"repair your kobo account" - time and progress info?

How long should "repair your kobo account" take? I've seen a previous thread where someone said it takes about 2 hours for 400-500 books. I have 900 or so book and 15 hours in it hasn't finished. Should it display some sort of progress info? Because mine certainly doesn't. Eventually I guess I have no choice but to abort this. I ran it because syncs haven't completed since the 5th of May and though I've occasionally managed to persuade it to download new purchases, it just wouldn't admit it eve...
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Gardening is Much in the News

Lately I’ve seen an uptick in gardening mentions in the news, and the one above has to be my favorite headline of all. Then the article begins: Home gardening solves everything. This is the finding of a Princeton study published in that media hotbed Landscape and Urban Planning. The study’s press release notes that home gardening is “largely overlooked by policymakers.” And the conclusion for planners? [The researcher] points out that home gardening contributes to livable city and quality...
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Publisher font option gone?

I have read several books since the Aa menu update (5.12.4?). I have looked for the Publisher Font option in the menu but have not seen it since the fonts have all been jumbled together in a big list. Has this option been killed off? I think it is no longer available on books I own that used to have it, but I’m not sure if I’m misremembering.
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Nook App for Windows Unavailable?

Long time forum reader de-lurking. I followed the link on Barnes & Noble's website to download the Nook App for Windows and met with this message: "NOOK – Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Comics is currently not available." It's been like that for a few days now. I understand no one here can provide answers as to what B&N is doing, but I was curious about a couple of things. 1) Any idea how long the app has been unavailable? 2) Does B&N have a history of removing the app for download before a new ...
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Troubleshooting Problems with Calibre/Kindle connection

We have multiple Kindle readers and use Calibre as a library source. Have many books in Calibre. We have been using both the Kindles and Calibre successfully for many years, maybe 8 or 9 in total. Went to load books today and am getting a fault message. Calibre tells me that the "Amazon Kindle is detected" however also get a pop up saying "Error communicating with Device. calibre, version 4.17.0 ERROR: Error: Error communicating with device Failed to access files in the main memory of your dev...
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:book2::bookworm:Make Him Worship You..A EBOOK THAT ""YOU MUST"" READ:bookworm:
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Nasim Nicholas Taleb

I first heard about this man on a Joe Rogan podcast where a guest mentioned him in relation to this quote:With my family, I am a Communist.  With my friends, I am a Socialist.  With my community, I am a Democrat.  With my State, I am a Republican.  With the Federal government, I am a Libertarian.That got my attention.Talib is the author of the 2007 book . Looking into him a little deeper brought me these quotes:Only the autodidacts are free.Academia is to knowledge what prostitution is to lov...
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I Can't Add Books Onto Kindle Anymore?

After getting the update for Calibre, I can't seem to add another ebook these days. Like I add it through Calibre but it never shows on my Kindle after I put it in. Anyone seeing this problem?
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I Can't Add Books Onto Calibre Anymore?

After getting the update for Calibre, I can't seem to add another ebook these days. Like I add it through Calibre but it never shows on my Kindle after I put it in. Anyone seeing this problem?
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Why are two lines of series info appearing?

What causes duplicate series info to display in My Books? One, sent via Calibre (Series - x - Title), but where is the one below it coming from? (Series - x) Screenshot below. I would like to have title only displayed with the series/number below it as shown in this example: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/at...5&d=1584100236 How/what do I need to edit in order to achieve the same result as above? Would the metadata plugboard be the place to start? Thank you in advance. ...
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Daily Prime - Kidrobot Transformers Vs GI Joe Optimus Prime

The Transformers vs. GI comic redux by IDW Publishing's John Barber & Tom Scioli was a real work of art. So it was extra special to have the boutique toys designer, Kidrobot, turn these comic characters into toys for hardcore nerds like me to collect. Not only did we get an Optimus Prime out of the 24 different blind-packed toys, but they also added a glow in the dark chase figure to hunt down! Today's Optimus Prime shot takes a look at both of the Kidrobot figures with a little back up from th...
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How can I search to see a list of all my ePubs that have a certain word in the OPF?

How can I search my library's epubs's OPF files for a certain keyword? To narrow it down, the keyword will appear in a "dc:" tag
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Dear, could you explain what is the error that shows caliber when trying to open a book with the viewer? Thank you very much (besides taking a long time to open each book) Attached Thumbnails  
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POTD: 808 Grain Lehigh Bullet through a .50 BMG Cadex Defence

Photo Of The Day – TFB’s daily selection of photographs from around the world. TFB reached out to Gudmundsen Photography (make sure you check out his great skills) and got permission to use these amazing pictures of a .50 BMG Cadex Defence in the dark. I think the rifle is a CDX-50 TREMOR. From Cadex Defence: When […] Read More … The post POTD: 808 Grain Lehigh Bullet through a .50 BMG Cadex Defence appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Cap on manage your content and devices?

My MYCD was normal this morning, looked at it this afternoon and it is only showing 10,000 items (was over 23,000) and nothing past 5/11/20. Purchases after that time are there if I search by title and/or author. After being turfed from 1 amazon chat person to another, the 4th one reported this "Elizabeth, I would like to inform you that there is some technical glitch on our website so I would request you to wait for 2-3 hours and check for your ebooks again, I am keeping this chat window for ...
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Kobo device icon on main toolbar?

With a Libra H20 connected and configured (v4.17 x64) below is the device icon displayed. Is an icon missing or corrupted? Thank you. Attached Thumbnails  
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Unicron New Prototype Images From The Vault!

From the Vault - TF Showcase @tfvault on Facebook have posted yet more, new images of the Haslab War For Cybertron Unicron figure. We should not be surprised there is more to see in such a massive figure, but these images show us more about his face, hands and other aspects that may or may not be part of the final design.
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Lawsuit in Missouri against Academy Sports for Selling Ammunition

Lawsuit in Missouri against Academy Sports for Selling Ammunition U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- On 1 May, 2020, Attorney Craig Heidemann filed a lawsuit against Academy Sports, contending they contributed to the unlawful death of Aaron “Josh” Hampton, who was one of the roommates of Luis Perez. Perez is an illegal immigrant accused of murdering Hampton, another “roommate” and a woman, Sabrina Starr. Starr is said to have supplied Perez with the gun, while another woman, Nyadia Burden, is accused o...
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Are these Non OEM adapter specs safe for charging Kindles?

Hi, Just wanted to check with You guys if these specifications are safe for long term charging the Kindle. I have a different adapter that is 5VDC--1000mA compared to this 5VDC--550mA. The 1000mA is a Xiaomi one(so not quite sure about output quality). So far I kept it on my computer an let it charge on the usb port but I would rather have it in my room, because waiting for it to reach at least 50% near the computer amounts getting no reading done at all, since I lose track of time by being ...
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Calibre Font option keyboard shortcuts

When updating the metadata for a book, I remember being able select text and then hit ctrl-B to bold, ctrl-I for italic and ctrl-U to underline when editing text in the Comments box. I just tried to bold some text and none of the keyboard shortcuts worked. Right-clicking the highlighted text and selecting Bold (Italic, Underline) from the Fonts menu does work. I haven't used those keyboard shortcuts to modify text in the Comments box in quite a while so not sure when it stopped working for me....
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Calibre - Title fixes

I have over 100 books that I want to alter the titles. For some reason, I did this - for example, for my Clive Cussler Books: "Oregon Files 14 - Final Option" - or - "NUMA Files 14 - Nighthawk". I want to change these to: "Final Option [Oregon Files 14]" and "Nighthawk [NUMA Files 14]". I know - I have the series column - and I am good with that but I would like to change my titles to this format. I have tried numerous search and replace methods, including trying to use regular expressions but ...
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Export/save math formulas/images from pdfs?

Hey! I read book with a lot of math formulas and I would like to add them to my notes somehow. When I copy just text everything gets destroyed. Is there a way to add formulas to notes somehow? Or an app that will allow to screenshot pdf part/page? Best, P
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Barton Gellman: ‘The Assange precedent is dangerous’

The US journalist talks about being hacked by intelligence services, his dealings with whistleblower Edward Snowden, and why he loves detective fictionBarton Gellman is an investigative journalist celebrated for his reports on 9/11, former US vice-president Dick Cheney and the surveillance state. He was the only mainstream journalist that Edward Snowden approached in 2013 to publish his revelations about far-ranging cyber surveillance by the US National Security Agency. His new book, Dark Mirror...
Tags: Books, Media, Snowden, US, Culture, Edward Snowden, Investigative journalism, Dick Cheney, US National Security Agency, Barton Gellman, Politics books, Journalism books, fictionBarton Gellman

Boyue Alita and dictionaries

I'm not a geek, own no smart phone and have really struggled with this Android e-reading device. I'm using it as an aid to learning French but for some time could only use it as a basic e-reader. Some negatives: It looks similar to the iPad but is very slow to boot up. In no way is it intuitive to use and the English instructions are awful. It's mega expensive. The long promised Android update is not yet in sight. Using dictionaries and taking notes isn't the wonderful experience I expected. To...
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Calibre fails to send book via AT&T email

I am unable to send email via my AT&T email account. I was able to send email via a gmx account, but I would prefer to use my usual email account. Here is the response from yahoo.com attempted login. (Yahoo.com administers AT&T email.) Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages/calibre/gui2/wizard/send_email.py", line 209, in test_email_settings File "site-packages/calibre/utils/smtp.py", line 182, in sendmail File "site-packages/calibre/utils/smtplib.py", line 645, in l...
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Pick multiple random books?

I know that Viewer has the option to randomly select a book but does Calibre itself have an option to randomly select/highlight multiple books? Or is there a plugin that will do that? Basically I have a lot of unread books and sometimes it's easier to pick, say, 10 books randomly to choose from for uploading to my kindle than trying to scroll through a couple thousand.
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Saturday Morning Cartoon - Beast Wars : Code Of Hero

Saturday Morning Cartoons are thing of the past, but that doesn't mean we can't still watch them on Saturday. With just about everything available via streaming nowadays, why not do our own thing for Saturday mornings.Tune into Tubi to watch with this week's cartoon featuring The Transformers Beast Wars S02:E09 Code Of Hero from 1998.
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Magpul Releases Enhancements for MP5s and Clones

Last October, TFB reported that Magpul had released a line of enhanced parts for CZ’s Scorpion. These upgrades included a grip, mag release, and 35-round PMAGs. Today H&K connoisseurs, Nakatomi Plaza hostage-takers, and roller-delayed blowback fans of all kinds can rejoice together. The Scorpion’s granddaddy, the MP5 (and clones like the semi-auto SP5), is getting […] Read More … The post Magpul Releases Enhancements for MP5s and Clones appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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NewAge Toys Gold Lucifer Review! By Delixe Baldwin

Tags: Toys, Delixe Baldwin

BBC News fetch fails due to conversion error

Beginning about a week ago the Calibre recipe to fetch BBC News began to fail due to at least one conversion error. I reported this today to https://bugs.launchpad.net/calibre. The recipe author is "mattst", not Kovid Goyal. I noticed that at times in past if someone else has authored the recipe, Mr. Goval has suggested the bug reporter note the problem in this forum. Hence this message. If you're also experiencing this problem or have any insights as to a solution, please share. I'm using Wind...
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