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Converting a Fixed Layout EPUB to Searchable PDF [Graphical Guide]

Graphical Guide on IMGUR: https://imgur.com/a/XKCo7mW Step 1: Open the Fixed Layout EPUB with Calibre's integrated E-Book Viewer At least in my case, the book had a "small text problem", which made it uncomfortable to read, and if i zoomed-in, the text would end looking pretty weird Step 2: Use the Printing option, in order to get a .PDF file This .PDF file will be pretty nice and zoomable, however for some reason the resulting file will have big, enormous white margins, so we have to ...
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Context menu defaults

Most of the context-menu selections have sub-menus and require drilling down to those sub-menus to perform a task. For example Edit metadata > Edit metadata individually or Send to device > Send to main memory. Is there any way that calibre can be configured to select the first submenu item from the top-level context menu? I use the context menu more than the buttons above or hotkeys, and 99% of the time I select that first sub-menu item.
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how to hack into yowhatsapp?

I have a phone and use whatsapp. I am wondering, how can I use yowhatsapp to use my phone?
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Hisense Q5 Tablet hands on video (in Chinese)

Looks like the Hisense Q5 has been released in China. It is amazing to see from the video how fast the screen refresh rate is as it can play videos without hiccups. The background looks as white if not whiter than a standard E-ink display. The screen also seems to have a much better grayscale. I wish this tablet supported pen input. Think about how a tablet with this screen technology would let you use any note-taking app in the Google play store unlike an e-ink device in which you are limited t...
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Not Exactly Sunshine and Buttercups

Yesterday before lunch I finished The Last President, which is the final book in the Daybreak trilogy.I'll just make three spoiler-free comments:While the author is no bloodthirsty GRRM, he's not afraid to whack a viewpoint character to whom he's let you get good and attached. While there are a couple of straight-up good guys and one or two boo-hiss villainous characters, most everyone on every side is pretty three-dimensional. Sometimes you find yourself cheering for characters you'd started ou...
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Problem embedding font

I followed the instructions @ https://www.datalogics.com/blog/eboo...-an-epub-file/ I inserted this in my style sheet: @font-face { font-family: “Georgia.otf”; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; src: url(“../Fonts/Georgia.otf”); } body { font-family: “Georgia.otf”, serif; } My untrained eyes probably can't even detect the difference between Georgia and Times, so I exported it as a PDF. I then opened it in Acrobat and navigated to File > Properties > Fonts. It lists the same fonts ...
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Calibre 3.48 Portable - Which files are needed for ebook-viewer?

I keep a portable copy of Calibre 3.48 in a folder just for the viewer (mostly for troubleshooting janky ePubs). The entire folder is close to 200 MB though. Has anybody else attempted to strip it down to just the files necessary to run ebook-viewer? Or is that a terrible idea that I should be ashamed of for even thinking about? :p Thanks in advance.
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‘How to Drink Wine’ authors Chris Stang and Grant Reynolds spill on making wine accessible

Perhaps this scenario sounds familiar: It’s pre-pandemic, you’re out with friends and the wine list is beyond intimidating. What to do? Order pinot noir again or take a wild guess? Whether you’re at a (50-percent capacity) restaurant or pondering the BevMo home delivery app, venturing outside your comfort zone into the depths of the wine world can be daunting. But there’s an entertaining new guide that will make it much less so. Published in May by award-winning sommelier Grant Reynolds (New Yor...
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SHTF Guns: Heavy Metal – SCAR 17 and Glock 20

.308 and 10mm: A potent Duo for the Rural American West I don’t put a huge emphasis on being a prepper as part of my identity, but it’s just a reality of life living, farming and ranching in a more rural area.  Unfortunately, a lot of people nowadays are seeing what “SHTF” is in the […] Read More … The post SHTF Guns: Heavy Metal – SCAR 17 and Glock 20 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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All the images in my book are now extension .unknown

Hi, everyone! I just imported an azw3 book from my 2012 Kindle Paperwhite into Calibre 4.18, and noticed that images weren't loading. The cover .jpeg was fine, but all images in the book itself were there but broken. Opening the book in edit mode, all those images have the file extension .unknown, which I *assume* is the problem! The editing interface doesn't even list them as images, understandably: it calls them miscellaneous files. Is this a known issue? How did I manage do it, and is ther...
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Troubleshooting Partial touchscreen problem on Voyage

I have a Voyage that has started not to register touches in the top left region of the screen. The rest is fine, but that's top left section covers the Home, Back and Settings sections which makes it very hard to navigate around. If you can get into a book then you can read it just fine, as long as you don't want to change the light or font. Any ideas on how to fix that? Robmonster is online now Add to Robmonster's Reputation Report Post
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Hi, everyone! Nice to meet you all. I've just started using an eight-year-old Kindle Paperwhite and Calibre, and I'm keen to learn more and talk to people. I also have a weird problem I haven't found discussed anywhere, which I'll be posting in the Calibre forum. It's always something, right?
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Concealed Carry Corner: Being Educated vs Emotional

Recently, I drove from Michigan to Tampa for a much-needed vacation. While driving down, I decided to turn on the FieldCraft Survival podcast to pass the time. Usually, I will save a few episodes up to entertain me on long trips. Their latest episode touched on recent events of unrest and what it means to concealed […] Read More … The post Concealed Carry Corner: Being Educated vs Emotional appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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XL Three King: Two Three – All-Star Edition

Fools Paradise is currently taking pre-orders for their XL Three King: Two Three - All-Star Edition . Is that Michael Jordan? Well, this 21-inch tall vinyl/PVC collectible figure features a pair of heads (one with bull horns) and comes sporting his 23 jersey (with FLOATING on the back). Limited to 398 pieces worldwide, this piece is priced at $358.00 plus $40.00 for global shipping. Shipping is expected to happen in Q1 of 2021.
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POTD: French FAMAS in Operation Carnyx

The École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr (“Special Military School of Saint-Cyr”) is the foremost French military academy. In our Photo Of The Day, we’ll follow some of the soldiers in this military school and their FAMAS bullpup rifles. As I’m sure you’re already aware of, the FAMAS is being phased out and replaced by the Heckler […] Read More … The post POTD: French FAMAS in Operation Carnyx appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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How it Mostly Goes

T ogether , glued with pins and a bit of stitch. continuing from here. Aligned, and I am looking. Uncomfortable though. Then, making the concept smaller, to explain, showing, and then, telling myself. video link if you see no player above Pulled apart. Unpinned.  Resting on a cloth I call the Nest of Days. Still informed by one another, through touch and logic. But free.  Entangled, still one, yet free and on the same side.  Your browser does not support the audio element. ...
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Earthrise Sky Lynx Commander Class Available Now in Limited Quantity

Ebay seller, ddmark, has a limited quantity of the Transformers War Cybertron Earthrise Commander Class Sky Lynx in stock and shipping now. They are going to cost you about $50 over the retail price with shipping, but there it is for anyone who wants one NOW. These are going fast, so get yours while they are still available on EBAY.
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Hex Fest 2020 at Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery is presenting Hex Fest 2020 - starring the Hextraterrestrials by Martin Ontiveros. The Hextraterrestrials are a set of six scant sorcerers, standing 1.5 inches tall and featuring one point of articulation. Designed by Martin Ontiveros and produced by Toy Art Gallery, Hex Fest 2020 features The Lemurian Guard, The Astro-Yeti, The Four-lorn, The Succubus, The High Priest of Mu, and Tomb Prince in two original colorways (Blue and Green). Available individually for the first tim...
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This botanical garden in Corona del Mar is one for your bucket list

If there is a bucket list for gardeners, I can think of two places – one local and one far away – that should be on it. The local one is Sherman Library & Gardens in Corona del Mar, and the far-away place is the Jardin Botanico on the Canary Island of Tenerife, located 200 miles off the northwest coast of Africa. However, you do not have to travel halfway around the world for a glimpse of the spectacular native flora of Tenerife, as it is admirably represented by one of its signature species in ...
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Mini Kobo mini back cover issue

Hi. I recently changed microsd card in my Kobo mini, but after that I cannot put back cover – one side is not fit tight. Maybe I broke some holders… Please could you send me some photos - how yours Kobo mini looks like without back cover so it may help to fix my. Also attached some pics of mine. Spoiler:
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Using HTML Entities With CSS

I want to use the html entity version of < ( (>) and make anything in-between them blue. If I just did it with p or something it would be fine but that's not possible. There's also the < span > deal but I don't want to span 32k things. I just want it to be like this:
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Kudos for Marvin!

I've never dropped by here before, because I've never had the slightest problem with Marvin... but was involved in a Calibre discussion "next door" and thought I would take a moment to say Hats Off! to the Marvin devs. :iloveyou: It is hands-down the nicest e-reader I've ever used. The customisations are useful and sensible (I favour a nice semi-antiqued buff page colour), the touchscreen controls are intuitive and quickly become reflex. The connection to DropBox is transparent and makes it ...
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Hi Folks, I am using Calibre so I can convert books to different formats and this forum has been quite useful. Cheers! Sergio
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Star Wars' Not-So-Brief History of Fleeting LGBTQ+ Representation

The long road to meaningful representation of LGBTQ+ creatives and characters in our popular media is a history interwoven throughout decades of media narratives. For Star Wars, one of the biggest pieces of popular culture in living memory, that story has come in fits and starts—and in many ways, it’s still a story…Read more...
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Daily Prime - Trailing Behind Masterpiece MP-1 Convoy

Following up on the previous Daily Prime with those Takara Masterpiece MP-1 Convoy trailers that I mentioned before. It is important to highlight Takara's 2003 MP-1 release did include a trailer that was made of cardboard. A nice thought, it was added as part of the inner packing crate and had to be assembled by hand.
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This Is Some Meaningless Bullshit, Warner Bros.

To say that Warner Bros. released a statement about J.K. Rowling’s recent and ongoing response to accusations of transphobia would be, well, an overstatement. Because at this point I’ve read it enough times that I’m not even sure it’s words anymore.Read more...
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Why You Need an Herb Garden

Some years I get excited about my garden. I write a plan, I start seeds, I make a trip to a specific nursery to search out my favorite varieties of heirloom tomatoes. But in other years, like this one, I’m exhausted and just want something tasty with minimal work. Either way, I plant herbs.Read more...
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69% Off Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Academy Flipracer Trailer {Amazon}

Great price on a toy to keep the kids busy from Amazon. Get 69% Off Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Academy Flipracer Trailer Ships free with Prime or orders $25+ Description: Features favorite Transformers Rescue Bots Academy characters Easy 2 Do conversion Figures convert from robot mode to vehicle mode and back Sized right for... Read More Read more about 69% Off Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Academy Flipracer Trailer {Amazon}
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