Night Light - Blue Light Filter for android

Night Light is an application that helps filter the blue light of the phone screen to protect your healthy eyes at night. This application will adjust the color of your screen to reduce blue light and reduce eye strain and trouble sleeping. A useful and worthwhile health app to have in your app collection. What is blue light? It's part of a natural light spectrum, which disturbs the circadian rhythm and causes sleeplessness, headache and bad eye health. Unlike red light night shade, scre...
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Preferred dictionary

I have the dictionary.com app installed on my iPad. In the setup section about dictionaries, how can I tell Marvin to use it?
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Can I completely disable nav ball and floating toolbar in V2.3?

Can anyone tell me whether it's possible to completely disable the navigation ball and the floating toolbar in V2.3 (preferably specifically on the Nova Pro)? I don't mean minimize them: I mean turn them off so they're not visible at all. I'm loathe to upgrade to V2.3 because I don't want to end up with (even minimized) widgets distracting me from the wonderfully pure reading experience which I currently enjoy so much! Many thanks in advance, Mike
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Kobo touch 2.0 image

Hi everyone, My kobo touch 2.0 was upgrading and got bricked, Please can someone send me the whole image? Thanks a lot!
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Golriz Ghahraman: 'I feel such sorrow when I imagine my parents' fate'

The Iranian-born New Zealand MP describes a ‘central heartbreak’ of being a migrant child in this exclusive extract from her book Know Your PlaceWhat I noticed and still find painful is that my dad lost his keen, well-known sense of humour. In Iran, he was known as the funny one in his circle. He would do hilarious impersonations of his self-important Dervish uncle for his cousins during late-night sessions at our house. I remember them all doubling over in laughter. He came up with witty nickna...
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Buy Any working eBook reader of size 7.8 inches or more

Hello everybody, I would like to buy a new/used ebook reader which suits my needs. I am a student at university in computer science, so I would need a device of 7.8 inches at least, with stylus. My budget is 250 euros.
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Golriz Ghahraman: 'I think of rage when I imagine my parents' fate'

The Iranian-born New Zealand MP describes a ‘central heartbreak’ of being a migrant child in this exclusive extract from her book Know Your PlaceWhat I noticed and still find painful is that my dad lost his keen, well-known sense of humour. In Iran, he was known as the funny one in his circle. He would do hilarious impersonations of his self-important Dervish uncle for his cousins during late-night sessions at our house. I remember them all doubling over in laughter. He came up with witty nickna...
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POTD: M/45BE Swedish Police Submachine Gun

Photo Of The Day – Today we have some TFB exclusive pictures of the Swedish M/45BE submachine gun. “E” stands for “Enkelskott” in Swedish, or single shot (semi-automatic) in English, which is quite appropriate for a Law Enforcement firearm. The M/45BE was the reinforcement support weapon of the Swedish Police before the Heckler & Koch MP5 […] Read More … The post POTD: M/45BE Swedish Police Submachine Gun appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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updating library

I noticed that as my library has grown in size (the db file is 65mb) that when I try to import a list to update tags, etc. the process takes a loooong time, when I look at the library using Explorer I see that a db journal is being used to update each book. Is this normal? It seems that instead of updating the .db file it is updating each book's .opf file. Regarding the large .db file, I am trying to get all the info right for the library before splitting it up to smaller libraries. Is there...
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Download additional metadata fields

I want to use Calibre to track physical books. The built in metadata download does a fine job of finding the books but it misses some of the fields I'd like to have such as length. Is there an easy way to get the Calibre download metadata plugin to download additional fields? Thanks for any answers!
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Instagram Blocks Patriot’s #boogaloo Hashtag, Promotes Leftist #antifa Tag

Opinion Instagram Censors then Blocks boogaloo Hashtag U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)-While Antifa has taken over part of Seattle, Washington and declared it a new country and no longer part of the USA, Instagram has decided that the real threat is from the Hawaiian shirt-wearing pro-gun crowd. The Facebook-owned company decided to hide the hashtag #boogaloo while users on the platform can easily find the anarcho-communist propaganda hashtag #antifa. Instagram claims that they blocked the hashtag b...
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$10 Amazon US credit from Amazon Photos - thru 6/30

Got this in an email just a few minutes ago... It looks pretty easy to get, but as always YMMV, and I'd document everything with screenshots. Looks as if you have to be a Prime Member. Quote: Get a $10 Amazon credit from Amazon Photos We’ve got an offer that’ll make you smile! For a limited time, get a $10 Amazon credit when you upload a new photo to the Amazon Photos app. Continue using your free, unlimited photo storage from Amazon Photos included with you...
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B&N CEO on the future of Nook

James Daunt, CEO of B&N: "...I consider the ability to sell e-books to be a great strength, and the company had stopped investing in Nook. That will change. We will make Nook very much part of what we do [in the US]." More at The Digital Reader: Nook Gets a Reprieve Under Daunt
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How do I split a format to a new book record?

While merging some duplicate book records of different formats together, I goofed up and merged the wrong ones. I was able to split them by saving the epub to disk and re-adding it to the library. For future reference, is there a better way to do this that I missed? :thanks:
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Why does conversion have a 5px margin by default?

I didn't realize until recently, after having read a few converted books on my Kindle Oasis, that Calibre was adding a tiny margin around all edges, and when I reconverted some books without it, I realized that the margin that I assumed was set by Kindle firmware was in fact added, and now I much prefer reading on my Kindle!
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Current Obsessions: Hints of Summer

On the market: Historical paint expert Pedro da Costa Felgueiras’ beautifully idiosyncratic London home, via The Modern House. Scandinavian Grace, an early Remodelista favorite that began life in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and later moved to the Catskills, is closing (sadly); the everything-must-go sale is currently happening if you’re in the area. Summer in the city? Fire escape gardening advice. Father’s Day looms; good gift ideas from Brookfarm General Store. Behomm, the home exchange communit...
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The Real Avid Gun Tool AMP – Specialized Gun-Specific Multi-tool

1911, AR-15 or auto-loading pistol, there's a Real Avid Gun Tool Amp for you. IMG Real Avid U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Real Avid, the leader in DIY for Guns, expands its impressive line of firearm multi-tools with the new GUN TOOL AMP — a compact kit loaded in three platform-specific versions: AR15, Pistol, and 1911. The new Gun Tool AMP brings a new level of innovation to the gun maintenance and Gun DIY segment. Unlike any other multi-tools on the market, the Gun Tool AMP boasts a signature dual...
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Put a Bulletin Board Under a Puzzle to Make it Easier to Move

Along with the companies that make hand sanitizer and toilet paper, puzzle manufacturers and sellers have been doing a brisk business lately. With everyone confined to their homes for the past few months, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had more time for slower-paced activities. If your family has hopped on the…Read more...
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Automotif CLXVII...

1969 Chevy Camaro RS/Z28 parked out in front of the Safeway at 56th Street & Illinois Avenue. My headcanon says the original owner popped for the dealer-installed crossram dual-4bbl intake setup, but I didn't wait around for the driver to get back to see if they'd pop the hood. It motored off while I was coming back out of the store with my Ruffles and French onion dip.It's days like this I'm glad I bother to drag a real camera around with me. . [Author: Tam]
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Is there a way to extend the Oasis's screen timeout?

I swear it's nowhere near as long as my old first-gen PW was.
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Hey, look!

There's a new Sunday Smith post up at the poor, oft-neglected other blog!This post brought to you with the assistance of History of Smith & Wesson and Smith & Wesson Hand Guns. (The latter work, by the way, is a delightful period piece originally published in 1945 and an absolute steal in the Kindle version at a dollar ninety-nine.) . [Author: Tam]
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TOC Page Numbers?

Curious as to why the TOC in my kepubs (converted from epub during Calibre sideload) does not have page numbers for each chapter? Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere along the way or is there a patch I need to enable? :thanks:
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Browning Ammunition Now Shipping the 28 Nosler Cartridge

Browning Ammunition is now shipping 28 Nosler rounds! IMG Browning Ammunition U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Browning Ammunition announces that its Long Range Pro ammunition in 28 Nosler is now available at a variety of outdoor retailers. Browning will also be shipping its BXS Copper and BXC Controlled Expansion in 28 Nosler in the coming weeks. You can search for a Browning dealer near you using our Dealer Locator. New Browning Ammunition in 2020: The Browning Ammunition products in 28 Nosler offe...
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Tactical Gear: RCR Medical X8T Black Tactical Tourniquet just… $26.99 w/ CODE

RCR Medical X8T Black Tactical Tourniquet Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- LA Police Gear has the innovative RCR Medical X8T Black Tactical Tourniquet for just $26.99 with coupon code “10savings” at checkout. A tourniquet is a must-have life-saving range-bag item for responsible gun owners. The RCR Medical Black X8T Tactical Tourniquet was researched and developed by a mechanical engineer and a tactical physician with input from law enforcement, medical professionals, and military. The X8T is the...
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Iron Factory Blizzard Review by Deluxe Baldwin

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Change default folder for screenshot

Hi, I am using an Inkpad X (that, if I understand well, has almost the same software that the Inkpad 3) and I would like to change the default folder of the screenshot to a folder in "Dropbox Pocketbook" in order to direclty synchronise the screenshot with my dropbox account. I tried to use "ln -s" to replace the screen folder to a symbolic link in order to accomplish my goal, but it seems that I doesn't have the authorisation for that (even in root in my manjaro linux). Any advice? Thanks ...
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"[W]hen things get real — really murderous, really tragic, really violent or aggressive — my white, liberal, educated friends already know what to do. What they do is read."

"And talk about their reading. What they do is listen. And talk about how they listened. What they do is never enough. This isn’t the time to circle up with other white people and discuss black pain in the abstract; it’s the time to acknowledge and examine the pain they’ve personally caused. Black people live and die every day under the burdens of a racism more insidious than the current virus that’s also disproportionately killing us. And yet white people tend to take a slow route to meaningful...
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Zeta Toys ZV03 GUARDIAN Unofficial Movie Cliffjumper Images

Zeta Toys ZV-03 Guardian images are just out. The ZV03 GUARDIAN is unofficial recolor of the Movie Bumblebee as Cliffjumper that will be released in August 2020 with a new head sculpt, Warhammer and add a variety of gameplay that can interact with different series of toys. More information, prices and pictures will be announced soon.
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Earthrise Wingspan and Pounce Cybertronian Villains Review by PrimeVsPrime

Just in is the latest early review by PrimeVsPrime of the Earthrise Wingspan and Pounce Cybertronian Villains 2-pack that will be a Target exclusive release. Watch the video now to learn more about these figures that we have seen before, separately.
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