3 KB)
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POTD: Norma .500 Nitro Express

Say hello to the .500 Nitro Express in Today’s Photo. Some people like hard-kicking calibers. I am not one of them, and I notice that my friends’ firearms in these calibers stay home most of the time. Having said that, there are times where a large caliber is a preference. Hunting in Africa might be […] Read More … The post POTD: Norma .500 Nitro Express appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, Africa, Norma, Photo of the Day, Nitro Express, 500 Nitro Express

Troubleshooting Help with Send to Kindle

Hello! Hope everyone is well and keeping healthy. Was really hoping someone could help me out as I just don't know what to do. I have a Kindle Paperwhite which I received for Christmas, and everything about it is great, except for one thing: I can't seem to make the Send to Kindle function work. I've downloaded Calibre to manage my books, and more importantly, manage my newspaper/magazine subscriptions. It's the only way I've found to avoid having to pay a second time for a Kindle subscript...
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Studio Series SS-59 Shatter Toy Photography Gallery by IAMNOFIRE

IAMNOFIRE takes off from his current run on the Netfix figure to shoot some pics of the Transformers Movie Studio Series SS-59 Shatter figure. This is the 2nd one in the line with the Jet alternate mode, instead of the Plymouth Satellite muscle-car. How nice we get one triple changer for the price of two, oh wait.
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Newsbeamer - android app that sends Calibre publications to your Kindle

https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ign.newsbeamer This is a fairly basic android app that uses Calibre tools to enable you to send publications to your Kindle from your Android phone. The free version is ad supported, there's a pro version with no ads. Pro users can contact me to request new publications adding. Enjoy.
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Best firmware for kindle PW3?

I know it's pretty subjective, but is there a firmware that a majority of people liked being on for the PW3? My current version is 5.10 and I feel the kindle has great battery life and does what I need, but it never hurts to update to a better firmware.
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Libra Perpetual sync = battery drain

I have my Libra set to power off after an hour if I'm not using it in order to save battery drain. Recently I've been noticing that only after a day or so, I'll open up the ereader and find it almost completely drained of battery. I checked my settings and theyre still set to power off, except my ereader is not powering off automatically! I think I found the culprit -- the spinny sync wheel keeps going around and around "checking for updates" and it shows it hasn't synced successfully in nearly ...
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Troubleshooting How to restore manual backup from Android Kindle App

Hi there! Personal docs that are .mobi were sent to my Kindle account and then downloaded from the table app. I had to factory reset my tablet for some reasons, and before that I made a backup of the Kindle folders in Android, but after the amateur method of pasting over after resetting didn't bring me back my highlights. I'm sure they are there in my backup but I don't know how to restore it. I also made an export with the specific feature, that generates a html file, but I also don't know how ...
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NM Gov’s New Order Allows Partial Operation of Gun Stores & Ranges

New Mexico's Gov. Grisham partially reverted his illegal order to close gun shops and ranges. U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Recently, facing mounting pressure to re-open New Mexico businesses and litigation filed by NRA-ILA, the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, and other pro-Second Amendment organizations, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham extended her emergency executive stay-at-home order until Friday, May 15.  However, she amended the order to allow gun stores and shooting ranges to operate ...
Tags: Guns, New Mexico, Nra, Grisham, Gun Rights News, NRA-ILA, Institute for Legislative Action ILA, National Rifle Association of America ILA, Michelle Lujan Grisham, NRA ILA the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association

SILENCER SATURDAY #123: Innovative Arms Integral Bolt Action In 300BLK

Good day suppressor lovers and welcome back to the 123rd edition of Silencer Saturday brought to you by my friends at Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the Resonator and Turbo lines of suppressors.  Last week we finished off the Rex Silentium review series with the MG7 K 5.56mm rifle suppressor. Today we get a special […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #123: Innovative Arms Integral Bolt Action In 300BLK appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, Editorial, Rifles, NFA / Suppressors / Class III, Yankee Hill Machine, Integrally Suppressed, Innovative Arms, Bolt Action, 300blk, Silencer Saturday

Calibre error

Hi, would anyone know what to do when this error: calibre, version 4.15.0 CHYBA: Chyby během přidávání: Nepodařilo se přidat žádné knihy, pro více informací klikněte na "Zobrazit podrobnosti" ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Nepodařilo se přidat knihu:Žena v bílém C:\Users\zdenk\OneDrive\Plocha\Knihovna\zena_v_bil em.epub S chybou: Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\add.py", line 414, in add_book File "site-pa...
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Senators Warn Banks Not to Use Recovery Funds to Starve Gun Business

By Larry Keane The NSSF reports that US Senators are warning politicians not to use COVID-19 to shut down businesses they don't like. U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- U.S. Senators are warning big banks not to use the recent pandemic recovery funds as a bludgeon against industries they find out of fashion. In other words, don’t use taxpayer funds as a weapon to score political points at the next corporate cocktail party. U.S. Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), along with 18 additional senators, authored a ...
Tags: Texas, Guns, White House, US, America, Treasury, Louisiana, Citibank, Federal Reserve, Wells Fargo, Nra, Powell, Small Business Administration, Sloan, SBA, U S House of Representatives

Daily Gun Deals: CMMG AR15 22LR Bravo Rifle Conversion Kit +3 Mags $164.99 FREE S&H

CMMG AR15 22LR Bravo Rifle Conversion Kit +3 Mags April2020 2 USA – -(Ammoland.com)- The gun guys at Brownells.com are having a sale on CMMG AR15 22LR Bravo rifle conversion kit and three matching 25 round magazines for $164.99 after coupon code “SAE” at check out.  Brownells Edge Members can get free shipping on their entire order. If you have wanted to convert your AR15 rifle to shoot 22LR but were put off by the high price of conversion kits then here is your chance to get a great kit and...
Tags: Guns, Nato, Bravo, Gear, LR, CMMG, Brownells, Ammoland TV, USA Ammoland, Brownells.com, Conversion Kits, Daily Gun Deals, AmmoLand News Editors

Ebook viewer Header cuts font's descenders

When using Calibre e-book viewer with epub books I see that the heading showing author and title uses a font that do not show properly the descenders of some letters (lowercase g, j, p, q and y) under the baseline of the font. How can I fix this? I am using Calibre 14.5 64 bit. PS) Sorry for my English. Attached Thumbnails  
Tags: Books, Calibre

Forma When I press Sync, how can I choose to decline "checking for updates"?

When I tap on the Sync button on the Kobo screen, is there a way I can choose what to sync? For example, sometimes I want to sync just Overdrive. Sometimes I want to sync just Pocket articles. I want selective syncing because before, for example, books or articles are synced, I see "Checking for updates..." for a long time. Basically, I wish I could choose to decline checking for updates.
Tags: Books, Kobo Reader

Lionel Shriver: 'Some people think I'm evil incarnate'

The author on publishing when bookshops are closed, being an ‘exercise nut’ and the dangers posed to writers by mob ruleLionel Shriver is a US-born writer whose novels include Big Brother, The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047 and the bestselling We Need to Talk About Kevin, which won the 2005 Orange prize and was turned into a film by Lynne Ramsay starring Tilda Swinton. In 2014, she won the BBC national short story award. Her new novel, The Motion of the Body Through Space, is about a long-marrie...
Tags: Books, Fiction, US, Bbc, Culture, Tilda Swinton, Kevin, Lionel Shriver, Shriver, Lynne Ramsay

Titan Class Earthrise Scorponok Images and Comparison Shots by PrimeVsPrime

PrimeVsPrime updates with some new images of the Transformers War For Cybertron Titan Class Earthrise Scorponok figure that he has just posted a video review for. He has followed up with a number of images showing more angles on the figure along with some comparison shots captured from the video review.
Tags: Toys

Transformers G1 Soundtrack Saturdays - Mystery Airs Tracks 38, 39, 40

Enjoy this installation of Transformers Soundtrack Saturday which proudly features four digital tracks (listed below in order of appearance) from Hasbro Studios' limited edition colored vinyl album, "'80s TV Classics: Music from The Transformers":- TRACK 38: EPIC STRUGGLES- TRACK 39: MYSTERIOUS AIRS- TRACK 40: WALKING NIGHTMAREAlbum released by Toons Records, in conjunction with Hasbro, Inc.
Tags: Toys, Hasbro Studios, Toons Records

PD Ebooks DVD on Ebay

Not sure if of any interest but I ran across this on ebay and thought that I would mention it. A DVD of what are claimed to be 15,000 Kindle format compatible ebooks, all public domain I presume. Might save considerable time searching the web and downloading items. Cost is $8.99 including shipping. I just ordered it so have not actually received and examined it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Over-15-000...53.m2749.l2649
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Hello from a French ski resort

Hello, I found this site from a mention on Smashwords.com. I'm an Australian self-published author living in France. Happy day to you!
Tags: Books, France, Introduce Yourself

Current Obsessions: Keeping Calm

Above: We’re revisiting Lizzie Bowden’s calming flat in Ladbroke Gardens, Notting Hill, designed by Hollie Bowden. Photo by Genevieve Lutkin. Our friends at Evangeline Linens are offering Remodelista readers a store-wide 30 percent discount to celebrate springtime and Mother’s Day (we especially like their collection of lightweight mohair throws); use the code remodelista2020 at checkout. Sale runs through Sunday, May 10th. Dezeen has teamed up with filmmaker Gary Hustwit, who is offering a fr...
Tags: Books, UK, La, Maine, North Carolina, Bay Area, Dieter Rams, Modern House, Dezeen, Design News, Current Obsessions, Gardenista, Mitchell Gold Bob Williams, Erica Tanov, Gary Hustwit, Evangeline Linens

Saturday Morning Cartoon - Transformers G1 S01:E16 - Heavy Metal War

Saturday Morning Cartoons are thing of the past, but that doesn't mean we can't still watch them on Saturday. With just about everything available via streaming nowadays, why not do our own thing for Saturday mornings.Tune into Tubi to watch with Transformers G1 S02:E06 - Enter The Nightbird from 1985.
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a little bit of a sale on Harry Potter books in the UK

There seems to be a sale of sorts on Harry Potter books in the UK. It doesn't offer much off, but the books rarely go on sale at all. YMMV! The collection of the seven main books is on sale at £31.99 (down from £37-ish), in at least three languages: English, Spanish and French. The individual titles also seem to be down by £1.00, from £5.99 to £4.99, at least for the few I spot-checked. The £31.99 is a bit better price than 7 x £4.99 = £34.93 if you need them all. It is also actually qu...
Tags: Books, UK, US, Harry Potter, Pottermore, Beedle, Kindle US, La Collection Complète, Harry Potte, La Colección Completa

Five Absolute Musts for Brand New AR-15 Owners Part -1

The AR-15 is an accurate, lightweight reliable firearm. Like all firearms, it must be handled with respect and strict adherence to the four rules of gun safety. U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Most readers on this site own a firearm (or 20) and are very familiar with the safe operation of their weapons. But with the vast increase of new gun-owners panic-buying as a result of COVID-19, some basic-level information is necessary to help these new folks. And since by and large, the most common self-loadin...
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