Jacket CSS not working?

Hi everyone. I hope I am posting in the correct forum. Having upgraded my Calibre to 4.16 on my Mac, I have realised that the settings I have in my css file (calibre>Show Package Contents>Resources>resources>jacket) are no longer being applied. I used to have a blue background on which the title and series name of the book were added in white text. Now, everything is black text on white background. Also, when in the Comments I had coloured text, the coloured text would appear in the generat...
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top margin padding in Apple Books

I am new to making ebooks, but I have to do a lot, about 60, which is a backlist for a small press publisher. This must be an old question, but the epub file I've made is formatted with large top margins - it's the style of the book, which is very short stories that begin part way down each page. Its format looks great on a kobo, or on kindle previewer, or calibre ereader, etc. With margin-top set to 180px; in the style sheet. However, when it goes into Apple Books on an ipad the top margins ...
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Kobo Forma Calibre Plug-Ins

I am moving from an Oasis 2 to a Forma and will be using Calibre to load Amazon purchased books on the Forma. I viewed the Plug-In Index and was completely overwhelmed by the amount of content. What are the Kobo Forma specific Plug-Ins that you recommend I add to Calibre? I assume some of these Plug-Ins may have overlapping functions. If true which ones are preferred? Thanks, Joe
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TFB Review: CZ Shadow 2 SA 9mm (Single-Action Only)

When it comes to choosing range pistols, whether it is to shoot a league or simply improve your shooting ability on your own time, a lot of us reach for polymer guns. So, where is the love for metal-frame pistols? There are lots of brands out there and platforms to pick from, but all of […] Read More … The post TFB Review: CZ Shadow 2 SA 9mm (Single-Action Only) appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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9 Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy at Home

What day of quarantine is it? Weeks, days, and hours are all the same to me right now. I never know what day it is, but I know I need to keep my kids busy at home. We’ve completely run out of fun things to do and I’m letting my kids watch WAY too much TV. Please tell me I’m not the only one!? We are trying to do our part and stay home as much as possible. We’re in this for at least a few more weeks so I decided to find some new and creative ways to keep my kids busy at home. I hope these ideas h...
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Lemon Basil Smash + Herb Infused Cocktails

I love herb infused cocktails. As I write this post the Thursday evening before Memorial Day Weekend, I am sipping this delicious Lemon Basil Smash cocktail concoction! A local restaurant in my town makes a rosemary infused grapefruit cocktail that I love, and I can’t turn down a mint julep! Any cocktail that mixes citrus with fresh herbs is a favorite, especially in summer! There’s something about sipping a herb infused cocktail right before a barbeque that just sets the mood as a prelude to a ...
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Disruption and free access to MITSloan Management Review

A former colleague of mine recently mentioned that her current employer, MITSloan Management Review (MMR), was offering a free 60-day pass to their entire site. I've read a number of articles since then and wanted to pass that link along to you as well. More importantly, I also discovered that the MMR has assembled a collection of very timely articles about disruption that they're also offering as a free downloadable PDF (courtesy of Deloitte). If you click here you'll be asked to give your name...
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iPad Pro 12.9" 1st vs 2nd gen.

Hi, I'm currently shopping around for a used iPad Pro. Does anyone happen to know if there is any difference in the screen (e.g. anti-glare coating, brightness, etc.) between the first and second generation iPad Pro 12.9" ?
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Did anyone ever bought from ereader.store?

I hope this is not considered spam. If so, i will delete the post. I really need to change my e-reader and I would like the new Onyx Boox Poke 2. I live in Italy, there is no trace of it in the Onyx Boox Amazon store (neither in the american one) and the only european store that sells Onyx devices is this ereader.store, from Germany. I read something around about it, even in this forum, but i read conflicting opinions. Is this site trustable? Throwing away 200€ is the last thing i want to do in...
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Brownells BRN-180s – The Pistol Configuration Application (Part 3 of 3)

Brownells BRN-180S – The Pistol Configuration Performance U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Parts 1 and 2 of the Brownells BNR-180s evaluation uttered a likeness to oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in all their splendor.  We gratuitously overindulged on those warm little gems, and I can state that with no shame.  Today you find out if I suffered a bellyache or not. Brownells BRN-180s I believed all along the BRN-180s would be a great pistol option, but it’s imperative that I approach each project like...
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Michael Bay is Turning Mark Greaney’s Audio Book ‘Armored’ Into an Action Film for Sony

Bayhem won’t even stop for a pandemic. Michael Bay is proving to be quite the lockdown busybody, following up his coronavirus-inspired thriller with a feature film adaptation of a new audiobook by Mark Greaney, Armored. Bay is producing the cartel crime drama with 3 Arts’ Erwin Stoff for Sony and are looking to hire a writer for the project. Deadline reports that Sony Pictures acquired the movie rights to Armored, based on the new audiobook written by Mark Greaney, the writer behind the Gray ...
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ALIEN SECRETS Harper Voyager giveaway

Exclusively for Harper Voyager Newsletter Subscribers, the first 50 subscribers to complete this form by May 27th will receive a FREE early final copy of Ian Douglas' ALIEN SECRETS. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...cnDPw/viewform Apache
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Concealed Carry Corner: Top 4 Carry Myths to Avoid

Last week, I was checking out a local gun shop trying to kill time. I overheard a couple other customers talking about how they carry their firearm and it caught my attention. The older gentleman said he carries an older model Smith & Wesson 686 but leaves the chamber empty just in case. To be […] Read More … The post Concealed Carry Corner: Top 4 Carry Myths to Avoid appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Hunker Down with Perspective

  B asted . Just regular old big stitches. No knots, from the thread nest, later to go back to the thread nest. Just to say OK, let's try this. Your browser does not support the audio element. Link to audio   if you see no player above The weather is warmer and now I don't need to worry about the room with the window that is too high to see out. I have a new design wall without edges. And lots of light. Big Cloth, now small cloth...just had me thinking about scale...we thin...
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POTD: March FX 5-42×56 High Master Wide Angle Riflescope

Photo Of The Day – Today we will get a closer look at a lonely cabin on the hillside. Perhaps this will disappoint some people, but for anyone looking for reasons to buy the new March FX 5-42×56 HM riflescope, these pictures will be heaven (or hell, depending on how deep your pockets are). The cabin is 950 […] Read More … The post POTD: March FX 5-42×56 High Master Wide Angle Riflescope appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Kindle owners should have a Kobo

I've been reading about some wanting night mode and the book cover to the the lock screen image. What I want to know is why do Kindle owners want features they can already have with Kobo and can easily get by getting a Kobo yet they stick with a Kindle? Seems silly to me to have a Kindle that doesn't do what they want when they can get a Kobo that does do what they want.
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AmmoLand Writers ‘Walk the Walk’ on Front Lines of Gun Rights Battle

Four regular AmmoLand News contributors are people who make things happen as well as reporting what happened.iStock-1055138108 U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- “The vast population of this earth, and indeed nations themselves, may readily be divided into three groups. There are the few who make things happen, the many more who watch things happen, and the overwhelming majority who have no notion of what happens.”—Nicholas Murray Butler, president, Columbia University, 1931 So it seems to be within th...
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Declare victory with a morale-boosting garden — like our grandparents did

Forced to shelter in place, most of us are coming down with a bad case of cabin fever. Instead of worrying about the future and whether that scratchy throat you woke up with this morning is something serious, plant a Victory Garden. During World War II, those on the home front were dealing with food shortages and rationing, as well as fear and anxiety. George Washington Carver promoted the idea of what he called Victory Gardens, urging people to grow their own food, mostly as a way of supplement...
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Error while exporting opf metadata into pdf file

Hi, I want to export the metadata into de opf file to the pdf associated. The problem is when I tried this get the following error: Code: calibre, version 2.75.1 WARNING: Error while saving: Failed to update metadata in some books, click "Show details" for more information Failed to update the metadata in the PDF format of: Understanding Analysis, 2ndEd by Abbott, Stephen, with error:     Traceback (most recent call last):       File "/usr/lib/calibre/calibre/customize/ui.py", line...
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Jinbao Oversized KO Gravity Builder (Devastator) Battle Damaged version review By Kato's Kollection

Today I finally take a look at Jinbao Oversized KO Battle Damaged Gravity (Devastator) .
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Streamlight Introduces New Models Of TL-Racker Shotgun Forend Lights With Increased Lumens

Streamlight have introduced their new and improved TL-Racker shotgun forend weapon lights. The TL-Racker boasts a 1,000 lumen brightness, a sleek design available in black and orange, ambidextrous switches and it’s mountable to the Mossberg 500 and 590 series as well as the Remington 870.   Here’s what Streamlight have to say about the new […] Read More … The post Streamlight Introduces New Models Of TL-Racker Shotgun Forend Lights With Increased Lumens appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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CCRKBA, SAF Hosting Free Online Grassroots Training Sessions

Online firearms training can be an invaluable training resource. IMG Jim Grant Bellevue, WA -(AmmoLand.com)- The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and the Second Amendment Foundation will co-host a FREE online Grassroots Activism Summit on three consecutive evenings, each timed for a separate U.S. time zone, though users can choose which session they would like to join, on Zoom. The programs will air Tuesday, May 26 (Eastern), Wednesday, May 27 (Central), and Thursday, Ma...
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Ammo Deals: Federal RTP 9mm 115gr FMJ Ammunition Box of 50 – $10.99ea

Federal RTP 9mm 115gr FMJ Ammunition Box of 50 Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Primary Arms has 50 round boxes of Federal RTP 9mm 115gr FMJ ammo in stock for $10.99 each with a limit of twenty boxes per order. (Limit 20 per household. Quantities exceeding 20 will not allow checkout.) That works out to $0.219 a round each and is a fair price for reloadable brass 9mm. Check prices here and over here if you can get them in your cart in time before they sell out. The Federal Range, Target, Practice ...
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This Day in History: Winchester is Founded

This Day in History: Winchester is Founded USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- On May 22, 1866, one of the most iconic names in the arms industry was founded: Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Oliver Winchester The company’s namesake, Oliver Winchester, first worked as a carpenter and then manager of a men’s clothing company. By 1848, he had his own men’s dress shirt manufacturing company. In 1857, he scraped together some money and bought a controlling share of the struggling Volcanic Repeating Arms...
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Libra Replacement Device Has Dead Pixel?

So, I finally received a replacement Libra after four weeks from sending in my original one (bezel was pulling away from the screen). Now, after receiving my replacement yesterday, I'm faced with what appears to have a dead pixel problem (single pin-prick sized light shining through the screen). I noticed it when reading at night last night. It doesn't show when the light is off either. Is there anyway to fix this without going through the replacement process again? I tried a factory reset w...
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A total noob's guide to kobo dev?

Hello, Does a total noob's guide (covering setting up a toolchain, what libraries are available, how to write kobo-compatible makefiles and things etc) for kobo development on a linux host exist? I'm familiar with software development and familiar with C++ although getting a language like go or rust running would be nice. Sorry for the newbie question, I'm struggling to find resources for getting started. Nihilazo
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Internet Archive borrows to Kobo Aura

It seem to be very hard to read books borrowed from Internet Archive. Fonts are very small and hard to read. I do no tknow how to get bigger ones.
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Editing TOC Text

I converted all Hx's to Upper and then Title Case using the Regex function from the User's manual after being reminded that it was there. There were a few words that were not correct and required manual correction which I noticed when updating the TOC 1. Acronyms - "MRI" became "Mri" after the Title Case. Same for "UFOs" became "Ufos". (expected) 2. Heading text in Quotes - This is "Impossible" became This is "impossible" (lower case i)(unexpected) 3. These sorts of things ae easy to see in t...
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Sell Like New Kindle Oasis 8th generation Device Only, With Firmware

I am selling a Kindle Oasis 8th Generation that is in new condition. It comes with firmware, which enables you to jailbreak it if you want. This Kindle does not come with the charging case. I am asking $120. Free shipping to the United Sates. I have multiple of them available. Edit: It is the Wifi+3g version. It comes with special offers. Attached Thumbnails          
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Leupold Invites You to Watch ‘Shepherds of Helmand’

Leupold is airing Shepherds of Helmand for free but is asking for donations to Mighty Endeavor, a veterans advocacy group. BEAVERTON, OR -(AmmoLand.com)-  As Memorial Day approaches, Leupold & Stevens, Inc., longtime partner to the United States military and dedicated supporter of veterans across the nation, is proud to highlight its partnership with The Mighty Endeavor by remembering the award-winning film, “Shepherds of Helmand.” In 2008, an Oregon National Guard team volunteered to deploy t...
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