Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

Nice & refreshing. Creamy & tangy. [Author: Super Madcow]
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Veggie/Pollinator Garden Combo Power Pack!

Well, here we are, enjoying our first pandemic. Most of us anyway. But even the flimsiest grasp of history informs us that bad times are a dime a dozen. The Universe is indeed infinite, and it has innumerable ways to stress us out, and when it isn’t, someone else is. In previous such times, people rallied. During WWII, the Big One, people brought their pots and pans to be made into battleships, delivered their bacon grease to become bombs, and planted Victory Gardens so farmers could turn their ...
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TFB Review: Leupold D-EVO Offset Optic

An opportunity arose to check out some Leupold Optics. I requested the Leupold D-EVO offset optic because it is such a unique optic design. For those not familiar with the D-EVO, it is an offset 6x rifle scope. It is not your traditional offset optic. There is no need to roll or tilt your gun […] Read More … The post TFB Review: Leupold D-EVO Offset Optic appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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GotBot Goes Live 05/28/2020: God Neptune Comic, Sometihng I like about Haslab Unicron, Zeta Fort Max and an Unboxing!

Tonight on GotBot Goes Live, we covered several bits of Transformers news; including the recent IDW layoffs, Zeta Fort Max(...or is it Toyworld?), something I actually like about the Haslab Unicron and discuss the God Neptune comic. Additionally, we do a quick unboxing to help me complete an old custom I never quite got to finish perfectly.
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Earthrise Micro Master Race Track Patrol & Astro Squad Stock Images

Just in via the interweb are new official package images for the Transformers War For Cybertron Earthrise Micro Master sets including Race Track Patrol with Roller Force and Groundhog as well as the Astro Squad with Fuzer and Blast Master. Read on to see the card shots along with the the official product details.
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30 SEC READ: Trees and towns

By Paulo Coelho In the Mojave desert, one often comes across those famous ghost towns that were built around the gold mines. They were abandoned when all the gold had been mined out. They had served their purpose and there was no reason for anyone to go on living there. When we walk through a […]
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ThreeZero Transformers Bumblebee Premium Scale Review by PrimeVsPrime

PrimeVsPrime has got a new preview for the soon ot be released Transformers Bumblebee Premium Scale figure from THREEA. The officially licensed figure from Hasbro doesn't transform, but it does go beyond with regard to the robot mode feature ultra-detailed sculpts, extraordinary amounts of articulation for maximum poseability, LED illuminated details, die-cast metal parts, and expert paint weathering effects.
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Daily Prime - Armada Happy Meal #1 Optimus Prime

When it comes to fast-food premiums, they tend to be horrible. Most of the bad ones can be found in the McDonald's Happy Meal Transformers toys only because they have made something for just about every series. One exception was the Armada series from 2002 that are not only bulky by today's standard, included Mini-Con ports, and had fun action gimmicks.
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New books by Redlands-area authors encourage families to talk about coronavirus

A pair of new books, one written by Loma Linda medical students and one by a University of Redlands graduate, aim to help children make some sense of the novel coronavirus pandemic and what they can do to help. Both books came together quickly. For Loma Linda University students Devon Scott, who plans to specialize in orthopedic surgery, and Samantha Harris, who is pursuing pediatrics, “Why We Stay Home” took just two weeks to come together. “Little B Learns About Social Distancing,” written and...
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Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying While Paddling

If you’ll recall this past summer, TFB’s Matt E covered Concealed Carry While Boating, in which he focused on being armed while on a motorboat on the ocean. However, being on a boat small enough to maneuver with your own strength brings about a few challenges in how to carry concealed in a more compact […] Read More … The post Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying While Paddling appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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POTD: French Heckler & Koch HK416 with FLIR (FELIN)

The Firearm Blog probably has one of the most extensive online coverage available on the French Heckler & Koch HK416s, as well as their new SCAR-H PR, S&B Scope and Night/Thermal Vision. It’s therefore nice to be able to share some more wonderful pictures in this Photo Of The Day, with pictures from the French […] Read More … The post POTD: French Heckler & Koch HK416 with FLIR (FELIN) appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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A small, seldom received, praise for the Kobo dictionary

I was almost afraid to buy a Kobo after reading so much about how bad their dictionary was. So far, ever word that I've looked up has been there, so... yay. Anyhow, I just saw a word that I didn't know: nacreous So, I clicked it. I get this definition: "possessing the qualities of, consisting of, or abounding in nacre" Grrr.... I hate those definitions. On my Kindle PW1, with the latest firmware that it received (maybe they're better now), that was it -- dead end. But on the Kobo I was...
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Time To Confront The Tyranny Of Social Media Censorship

Opinion By Larry Keane Time To Confront The Tyranny Of Social Media Censorship USA – -(AmmoLand.com)-  It’s time the little bluebirds of Twitter come home to roost. While we’re at it, clean out the henhouse of Facebook, Instagram, Google, and the other plucky tech giants. The Trump administration is laying the groundwork to fence them all in for their blatant discrimination. It’s about time. Where’s the “hell-yes” emoji? Under consideration is the creation of a White House commission to expl...
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Canada’s Gun Control Debate Acknowledges 2A Keeps U.S. Antis in Check

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pushed through new gun controls. The Second Amendment prevents that from happening in the U.S. (Screen snip, YouTube, Global News) U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- A Duke University law professor may have unintentionally explained to a writer at Foreign Policy.com why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was able to push through new gun control measures following the deadly Nova Scotia shooting spree, when such arbitrary actions would never be permitted in...
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Kindle html puzzle

I've been idly looking into producing a simple puzzle game for the kindle. It can be done via html + JS + CSS. Do simplified web based forms and JS work roughly the same on the kindle browser? Can I develop on for a normal browser and then just use that code on the Kindle? Can I produce the relevant files and "compile" them into a mobi file for release? Are there utilities that allow me to see what screens would be like on a kindle? The aim is to have everything working via a single form and no...
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Leaving Wi-Fi Off over time is fine for the PW4?

I keep having random issues with my PW4 since last year, but also with other e-readers (a PW3 and Kindle Fire). I always leave Wi-Fi off except for random updates -- I turn on to load in new books purchased, and once those are downloaded, which can be an effort, I turn the Wi-Fi back off My question is, could I be causing myself issues by doing this? I used this PW4 a lot, pretty much daily, could I be wearing it out more or inadvertently causing more glitches by doing this with the Wi-fi?
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National Police Ammunition Introduces New 9mm SCHP +P HELO Defense Round

National Police Ammunition has just announced the latest addition to its ammunition lineup. The new 115grain 9mm +P ammo will make use of NPAs H.E.L.O (High Expansion, Law Enforcement, Ordinance) bullet which is already in use with several law enforcement agencies. National Police Ammunition Introduces New 9mm SCHP +P HELO Defense Round The HELO bullet features a solid copper […] Read More … The post National Police Ammunition Introduces New 9mm SCHP +P HELO Defense Round appeared first on The ...
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Louisiana Bill may flip the Script in Favor of the Second Amendment and Churches

Image courtesy Dean Weingarten U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Louisiana is one of a few states which ban guns in churches but allow church leaders to allow guns on a case by case basis. According to Concealed Carry.com, as of 2018, there were ten states and the District of Columbia with this policy of religious discrimination against churches that approve of an armed population. The laws in states that ban guns in church are a way to demonize guns. They fairly scream: Guns Bad! Good People Don't Ha...
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Aucuba japonica 'Crotonifolia' Aucuba japonica 'Crotonifolia' is a popular, hardy, evergreen shrub, noted for its robust constitution and ornamental foliage. The type species was first brought the attention of European gardens by German botanist and nurseryman John Graefer (1746–1802), gardener to the King of Naples at the Palace of Caserta. Incidentally, Graefer was previously a pupil of the celebrated English botanist Philip Miller, chief gardener at the Chelsea Physic Garden, London, ...
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Perhaps all atlases should be this subjective

Most atlases are terrible: nothing more than glorified road maps.These 'Subjective Atlases' offer bottom-up views of places, provided by people who actually live there.Each of the 12 atlases so far is unique, and surprising – but don't expect to drive by them. Fuzzy and messy, but more life-like As a map-lover, this is not easy for me to admit, but: most atlases are terrible. Glorified road maps that could have been made by satellites with slightly varying interests. What if an atlas really – r...
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Gun Deals: Complete Del-Ton Echo 316 M-Lok Rifle just $684.99 w/ FREE S&H After CODE

Del-Ton Echo 316 M-Lok Rifle Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Brownells has a complete Del-Ton Echo 316 M-Lok Rifle on sale for just $684.99 after a coupon code at check out. Brownells Edge Members get FREE Shipping on all their orders. You save over $130.00 and shipping costs. The Del-Ton Echo 316 M-LOK AR-15 is a step above the basic entry-level rifle. This quality modern sporting rifle is equipped with a full complement of Magpul furniture, including the latest MOE M-LOK handguard, MOE pistol ...
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The 10 Best Sherlock Holmes Stories

Over the course of 40 years during the late 19th and early 20th century, Arthur Conan Doyle published 60 Sherlock Holmes tales in the form of four short novels and 56 short stories (which are generally published in five separate collections). The adventures of Doyle’s iconic detective proved a craze from the start, and since then, no character has been as reproduced and adapted in film, television, stage, and the printed word.  I’d long been intrigued by the idea of Sherlock, but wasn’t real...
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how to write enable calibredb on mac osx

Could someone help a newbie at calibre? I've been trying to enable write access to calibredb. I have researched on the internet and repeatedly I see, - - enable-local-write and - - enable-auth. However no-one explains how you actually do this. If I'm running calibre and start the content server, it doesn't give me the option. I tried via the CLI but to no avail. I'm not even sure of the syntax. Please help!!:help::thumbsup:
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Looking for annotation exports

Hello all! I'm developing a program library that'll parse annotation exports from eReaders. I've got it working on the exports from my Likebook Mars, but I need the rest. If you're willing to give me a hand or if you have any questions, reply to this thread and I'll send you a message. Thanks :)
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Hi to all from Tapatalk

Hello, once again from Calibre (library management), SumatraPDF (quick view), Calibre Companion and Moon+ Reader Pro (android device's app) user. Great forum, thanks for having me! :)
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Point Calibre to Folder

Hi all, My computer died so I had to rebuild it. I have a back up of the folders/files but not an export. I thought there was a way to point Calibre to a folder and it would recognize it as a Calibre library of books. I use SyncThing to sync folders across computers. I've reinstalled Calibre and now I need to point Calibre to the folders where the books are but I can't remember how to do it. Everything I've tried wants to create a new empty library or import a library etc. I just want to point ...
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40% off Champion Sports Official Size Heavy Duty Basketball {Amazon}

  Get the kids outside! Pick up a new basketball for the summer.  Check out this deal today at Amazon.  Save 40% off Champion Sports Official Size Heavy Duty Basketball! Deal is on Official (Size 7 – 29.5″) Description: Heavy-duty construction Nylon wound 2-ply butyl bladder Durable composition rubber cover Official size 7 (29.5″) and weight... Read More Read more about 40% off Champion Sports Official Size Heavy Duty Basketball {Amazon}
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Giant 3D topographical wood map of Westeros ('Game of Thrones') made by a cartographer

Wow. This is a thing of great beauty. A giant 3D topographic wood map of Westeros, the world of Game of Thrones, by IMGURian @ARUNK55. It's 60"x35". The maker, @ArunK55, explains: I am a maker/engineer/cartographer with a passion for maps and woodworking. With my laser cutter in my garage, I have been making wood maps over the last year. Each map is custom made and tells a story. Here i am going though my process of making these maps. These maps are made from three layers of Birch Wood wit...
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Moon Reader Plus Font Issues

Hi. So I love Moon Reader, but there is one thing driving me absolutely insane! The fake italics. I've written the developer a suggestion, saying it'd be nice if we could add our own font faces to get rid of fake italics and bold. The dev told me to 'use tts font family "name.ttf+name-bold.ttf+name-italic.ttf", select "name" as the font.' (Literally what they said.) I do not know what a "tts font family" is, but I've created a ttc font collection using Font Forge and put it in my folder and it...
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