[KOBO] Error communicating with device, CantOpenError: unable to open database file

I recently inherited a used Kobo eReader Wifi (there's no other model name; I think it was purchased new in 2014). I was unable to add ebooks to it with Calibre, so I tried factory resets, from the Settings menu and also manually. Now I get the following error every time I try to connect the device to a computer with Calibre (same error on both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04): calibre, version 4.18.0 ERROR: Error: Error communicating with device CantOpenError: unable to open database file Trac...
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Tanaz Bhathena: Hunted By The Sky

Tanaz Bhathena is an author based in Mississauga, ON, Canada. She previously published two books for teenagers, including the critically acclaimed A Girl Like That, which was named a Best Book of the Year by various outlets including The Globe and Mail, Seventeen magazine and The Times of India. She writes in to share an excerpt from her latest novel, a young adult fantasy called HUNTED BY THE SKY. Releasing on June 23, 2020, the book is set in a world inspired by medieval India and Zoroa...
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Global text search for Calibre

There is global metadata search for calibre libraries, with support of RegEx support to find book title, author and summary etc. Also there is content/text search in calibre viewer for any opened individual book. Is it possible to have global content/text search capability for active calibre library, without opening individual books one by one? This would be essential for book content research, in addition to book library management. Thanks for any comments or suggestion.
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Watts’ Attack on Sheriff’s Home Defense Advice Ignores Biden’s Ignorance Approach

Sheriff Judd with Honorary Deputy Sheriff Lemuel “Lem” Geathers, Winter Haven's first black commissioner and mayor, longtime civil rights advocate, WWII veteran, diabetic amputee, and cancer survivor. And the best the gun-grabbers can come up with is a sheriff who advocates armed defense of homes must be a racist? (Polk County Sheriff's Office/Facebook) U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Florida sheriff says he’s encouraging gun-toting residents to shoot looters who break into homes,” ClickOrlando.co...
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A Return to Reading

It took me a long while before I read on my own for pleasure. As a youngster, I could read, but it took me (as compared to others) a lot longer to read the same amount. I later learned, that's because I devour each word.  In my early 20s after college, when I was reading for me and not under time constraints of others, I became a voracious reader. I read mystery, suspense, Southern fiction, non-fiction, running books, historical fiction and more. 10 years ago, when I started RunnerDude's F...
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Lumberjack in a Cowboy Shirt

I do love some buffalo plaid. This is the first time I’ve ever made a fellow in a western/cowboy shirt. He has a hat too.
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[Recipe Update] Journal of Accountancy

Hello Kovid, Here is an update of the Journal of Accountancy recipe and an icon. Thank you.:thumbsup: Attached Files journalofaccountancy.zip (13.9 KB)
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POTD: Thompson M1A1 Submachine Gun in Full-Auto

Today the photographer really nailed it! We’re looking at a Thompson M1A1 submachine gun as Special Forces students assigned to the U. S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School take a class in the open air. It looks like the student above wears a 1st Marine Division patch. This happened in Fort Bragg, North […] Read More … The post POTD: Thompson M1A1 Submachine Gun in Full-Auto appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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9 Now Ideas for Father’s Day DIY Cards

Dads are the best and we love celebrating ours on Father’s Day and every other day of the year. My little boys really enjoy making homemade cards and gifts for dad each year. We usually whip up a hearty breakfast (pancakes and lots of bacon) and give him all the presents first thing in the morning. Nothing beats a homemade card made by little ones. Such a fun keepsake! I decided to look around for some new Father’s Day DIY cards for this year. I’ve found some great ones and wanted to share them ...
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Toyhax Conversion Set Decepticon Wrought By Patriot Prime Reviews

Get ready to smelt some Autobots with the Evil Decepticon Wrought.Check out my Review of Toyhax's upcoming Conversion Set for Earthrise Ironworks.
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Kansas Legislature Passes Emergency Powers Legislation Protecting 2A

Great news for gun-lovers in Kansas! The KS legislation just passed new laws protecting gun owners from politicians acting under the guise of emergency powers. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- The Kansas Legislature adjourned from its Special Session after passing Emergency Powers Legislation, House Bill 2054.  House Bill 2054 prevents the Governor from using emergency powers to seize ammunition or limit the sale of firearms during a declared state of emergency, including for Covid-19.  T...
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It's 2020 and USB-C is Still a Mess.

https://www.androidauthority.com/state-of-usb-c-870996/ Quote: USB-C is billed as the solution for all our future cable needs, unifying power, and data delivery with display and audio connectivity. Ushering in an age of the one-size-fits-all cable. Despite the USB-C connector supplied as default in modern smartphones, the standard has, unfortunately, failed to live up to its early promises.
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A Repeat

From October 26, 2019, the Quote of the Day, possibly more valid now than it was then.  I went looking for the Codevilla part of the quote, and forgot about the rest of it.  If you are unfamiliar with Professor Angelo Codevilla, please read his supremely important July 2010 essay America's Ruling Class--And the Perils of Revolution. Please do give it, and the link, a read: From Interview with Angelo Codevilla, a two-fer - one from the interviewer, David Samuels: ...there is no such thing as Amer...
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How to have libraries have different permissions and visibility for different users?

I have several different libraries. One is exclusively children's books, and one has PDFs with non-public reference material. I want the kids to be able to log into the kid's library, and never see any other library. Similarly, I want the reference library to be as invisible as possible, and ensure that only I can browse it. How to set that up on the same server? I thought I wanted multiple instance of Calibre, but calibre-server forbids that.
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Here's a way to work around missing CXXABI on CentOS7

If you are having problems installing Calibre on CentOS 7, here is a work-around for the courageous. You can download a current copy of libstdc++.so.6.0.26, and use that instead of libstdc++.so.6.0.19. This has some risks, because it is possible that some "things" expect that gcc 4.8.5 is always going to use libstdc++.so.6.0.19. This fix will break when centos updates gcc to the next obsolete version. Anyway, first find a copy of libstdc++.so.6.0.26. I used python "conda" to create a new inst...
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MMC RMX-01C Jaguar Cel with Cage Review by Kato's Kollection

Today I take a look at MMCs RMX-01C Jaguar Cel version. Their take on MP scale Ravage.
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Below The Radar: Local Public Health And Safety Protection Act

Second Amendment Activist Protest Activism Take Action United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- Much attention gets focused on federal and state legislation. This is very understandable, as that legislation can come with some serious penalties. But local laws also matter, especially when people need to be in a certain locality for professional reasons. Often, these have been dealt with by preemption laws, something the National Rifle Association worked hard to get passed over the years. But now, some...
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Derive full path of a book from device driver + lpath

background I'm trying to improve a bit KOReader integration with calibre metadata. KOReader supports some platforms that have a dedicated calibre driver (kobos, kindles, pocketbooks, bq cervantes, android). problem Need to figure out the full path of each book based on its lpath more info With certain calibre drivers (kobo, connect to folder, smart app device...) I can derive the full path of a book by joining the path of metadata files and the lpath of each book (as stored in {.}metadat...
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Apropos of Nothing, Check Out These Fantasy Novels by LGBT Creators

Why do I bring this up today? Oh, no reason. Definitely not because one of the world’s most (formerly) beloved fantasy authors outed herself definitively as a transphobe, sharing boilerplate trans-exclusionary talking points that are pretty easily debunked. Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Harry Potter, Jk Rowling, Transphobia, All The Birds In The Sky, Charlie Jane Anders, Sarah Gailey, Noelle Stevenson, Nimona, Magic For Liars A Novel, The Black Tides Of Heaven, Jy Neon Yang, Queen Of The Conquered, Kacen Callendar

Help! Installing a Korean keyboard under English UI OS

Hi! I received my Nova2 Boox last week and I am having a hard time trying to install a second keyboard to either the GOogle keyboard or the Onyx keyboard. There is no option to install the Korean keyboard as a second keyboard. Has anyone succeeded in doing this or is this a programming/device issue? Thanks.
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Unexpected Literary Subgenre

Via a current piece at DNYUZ, "The Agonizing Question: Is New York City Worth It Anymore?", I was made aware that there's practically an entire subgenre of essays consisting of farewell letters to the Big Apple."The literature may be thin when it comes to “See ya, Chicago” or “Later, Los Angeles” odes, but ever since Ms. Didion set the standard 46 years ago, the “Goodbye New York” essay has become a de rigueur career move for aspiring belle-lettrists. It is a theme that has been explored continu...
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The Dreadtone!

There's a pharmaceutical commercial on TV that has a gentle piano soundtrack in the background. Thing is, the first chord on the piano soundtrack is the same note as the opening music NBC uses to announce a breaking news report, so my spinal-cord level reaction on hearing the commercial start from a room away is "Oh, Christ, what's blown up now?" . [Author: Tam]
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FL Supreme Court Opinion on Gun Ban Amendment Plus Media Response

The media's response to Florida's Supreme Court not banning so-called, “Assault Weapons” is pure unmitigated butt-hurt. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- By now you've heard of the great victory for Florida’s law-abiding gun owners: the Florida Supreme Court agreed with our contention that the ballot summary of the “Assault Weapons” ban initiative was deceptive and would mislead voters. The ballot initiative contained deceptive language to fool Florida voters in an attempt to ban millions of...
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New Leaf Vote for July • Life's a Beach: Water, Water, Everywhere

It's time to select the book that the New Leaf Book Club will read in July, 2020. The theme is Life's a Beach: Water, Water, Everywhere We love new participants. We're happy for you to vote, but in the interest of a vibrant conversation, we'd like to request that you please not vote unless you plan to join the discussion whatever the selection. :) So if you haven't posted in a book club thread yet, do please say a quick hello here or in the Welcome thread. This is a poll. V...
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Generations 30th Anniversary Scoop Targetmaster Review By Rodimusbill

My 30th Anniversary Transformers Generations Scoop with Targetmasters Holepunch and Caliburst.
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Power of the Primes Terrorcon Cutthroat By Enewtabie

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a process

June's Stray wandered through the green to the edge of the River of Reckoning again for it was not the first time and there was Deep er Listening I'm not done, just begun. I think there will be no words. Just her own reflection. 
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History Percy B. Saint John: Kitsi das Indianermädchen [German] v 1.0 07.06.2020.

Percy Bolingbroke St John (1821 – 1889) war ein Englischer Journalist. St John starb in London on 15 März 1889. Hier von Percy Bolingbroke Saint John >Kitsi das Indianermädchen< Attached Files Kitsi.epub (182.5 KB)
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Can I disable word wrap in code view?

Every single word can be seen in the code view. But sometime I just want to edit the code in the beginning of all paragraphs so I want to disable word wrap in order to focus on the beginning of the paragraph only no matter how long the paragraphs. Is there a key or setting that can toggle between able and disable word wrap in the code view?
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A Balinese Style Farmhouse in Bhilai Makes For a Perfect Getaway

The Jain family had a grandiose architectural vision for their farmhouse, a getaway/second home, in Raipur. Ajay Patil of Prime Facie visualized their dreams and gave shape to this contemporary mansion inspired by Balinese-design. The property, part of a gated Gold course in Bhilai along the banks of river Shivnath, is a symphony in wood [...]
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