Plane Crazy

I tell you what, browsing around the ramps at Edwards AFB in Google satellite view today has been the most interesting thing I've done all week. Look! I found one of the old F16XL test planes just collecting dust in a back corner! I wonder what those two things on the other side of the ramp are? They look familiar but I can't put my finger on it. If you go down to the South Base you can see what looks to be one of NASA's Canberras and this Rutan-esque oddity I'm trying to identify.EDIT: Puttin...
Tags: Google, Guns, Planes, Nasa, Orbital Sciences, Tam, Neat-o, Teh Intarw3bz, Rutan, Edwards AFB, South Base

Slight modification to filenames in calibre library

I am trying to figure out how to make a small modification to how the files in my calibre library are named. Here is an example: 1) I am adding a book to my calibre library with the original file name "King 2011 - 11_22_63.pdf". 2) When I add it to the library, the meta data shows the author as King, Stephen, the title as 11/22/63, and stores the file with the pdf with the following file structure - "King, Stephen\11_22_63\11_22_63 - King, Stephen.pdf". 3) Since I would like to use the origi...
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How to access my Nook Glowlight 3 without registration?

Hello everyone, Could you show me how to access my Nook Glowlight 3 without registration ? Current firmware: 50.0.117 Thank you! Attached Thumbnails  
Tags: Books, Barnes & Noble NOOK

iOS “Read” button request

Please add the ability to disable the messaging send for books. This appears top and center every time I go to open a book in the reader app, and I can’t think of a reason I would want to send a book over apple messaging.
Tags: Books, Calibre Companion

Calibre doesn't detect Kobo

My wife has a Kobo Aura H2O she hasn't used in a while, and it has been a few years since I have transferred any books to it from Calibre. I am currently running Calibre 4.15 on macOS Catalina 10.15.3. The Mac detects the device, but Calibre does not. I have the KoboTouch (2.5.1) plugin enabled as well as KoboTouch Extended, and have tried using KoboUtilities to switch between the two drivers. Nothing I've tried has allowed Calibre to detect the connected device. I can't figure out what has ch...
Tags: Books, Devices, Catalina, Kobo

As we shelter in place we held a limerick contest, here are some of our favorites

The limerick contest was a delightPoems came to me in morning and nightHere are just a fewFor which I thank youIf you feel robbed, you’re probably right. Cooped up like a chicken in a cageSome of us driven to fits and rageI learned from a fewWho saw World War IIHumor helps get you through any age. Apologies the page did not run last weekend as planned. It was bumped because the big breaking news story. There were thousands of submissions and I tried my best to keep on top of them. I got letters ...
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Daily Prime - BotCon Timelines Shattered Glass Optimus Prime

The Transformers Classics Voyager Optimus Prime from 2006 has been made over so many times by Hasbro, Takara, BotCon, and a near-endless array of KOs. I have lost count of how many there are. It has become a strange obsession of mine to find them all, even the KO variants. Arguably, the most desirable Classics mold of all is the BotCon Timelines Shattered Glass Optimus Prime (Optronix) from 2008.
Tags: Toys, Hasbro Takara BotCon

POTD: Kalashnikov USA’s Rose Gold Rifle

Photo Of The Day and we take a look at a Rose Gold creation from Kalashnikov USA. Russian 9×19 mm rifles aren’t too common, and to be fair this one isn’t either as it is Made in the USA, based on the drawings of a Vityaz-SN submachine gun. The rifle is called KR-9 and is […] Read More … The post POTD: Kalashnikov USA’s Rose Gold Rifle appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Usa, Guns, Kalashnikov, Photo of the Day, AK-47 / AK-74 / Everything AK, Kalashnikov USA, Vityaz, Vityaz-SN

It Was All A Lie: String of Burglaries Gregory & Travis McMichael Said Was the Reason for Stalking & Murdering Ahmaud Arbery Never Happened

Gregory and Travis McMichael, the white father and son who were arrested Thursday (May 7) and charged with murder in the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery, told police they believed the 25-year-old black man was a suspect in a string of burglaries in the area, and that’s why they chased him down and killed him while trying to detain him for questioning in a citizen’s arrest. Well, as it turns out … and this may or may not surprise you … that was a whole entire lie. A police lieutenant told CNN tha...
Tags: Crime, News, Shooting, Guns, Georgia, Cnn, Jazz, Racial Profiling, Gun Violence, Gregory, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Greg, Brunswick, GBI, South Georgia, Travis

Mutant Beast Hunter - A Post-Apocalyptic SF Adventure [Free 5/9-5/10]

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081QQG85N/ It began with what was to be the cure to all of life’s ails, a bio-engineered virus that could reprogram the DNA of any living cell. The virus cured cancer and all variety of genetic conditions, created super crops that ended famine, and caused trees to literally grow into buildings. It was the beginning of a new era where anything and everything was possible. But then, the virus got loose. It radically and continually mutated all life on Earth. Animals an...
Tags: Books, Manhattan, Self-promotions By Authors And Publishers, Lucas, Earth Animals

Forma best way to download newspapers and how to bulid own feed template

what is the best way to download newspapers ? i used the calibre download news option but i think it copies the data from the webpage improper way so it also shows menu texts etc... and makes many pages in one day's newspaper feed.. is there any "how to" guide to make your own news feed for kobo in the calibre software?
Tags: Books, Kobo Reader


Completely missed this part of the forum before making my first post, oops. I'm interested in buying an e-reader and having trouble deciding on which one to get. This forum has already been a huge help for me, I just need a final push in the right direction, I guess. I'm looking forward to becoming a part of this community. :)
Tags: Books, Introduce Yourself

To save or to splurge?

I've been thinking of getting an e-reader recently, and am very much confused when it comes to which one to buy. I have never owned an e-reader before, so this will be my first buy. I am unsure if I should go for the cheaper Pocketbook Touch Lux 4, or if I should spend more money and get the Kobo Libra. I am concerned about the screen cracking, I will most definitely buy the protective cover with my device, but I would still like to know which one is sturdier and has a better build quality (from...
Tags: Books, Pocketbook Touch Lux, Which one should I buy

USBNet stopped working?

I had something strange happen today. Early this afternoon when I woke my pw4 up to read the display was corrupted in some manner. It was as if text were folded over itself multiple times and it was unreadble. Paging forward did not correct this. With the corruption I was unable to work the menus even though I was able to access them as the touch screen appeared working right. So I held the power button down until it flashed and restarted the pw4. After the restart the screen is working pr...
Tags: Books, Kindle Developer's Corner, KUAL

Stuck on

I see mention of versions,, Other devices in my household are on the latter, but my Asus (Android 4.2.2) is stuck on, and no updates are shown as available. Any idea why this is? EDIT. Just noticed the min. specs have changed to Android 5. Great. :-(
Tags: Books, Calibre Companion

iOS: Upcoming Release 2.0.4 (iPad Design Updates / Ads Coming)

Hello CC Users, I wanted to give all iOS users a heads up, ads is finally coming to the non-subscribed version of Calibre Companion. I know this may frustrate some of you but as I have previously said, the development and continuous progress of CC is dependent on the subscription. We want to keep working and improving CC for iOS and Android and to do so we need to move to this model. Release Notes: -iPad design updates (thumbnail view) -Ads being added to non-subscribed users Just a remind...
Tags: Books, Calibre Companion

I reviewed In Five Years, Fleabag: The Scriptures & The...

I reviewed In Five Years, Fleabag: The Scriptures & The Memory Wood over on prettybooks.co.uk!
Tags: Books, Review, Book Review, Fleabag, In Five Years, The Memory Wood, Fleabag: The Scriptures

Multi-cast audiobooks

I've been listening to The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife. They are books 1 & 2 of the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman. They are multi-cast with Pullman as the narrator. They are very good. Another one I really enjoyed was Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. Does anyone know of other really good multi-cast audiobooks?
Tags: Books, Audiobook Discussions, Pullman, Ender, Orson Scott Card Does

No Create Index button in Tools Toolbar?

I have been looking for a button in the toolbars to invoke "Create Index" and cannot find one. The "Tools" toolbar has Metadata Editor, Generate Table of Contents, and Spellcheck, but no Create Index. Also, there is no default keyboard accelerator for Create Index. I assigned Ctrl-Shift-N for that and it appears to work. But a button would be easier since my old brain forgets keyboard accelerators as soon as I learn 'em. :eek: Am I missing something obvious? Is there a button that I have not f...
Tags: Books, Sigil, Ctrl Shift N

Libra cannot read side loaded epub files

hi everyone, as I mentioned in the title, i couldn't read epub files transferred from calibre. kobo only opens the book cover and unexpectedly exit to home page after i turn to next page kepub files are ok but i just wanna read epub ones. what did i do wrong?
Tags: Books, Kobo Reader

Fans Hobby MB-17 Tease Unofficial Megatron, MB-15 Naval Commander Pre-Orders Coming

Fans Hobby have posted an image teasing their MB-17 release with the words "Development in progress" on the somewhat obscured image. Transformers Armada fans may recognize that as the back of Decepticon Leader, Megatron, head. This is quite fitting actually as Fans Hobby is already working on the counterpart MB-15 Naval Commander.
Tags: Toys

Saturday Morning Cartoon - Transformers G1 : The Return of Optimus Prime

Saturday Morning Cartoons are thing of the past, but that doesn't mean we can't still watch them on Saturday. With just about everything available via streaming nowadays, why not do our own thing for Saturday mornings.Tune into Tubi to watch with Transformers: Generation 1 S03:E29 & S03:E30 - The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1 and 2 from 1987.
Tags: Toys, Optimus, Tubi

MP-51 Arcee, MPM-10 Starscream Retail Solicitations Reveal Prices and Release Dates

Thanks to Singapore retailer, Fat Toys Corner, we have two updates from their product solicitations confirming the release dates and expected pricing for the upcoming Takara TOMY Transformers Masterpiece releases. The MPM-10 Starscream will be out in October 2020 with a listed pre-order price of $240 SGD ~ $170 USD.
Tags: Toys, Singapore, Starscream, Arcee MPM, Starscream Retail Solicitations Reveal Prices, Fat Toys Corner

Big screen ereaders cost too much: are there any economic alternative?

I have been looking for a new ereader for a long time to replace my Nook Simple Touch which is now falling apart (literally!). I have always wanted a bigger screen, not only for books, but also for comics. My dream would be a 10 "ereader, but the prices are prohibitive for me: despite the e-ink technology it seems to me to be stuck for years, the prices for the big screen ereaders are still too high for my pockets. I am resizing my dreams and looking at the models with 7.8" screens: even here...
Tags: Books, Italy, Kindle Oasis, Which one should I buy

FIRST LOOK!!! Toyhax Ironworks Decals By Patriot Prime Reviews

Here's part 1 of my "First Look" Reviews for upcoming Toyhax Decal Sets. Earthrise Ironworks.
Tags: Toys

Need help with ArsTechnica recipe

I'm trying to use the ArsTechnica recipe. It works perfectly fine for all news articles, but it doesn't seem to work with any of the articles in the "Features" feed. I tried tweaking the recipe, but nothing seems to work. Can someone help me out? Here's an example of an article that doesn't work: https://arstechnica.com/information-...d-performance/
Tags: Books, Recipes

Birch Ply Never Looked So Good

This is a home tour of Mumbai-based architect & interior designer Mahek Lalan’s (of SML Architects) 2-bedroom family home. It’s not often you get to see how the architects’ design a home for themselves paring down the frills and superfluous artifacts. This home is particularly breathtaking as it gave me a beach-home vibe when I [...]
Tags: Books, Mumbai, House tours, 2 BHK, Mahek Lalan

Other Fiction Balzac, Honoré de: Das Balzac-Buch [German] v 1.0 09.05.2020

Honoré de Balzac (* 20. Mai 1799 in Tours; † 18. August 1850 in Paris) war ein französischer Schriftsteller. hier >Das Balzac-Buch
Tags: Books, Paris, ePub Books, Honoré de Balzac, Belgien, Das Balzac Buch, Meisterwerk Das Mädchen, Goldaugen Oberst Chabert Das, Colmar Elsass, Wikipedia Attached Files Das Balzac Buch

Backpack Pencil Case

Ok, at the store I work at we had these lol surprise mini backpack keychains. I thought it was a little childish but they were so cute I wanted one and at the time one of my favorite YouTubers did a backpack pencil case that I just had to make. However I can’t find/afford the materials I needed to do so. Then after buying two of those little backpacks at 50% off I can up with the idea to use them to make the pencil case backpack that I have been longing for. And with a “few” adjustments I did it...
Tags: Crafts, Kinhime Dragon

Advice on When to Prune Shrubs – Mostly Wrong?

In a recent post I mentioned hiring an expert to teach my coop to prune their (damn) shrubs and linked to the pruning instruction that resulted. The shocker to me and most gardeners, I’m betting, is this bit of advice from the professional pruners: she told us that euonymus can be hand-pruned any time of the year, and that almost all shrubs can be, too. But-but-but doesn’t EVERYONE tell us to prune flowering shrubs soon after they’ve bloomed, to avoid removing the next year’s blooms? For exampl...
Tags: Gardening, Tricks, Designs, and Schemes, Azalea Belt of the Mid Atlantic, National Arboretum Advice

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