Commandline Add & Convert

Hi, I'm able to add multiple ebooks(from folder) via command line to Calibre , but I can't figure out how to convert the added books to mobi format at the same time?
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I'm not much of a pork chop fan...

...but the ones Bobbi cooked the other night were surprisingly good. . [Author: Tam]
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Coastal Collection: May Sale

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. I hope you are enjoying the extra day off this weekend as we take the day to honor our fallen soldiers. Since the shelter in place order in March, I’ve been slowly adding more artwork to the Restless Art print shop. I added six new prints in the past few weeks to the Coastal Views collection, and all fifteen prints in the collection are 40% off now through the end of May! Would you like to bring summertime beach views indoors? Use the code BEACHFUN to apply t...
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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #8: CEO Mikey Hartman – CAA Gear Up

Welcome back to another episode of TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast. Today we welcome Mikey Hartman, CEO of CAA Gear Up, makers of firearm accessories including the MCK chassis for a variety of different pistols. Mr Hartman is a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), leaving his home in California as a young man […] Read More … The post TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #8: CEO Mikey Hartman – CAA Gear Up appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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POTD: Brownells BRN-180s with A-TEC Suppressor

Nothing to do? Each day you are welcome to TFB’s selection of photo highlights. If you’re lucky you might learn something on the way. Today we take a look at Schromo’s place in Germany and his Brownells BRN-180 with an A-TEC Suppressor. It usually takes a while for a firearm to really become one of my […] Read More … The post POTD: Brownells BRN-180s with A-TEC Suppressor appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The three editions of Tao Te King

A Japanese legend tells of a certain monk who was so enraptured by the beauty of the Chinese book “Tao Te King” that he decided to raise money to have those verses translated and published into his language. It took him ten years to raise enough funds. However, a pest swept through the country and […]
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Enable Audible for Kindle PW in countries outside USA

Hi, I was wondering if there's a way to make kindle enabled to listen to Audible audio books from those countries (Italy, in my case) that don't have it enabled on their Kindles yet (PW4, to be precise), since it's fully capable to reproduce them and to connect to Bluetooth audio headphones, but it's only made available in some countries. Is there a way to do it?
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Springfield Armory Hellcat, Micro-Compact Optic Ready Pistol – Review

Springfield Hellcat U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- It feels like just yesterday that options for deep concealment micro pistols were quite limited. People would debate between Seecamp, Kel-tec, J-frames, and the G26. On occasion the Beretta Tomcat, Colt’s 1903 and 1908 models would enter into the conversation. Later, Kahr came on the scene and broke new ground. Bringing single stack, lightweight, striker-fired options to the table. Though it took time others have followed. I’m no fan of Keltec (or ...
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Smart Device App questions

Hi. I'm playing a bit with the API of "smart device app" to improve KOReader wirelessly connection with calibre. So far so good but I have a couple of questions related to free space on disk: 1. It seems that the smart device app ignores reported free space. It does not raise FreeSpaceError as indicated in https://github.com/kovidgoyal/calibr...erface.py#L389 2. I can live with (1) because calibre reports the length in bytes of each file, so I can compare it with device free space. I don't kno...
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Calibre upgrade broke all my wireless connections

I made the mistake of finally upgrading v3.48 of Calibre to the latest v4.17 yesterday afternoon and it has rendered all of my CC wireless connections (4 devices) inoperative! Up until the upgrade, CC had always worked flawlessly for years. All four failures to connect have the same setup: wireless device, correct IP as indicated in Calibre, have tried with a port input (9090) and without, firewall off, cleared cache, reset, rechecked and all result in failure to connect. Any idea what Calib...
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Duplicating book layout for 'template'

I am just getting started with calibre and ebooks, and have come across a question I have not found yet in the forum. I am trying to create a series of several ebooks that will all have exactly the same layout. The only differences will be their cover images, titles, the text on the pages, and the number of the pages. Otherwise they are the same. It took some time to get the doc to epub conversion to look like I want it, so I would like to use the first one as a 'template' for the others and j...
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Adding Comment Column

Is there any way of adding a column to show if a book has a comment or not (book description)? I've been able to do it if it has a book cover or not (mostly), but not sure how to do it for the comments. Thanks!
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How can I make an ebook from a downloaded website?

Could you pls help me? I have downloaded the contents of a website, using a free download tool. The content is in a folder and I can see the index.html file. What are the steps I should take in Calibre Editor to make it an ebook (epub or other format)? Thank you
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Disable tracking?

I noticed there was a thread about disabling activity tracking, but it's closed and I don't know which patch I need to at least remove the activity from the menu (I hate that my Kobo is recording it and I can't disable it, but I can at least not see it.) :( Can anyone help with that? Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistake, English is not my first language.
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Is there a way to make letter-spacing work in epub?
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Do you find your front lit Kindle losing brightness over time?

After a couple years, I've increased brightness of my voyage from 14 to 17 during the day. (It was already used when I bought it.) Wonder if the Kindle is losing brightness. Hope it's not my eyes lol. Had my annual eye exam last year but not yet this year because of covid
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If I clicked IDs...

Every time I clicked on an IDs number (For example: Ids: ISBN), calibre opened the ebook editor. I don't want that! In the past, calibre always opened the "worldcat.org" internet link. How can I solve this problem?
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Virginia: Good News! Outdoor Ranges In National Forests Are Open Again!

Good News! Outdoor Ranges In National Forests Are Open Again! Virginia – -(AmmoLand.com)- The outdoor shooting ranges in Virginia National Forests are now open again! There are two caveats: Only every other lane is open (ridiculous, as the lanes are 8 feet wide and these are outdoor ranges) There are NO restroom facilities (but at least there are lots of trees in a forest). This is a particularly unfortunate situation for the fairer sex. Take care of business before arriving at the range. T...
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History Dumas, Alexandre (père): Isabelle von Bayern Band 2[German] V1.0 24.05.2020

Alexandre Dumas père; * 24. Juli 1802 in Villers-Cotterêts, Département Aisne; † 5. Dezember 1870 in Puys bei Dieppe, Seine-Maritime) war ein französischer Schriftsteller. Heute ist er vor allem durch seine zu Klassikern gewordenen Historienromane bekannt, etwa Die drei Musketiere und Der Graf von Monte Christo. hier >Isabelle von Bayern Band 2< Attached Files Isabelle von Bayern Band_2.epub (223.8 KB)
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[Kindle] Book keeps disappearing

Hello everyone, I apologize if this is a duplicate, but I couldn't find anything directly related. I recently have been trying to add a book from Calibre to my Kindle, and it will say on Calibre that it is on the device. When I disconnect, the book is there for a few seconds, and then disappears. It can't be searched, it is not being indexed... it's just gone. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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Patriot Prime Reviews Earthrise Cliffjumper

I was really SPLIT on buying this figure. Check out my Review of Earthrise Cliffjumper.
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Justice Kavanaugh: Friend or Foe to the Second Amendment?

Justice Brett Kavanaugh was among the SCOTUS judges that shot down the NY gun case. U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr., ; often miscited in abbreviated form as: “Justice delayed is justice denied.” Various renditions of the quotation have come down through the ages, recited by m...
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Automotif CLXV...

This 1990's Buick Roadmaster Estate hearse was being used by a landscaper to haul flats of flowers.The final years of the Roadmaster, they all shipped with the Tuned Port Injection LT1 5.7L V8, detuned somewhat to 260bhp from the 300bhp Corvette spec.Even so, 260bhp is 260bhp, and the torque peak came in at lower RPM, too. So when combined with the relatively skinny all-season tires, lack of a limited-slip diff, and the aggressive throttle tip-in typical of domestic sedans*, it was hard for gra...
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looking for privacy friendly quality ereader

Heya guys. I have little experience (not ownership) with epaper. Only saw 3 devices: a 10+ year old amazon kindle paperwhite 4 some old pocketbook I liked the pocketbook most and both kindles seemed similar despite the age difference. And since I first learned about this technology I was sure I would buy an ereader some day. However, I have this defect called perfectionism. I wanted the device to be of perfect quality and last for decades. Now as I'm aging I'm realizing that may not be ...
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tags all left justified?

All of a sudden, my tags are not following the text-align property for the tag they are in. For example, if I have a paragraph that is right aligned, and I break it thus: "Sincerely yoursJane DoeYour greatest fan, then "Sincerely yours" and "Jane Doe" are right aligned but "Your greatest fan" is left aligned. Same for centered paragraphs. This happens both with kepubs as well as epubs, and for epub2 and epub3. Is this new behavior? Are there any workarounds (that preferably don't involve modif...
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Two Sundays in a row!

There is a Sunday Smith post up over at the other blog. . [Author: Tam]
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Michael’s 24oz. Color Changing Tumbler $1.99 (Reg. $4.99)

Hurry, there is a a great Michael’s deal if you are having trouble finding those super popular Starbucks cups! Get Michael’s 24oz. Color Changing Tumbler $1.99 (Reg. $4.99) Michael’s has Free Curbside Store Pickup too if available Or get it shipped to your home Available in multiple colors 24 fl. oz. (710 mL) 4″ x 7″... Read More Read more about Michael’s 24oz. Color Changing Tumbler $1.99 (Reg. $4.99)
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I'm trying to write up one wolf story, and another wolf story pops ups. I'm beset by wolves this morning.

I express my frustration out loud like this: "Remember 'Women who Run with the Wolves'? What the hell was that?""I also remember Naomi Wolf," says Meade."May I quote you?""Yes," he answers, adding "I also remember Wolf Blitzer."So the first story I'm trying very hard to process for this blog is: "A Feud in Wolf-Kink Erotica Raises a Deep Legal Question/What do copyright and authorship mean in the crowdsourced realm known as the Omegaverse?" That's in the NYT. I've had the tag open since yesterda...
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Customizable Ebook Reader controls and UI

Hello :) Your software is amazing I hope you noticed the money I paypaled you. After trying out the server I think I came across a great usecase which possibly weren't planned for. Hosting calibre through the browser allows one to access a ton of useful software addons, otherwise known as extensions. Sadly the default controls do not allow one to take use of these possibilities. One extension which I really like is the "Diigo Web Collector - Capture and Annotate". It lets you annotate, highligh...
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